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I loved the game, really impactful. Also great graphics, I should try this style one day, it seems fun ! (bonus point for the picture of your tileset :) )

It seems like I got the same interpretation as Crime Dog. I felt depressed/sad until the end and then waited a good minute just listening to the music and thinking about the game. As the character at the end didn't follow me I just pushed it to the top with me :) The crowd part was also a strong one, having to force your way to the top.

Thanks for the feedback ! The idea behind the dash was to do a "swipe" in the direction you want to dash so I went full on with this idea even if there might be better alternatives.

The playtesting part is a great idea, I will see if I can find people to do it.

Thanks for taking the time to comment ! I tried your game and I definitely see what you mean about making the information easy to access. I'll keep that in mind for my next games. As for the mouse color, that would have been a good addition in the context of the jam (not really possible for a mobile game but I can add something on the player, or some visual feedback if you try attacking when it's not available).


I would like some feedback about the controls (and the player mechanics but they're tied) of my game. From what I saw they're confusing but I have few reviews.

As for my goal, during the jam I thought the idea would make a good mobile game but now I don't know. That's why I'm asking for more feedbacks (and suggestions if you have any).

Here's the link to the game :

I don't usually have the patience to play strategy games but I just had to restart until I won ! Feels very great when you start taking the advantage. Good job !

As others said, with a bit more work this can become a cool puzzle/platformer. The speech bubbles give life to your character :) Good job for the jam ! (PS: Other controls would have been great for non-qwerty layouts, I couldn't play with arrow keys as you need 1-2-3 to change color)

Really good job on the polish of the game, it's very satisfying to play, especially when you kill multiple enemies in one throw ! My highscore is 21 :)

Really hard game at first as it seemed counter intuitive but one I got the hang of it it felt pretty good. The collisions were a bit weird but it wasn't that bad. Nice original game with a good art style (also liked the fact that the music changed according to the dimension). Good job :)

I got a score of 34 ! Very addictive, this would do a good mobile game :)

I played with a touchpad so that was really hard but I really liked the concept ! Good job doing it in one day :)

Interesting game with a great atmosphere and a cool concept. Good job !

Great game, the boat is fun to drive around ! I also like the minimalist art style :) Some parts could be improved (the wheel keep turning when you respawn and i got lost in the second level ^^') but you did a great job !

Fun game, I really liked the dash+sword combo! Great art too :)

Cool idea ! It's sad that I'm bad at it though ^^

Currently going through the submissions, there's a lot to see !

Here's mine:

It's a top down game where you only have one attack (a dash) unless you sucessfully hit something with it. I thought the idea would work well on mobile.

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As other said, awesome game ! Really love the attention to detail and the overall feel of the game. (PS: I would have loved other controls like arrow keys for non-qwerty keyboard layout)

Cool game, the theme interpretation makes it really dynamic ! 

Actually, to charge an attack, you have to hold down the mouse button and move the mouse in the direction you want to attack. If you moved it enough then the direction indication will appear (I don't know if is what you were trying). I agree I could have explained it better ^^'.

Anyway, thanks for trying the game and leaving a comment!

Hey, thanks for playing our game :) Sorry about the keyboard layout, hope you could enjoy the game anyway !

Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it ! Glad to see that you enjoyed playing our game :) Also thanks for the video !

Thanks for playing our game ! Glad you liked it. And thanks for the video :)

Merci d'avoir joué malgré ces problèmes :/ effetivement on a remarqué que ça clignote pas mal sur chrome, la version windows devrait mieux marcher si jamais. Merci encore pour ton commentaire :)

Wow, merci pour toutes ces remarques :) on est content que le jeu t'ai plu.

En ce qui concerne Godot, je suppose que c'est une question de préférences. J'aime bien le fait que le moteur est ultra léger et multi-plateforme. J'aime pas mal leur language de script aussi, toujours question de préférences ^^

Merci pour ces pistes d'améliorations, et d'avoir pris le temps de jouer !

Merci pour ton commentaire :) Pour les tourelles, nous l'avons fait de telle sorte à obliger les joueurs à bien positionner les tourelles et favoriser la réparation plutôt que la construction à tout va ^^

Hi there !

Hope you are having (or had) a great jam.

In the rules, there is: "Assets must be made during the jam — exceptions are logo/intro/fonts". Does this mean we have to create them ourselves, or the use of generators (such as bfxr) is allowed ?

Thanks, and good luck for the final hours.