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What a game. 




10/10 would play again. 

Amazing I loved this! Nice mechanics as metaphor and I thought it was very clever. The texture on the environment made it hard to see sometimes but overall was fab! 

Nice idea and flavour, but very punishing difficulty! Couldn't finish. 

Super fun and inventive! 

- Bex 

Super fun and inventive! 

- Bex 

Loved the presentation and tone :) could not finish as I couldn't find the key. 

This looks absolutely styling!

Ah yes, I understand. 

(he did not understand)

Nice little submission! Clever idea and solid execution! 

Hello! :D It makes me very happy to hear you enjoyed the game. As for achieving the visuals, it's all in the post pro yes! I also go wayyy overboard with the lighting stuff and there's a custom shader used in the downloadable version. Hope this answers your question! Thanks again! :D

This warmed my heart, thank you. 

Thank you very much friend. :)

Thanks friend! But yes! It's awesome that you're seeing some of the depth that came out of the core mechanics! :D 

Yeah it was one of those things I wanted to address but ran out of time. >.<

I legit actually kinda love this! :') Good job! :D

Cool little game! I think the tutorial screen was a bit full on. But still very polished and a nice idea! 


SHHH tell none! ;)

Yeah I would have liked to tune things a little more to get stuff like this right. But glad you liked the project all the same. :) Thanks for playing and commenting! :D

YES PLEASE FRIEND! :D You can play in browser! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the *amazing fan art! xD

Very cute little game! :D Love the visuals and the mechanics are clever!

:') ahah oh gosh! 

IDK What it is but man it's so satisfying to hit the right target! Good job Matt!

SO I have played 50+ games and left comments on everyone's pages! Congratulations everyone on creating finished playable games! That's hugely positive and you should all be super proud! 

If you want to keep posting your games that's fine I will get round to playing them at some point! 

But for now I am going to take a break. 

And remember... 


See you all next time! xD

I played Terry Flight, and it's pretty cool! Maybe next time consider focusing on one idea and polishing it up as much as possible. I still think you did great, especially making 2 games! 

Wow this is one deep game! Next time I would strongly recommend an in game tutorial, it's one of the best things you can do for your players. Keep jamming! :D

Love the little animations on the character, really sells your core gameplay. Nice!

That's great! It's one of the best thing you can do for the community. :) 

But what a cute calm little game you made! Strong core mechanic, lovely presentation! Great job! 

Be sure to share your game as much as you can! It's an important part of the process! :) 

But thanks so much for playing mine, and what lovely feedback thank you! :))) 

Your game is really nice though! Clever game design for the puzzles, bravo! 

This is really nice game! Smart mechanic and strong execution! 

Get playing friend! ;D

But really nice little game! Didn't know what to expect then BOOM ZOMBIES :') Good work and keep jamming! 

Damn there's some pretty art here! Quirky little game too! Nice polish good job! 

Really nice little entry, would be cool if  you lost score from shooting to prevent player from spamming the button. But great job! Liked this one a lot!

This is minimalist, clear, and direct. I LOVE IT! 

I alerted everybody and none was happy! Gonna have to play this again I think. ;)

This is cool! Love a little text adventure! 

Ahww thanks for playing friend! Glad  you liked!

Also cube!? YES PLEASE! 

But great little game! Love the addition of the color blind mode, very smart! 

Super cool idea! Works well and gets progressively more and more complex. Good job to your designers! 

Super slick, and lots of red what more can you ask for!

Yeah it's unbelievable how many people got involved!

But man this game is stylishhh! No idea how you managed to get something so complex so polished in such a short time. Nice work! I'm very impressed!