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Really sorry :( Next time I will be sure to add this. 

You guys NAILED THIS. Loved the vibe the little story and the depth of the mechanics. Great work! 

About to play now! Looks EPIC! 

On it now buddy! :)

Nice, simple and polished. Totally a winner. Well done! 

On it now friend! :) 

Tight. Polished. Smart. Loved this game. Would have liked to seen more gameplay. But really enjoyed the length and polish. Great job.

OH. MY. WORD. This game is INCREDIBLE. Such a fantastic unique premise and very well executed. My jaw dropped when I split into 3 for the first time. The level design a flow is also great here. Full marks. Bloody well done. 

Thank you ten thousand Cakestorm for such a lovely detailed thoughtful review of my game! You're right I would have loved to have done more with the powerup and the guidance though the level allowing for more freedom and flow. The audio was done by Rich who is an amazing composer and was a joy to work with. I'll be sure to send him a message letting him know you enjoyed it. Thanks again friend, you made me smile. :) 

Very impressive that this is a one person jam! Super complex systems and design well done! 

Really nice art and presentation of the experience. I also got stuck on the second level though. Also is one hand on two players fitting the theme? ;) But all the same great jam I can tell you're gonna make amazing stuff in the jams to come. 

ahah I got you. ;) 

Playing now! :) 

Sorry for the delay just played!

Lovely art, tone and presentation! But as other comments have mentioned wasn't quite sure how the game worked. Great effort though, hope you enjoyed the jam experience!

Frist time jam! Awesome happy to play and leave some feedback. :) 

Nice idea! Wish the camera was a little bit more zoomed out to make searching easier. Great job keep jamming!

Of course! :) Playing now! 

Hi I downloaded wasn't able to run the exe without python 

Great execution. Great concept. Great polish. WELL DONE! 

Very nice polished little game! Simple and gets the job done, nice! :) 

It's no trouble! Playing your game  now. :) 

Playing now! :) 

ahah! thanks for stopping by though! :) 

You're absolutely right. I wish I'd spent more time refining the controls, but time just ran out and I wasn't able to polish this as much as I'd like.

Nice little game! Would have liked a little more intensity and challenge. But for a first jam you should be very very pleased! Well done. 

Happy to give it! Just hopping on to play now. :) 

Thank you! But yes the movement would be where I'd love to spend more time improving things. Thanks for playing friend!  

I enjoyed the intercom narrator cool idea. 

WOW! This blew me away! I love the idea and the execution is fantastic. Love the amount of levels and use of the mechanics. There's real WOW YES I AM SMART moments as you play. Great job! 

WOW! This blew me away! I love the idea and the execution is fantastic. Love the amount of levels and use of the mechanics. There's real WOW YES I AM SMART moments as you play. Great job! 

No problem I'll play now! :) 

Really liked this! Wish there was more gamefeel and reaction to gameplay. But regardless nice simple elegant game! :) 

Great effort for a solo dev! But wasn't sure what to do, and colours blend together a lot.  You can tell that you're gonna be a great dev if you keep going though. :) 

Cool game but very complex! To echo other comments a more friendly tutorial would have really gone a long way. 

Tonight I am going to play and rate as many games as possible! Starting with game devs who commented on this post! :) 

Great presentation, and vibe gave me oddworld feelings. 

Ahhhh yeah that's a great point I hadn't thought of that. :/ 

Thank you Puzzlebeast! Yeah it wasn't perfect for sure but glad you enjoyed! :) 

What a game. 




10/10 would play again.