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I loved the little story being told here!
The level design was nice and fair. I just loved the boss fight (very intense!)

Great job guys, I had a blast playing this in my break! 

Thanks Lumpy!! 

Thanks Mattman, yeah more control options / customizable inputs will be a thing in the future, thanks for the feedback!

Do the sounds not play for you? There are definitely sounds in there along with a full music track too! As for the tutorial, I'll be sure to include something similar in a future build.

Thank you!

This is more of a prototype / jam game, I'll more likely pick this up in the future and expand on it!

Thank you! We'll have to see what the future brings but that's not a bad idea!

That's good to hear, thank you!
Damage ups are in the game so hopefully next run you'll get lucky!

Super cool and addictive game! I keep going back for "one more run".
Art, sounds and gameplay are all top notch here, great job!

Thanks for the kind words! I'll definitely look into the flashing, thanks for bringing that up!

You got that right, unfortunately due to the time constraints of the jam I struggled with restarting the game (it wasn't so simple!). After the jam voting has ended I'll update it!

Thanks, that means a lot! 

Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback! I'm definitely considering pushing this forward post-jam so I'll take those thoughts on board for sure! 

Thank you so much for the high praise, I appreciate it a lot! :) 

Thanks for the kind words!

Thank you! 

Thanks for the feedback mate! Agreed, the main character could do with a bit of a memorable design for sure.

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Thank you!! Also that feedback is very valid, I'll definitely try some kind of difficulty progression in the future for this, I completely agree!

Thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely take that onboard for any future iterations! I agree the boss shots were a little too fast! 

Thanks Kadin!!

Damn, this is amazing! So much fun and pretty difficult.. I keep coming to this. Awesome job!!

Really great entry, I love the juice and especially that slowed time on the charged attack!

So cool, very fast and frantic! What a great entry this is!!

How the heck you managed to squeeze this amount of polish into a week long game jam is beyond me! But you've pulled it off alright! Awesome job here!!

Awesome platformer! I really like the multiple paths you can take, makes it feel very open. Great job Roberto!

Lovely little game. I really like the personality of the robot! Some really cool ideas in here!

Fantastic mini take on CotN! Really cool theme of controlling weed too, awesome job!

That was a pretty fun! That ending though..!

I found myself playing this one longer than I expected! What a lovely little puzzle game and to the mechanics are taught in such a good and fair way! Great job!!

Thanks dude!! 

I really like this simple and well presented mechanic! A memory based platformer works so well! Great Job!

Incredible presentation! I genuinely felt like I was playing it directly on a Gameboy! Very well done!!

Very cool! Those effects are so smooth and buttery!
That music track was very cool too!

Well done with this one Opalir! I really like how responsive and smooth the controls are! The game is also really snappy which makes it super addictive to just have another quick go! Great Job!

Tough platformer with a super cool mechanic! I love how the grapple also acts as a way of attacking! Great music too!!

Props to you for creating the foundation to a beat em' up, that is by no means easy, especially within the time limit! The art and music aren't too bad either!

The lack of direction and eerily obscure dialogue makes for a great dream-like game in the same sort of vein as LCD: Dream Emulator for the PS1 and I actually really like it! 

Step aside Super Monkey Ball, Super Rolling Cat has kicked the saloon doors open! 

Ahhh this soo good!!!