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Controls are pretty tight in this one! I got stuck between the knife and the wall in a couple of cases which drained my life haha, but other than that I had fun! Dashing into the chef felt good!

Super fun and relaxing game. I felt a little overwhelmed when presented with a ton of tools but after realizing you don’t need to use them all, I felt much more relaxed and it felt way more fun! Great job!

Super fun and super silly, and very original take on the theme. Awesome job!

What a clever take on the theme! I actually really liked how stressful and engaging things got. Great job here!

What a clever take on the theme! I actually really liked how stressful and engaging things got. Great job here!

Really cool idea and fits the theme rather well! I’d love to see a post-jam versipn of this for sure as it has a LOT of potential!

VERY cool concept! VERY cute too! Could get a little tough but I loved this entry and the lil ol’ costumes! Great job!

Very clever take on the theme, and super fun too. It took me a while to realize that you need to cycle through to the “none-letters”, maybe just leaving them all set to those by default would be a welcome change? Either way, fantastic entry, easy 5s all around.

Very smart and very fun! We had similar approaches to the theme but executed in very different ways. I love this so much, great job!

This is a very original idea and has a lot of potential! I’d love to see more of this in the future!

Super unique idea here! I really love how we created semi-similar games that used the screen size alterations with the game itself. Fantastic execution!

Super super fun idea and extremely well executed. I love just messing with the rotation and seeing what I can come up with myself too. Awesome job!

Hits the theme super hard, well done! I particularly like messing with the participants on this one. Reminds me of the movie Cube. Great job!

This was quite a chill experience, I just sorta hunched back in my chair, with mouse in hand and enjoyed the management aspect. I liked this one a lot! Great presentation too!

Came for the game, stayed for the voice FX. Incredible. Loved it.

Suuper interesting take on the theme here, took a little to get used to the rotation but I got the hang of it. A lot of fun and silly potential with this one with a little more time! Good job overall though!

What a clever and well presented little game you have here. The contrast between the killing assassin rampage and the chill, satisfying janitor roles is brilliantly done! I also really like how you have no health, you simply have more cleaning to do when you get hit. Clever stuff!

Creative take on the control swapping, it just goes to show how adapted we’ve become as gamers to a pretty “general” control scheme. Clever stuff here, good job!

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That was a simple but fun and memorable experience. I really liked the character narration explaining the controls in the comical fashion. Great take on the theme too, great job!

I LOVED this concept. There’s just so much you can do with this and I’d absolutely love to see a fleshed out version. I had so much fun even with the buggy UI. SO much potential, great job here, fits the theme PERFECTLY.

Very cool concept and incredible presentation/polish! Seems a little heavy on my lower end machine but I got around that by trying this out on my main comp. This has a lot of potential!

A cool idea, but like the others I just cannot beat the first stage, unless I’m doing something wrong I’ve tried to lure it as close as possible to eat itself. Potential here nonetheless and I’d love to play a version that isn’t so difficult!

Very energetic this one! I love the FX, animation and sound. Overall a cute but fun entry, well done!

I actually really like how your RNG “setting” is tied to a “sus meter”.. that’s very clever! Well done!

Strangely addictive this one, Getting Over It vibes for sure! Cool idea!

This one was pretty challenging as the enemies started piling up but really quite satisfying when you get a grasp on the mechanics. Flipping the positions is really fun in itself but can break a little if you do it too quick. Still, I had a blast playing this entry! Great job!!

This is presented super well and the game is fun once you get the hang of it. It was a little difficult to begin with but beyond that I had a blast. Great job! Super sleak visuals and audio!

Such a clever idea, I love how the game gets harder as you upgrade but also destroys your enemies quicker. Really fit the theme well! Great job. The aesthetic is wonderful too!

Super cool concept! I’ve always thought what a game would be like at the other end of a stealth mechanic. The guards sometimes got caught on the walls but that didn’t stop me having fun.

Great entry!

Veery smart idea!

I’ve always loved the idea of iterating on your previous movements and this is executed perfectly!

I can see this being combined with oddpum and becoming a suuuper fun game!

Hey, I’ve always wanted to do this.

Thematically and morally perfect game. (what?)

This is the one.

Theme is spot on. Game is CRUNCHY! I can’t stop playing.

5 / 5 / 5

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I loved this idea! The voice over was witty and actually helpful too!

Once that text got smaller I started to panic!

As for some feedback, I’d perhaps cut the max HP to like half of what it is now to make the slider not as “granual”, I kept skipping over numbers because the notches were so small.

Overall, fantastic job with this. One of my favourites!

Snappy movement and controls, nice, simple environments (cool lighting!).

The theme inclusion was a little confusing but I can definitely see what you are going for with the platforms you control by moving in different ways.

Overall, great job!

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Congrats in finishing and submitting this! The controls are pretty tight and it’s fun to dodge the traps and zoom around the corners. The cat can get stuck behind the walls (if you’re a little too fast) but overall it feels really fun to finally reach the dog and turn the tables!

Simply just a lovely and well made game! I really like the pause and music slowdown and how they feel!

As for a little feedback, the rotation could do with speeding up a bit!

Awesome job, well done!

Interesting take on the theme here! Pretty addictive chasing those high scores. As mentioned before it feels as though I’m still controlling the bird, otherwise I liked this one, good job!

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This is super cool, I’ve always wanted to know how much work L(B)akitu has on a daily basis, I guess now I know!

A little sad it ended but also kinda glad otherwise I’d have played this all day!

Simple but fun! Clever that the shield stops the cooldown timers! That ship is a dodgy lil bugger!

Super fun and satisfying! I couldn’t stop playing once I started seeing those numbers (and letters!) increase. Very cool how more words become available too!

Really cool and addictive, great job!