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It´s look realy beutyful atmosphere is relaxing, it´s shame that more people dont playt it.

Cool puzzle game with nice desing =) good job  

It look  awesone I like little more game when I do not have to wating for download but it was worth it

It´s cool idea give tutorial

We had similar idea. Robots on backround do depth of space, good job, maybe You can more highlight desk for jump

It was on sale :)

Cool concept. Would love to see more levels and items.

Cool game, quite immersive.

Good job. I like the idea of reversed arkanoid. Love to see PICO-8 used here.

Cool, sky face is funny! Maybe pictures is sooo big on my small notebook and I can´t  do smaller

It is super idea changing fruit with " Maniaz", that is new element.

It is first game where use music for gameplay, good

Nice game, movement for tree is specific, tree is die?maybe some spirit tree movement

Iteresting Idea, card look very professionally

Interesting idea, i play in browser and i dont see hero that i dont know where i have shooting. In  first time i try every buttons on my keyboard =D

Game is not here .."There doesn't appear to be anything here…"

Good job, Intro do me really funny, sound is perfect, effekt with stone jum is great! very nice game 

it is hard, nobody wan´t my donut =) good job

It is look so nice that I download, game is good but how i close i dont found any button, ESC it´s not work 

Interesting idea,  apt soundtrack, some times i have trouble with click in right time 

Cool, good idea specially navigational look realy good, menu for ghost is super, maybe i like  select and deselect with  the same button

Good idea, it is look as snake tail, grabs think looks good too

Great job, look very good,  Specific funny story about characters, maybe text in levels screen could be lower

Cool Idea, i am still want go fast and faling, falling and falling =D

it is first game when i realy fun and i am not thinking how play. Looks good easy for understanding but fun, maybe i need some line that I know  at what height will the cube be built

It look nice, but i not sure how playing good 

Inteserting Idea

We thinking about Pacman too =D

Nice vizual, it is little hard  control movement. It´s fine thet sound of shot is firt heard.

i am not sure how playing, ball is still flying to sand through me

it is look very beutyful,


Rated and comment your game please do same for our game

Cool game!

Nice game, good job

Rated and comment please do same for our game

Rated and comment please do same for our game

Nice game

Check, rated and comment :)