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Thanks for playing and rating it! And yes there was some bugs but time was very short so sorry (mostly because i was lazy XD)

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This is my first game jam and every feedback is very helpful so please give me feedback and rate my game:

Pretty good game! But i think if you make each enemy has a unique sound play when they spawn it will be better. Overall for a game jam it is very amazing! Feel free to check out my game:

Yeah, there was some bugs but time was short so sorry, and you can call back your weapon by press RMB

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Fun game, cool idea. But i think you should add sfx and music. I know your idea of the sound player make from their keyboard but this game must need sfx and music. 5 on originality. And feel free to check out my game:

These games are so good. I kind of feeling bad about my game. Here my game and please rate it:

Fun game, but i think you don't need a web version because it was laggy. I think you should optimize it more or just have one downloadable version. Oh, and please check out my game too. Here the link: how to play is in description

My first game jam and the experiment i have was huge. Tip for everyone: Post your game before the deadline few hours or will be busted like this jam.

Here my game:

You guys have very good games. Here's my game!

This is my first game jam. Hope you like it. One level, one life, one weapon, a shooter game with just one bullet. How long will you survie? Compare your score to other! Use W, A, S, D or arrow keys to move. Press left button to throw your boomerang and press right button to call it back. Help Zack survie!

Hard game, cool idea and atmosphere but i think you should make the enemies weaker or buff the player a little bit and i don't think your game adherent to the theme much. Pretty cool game though. Feel free to check out my game:

Play your game. It's fun, loved the upgrade after every level but i think you should add more variety like more enemy type with different move, sound,...with more ammo type and better music, sfx. Here my game and it is my first game jam:

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Help Zack survie as long as possible with his boomerang, one level, one life and one weapon. A shooting game with one bullet. Use W, A, S, D to move and jump and press left  mouse button to throw your boomerang, right mouse button to call it back. How long will you survie? And remember to rate my game in gmtk jam!!!

My game's page:

Rate my game here:

If you want to download my game here a google drive link:


Here is my game:

Hi Bob. Just try your game. The atmosphere is pretty good. But i think you should add some more obstacles or enemies to make it more difficult, and reduce the time a platform disappear is a good idea. Here is my game:

This is my first game jam and it was pretty fun to make it. How to play is in description.

This game is a little buggy but it has potential! Still idk what the story is about!

for my game, "Only One" is a shooting game with only one bullet. In my game, the player has only one boomerang and can only throw it once at a time. So they have to think carefully before throw it because they will be vunerable after throw it. Here's the link:

The best game in jam so far!!! 5 on everything.

Good idea! The music is great!  design 4, theme 4, originality 5

really like your game. There are some bugs like when i clicked on a object and the change screen the dropdown remain. But cool story! 4 on originality, 5 on the theme and 3 on design

Your art style is very good. Here is a game i made for gmtk game jam with your art style. Thanks for letting me used it!

Thanks man. The art style is from  0x72