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Wow, is this your first game? Nice! and also fun :)

Thanks a lot for mentioning me in credits! Much appreciated.

I'm glad  it helped.

No idea for a pixel tutorial; but I recommend limiting yourself: small resolution (like 16x16 or even 8x8), few colours (2-5) - it's easier to get decent results.

In Gimp you can use "Image" -> "Scale Image..." and then in a popup window choose "Interpolation" to be "None" and resize e.g. 300% or whatever you like..

In Krita you can use "Image" -> "Scale Image To New Size..." and then in a popup window choose "Filter" to be "Box" and resize e.g. 300% or whatever you like.

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You're looking for "texture filter" or "filter" feature in your engine/framework of choice and "nearest" or "point" or "no filtering" value for that.

Sorry cannot help you any further not knowing what software you use. 


And don't worry, asking questions is good. I'm glad I can help.

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Wow, nice! Enjoyable fighting/waiting-for-opening mechanic - I like it.

I'll be honest with you: I have no time right now - too many commitments I'm already have trouble to keep up with.

That being said, give it a try! 16x16 pixel art is easy animate and it's fun. You can also just rock and/or squeeze the characters/weapons programatically and get nice results like this one: https://loner-dev.itch.io/almas

Sorry, I'm not able to be more of a help but I wish you good luck with your project anyway :)

Looks promising. I have tonne of shelved projects too, so I know the pain. Hope you'll succeed and release the game. Good luck!

Nice! I didn't expect such a game out of this tileset but  it was fun, although a bit short.

Don't worry about the credits, it's great as it is.

Keep up creating games! :)

Looks amazing! Great animation and particles!

I'm not able to run it at the moment, but I'll try to set up a windows machine asap (or, maybe: any chance for a mac build please?).

Great work!

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Nice! I wish you  good mark!

Nice prototype (although short, but well, it's a prototype :D)! 

Looking forward to see more puzzles and levels. If you need something specific in the tileset let me know (just not too much at the same time).

And thanks for adding me in the credits, much appreciated!

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Lot's of fun (I'm supposed to work now! shame on me :D) - great action-roguelike-bullet-hell - go for it, add more enemies, more bullets and more locations and you're ready to go. I'll definitely buy the game when you release it :)

Yeah, sure. I'll be more then happy for you :)

Awesome! Feel free to release it before it's finished and gather feedback as you go - works for me :)

Thanks for kind words.

It'd be amazing, the more the better. I'd rather refrain from adding it to the tileset but if you create an "extention tileset" or something like that I'll be happy to promote it here and add a link in the description.

The reason is I sometimes get some beer money from people for this tileset. It's not much but I feel it would be unfair if you don't (even when none of us care much about money).

I hope you'll release your additions anyway. I'll be looking forward to it!

This is actually a good list of things to be added but unfortunately I have little time recently. I believe I have some WIP doors for this tileset on my hard drive but only one direction looked good so I didn't added it yet. Anyway, it'll have to wait.

In any case I encourage you to try doing some tiles you need on your own, if you have little art experience (as you've mentioned in another comment) there is no better way to start than with 16x16 pixel art because it's super easy to create something decent almost by an accident.

Finger crossed for you project!

I've super overloaded recently, so no chance in any predictable future. Sorry. 

However, I'd like to give you an advise: Drawing good explosion is super time consuming and doing it right is not easy. You'd better learn how to use particle system in the game engine of your choice so you can do it yourself. You'll be able to get great results with little work and your artist can focus on other stuff. 

I've just picked some colours and then added new ones when needed, often with an eyedropper; so, it is what it is.

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Thanks! I'll be happy to try out your game when it's available. If you have some idea for a tile or two, let know

Nice! I had a bit of trouble to figure out but nothing I couldn't manage. Quite challenging!

I know what you mean exactly. We're even! :)

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Hi! Nice little game! 

My Lisp is almost as rusty as my Portugese (don't worry, the comments were still useful to me thanks to the powers of automatic translation! :D), but I wonder if you could consider doing something similar to:

; somewhere at the top
(define direction 0)
; then in the timer
(set! char-pos (pos (+ (pos-x char-pos) (* direction 10)) (pos-y char-pos)))
; then in the frame code (instead of using move-esq and move-dir)
[(eq? (send key-event get-key-code) 'left) (set! direction -1)]
[(eq? (send key-event get-key-code) 'right) (set! direction 1)]
[(eq? (send key-event get-key-code) 'release) (set! direction 0)]

This way the character movement is a bit nicer, don't you think? Lisp is weird, but in a good way I guess. Thanks for introducing me to Racket, looks interesting.

I hope you'll get a good mark as well as you'll add more content to the game (I've seen you're planning on adding fire and ice enemies) :)

Hi there!

I don't have those but there are some things you can do (assuming those particular engines because you mentioned them somewhere else): 

- In Unity you can use "Grid by Cell Size" (https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/SpriteEditor.html). That would require some manual adjustment for big enemies, weapons and knights.

- No much experience with GameMaker but seams like "Load a strip image" option might be what you need.

- If really needed you can extract elements yourself using something like https://imagesplitter.net/ (upload -> split image -> 16x16, png -> split image).  You can automatically extract knights and most of the weapons by splitting 16x8, but you will still have to deal with bigger enemies manually (there are only 3 of them though).

Good luck :)

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Hi Steve! Thanks. I did.

You are welcome and good luck!


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This is amazing, I love it!

As for music and sounds I cannot offer anything concrete but you can take a look at https://freesound.org - you should find something decent there.

Good luck! You still have a couple of days :)

They looks great! Keep up the good work :)

Hi there! I see you've already find out about https://0x72.itch.io/itch-private-messages :) I've sent you my email there.

Can't wait to see it :)

Also: fun game, keep up the good work!

You are welcome.

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Hi there! Thank you for kind words.

The flame is just a particle effect produced with LÖVE (love2d.org) framework. The graphics used by the particle is actually already there in the tileset. It only uses one, 16x16 tile from the tileset. In v1 it's {x:160,y:304} in v2 I moved it to {x:208,y:256}.

Anyway, I'm sure it's as easy to setup with any particle system your engine of choice is using :)

Moreover if one would try to use the a frame-based animation for this effect the results wouldn't look as good so there is no point of producing one, hence I'm going to produce one.

I had this questions a couple of times already. I've create an example .love file so you can take a look inside.

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Thanks. Quite the opposite! I'd be happy if you make a game out of it (this is kinda the point :D). Feel free to expand and/or modify the tileset itself. Don't forget to share a link when you finish :) 

Good luck!

Thanks! And keep up the good, I'd be excited to see your game in action :)

I sent you an email.

Thanks, and it's great it works for you! I'd be more than happy to see it when you feel like sharing :)

Game is so much fun, thanks :D

(btw: works perfectly fine with wine)

Hi there! Amazing :D Looks great!

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Thank you.

I don't use any specific palette. I either stick with a palette for a project or just add colors as I go and try to not add too much.

This particular tileset uses 4 colors so it should be easy to map to anything you like. Pico8 version might e.g.  look like so:

Why not? This is one of the strengths of pixel art after all :) You can even change it mid game with a simple shader (and people do so since forever)

And yes, most people should be able to add something to it and it would still look coherent (which is imo much more important than looking good).

As for LÖVE: well, there is a lot of stuff out there to learn from but unfortunately I'm not aware of any comprehensive from 0 to a finished game course. This is a great idea for a side project :D (no promises).

Thanks, and sent.