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you can already! export config, modify, and import it - still needs some work, but basics like adding hats should work

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Yeah, link's ok, or just "0x72" is more then enough :)


haha, i'm glad it works for you!

Cool game!

Thanks for using the characters :)

I'm sure we could have a fun debate about license technicalities or rms's and Kant's disregard to consequences. Nothing wrong with a small talk. It's just that I already don't know what your point is.

Also: your anti-feminist non sequitur is not appreciated


Amazing <3

The app was updated so now you can also <b>export zip</b> to get all the frames separated right from the generator :)

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Great choice! <3


Yeah! They are awesome to animate!

Love the parallax effect <3



*You* are the best!

Yeah, this one got popular at some point :)

No idea O.o Cannot even remember if stolen or made up :(

I hear you.

I'm fine with it.

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Gracias! Buscar por algo como “como programar” o “elegir primero lenguaje de programación” o parecidos . 

la mejor lenguaje es lo que tienes un amigo que lo sabe. Si no lo tienes - todas están bien si hay un curso o vídeos con explicaciones en idioma que quieres.

pixeldudes maker está escrito en JavaScript - sólo porque es lo que conozco.

Disculpen mi español, no está bien.


If disallowing scams in my license is a not enough freedom for someone to label me something. I’m fine with it.

Btw PDM code was never open source; it’s only about pixels.

The problem with the evil clause was that people who do evil won’t see those actions as evil (be it nfts, stealing money, murdering people or the planet) so the clause was too vague to be applicable.

Great idea ^^

I have no plans to make Star Wars related content.

They are released with CC0 license. It’s quite liberal and most likely you can use them in your project.

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Amazing! I love tchem :)

it’s free :)

Sorry, to disappoint. I guess we won't be able to agree on that.

I'm just not seeing how someone can "have" one (or more) of the pixel dudes in any meaningful ways. You're interested, so obviously you're aware of all the ethical questions about NFTs; no point to argue about that one.

I just don't believe any of the people who've recently offered me to build a generator of pixel characters for them (such an amazing opportunity! /s) is interested in the crafts and arts of procedural generation rather then of chasing magic green paper without providing anything of value. This is just one of the instances of the insanity of the capitalist society, to be fair - not the worst of them.

On the personal note - I'm just annoyed to be associated with something I consider ethically suspicious at best.

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Not sure really. I recklessly gave my “blessing” to many people to make their projects not knowing what they are. Most of the cases it turned out great. This is not one of those cases.

I also maintain that this is perfectly in line with  the license.

it’s just not all right towards fellow human beings.

All ntfs I’m aware of are scams and this one is no different. I encourage you to warn whomever you feel is in danger of it.

Feels like a profesional tutorial. 

Hope it'll bring you a lot of subscribers and many people will lear how to make games :)

Congrats on finishing the project. Super cool!

I'm adding the link to the description

It’s Creative Commons 0 aka CC0.

Most likely you can - the license specifies the details. 

well, the idea is they are to be used on a level that is build of 16x16 tiles but the characters themselves are 16x24 so they kinda spill out to the top tile.

this works well both from 3/4 tilted view (like nuclear throne, crypt of necrodancer, enter the gungeon and similar) or entirely side view (most platformers, Mario could be 2 tiles big after eating the shroom!) 

Don’t know your use-case but hopefully it helps :)

hi! Did you manage to figure out the weapon attack?

sure thing, the font is rather basic, but feel free to use it :)

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oh; right. Well; yeah it’s a shader, just the default one with interpolation set to nearest pixel (or filter to none, or crisp, or whatever depending on the framework) for the asset. 

Iirc I’ve also rendered to a smaller canvas and resized for rendering only) 

this is basically what the Internet suggests for drawing rotated and/or scaled pixel art.

hope it helps 

—- Edit - this is what I would do. But actually the thing above is just a drawing; and it was rotated in aseprite. Anyway - I recall Nuclear throne (and countless other games) do it similar to how I described, give it a try :)

Hey! Thanks. Just rotating them if needed by functions provided by the framework/engine.  Tbh I have no idea what you mean by "weapons-in-different-positions sprites". Like rotating them along their longer axis? Any case - I don't have any other sprites


Amazing work!

also: WTFPL \o/

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Thanks, but it's just some assets. All you'll learn on your own you owe only to yourself. Go make an awesome game some day so we can all enjoy it, and make millions in the process! :D

yeah, you free to use it however you want


looks great! Carry on the great work!

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Not entirely clear what you're asking for.

### I assume it's a technical question here:

Well, it very much depends on the engine/framework/libraries/others you use to create your game. I imagine you'll have to slice/cut/mark-regions-of the bitmap and render the elements of the health bar you want to see in the place you want to have them.

Rendering a couple of fragments of a bitmap must be quite easy in any setup - you'll handle this! 

### I assume it's a ux question here:

Segmented health bars are easier to read for the player I guess but the values have to be in small ranges + the with might change during the gameplay (or with different characters). The continuous ones can be always the same width (hence more consistent visually) but the player might not know instantly if particular value is "a lot" or "very little" in particular instance.

Either case, when the red bar shrinks to nothing then the character is dead (usually).

This is actually a complicated topic and there is no best answer here (although there are plenty bad/good ones). Let know if you figure out something unique!

### In any case:

Good luck!

I doubt that tbh.

I'm still getting more info about awesome project people did with the Dudes than such crap :)

You are welcome :)