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Cool concept! The gam is fun, thanks : )

Sorry for late responding - if still relevant: all is drawn on 16x16 pixels grid. The robots are all 16x32 (WxH) but first one starts at pixel 208x16 - so you might need to add 16px vertical offset or something like (I know nothing about unity). Good luck!

Nice! Thanks for using the robot :) also: Godot \o/

Great entry, co-op gaming is the best!

Hi, thanks for the kind words.

The tileset is free so cannot bundle I believe but thank you for the offer :)

Maybe I'll have something prepared for the next year!

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super fun and great concept! love the mechanic :)

Great entry! The lizard is definitely my favourite as well ^^

Feel free download the app from itch; I don't have anything else.

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You have all the permissions you need for that. It’s there in the description. I’m happy you’ve found those graphics useful :)

Absolutely nothing to be sorry about!


uh, you mean something like that?

I'm not sure if you can get the fancy outline effect without a cleaver shader but something akin to rota should be doable with this character.

Good luck.

The link is dead : (

0 - thanks

1 - really? damn, I didn't noticed that. And I lost those files at one point : (. gotta fix it, will let you know!

2 - not really

Cool mechanic! I've noticed that a lot of people use the same character as the player's one - this is unexpected : )

I admire the determination!

Looks like a cool game. Fingers crossed!

Looks better then my first game, That's for sure! Great achievement! I'm glad I could have helped : )

Hey! Thanks for using my graphics. Looks like a cool event, hope it'll be a great success (but not too much either, don't want Skynet around just yet!).

Sure, you can use the graphics for the marketing.

Also: I've noticed that some people recolor the characters to make them their own - probably it's a great option to make them stand out a little bit - just throwing ideas : )

It was this one: - I cannot promise I didn't add one or two more colors

amazing nuclear throne vibe! love it!

I found 2 ingredients but not sure what next.

It's either one of the most creative mechanics or one of the most annoying... or both! Great work!

No chcekpoints? And I've got so far!!!

Haha, nice little game, thanks for using the tileset : )

anywhere between 100-200 ms/f or 5-10 fps looks good to me. If your character picked a Super Star you might need to adjust ;)

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I've got frustrated dying-not-dying in the same level like 5 times - I don't know how to play platformers XD

A.d. full game: Sure, you can :)

haha super cool, also: godot \o/

thanks! congrats on finishing the jam! always feels good : )

I see.

<- this is the only image used to draw the fireball. There are no animation's frames, and there never was. The effect is generated in the runtime.

I remember I have taken a look into making a frame-by-frame animation out of that. I struggled with making it loop convincingly. I gave up because even if I'd succeeded the effect would be much worse then just using particles.

You can learn how to achieve such results by searching for something like "particle effects $YOUR_ENGINGE_OF_CHOICE" - you'll end up with better results and it'll be less work.

Do learn how to do particles!

You might think that frame-by-frame animation is all you need and you can achieve the same effect with it, or maybe that it's simpler conceptually or something else.

Nah, don't listen to those thoughts, just learn particles! They make you a better game developer like instantly. They are more flexible, easier to do (once you go through one tutorial), faster to create, no need to talk to artists to achieve great results! What not to like? The more particles in a game the better it is.

Pinky promise!

You write own engine? Add particles! Even a simple one is better then none. Science confirms that engines with particle systems are 98% happier, 84% more awesome, and 43% less likely to die from not being used!

: )

a.d. LÖVE - you've mentioned .lua file so I assume you've figured that the .love file is just a zip. .lua is a text file you can open with any text editor (or ide). I don't think it'll be much of use to you though. works reasonably well with this one. You might need to name the files afterwards (or not, maybe it's just fine to have them numbered)

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One of the itch's defaults called "Pixel", I believe it's not there in google fonts.

It's probably this one: or some version of it.

Don't worry about that too much, the request is reasonable, I'm just unable to process it now. Anyway, thanks for the kind words! : )

It's 16 by 16 with some of the items not conforming to the grid.

It's a bit more tidy in the tileset II I guess

Hey! Congrats on releasing the first game! Thanks for using the assets!

Super fun!

Very simple, yet entertaining!

Actually, I must resist spending time on this one!

also: godot! \o/

also: linux build \o/


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You'd have to download the app with the dev tools or wget, run locally and provide own replacements for each image (or change the code - it's rather simple, maybe even primitive - a bit if you have more/less assets)

If it's like "let's make it a feature" - very unlikely I'll find time for such a thing.

This one is actually not minimized so can download from and run/modify locally.

it's there in my Projects/UnnamedPaperDungeonGame and I'm afraid it might be rotting...

uh : (

This is a very quick and dirty prototype I'd probably need to do some refactoring; but yeah, it would be quite possible.

Although I have a couple of ideas for the version 2, which might be a time better spent...

Where will I find time for any of that though?

: /

Godot \o/

Cool game, thanks for writing it!

Ha! Amazing, hope you had great time.

3 hours? You guys are crazy! XD

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Um, yeah, like every other hero it's 9 frames:

"idle" (4 frames)
"run" (4 frames)
"hit" (1 frame)

I've seen people using them differently sometimes though - e.g. only using the first one and manipulate transformations etc.

Hope it helps!

Sure thing! That's why I put it here : ) Have fun and good luck with your project; making games is awesome! :D

Thanks for the kind words!

I'm  sorry to disappoint you but it was really just a weekend (or 2?) project more then 2 years ago. I have no plans to develop it further.

If you are after the source code - I have a bad and a good news:
  - bad - I've lost it, I'm an idiot (do backups kids!)
  - good - the code is not as messy as one would expect. Even with scrambled variables it's quite readable and with some work could be turn usable for some further development if one is interested (one need to know js) in an afternoon (it's around 650 lines of code).

Assuming you'd go this path:
  - I'm happy to answer your questions but no time handle that for you
  - You have my blessing to do whatever you want with it including releasing as a commercial thing.