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Hi Andrija!

Thanks for kind words. I'm really glad you like it.

The url to itch.io profile page will be good.

Is there any place I can follow development of your game?

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Here you go - a couple of chests. As for animations: I don't plan to work on them any time soon, but hopefully the tileset is still useful to you.

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Chests make's sense! I don't know how I missed adding a chest to a dungeon tileset! What is a dungeon tileset without a chest?! I'll try to fix that this weekend. :)

As for animations - I though they'd just move 1 pixel up and down, like in the old times. If I ever update the tileset with animations it'll be for all of the characters too, not just one (because consistency). Animation it's very time consuming (even for such a small scale) so it's unlikely I'll find time for that anytime soon.

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Yeah, sure.

(assuming you're asking about v2)

I'll start with the enemies because there is not much into it (most of them have only one animation)

The 1st enemy have the same animation twice differs only with his "brain" color - this could be a different type of enemy or state of the same one.

The 3rd enemy is the turret. 1st-3rd frame is shooting than is unused blank than shining animation. The idea was to use 1st frame for idle and let it shine every once and then because it does not move at all during its idle.

The 4th enemy is a robot that has idle and moving animations separated by 

Than there is the player - reading from left to right, than from top to bottom frames are like so:

Idle and squash are in the same row (1st), run, shoot and action are in their own rows.

All of those are used in the gif screenshot (fist pic in the description) except the "shoot" animation.

idle - run when no input (this one is run a 2x slower than others 200ms instead of 100ms for a fream):

squash - this animation is supposed to run when your character hit the ground after falling:

run - in addition you can use e.g. 2nd and 3rd frame of this animation for rising and falling during a jump:

shoot - it's kinda magic like shooting something, you'd have to add a projectile on top of that:

action/attack - moving a lever or a sword attack if you add some swoosh effect:

in addition after the shoot action (starting at 64x288)  there is double with (32x16) animation of a simple swoosh to be used with action/attack:

(also: your English is great, don't be sorry about it :))

If you have anything particular in mind just speak it out, I'll see what I can do :)

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Unfortunately I'm able to play for 3-4 seconds only, then the app freezes. Not entirely unexpected as I'm using wine for windows apps but sadly disappointing :(. Looks nice in the pictures though. Keep up the good work (I hope you'll prepare a mac build for the final release :D)!

Here you go.

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Hi, thanks. 

Although the main character itself would fit in 16x16 grid he moves up and down during the running animation, so 16x16 won't do.

This is only one pixel issue so probably I should somehow squeeze him in, not sure why I decided otherwise - I guess I thought you could have multiple grids of different sizes and use them for different parts of the texture.

I have no knowledge of Unity though.

Probably I overcomplicated it; You know what? I'll take a look into that and fix it in v2 :)

OMG! You're the creator of Sprytile! That's awesome, I love your project! The tileset requires some adjustments if it were used for 3d I guess, but I totally see it used in a 3d first person dungeon crawler now :)

Thank you! I must admit that the itch's email about lowresjam made me post this tileset, although it was created long ago for a game I've never finished :(

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Thanks! Good luck with your next game, and your English is good, don't be sorry about it :)

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Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

Thank you :)


Hehe; I'm glad you like it.

Due to holiday season (:D) it'll might take a while but I'm going to do some updates next month. Not much though; the tileset seams to be fairly complete already (thanks for suggesting the fire animation!). There is everything you'd need to create a proper small game.

If you have any suggestions please post a comment, although no promises :).


I'm going to update the tileset soon. I'm adding animated fire to the list, thanks :)

Awesome, I appreciate that :)

Great, thanks a lot :)