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LynxJam 2023 community · Created a new topic Thank you all!

Big thanks to all the participants! This cartridge traveled half the World and has just landed in my hands. It looks awesome. Now I need to find an Atari Lynx somewhere to test it out.

Hi there. Glad you like the sprites. I’m not sure I understand your question, but you can just download it and find out if the format suits your needs.

Cool game! I've got 976 points but cannot beat aribtrary 1000 mark


Thank you for kind words. I'm working on expanding the whole thing, especially so there are more biomes.

As for the rate  - all depends on the project and amount of work needed. I'm only sometimes available, but if you interested send me an e-mail with a description of what you need.


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Nuclear throne runs at 320x240, i.e. 20x15 of 16x16 tiles, and it looks amazing, but that's 4:3 (but not a one-room game).

16:9's bit more of a problem, but take a look at ScourgeBringer (one room per screen game). They use 480x270 (fullhd/4) render texture but grid is 480x272 and they just crop one pixel from the top and one from the bottom - it doesn't matter because first and last rows are always just flat dark background.

Basically the same as the short one:

I've added a boss fight! Hope you'll like it

Thanks a lot for testing this out! <3

Thank you for the gameplay video. I'm glad you like the game <3



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Hi! Amazing! Looks like fun!

Oh, and I know it's chill and all, and I actually appreciate the approach and I wouldn't even dare to suggest to change the rules or anything but I've read: "OK, but I cannot really make a platformer or a 3D game with these assets…" and I'm like: I've seen a few retro-style, 3d games made with these assets, so it is possible :)

Good luck with the jam! I'll keep eye on it!


wow! Amazing. I love it. Thanks for sharing. Made my day ^^

So much juice, I've enjoyed it so much! Great jam entry, and your first no less!

Amazing :)

You can use this tileset for whatever you like (CC-0).

That's the spirit! Fingers crossed!

It still looks a great and is lot of fun! Thanks for the credits. They are all right, no worries. 

yes you can

\o/ sorry I didn't respond on time, happy you've managed on your own :)

Super fun!

Super cool! I like typing games :)

fun! cool concept!

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Hi there!

It's all undocumented but you should be able to just enlarge the files and it should work.

faces.png and heads.png: add 16 pixels of width for each part you want to add and just draw it there.

base.png: 24 pixels of height and just draw it there.

Remember to use the same colors (yellow outline, green skin and so on), they are specified in config.json as fromColors

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Cannot recall why I didn't animate all the characters. Thanks for doing this, great work! Adding the link to the description.


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Hm.. interesting. I cannot reproduce this one. What browser/OS do you use? Does it happen to other head types? Does changing colors affect it in any way?

As for why: I use a couple of colors as key colors in the templates to replace them with whatever the user chooses. In particular for skin it's green (00ff00) and dark green (008800) and outline is yellow (ffff00). The colors on the image you've send are a bit off (07fe00, 008b00, f7fc00) so they weren't replaced; but why only on the edges?

There is also a 5% shadow to the left of the head (not visible really, but you'll find it when you inspect the file) this looks like a clue. I'm especially puzzled that it on'y happens to two frames and only part of the picture; super weird. I'll be looking into that.

Amazing! Super cool you've decided to animate the chest, it looks so bouncy!

I’m like 99% sure it’s someone else’s. Looks great though :)

Yes you can, the license's is CC-0.

Sure thing

De nada!

Ve y haz un juego (o algo otro) con estos personajes! :)

Hi there! Great work with the project. Happy to be of help :)

I don't treat those tilesets as open contribution but if you prepare a derivative asset (additional characters, new biomes what not) and release here on itch than I'm happy to add a link to the description (currently there is only one here, but there are more in (

great work!

Amazing! I'm glad the dwarf is put to good use already! :D

This one looks super fun and unique! Love it <3