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Looks like a solid entry! Congratulations on finishing the jam project!

You're welcome : )

I'm happy you like my work.

I'm not interested for anyone to take over my hobby project though, I'm sure you'll understand.

I wish you good luck with your games.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback! I'll have this bug squashed in version 0.0.2 : )

I'm glad you like the game.

a.d. question: Well, It depends on what you use for rendering in js - assuming canvas you just do this:

drawSprite(ctx, image, x, y, isFlipped) {;
  ctx.translate(x + (isFlipped ? image.width : 0), y);
  ctx.scale(isFlipped ? -1 : 1, 1);
  ctx.drawImage(image, 0, 0);
image has to be loaded already
x, y is where you want your top-left corner to be
note image.width added to position but only when the whole thing is flipped

Consider this one to understand how .translate and .scale work together and how the order of them matters (you don't need to understand transformation matrices to use it properly but experiment with .translate, .scale, and .rotate = shuffle them around and see what happens):

drawSprite(ctx, image, x, y, isFlipped) {
  var dirX = isFlipped ? -1 : 1;;
  ctx.scale(dirX, 1);
  ctx.drawImage(image, dirX * (x + (isFlipped ? image.width : 0)), y);

note that: `drawImage(x, y)` is basically the same as ` translate(x, y); drawImage(0, 0)`

Good luck!

Thank you for using it!

Congrats on your first game!, keep up the good work!

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

As for your question: difficult to answer precisely as it lacks context, but just search for "filter mode" and "pixel interpolation", and the value will be something like "nearest", "point" or "pixelated". It should be a single function/property/checkbox in sofrware of your choice.

Hope it helps : )

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Fun game! Love the cute cat <3

One thing that I disliked was the staff jumping between left and right side of the character - it changes the origin of the fireball which in turn makes it (sometimes) difficult to aim at close enemies (i.e. when it changes position in just a moment before I fire).

No need to apologize for your English - it's great : )

And btw: works nicely under wine!


Thank you!

Hey! Thank you! And good luck with your game!

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Hi Thomas!

You can use those assets however you like; Attribution is nice to have but I don't suffer if one omits it.  I trust you won't abuse this right : ).  If unsure then it's probably ok.  I don't see my judgement to be any more competent than yours tbh.

If the above response is too vague then alternatively use this one: "I don't mind".

Share a link if you feel like : )

Fun game!

And thanks for the attribution!

Thank you!

Congrats on finishing the projects! Great job!

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I often use LÖVE which I enjoy very much.

btw, why would you need to split animations using the .json file? Frames are also provided as separate files (which from my understanding is what Unity wants)

Internally it's called "2", not helpful I guess.

Unfortunately I lost track of which sound comes from whom, but if you feel like searching you can check the links in the credits section (it was some sound pack iirc)

HAHA; I wasn't able to get that far (no without cheating that is : )) - congrats on your score, and thank you for playing!

Well, everything needs a review I guess. Working on it as we speak : D

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First of all, thanks for the kind words.

Second, I know next to nothing about Unity, so sadly I cannot help much : (

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uh... Not sure if there is any name there tbh. Just delay each tile by the direction you moves + add a little bit of randomness. Otherwise you just move up tiles with some ease each frame:

if tile.delay < time then tile.z = tile.z * 0.8 end

You can download the .love file and unzip it (as it's just a renamed .zip) and see for yourself in rooms/Floor.lua, :getTileDelay method and :update

Thanks : )

Thanks, I'm going to need a lot of it : )

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Charming game! I finished it and I like it : D

go make a game now : )


Thanks. I'm glad you like it. No enough content for a weekend but maybe in the future : )

Don't worry about it. It's free as it's a hobby project.

Music and sound effects are all kindly provided by other people (see credits); I only wrote code and draw pixels.

I hope I'll manage to do so; no promises though : )

Well, it's a löve file so it just work. All the thanks to developers of löve and sdl2 : )


Thanks for the kind words!

Hi there! Congrats on releasing the game! Got killed rather quickly : )

thanks : )

Thank you! <3

Hi there!

I've just types some javascript until it worked. (Honestly, it's some rubbish code there!). I mostly relied on the browser's Canvas Api.

The "layering" - if I can call it like that - is just drawing elements on the in-memeory canvas where I want them in the order I want them - no magic here.

The export is done with an old trick of assigning base64 encoded canvas (exportLink.href = canvas.toDataURL("image/png")) into the export anchor's href attribute on every change.

This technique has some limitations but for small files it works like a charm.

Let know if you have more questions, and good luck with your tool!

I can see you've beed inspired maybe, but I don't think I deserve any credit here. It looks to me like you've spent quite some time on those graphics and they are all yours as far as I can see.

If you want to credit me anyway then sure, thank you. I'm happy I helped.

Charming game btw; the blue aliens are the worst! : )

Thank you for making the game!

I'm glad Godot is more and mote popular : ) Open source \o/

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Hi there! amazing work! Do you mind if I link to that in the description of my project?