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> You saved the princess from her confines! Unfortunately she died from suffocation whilst in the chest.

haha, I honestly laughed at that XD

Thanks for sharing : )

I've added the files; you can download them by clicking "Download" button

Yeah, sure, it's ok; feel free to use them.

Thanks a lot himselfe!

It's just a hobby for me so I'm happy to do something that helps people.


You keep working on your project as well! I'm looking forward to play your game : D


I'm definitely going to add some bigger characters: ogres, trolles and such. You'll be able to use them as bosses I guess : )

Maybe you have anything particular in mind?

nice! : )

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

Finger crossed for you game and motivation (and mine as well!, this is a common problem : ))

Hi there!

Fun game! I've got to the final (I believe) boss but it beat me : )

Thank you!

I don't have any plans for pixel art tutorials, but who knows? maybe one day : )


Not sure what kind of tutorials you have in mind really, but unfortunately, I'm not doing any at the moment.


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Heh, there's already code written for some random items (commented out) but i didn't like hiw it looks. 

Didn't think about inner walls though! Great idea.

Someday maybe : )

Thank you, much appreciated!

I'm glad you like the isometric one!

The idle animations for the basic guy are on my todo list already : )

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E.g. in Chrome you can: 

- open the dev tools (e.g. menu -> more tools -> developer tools) 

- go to "sources" tab -> right-bar -> index.html

- download index.html file and grid.js file


that being said I just did a sloppy implementation of: - I'll believe you'll have more luck just reading that - there is even C# example implementation there you can use.

Good luck!

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You can download a csv file with the dungeon serialized now.

: )

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Proper releasing would require to clean it up and what not because the code sucks. 

It's written in plain js (+ browser api), not minified nor anything so feel free to just download as is with dev tools.

No comments and full of anti-patterns - it is what it is. I don't mind you taking a look, although I doubt you'll find anything of value.

Let know if you make any use of it or you have trouble running it!


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Thanks  :)

Hi there!

Not sure yet, I've drew something yesterday but I disliked it so I probably try again tomorrow.


- some additional platformer and top-down tilesets bioms

- more characters

- missing basic character animations, maybe some more weapons

- some items like coins, spikes, doors etc.


anything you're waiting for in particular?

Hi there!

I'm glad I could help.

Keep up the good work!

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Wow! Amazing!

Yeah, I know the pack would benefit from some variety and some more items - more is coming in v0.2 (not sure when though).

love it <3

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Wow, it has a story and what not!


Congratulations on releasing the game!


Thank you!

I'm happy to hear that!

Now go make a game : )

Thank you!


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Oh, here it is! I've missed that. I guess I didn't have anything exact in mind but the raygun seams to be it : ) great work!


game's fun : ) 

random idea: maybe some ricochet mechanics?

Hi there, thank you!

It's 16x8 tile size (Map -> Map Properties... -> Tile (Width|Height)) and 18x20 grid size (Edit Tileset -> Grid (Width|Height)); I've added

Let know if this works for you : )

Thank you, much appreciated!

Thank you, cannot wait to play it : )

Thank you SeppahBaws!

Have you finished you're school project, have you published it somewhere by any chance?

Thank you!

fwiw "just practice" while concise is also a precise and correct advice.

I still only draw sometimes (not every week even) but I see some improvements on my end in those 265 days! 

Take care!

glad you like it : )

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thank you!

Now go make a game : )

I cannot wait to play it! : )