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예. 당신이 원하는대로 그것을 사용할 수 있습니다.

Thanks. No font unfortunately. I only drew lowercase letters so not sure if it's of any use for you, but in case it is, here you go:

Thank you, I'm really glad you like it.

The side-view doors are something I struggle with for some time already. They just never look much like doors. Obviously I'll have to draw them sooner or later but I keep postponing.

Otherwise - all of what you've mentioned is somewhere in my todo-list already*. It's just difficult to find enough time. In any case I'll have some update this month (No promises about what it'll be though).

[*] except ceiling - I don't know what you mean - game dungeons have no ceiling - I'm intrigued - can you elaborate?

Love it! Feel free to drop suggestions if you need anything else (no promises) :)

Awesome! Kinda sad... but awesome! :)

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idk guys,

There are spacing and placement that suits my workflow. I expect you guys to not like it - this is why I've added tiles_list files - so you can easily reorder/extract/pluck/rename/iterate/remove/add/whatever the items. I thought it's a sensible solution - works with any language. The python script could be considered just an example - I don't see the reason to learn python to use it nor I can see how it would be a bad thing.

Honestly I don't understand what the issue is.

In any case I've just uploaded a zip file with the output of 

Good luck with your game! :)

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Hi there!

I have no knowledge of Unity at all but I've just added script that should help with your problem.

read Mertios' comment below

especially for you <3


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Trap might be a good idea; will add soon,  I don't see a reason for more enemies right now though. Do you have in mind anything particular?

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Looks amazing! I wish you a great success :)

Glad you like it. Looking forward to play your game :)

Walang anuman!

I don't really, but it's CC0 so you can modify freely. This shouldn't be too difficult - most graphics editors have sucha a functionality.

Take care too!

Thanks. Sure of you can.


(btw - I've just noticed that a couple of my friends still keep playing your game :) - good work!)


Thank you!

Keep drawing, you can do this :) I recommend Aseprite.

3800 points and 12 combo! 


I'm supposed to work! XD

I've just played your kill-streak - is this the one? Because it's so much fun :)

And thanks a lot for crediting me

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Thanks, much appreciated!

Sure thing, I'm happy to be attributed, and always eager to see what people create out of those tiles.

Feel free to also post a link to your game, I'd like to play it : - )

Hi there, thanks! 

Of course you can contact me - see my website for the email. I'd love to see your animations.

Unfortunately I won't incorporate them to the tileset but I'll be happy to add a link in the description if you decide to release them as an extension pack or something like that :)

Wow, that's a really in-depth tutorial. Good job!

Thanks for the attribution - I'd all good.

So many of them at once :D! Indeed I didn't expect a tower defence.

Great! Thanks a lot for promoting great open-source project!

Hi, thanks!

You'd probably get better answers if you ask some pixel-art community out there then me.

That being said: I'd be happy to help. Feel free to email me or ask questions here.

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Hi! thanks. 

There was an idea to create a card game out of this tileset but it went nowhere:

If i understand it's a physical game, right? I'd buy an english copy if the shipping costs won't be too crazy. 

Good luck with your project, looking forward to see it.

I'm aware of Dungeon Cards, it's a nice little game. I believe the author actually shared a link in a comment somewhere here.

Dungeon-crawler/JRPG might be a neat game; I'd be happy to try it out : )

Hi! thanks, I've added doors to 0x72_16x16DungeonTileset_walls.v2.png. 

Only one type of doors for now, but maybe it's enough for you.

Looks nice! Good luck :)

Thanks; make a fun game :) !

Awesome! Share whenever possible, I'd be glad to test the game out.

Neat! Good luck with your project!

Thanks and good luck, looking forward to play it.

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Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

Firstly, I don't feel like it's that good; people seam to like it for some reason; I'm really not sure why. I mean I see I'm improving but I'm nowhere near people who draw professionally (most likely never will be). Makes sense I guess, they spend orders of magnitude more time on drawing, probably since childhood or something.

As for your question: I recommend* 3 things (assuming you're a beginner) that work for me:

1. steal** palette from some pixelart you like (the less colours the better, 4 is nice number but anything from 2 to 8 should be good to start with)

2. use a small sprite size: 8x8 or 16x16.

3. if you're unhappy/tired of something just save it on your hard drive (or wherever), forget about it, discover few months later and release with some tweaks as "not that bad after all" - this might be a terrible advice, but this is what I do (might be the reason why I never finish anything) :)

* - also I guess asking an actual artist might be better idea - I'm just a programmer who sometimes draws;
** - stealing is good (don't quote me on that :D), also:

Thanks! This is what I might do if I'll get tired of my current job, but for now I enjoy it.

Thanks :)

Hi there! Thanks a lot! Looking forward to see an awesome game you'll make with it :)

Nice :) I see the inspiration - now try some characters and you have a full suite :)

404 :(