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You can unzip the game and learn how it's made but basically: Floor is recreated each time you enter a room and each tile is a separate object that gets a delay property calculated on creation. Then if floor's time is below the delay I do nothing to given tile. Otherwise update the tile's z property. It's kinda reversed: 400 when it's way down and 0 when it's on final position, so all I do is multiply it by 0.8 each frame.

It's rather boring code:

function Floor:getTileDelay(x, y)
  local lrand = love.math.random
  -- if the player was already there in this room let's not animate tiles entrance
  if then return 0 end
  -- first room you drop to from above
  if not self.prevRoom then return math.abs(x) * 0.06 + math.abs(y) * 0.08 + lrand() * 0.3 - 0.1 end
  -- comming from another room: bring tiles from that direction:
  if self.prevRoom == then return (self.yMax + y) * 0.08 + lrand() * 0.3 - 0.1 end
  if self.prevRoom == then return (self.xMax - x) * 0.05 + lrand() * 0.3 end
  if self.prevRoom == then return (self.yMax - y) * 0.08 + lrand() * 0.3 - 0.1 end
  if self.prevRoom == then return (self.xMax + x) * 0.05 + lrand() * 0.3 end
  return 0 -- should never happen

looks amazing on screenshots but I wasn't able to play as it seams to ignore keyboard input (I can only stand still and throw bones with mouse button) :(

chrome 106 / macos

super fun! I've played all the floors :)

Why, I'm not a programmer in the project I've been using this plugin for, but basically you use the bytes from the exported .c file and use them as sprites or tiles directly in your game, compile your game and than transfer it to a cardridge.

If you'd use GameBoy Development Kit it'll be something like in this tutorial for sprites .

The exported file is basically just bytes spelled out so if one uses different way of compiling a game it's still useful.

As for transferring to cardridge: search for something like "Gameboy Flash Cardridge" or   "Gameboy cartridge reader/writer" - this is for development or very small-scale, self-handled release I guess.

If you'd actually like to release 100s (1000s? fingeres crossed) copies of non-writable cardridges you'd probably want to find a publisher that handle that for you. 

Finally you can always just release .rom files and let your players handle that (either with emulation or their own cardridge writers)

hope it helps!

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It's all made with love. You can unzip the .love file and take a look yourself.

Probably the most interesting are c4 and Skelet modules.

Feel free to ask if you have questions about anything in particular.

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I've just uploaded v5 where all the items are provided as separate .pngs so it's easier to use with Unity.

Good luck!

Awesome, added link in the desc

Looks coo!

I like that anticipation in the devil's attack.

When the elf hit's the ground maybe try squish him vertically?

some tools you might find interesting here:

Following palettes are used in the app:

- pdm1 (the legacy one)
- endesga 32
- zughy-32
- vinik24
- CC-29
- steam lords
- island joy 16 (default)

links are available under "Palettes" dropdown

yeah, sure, it's all right; good luck with your project!

yeah, looks like it's missing. An "angel" I guess

Such an effective twist that turns a regular platformer in a memory game! Love it <3

I didn’t try to imply you’d do something wrong on anything of that kind really. Sorry if it went that way. Just got some nasty comments recently and such stuff is upsetting. Internet I guess. Good luck with your project! I’m sure it’ll be awesome! sent a link when it’s out there <3

short one :) <3


Heh, I haven't play tabletop rpgs for ages now. Memories :D

Uh, idk; sorry for that. 

The config is not about one character but about all the space of characters so maybe this is that.

I'll try to take a look on that at some point but i'm short on time recently tbh :(

Thank you! <3

I mean, you can I guess .

I just recommend to make sure to make it clear to your users that this tool here exists so no-one feels upset or tricked or anything. Especially if it's for money (but also if it's not).

What I'm trying to say is, it's super easy to get accused unfairly of stealing by some random people on the Internet, and it kinda sucks :(

Anyway, good luck!

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Which Pixel Studio is it? Where do they use it?

Maybe I'll drop them a note asking to consider attribution so we're all on the same page.

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Come on my friend, 16x16-dungeon-tileset was published in May 2017, it's probably older than Pixel Studio you're talking about (not sure which one it is though, I found 3 pieces of software with the same name -- glad to see I'm not the only one struggling with naming things :D).

In any case, I'm happy thee are using the characters :)

(It might be the NFT one I believe :/ so I guess less happy)


hahha, cool idea! <3

Looks amazing! When the full release?

Hi there, "0x72" is fine

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You want to set `FilterMode` to `Point` in import settings of the sprite (when you click on the file in `Hierarchy` tab you should see this options in the `Inspector` tab) -- or something along those lines

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Looks awesome! Great work!

Also: LÖVE \o/

Thanks for the kind words. Yeah sure, go fo it! Sounds like an awesome project. 

Best of luck! <3

Amazing! I wish you an A (or whatever is equivalent at your place)!

Why, sure. Why not. Good luck!

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jaja, lo me gusta, y es muy divertido! No te preocupes, conozco unas pocas palabras en español.

e alcanzado nivel 9, pero hay unas pocas de errores despues.

Damn, I've tried it out on Firefox on a Windows (10) machine and it works just fine. Not sure. Maybe a cache problem?

Can you try to run it with cache disabled (or incognito mode should also work just for testing it)?

If this is still a problem - maybe you'd be able to run it with dev-tools' console open and paste the errors that show up (if any)?

Looks great! Looking forward for the release release! :D

I've totally forgot about pygame! Always felt like Löve's more usable, and better documentation/community/tutorials, but I've assessed long time ago so I know nothing. How does it stand in 2022? Would you recommend?


Hey! Congrats! Releasing a game is a great achievement (better than any steam ones :)).

Twiter handle is fine, anything goes really.

Let know when it's released!

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I honestly don't know how to do the first jump successfully XD But I can tell you that the same jump I've repeated multiple times felt good. A good jump - most important for a platformer game :)

Thanks for using my tileset


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#302c2e should not be yellow - more like gray, rather dark tbh.

And it should be easily changeable, although it's always locked. 

Can you tell me what browser you use? and maybe provide a screenshot?

My only regret is I've spent too much time responding to them instead of spending time doing... well, anything else. But what's done is done; I try to not engage anymore.

Indeed, the community's response is so much better than I've anticipated. I should have more faith in people.

Anyway, Thanks for the kind words, but no admiration please, I'm blushing!


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Amazing, I've never dreamed that those little pixels would be used for science! :D

Looks great! I really like the transition between regular floor and the walls.

Adding to the links!