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Submitted by Aerow (@AerowGDW) — 2 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#5444.0774.077

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Nice game! I'd have loved to have some music that keeps you pumped to finished the game tbh. Also, I personally think the slo-mo and screenshaking is a little too much, but that's solely personal preference.

The game was fun and really good though!


Thanks for playing and commenting DisOmikron !

There's a light ambiant music but the volume is quite low yeah. I'll update the game page to put all the links. I dealt with sound effects and music at the very last moment so I did it quickly  but I agree with you on that point. And for the slo-mo and screenshaking it's something that keeps being mentioned so I'll turn it down a bit :).

Deleted 189 days ago

Animations are one of the first thing I did and what got me motivated to produce something for the jam lol.

Thanks for commenting !


With a little more work on UI, maybe less intense slowmo when hitting a mirror (especially in that last level), a mechanic or two like the mirror split the bullet in two, or i don't know, and yeah i agree with the oethers it could make a great puzzle game


Thanks for the feedback !

Yeah I think too that with some polish it can make a cool game and that last level was mostly there to enjoy this fuckfest of effects lol.


I was like "meh" until I saw the edit function, which could make for a really nice puzzle game. Mixing shooting and puzzles is always a good thing and I think it was not an easy thing to program, so congrats!


I get your first impression. The first levels are there to introduce each mechanic so players can learn how to play the game slowly. However I didn't have the time to work on real levels mixing everything together. 

Thanks for your comment !


Nice little game) I agree with Treoik regarding screen shake. I would recommend to disable it for mirrors and leave it for green bricks as it is now. It makes the moment of hit more satisfying) Good luck!


Thanks for your feedback ! Once again the screen shake ;). I'll fix it lated.


Hi! This game immediately stuck out to me when I saw it, so I decided to give it a play. I found the game-play extremely interesting, and had quite a bit of fun. It was a pretty good game, especially considering the 48 hour development! I've played around with reflection in unity, so I know it's no easy task. My one and only (one only, ha :) ) main criticism is the screen shake and, even more so, the time freezing effect that occurs when hitting a brick or mirror. The effect would be fine, however it simply last too long for how often it's used. This makes the game feel slow and chunky, especially during an action-packed level like the last one.  It should be an easy fix (just change the amount of time the effect happens in), but it's a change that will drastically improve the feel of the game. Keep working on this game. It's an incredible idea and has so much potential. Overall, this is an amazing game, and an amazing entry into the jam. Good job, Aerow! I'm looking forward to your work in the future.



Hello Treoik !

First of all thanks for playing and commenting my game. Yeah I might have overdone the effects lol. I'll take your advice and try to tweak them to have just the right amount.