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Cool game ! I feel the controls are a bit weird sometimes and it's easy to go too far and die.  A bit more feedback when dying for instance could be nice to have too.

Good job overall !

Great game ! Visuals are awesome. Bosses attacks are cool. A few issues, since you have no invulnerability frame you can easily get one shoted, especially against the first boss with its laser attack. If you fall in the second or third floor you keep falling but never die so you have to reload the game. 

Congrats !

A really good game ! Visuals and sounds are great, concept is cool and interesting. I keep getting caught but it's because I'm bad at it :)

Congrats !

Damn what a comment ! Didn't expect people would play our game for so long. Truly amazing ! Thank you !

There are some flaws and bugs we couldn't fix in time but we will try to fix those and maybe improve the game after the jam so try to stay tuned :)

Wow one of the best game I played in this jam ! The visuals are awesome, the sound is on point too. The gameplay is well designed. It even has a story. Everything is good !

Congrats !

It's a nice game, I had fun to play. But my brain can't get to dodge those damned white lines. 

Good job !

It's simple but it works. I think changing the color faster and adding colors as you progress could have been a cool improvement.

Good job !

Interesting idea ! With a bit more polish (sound, UI, feedback) it would have been really good.

Congrats !

A very nice take on the Peggle game. The mix is really interesting ! The peggles on the sides are quite hard to get as the ball falls a bit fast. One last thing though, can we really call that a Peggle game if it has no Ode to Joy ?

Congrats :) !

Glad to hear you enjoyed the game !

For the tutorial we added some text quickly before submitting but it takes a few seconds to appear at the start of the game. But yeah it's easy to miss :) 

This game is awesome ! Very interesting ideas. I managed to beat the game but it's quite hard. Maybe that's because I'm not really good at pool games. I think the second spell of the knight is broken, the bounces don't add damages.

Congrats !

Cool game ! I think the tasks are a bit too long to do. Maybe you could have made the tasks quicker but when the player isn't doing them the % decreases.

Good job !

The game is a bit confusing at first and some texts are displayed above the others. The idea is interesting. Good job ! 

Cool game ! I personally felt that the paths were too wide and it was a bit easy to avoid the enemies.

Congrats !

It's cool ! With a bit more feedbacks it could have been really nice. Good job !

A cute game ! Good job !

This game is really cool ! I think having some feedback on where exactly the ball will land or even having the height of the ball while it's in the air could help aiming at the enemies.

Good job !

Interesting idea but I find it really hard to aim and shoot the zombies so in the end I was mostly trying to dodge them and reach the end.

Good job !

Music and art are awesome ! The concept is really nice and it's satisfying to play. It would have been cool to be able to use the items to attack the enemies.

Good job !

Art and music are nice ! I wished the whole game was more fast-paced. The puzzle is a bit hard to understand but it's a cool idea !

Good job !

Thank you for that ! Glad the comments helped you understand the mechanic and made you try the game again !

Nice game ! Interesting stuff but since it's a jam I think you should have used more cards for the default deck because you have a lot of content but some players might miss it if they never choose to add cards.  Had a good time playing it, I would have loved seeing some characters fighting :)

Congrats !

Thank you for your comment ! Roots represent inequalities : > and <. They have the same logic as those mathematical symbols. For example, 2<3 and 4>1. You have to consider them in order to solve the puzzles. Hope this makes it clearer for you and you have fun playing the game :)

A lovely game ! I like the art and the concept is cool !

Good job to all the team !

Great game ! It was a bit hard to dodge the fire on the ground sometimes.

Congrats !

Oh really ?! I'm sorry to hear that. What kind of crash do you get ? Did you try downloading the game we have a Windows version available too.

Cool game but it's the second game of the jam where I keep getting killed by snakes ! I'm starting to hate those armless animals ...

Congrats :) !

It's cool, too bad you couldn't spend more time on it ! You could have flushed your toilet before submitting though.

Nothing much to say apart Shrek is Love Shrek is Life !

Good job ! The game is cool but it gets quite hard from level 7 (I stopped at 9).

That's a lovely game ! Even more since you've only been learning for 6 weeks. Good job on the levels.

Congrats !

The game is really clean : art, sound, gameplay !

Very good job to all of you !

That's a cool game ! Art and sounds are great and you can be quite powerful which is satisfying.

Good job !

Wow thank you !

Yeah we had this bug once or twice while making the game so we couldn't really investigate but yes sometimes when you die the camera will go to the last room of your previous run and lock the game.

Great concept ! I got some issues because the mouse was not locked. But good job !

The game is really good ! But the snakes are just too strong for me, they keep eating my poor humans.

Congrats !

Good concept and nice game ! Got some childhood memory killing those Ragnarok monsters. I think that having to switch between mouse and keyboard constantly is confusing.

Congrats ! 

Cool game, good job !

Great idea ! Reminded me of those flash games I used to play when I was younger. 

The first doorway is hard to go through even more since the fire is fast. I think you should add items or stuff you can buy with gold between runs.

Congrats !