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Physics puzzle where you have only 1 "parameter" you can draw a graph to control for each level.
Submitted by Walaber Entertainment (@walaber) — 15 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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This was super fun. I spent a lot of time messing around with the gravity problems. I had a blast. Thanks for sharing!

If you have time please play and rate my game:


Very cool original and unique design!  The UI is well made and helps explain how to play.  Very clever!  Please check out my game if you have time, good day!


Very unique and clever puzzle game! :) Making big changes to the curve seems to be a bit hard though (which is perfectly understandable for a gamejam entry): maybe allow the player to draw a coarse curve with the mouse and then let them finetune it? Timing stuff right is also pretty difficult as of now: I agree with tesselode that an option to pause would help. Or a view of both the curve and the level, playing in an endless loop. But I really dig the concept. Please turn this into a full game!

My puzzle game: (playable in browser, not mobile friendly)


thanks for the feedback.  you can actually just drag the mouse across the graph and get the coarse  curve, but I don't think that's too obvious from just interacting with it.  I agree with the other notes for sure, thanks again for playing!


That was quite fun and inventive! :) Nice!

Very cool

I've never seen this concept before, I really love it! You need to polish the heck out of it and get it on a store somewhere! It's brilliant.


This game was incredible. I wanted a little more granularity in the graphs, and also wanted to see longer levels! Also more varying parameters. Not a criticism of the game, just want to see more :) Well done!


This is cool! I'm sure you won't regret polishing and expanding it!

Like bowling with math indeed! It is really unique, you should develop it further and release it.


This is something you should definitely strongly consider taking forward and developing further. It is such an interesting concept, never seen anything quite like it before. With more time you could most certainly make this a much better experience.   

Submitted (1 edit)

What a stellar idea! This is super fun, the UI is all sorts of janky but I'd love to see this developed further.


This is a genius idea. It's a completely new take on the puzzle genre. I had a lot of fun trying to figure out the levels and I can see this becoming a real game (I'd definitely pay for it). Only thing: it would be nice maybe to keep seeing the level when tweaking the graph on the first level, just the time to learn and understand the mechanics. Congrats!!


That's awesom!

Really fun concept, with a lot of room to grow. Would make a super interesting game!


I couldn't beat the second level.


really interesting game! i'd like to see how it could be expanded out, maybe even to multiple parameters at once, although that might be hard to design puzzles around. my only gripe is that it's a little tricky to find the right timing to change parameters. it would be nice if you could pause the simulation and then edit parameters with a visual cue to where you paused. regardless, i think this is one of the most exciting entries in the jam!


This is the Platonic ideal of the "only one" theme!  Interesting to see just how much the puzzle mechanics change when switching the curve's influence, whether size or gravity.


Cool Concept and implementation!The drawing graph mechanic is unique.Really loved it.One of the best I played in this jam!