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what a great concept, and very nice implementation for such a short jam duration!  The level design is really interesting, showing lots of interesting combinations of the mechanics.  I didn't finish though, kept dying on what I can only hope was the last level :)

what an amazing idea! I'm jealous I didn't think of it myself :)

This is super fun! The "water" state is really nicely implemented.  Great work!

This is super fun!  I do a little better every time, and want to try out different weapon / perk combinations, which is definitely a good sign!  I wish my car had an e-brake or other ability to give me a bit more movement options.

lovely idea! I have so much hatred for the turning radius in this game :P

fun idea, super silly story, and breaking the cables is satisfying!

always love to see a puzzlescript game in a jam.  nice concept and execution!  the levels got too challenging for me pretty quick tho :P

this is an AWESOME idea... I only with the whole thing was a bit faster and more responsive, and then I would have been hooked.  you should definitely take this idea into a full game!!!

An interesting concept!  I think a bit more feedback as the values are resolved would go a long way to making it easier to understand exactly what is happening... and also delaying the "level complete" until after the last turn fully plays out would be nice.

really unique concept, and very well executed, especially for a game jam!  nice job!

very, very well done!

fun!  I *think* I made it to the end? the level with 2 swinging hammer thingies didn't end when I made it across.

I like the concept and the cable is really satisfying in the way it moves.  I am quite confused why this was a 350MB download though, given what's in the game.

Nice entry!  The concept is fun and the clay-like art is really cool.  good job!

beautiful!  I really liked the presentation and art style in particular.

Only had a few issues where connecting in 1 direction wouldn't work, but connecting in the opposite direction did work, which caused some confusion from time to time.  Overall a great entry and nice interpretation of the theme!

thanks so much! coming from you that means a lot!

beautiful!  A lot of dead ends was a little frustrating, but to be fair, it made reaching the end quite satisfying.  the art is amazing, fantastic job!

super fun! both relaxing AND stressful at the same time :P

super interesting idea and implementation of the theme!  Would like to play this 2 player and see what sort of strategies emerge.

Great first jam entry!  despite some jank here and there, the puzzles are really clever and interesting! I can't wait to see what you make next.

nice work!  seems like it would be much more enjoyable on mobile where swiping is more intuitive.  We enjoyed playing it on our stream w/ my kids!

fun concept, and so cool that you made it as a couple!  my daughter enjoyed playing through!

great entry!  played on stream with my kids and they had great fun turning it into a co-op game :P

Nice concept!  the movement feels a bit clunky, I wish you could move around faster.

interesting idea.  perhaps a bit of a stretch for the theme, but that's very subjective of course.

very interesting idea, I'm quite surprised I've not seen this before... so simple it seems inevitable (congrats!)  Seems like the "forever stuck blocks" problem is the only prickly part.

really great!  once it sunk in that you have sin waves of different frequencies that you are amplifying and shifting, it because easier to realize how to "tune" the signal.  great job!

welp, this is glorious.  just great all around!

I like the idea, although to be honest I found it a little confusing and slow to maneuver the gum ball.

lovely idea, amazing execution, just very chill and relaxing.  Great job!

Rreally great!  It's like making a game out of graphtoy, and I love it.  The presentation is really great too!

I had fun with it!  I really like the models and the colors, very striking.

really nice job.  The rules were a bit confusing, but once understood it makes for a surprisingly tricky puzzle mechanic.  Also the monsters are super cute!

Wow, really great job!  The portals in the last few levels really added a lot.  You got a lot of personality out of puzzle piece characters, nice job!

yes, a soft-body physics game!  really great game, and I agree a perfect speed run game :)

I really liked the level design, and the various mechanics!  Perhaps a slightly loose interpretation of the theme, but as the self-appointed ambassador of soft-body based games, I hardly care!  Great job!

great idea (as always).  I really struggled to hit the ball, it felt like I had to click MUCH earlier than my instinct, so I really struggled with it.

well, of course the visuals are amazing, and the gameplay is tight and engaging... amazing work!

that's a really cool idea, thanks for playing!

I really like the concept!  The levels are simple, but do a good job of showing the interest in the mechanic.  Would love to see a version of this updated with more polish and interesting ideas.

very nice!  I like the relaxing vibe, and the controls clicked pretty quickly.  My top score was 8865 or so.