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feel free to post here if you have feedback on the Beta version of Pro Gymnast.  If you've played a bit, please also fill out this (very short) survey, it will help me improve the game:

nice job!  satisfying puzzles that really emphasize order of operations, but aren't TOOO hard at least the first few that I had time to play.

thanks for the feedback.  you can actually just drag the mouse across the graph and get the coarse  curve, but I don't think that's too obvious from just interacting with it.  I agree with the other notes for sure, thanks again for playing!

nice job!  I wish I could control the strength of the shot by how much I drag the mouse, instead of how long I hold the button.  Also a hint of where the hole will move next would make the game feel a bit more strategic.  But this is a really clever concept, and quite enjoyable as-is.

great implementation of the theme, and very high quality final product!  great job!

super fun!  Deer flipping is so satisfying, and slightly morbid at the same time :)

The levels are really well designed too.

really cool!  satisfying when you get a hang of the momentum.

effective message and well made!

wow, what a simple but elegant puzzle mechanic.  I love how you can push blocks around corners, it's just different enough from a standard sokoban-like to make it very interesting and fresh.  not to mention the main mechanic of course, which is so cool!

Amazing work!  Very polished and well made.  I think I got a pretty good ending :)

quite fun to move around once you get the hang of it.  I wish the machetes had letters on them so I could better remember which key controls which one.  fun graphics too.

Super well made!  great job.  reminds me of SUPERHOT. in a good way!

I really like this idea.  with more polish and feedback for the player, this could be a really interesting puzzle/tower defense hybrid.

This game is awesome!  really fun to play, the controls feel tuned really well. Definitely something I'd like to play more of.

well done!  A little hard to guess what each choice will do to each meter, but I guess that's part of the charm :)

this is quite fun!  the restriction, and how you manipulate it over the course of the areas is quite interesting!  I wish the controls and hit boxes were tuned a bit more to make it more enjoyable and a little less frustrating, but that's something you could do when/if you explore this idea further.

So great, I love keyboard/typing games!  I had some trouble with the game not recognizing some of the symbols (I'm on a macbook with an apple wireless keyboard), but other than that the game played great, and the difficulty ramp was nice and satisfying.  great job!

very unique idea, and quite relaxing and fun to "play" / experience.  I would have enjoyed more variety in terms of properties to sort, but overall it's surprisingly enjoyable to put things in order :)

Very cool idea!

very well made, especially when considering the time constraint!  the puzzles are well-designed, and the level of difficulty is quite nice.

cool idea! I with the little hint images to the left were a little bigger and easier to read.  well done!

nice job!

nice work!  the puzzles were interesting and fun!

fantastic!  A great idea for the theme, and the execution is really nice!  great work.

really cool idea!  it's surprising how well you can do it once you get a feel for the controls.  I really wish when you hit Enter, it would show a quick playback of the player movement, to help you understand what went wrong :)

Great feeling controls, and interpretation of the theme!  I really like the way the boat feels after the +1 Intertia mod, you can fling the steering and just let it coast and it feels great :)

Thank you!  I'm working hard on the visuals for the game now, hopefully I'll have an updated alpha version for people to test soon with some of the new artwork and other features included.

if you open up the build notes from the main menu and scroll down you should be able to find the current keyboard mapping.  It’s not great but it can be played.

I've created a simple Discord server to allow more discussion about Pro Gymnast.  If you like Discord, please join and help me improve the game!

I've created a discord server now, here's an invite link:

Absolutely! Everyone should feel free to post videos from the alpha wherever they want.

amazing skills for only playing 1 day!  I agree, a discord server for the game is a good idea.  I'll look into getting one set up.

Thanks for the notes.  controlling the replay completely from the game controller is definitely on my list, I just haven't got to it yet.  The option to re-map the buttons is also planned.

Twisting will hopefully be improved a bit to support twisting in more leg and arm positions.  Your ideas around  spreading legs and one-arm release might be difficult, but I can give it a think.

A foam pit is a really fun idea, I'll think about how that could work!

OK, thank you for clarifying.  I have a few ideas on this, let me give it some thought, and hopefully have something for you to try in a future update.

OK, the issue was _once again_ related to globalization settings and how numbers are stored.  I have uploaded a new build, version 0.4.3, it should fix the issue.  please delete all the files in your SaveData folder, and give the new build a try!

can you possibly send me your player profile files?  they should be in a folder called "SaveData" in the same place you find the debug log. the files are a bunch of numbers with a ".sav" extension.  it appears something is strange in those files that's causing an error when it tries to load.  it's possible this is also related to the same issue that was causing trouble accessing the levels, but a test file would help me debug the issue.

Kakeb141: To make sure I understand... you find it difficult to grab bars and other objects because you have to manage the gymnast's arms relative to his body, instead of just relative to the world?  The challenge is that if the controls were relative to the world, you would have to constantly spin the control sticks in order to do things like a tuck position, or swing around the bar.  Please let me know if I understand your problem correctly.  If so, I have a few ideas of things that might make the game a bit easier.

Ged: thanks for the feedback!  regarding the button mapping: I can definitely consider changing the default mapping, but I also intend to have a button re-mapping screen in the game as well so players can change the buttons to whatever they like.  I'll try to get that into the game soon so people can test it.

Thank you for the bug report.  the log file you sent should be helpful in trying to figure out the problem.  does the issue persist no matter what you name your player profile?

wow, those are some impressive release moves for only playing the game for a few days!  I see you discovered the twist feature... it's currently a very rough implementation, I hope to make it look better soon, when I revisit the character animation and posing system.

Did you create this video with screen recording software, or use the built-in replay feature?  just curious about your experience with it.

Meral_Harbes: thank you for the feedback!  It's funny, I was looking at a video of the original "gymnast" the other day, and I was surprised at how slow the game was!  I think it's a good point that the current game is indeed much faster.  Perhaps I can include some options in the settings menu to set the overall speed of the game, as well as how much the "focus" mode slows things down as well.  The trajectory preview is indeed intended as a feature in the final game. 

farfadet46: Thanks for the bug report.  Several other players reported the same thing.  I've just uploaded a new Windows build, please let me know if it fixes the issue, as the cause was something that's difficult for me to reproduce on my computer.