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i can't beat the game though...

definitely an ambitious game for this game jam and has potential, the only issue being the backwards difficulty curve. Maybe have the camera a little bit farther out, reduce the slippery-ness, and only give new power ups after dying past certain checkpoints. good luck!

Wonderful take on this simple mechanic! 

Wonderful take on this simple mechanic! 


Super stylish, and the music is wonderful. Thanks for the short experience! Just started making a Godot game myself, so seeing the completion of this is pretty inspiring. Keep making games!



Fun game! breaks on full screen though.

Suprisingly fun

My favorite game in this jam so far, all 5 stars. 

Pls polish it up and release it somewhere. I'd recommend making the motion less slippery, fixing the buttons (turn off when someone steps off of it even if the other guy is on the other button), and removing that skedaddle the guy has when your not pressing anything.

Thanks for playing! And I'll expand on the game for sure

Thanks so much, I was intending to have there be more challenging levels that would take up the space, but I ran out of time. Like given a input number in binary, output that many pings, Or like take four bits and income it into two bits (in a wall), and decode it back. I may put it in a full version on my website later.

I agree, the interface is quite trash and was very rushed. I was planning to make testing, level info and level select in different windows. thx for your feedback!

IMMINENT THREAT: this game is too addictive

i just wish that when your submarine got hit too many times, a gruesome animation played of the screen filling up with water.

this game would be more fun with upgrades.

dethrONE nice PUN

I couldn't beat the second level.

This is magic

Lol not sure thats how orbit works , but fun game.

Thanks a lot! I didn't wan't things to be too obvious, but I guess they should've been a bigger. 

Is this possible to beat? I'm honestly curious.

Fun game, the swqelching was fabulous, and mercilessly killing helpless animals by the swipe of a paint brush was entertaining. I played through the whole game. sucks that fun isn't a rating criteria though.

Noice graphics, but controls are a bit annoying bc she cant stop instantly and always goes straight into the deer, and the retry is kinda slow. good game