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Help! I'm Trapped In A Submarine...View game page

And I Can Only Use One System And There Are Mines
Submitted by Kaiskii (@_Kaiskii), vicposting, Mygnol — 5 hours, 22 minutes before the deadline
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Help! I'm Trapped In A Submarine...'s page


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Good game, the only problem is, that those moving enemies are unkillable, you need to take damage, if you want to go near them.


The moving enemies are probably one of the trickier ones to kill, since their speed means you have to predict where they are after you swap to weapons. The time it takes to swap to Weapons from Information is enough for them to have moved off from where they were. Granted, the player's torpedo hitbox is tiny, and we're quite surprised no-one else has brought it up before.

Thanks for commenting!


This was quite relaxing and I enjoyed playing it. Nice use of the theme and quite original idea, which I also surprisingly like. I'm not really sure if you need some card to switch the functions, why not to use just some toggle buttons. But if you wanted to use it for some tension and to increase the difficulty, then in my opinion it was not quite enough.. as I already said it was quite relaxing for me.. which is also totally fine :D

However, this entry very nice! Very well done!!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback!

The idea of using a card was there since the beginning, mainly to stop players from just toggling rapidly between systems and having to think a bit more before acting. The game as it is definitely favors a much slower paced play-through, though, and we're glad you found it fun regardless!


A good idea well executed. I especially like that pause as you pull out the chip, it adds a bit of tension to your decision making.


Really good game, I enjoyed the mechanics and the uneasy feeling where u might die any second without know it. I would love a death screen like what killed you. 


Great suggestion on the Death Screen! Something similar to Binding of Isaac yeah? Something the team would consider about! Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it :D


This is a great game. Like others have said, taking the card out was too slow, but otherwise I love the mechanics and style!


Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it <3!


7.8/10 too much water

i love it


Underwater vibes.

bloop bloop bloop!

Thanks for playing and I'm glad that you enjoyed it! :>


Loved the idea and the mechanic.

The only thing i didn't like the most was the clunky way of taking the card in and out of the slots. It was just too slow and pretty excruciating to do.

Sound and BG music was pretty A-ok too!


Thank you for your kind words of the sound and BG music choice! :D, but yeah the card was designed to be clunky... I think we kinda went abit too overboard and we hope to make some changes to it in a future patch!


Why does taking out the card feel sooo hard? Cool idea and I like the different systems of the submarine. I felt like there should be something that urges you to take risks and try to go faster since now you can just go really really slow.


The card pulling out was designed to add a little challenge! We might have gone abit overboard with how much force we intended the player to need.... so thanks for your feed back! <3! Glad you liked the idea  and system :>


Great game, lovely soundtracks, really relaxing and gives the vibes of being under the ocean! Gameplay was simple to understand and easy to grasp, Love the screen/glass cracking when we take a hit, though the refilling of the torpedoes could've had a better indication on when it refills one torpedo. Quite a big level as well for a single playthrough even though I died at the end. Took me about 20-30 mins just to find home.


The art, the sound, the gameplay, this game is awesome, thank you for making it.  Now some minor nitpicks: The game felt a little bit slow: pulling out cards, waiting for torpedoes to finish reloading, waiting for oxygen to refill; and fighting red dots didn't feel very satisfying. But overall a great jam game.


Thank you very much for your feedback! :> We will look into these aspects and hopefully be able to polish them in a future patch!


IMMINENT THREAT: this game is too addictive

i just wish that when your submarine got hit too many times, a gruesome animation played of the screen filling up with water.

this game would be more fun with upgrades.


Thanks for the feedback!
Originally we wanted to add in a short clip of the submarine glass shattering and the sub imploding if you died, but we ran out of time and just had to settle for the glass cracking getting more and more pronounced.

Perhaps next time around, though!


Came back to rate. And yes: Please make this a real game. More levels, upgrades, suprise mechanics, a credit card reader! Wait... youre not EA :) But seriously: Make this a game and hit me up, please, so i know when you do. Or you make a new game. Following.

Stay crunchy.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the lovely feedback! We definitely have plans to bring this further! :>