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Original for me. A like the idea.
It just gets a little bit dragging on levels where the main tactic is to shoot and run. At that point, it wore off it's clothes made of tactics and puzzlers already.
I never got to the level with the wizard. I couldn't figure out the level with multiple archers.

But yeah, good stuff. Time killer while riding a bus or a train potential.

One button, multiple uses. Perfect ingredients for a Fun and hard game. Well done!

I can just imagine this as a great mobile game. Especially when you add in multiple random levels, more enemy types, pickup different melee weapon types, and all.

Great stuff here.


I guess that's an achievement. XD

Hot tip: You can edit your game page description and put the tutorial there. :D

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I mean, Since all you have to do is run around and dodge slimes, You didn't have to wield a sword. Those treasure chests was kind of unnecessary too, since they didn't give you anything

Would be great if the character actually uses the sword. Like a slashing state starts once he is facing a monster. And regardless of effect, a random item taken from the treasure chest will be activated immediately or with a time delay. Or it will auto-equip an equipment if that's what's there. This could give it more variation even with just one mouse click.

Given the time constraints of the game jam, 1 or 2 items would be enough, i think.

But yeah, concept for controls is cool. Just needed a little bit more variance and/or depth. Overall though, well done. :)


It took some time for me to get that long press of the LMB would initiate a turning. Not sure if there was a tutorial somewhere. But if there was, i didn't notice it.

"Sir, please give back that spear stabbed in your chest? If you won't, i might get violent." >.<

I guess this is Kratos when he was still a fetus, doing his spirit walk.

Those sfx choices are the most satisfying in this game. BG music is lacking but the juicy sfx kinda made up for it.

I have to say, interesting character art too. The LOD totally works for this style alone.

I guess this is like portal without the gun? A bit hard. But yeah, interesting stuff.

Would be a cool mobile game.

Superb art. Superb source of inspiration too. Can't say it was fun. But i don't think that was the idea here. It's more like getting immersed in to the world. If you could pull more out of that world in to the game and have us gander, i'd say it would be a really great art game once polished.

Stand on a corpse and your score will soar!

I won. But I didn't what was happening the whole time. Never seen my health bar go down too. I was just mashing buttons

Spider lizard!

Don't know if it was intentional, but i found a mechanic of cutting off the grappling mechanic midair so i would fall then hook to a new point. Made me remind of spiderman.

I got stuck after getting inside the pit though, sad.

Kinda got repetitive after catching 2 bugs though. There weren't any risk mechanics involved. Nor were there something to explore. So when i got stuck in the pit, i quit after.

Hot damn, this game is hard.

I was replaying the 3rd level so much i pressed replay on accident when i finally won and then it wouldn't let me skip the level anymore. I...just gave up after that. lol.

This has good potential for a mobile game. Well done!

A beautiful thing that could've been great if only there was a way to know what to do and how to do it.

Sadly, there weren't a least bit of tutorials in it. Sad. Just like the beautiful sad music in it. With the beautiful sad looking lonely little rabbit.

I was pressing buttons, but none worked. So i gave up on the first obstacle platform.

Tbf, falling forever was a bit of fun. The music made it fun. It's like something you put on when you wanna do 1 task alone, repeatedly. 5/5 Would fall again.

Because the game has a lot of character - from music to art style, this has real potential when it becomes more polished.
Can't wait to see what happens to Agatha!

Thank you!

Loved the idea and the mechanic.

The only thing i didn't like the most was the clunky way of taking the card in and out of the slots. It was just too slow and pretty excruciating to do.

Sound and BG music was pretty A-ok too!

Fellow Godoter! I loved the smooth controls. As well as the variety of monsters and the seamless transition from one scene to next. The looping music was unobtrusive and kinda relaxing too.

Well done, guys!

I haven't played it yet, but OMG the art blew me away!

I know the jam is about infinite runners.
And the rules have stated that the theme will be announced in the discord server.
I was on standby in the discord server for like an hour and no one was online.
Before posting this, there was no theme. After posting this, the rules suddenly changed to the jam being the theme itself.

Anyway, goodluck to all participants, have fun! :)

This jam was abandoned before it even started.

Jam director is nowhere to be found.
They haven't even announced the theme yet and it's been 30 minutes since the jam started.

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Uhhh... this is going to be awkward. I just posted the link to let you know. 😅

I didn't make that video. I think it's best if you copy paste that on the yt video comments section. I'm sure they'd appreciate it from the man himself! 🙃

But some of these guys are here on

Have a nice day/week!

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