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unique movement

good level design


some ground movement is a bit wonky, hard to move over some geometry


move towards hand that's grabbing if you release the other hand 

be able to lean with movement keys when grabbing onto something

maybe just use left click to grab wall, and alternate which hand is used, then press jump to disconnect from wall

crosshair change color or shape when a soft rock is in range to pick


decent tutorialization

seeing entire map laid out in front of you when you leave cave was cool

basic survival elements worked well

good creature designs

movement feels good

opening sequence is cool, build a robot, command it to do something to help you out

core at each beacon is good


art style was inconsistent

ui is a little confusing

wasn't clear when you can sprint

combat didn't have any weight, just stand and hit


make so you do more stuff with robot allies immediately instead of generic survival stuff like gathering resources

requires cores to build robots, great way to encourage exploration

immediately give the player like 3 cores and then tell they have to explore to get more


visuals and sound and animations are 10/10

fast kills were cool and added energy

I liked the boss fights, good variety in animations and movesets, but was also easy to read them


backgrounds blended into foregrounds hard to distinguish between the two often

some movement was not as responsive as I prefer. Like melee character didn't move forward a lot on each swing so it was easy to get stuck swing just out of range of an enemy


dedicated pixel font

make so you stay stuck to wall a half second or something when you move in the opposite direction

maybe make so dash instantly cancels current attqack


amazing character animations

good variety of challenges, having to use multiple abilities to overcome a challenge does feel fun when you get it

feeling of speed is great


air control is rough

too unforgiving platforming

double jump ability isn't very good, doesn't jump high enough

def need some sfx and music

white seems pointless, ledgegrab jump should be part of green

maybe a slow motion for 1 second after you use an ability so you have more time to process and switch abilities

easy to get unstuck from wall and not be able to wall jump

should have easier challenges to start off, feels like it jumps right in too quickly

you dont get to enjoy feeling of speed much because most of the time you're struggling with using abilities correctly


very polished overall

movement feels very weighty in a good way


cant shoot diagonally without moving

unclear what walls can be tunneled

enemy animations aren't nearly as good as player animations

background could have more organic looking holes into backdrop

control scheme 1 felt awkward

maybe just use numbers for switching weapons


great art

hacking the gun to shoot over the wall was very cool

great enemy variety

sound design is good

hacking mechanic is fun, good extra way to kill enemies

hitboxes on projectiles feel good

like that projectile colors change on allied bullets

like being able to hack guns for them to help you


mouse aim feels very unresponsive, not fun aiming at things

would like a death animation instead of just immediately going to game over screen

make so bullet trails dont dissapear instantly when they hit you

visual novel mechanics in between stages would be cool

maybe have a shadow from projectiles so easier to see distance?

being on "fire" if you dont get hit for extended period of time would be a good fit, bonus damage/attack speed or something

being able to heals, health pickups? killing enemies gives a little?

hard to hit first sentry gun to shoot over wall

sceen shake?

sound effect was way too loud on first gate

I think if enemy bullets gradient color changed the closer it get to the player's plane would help show when it can hit.


do a colorblind test on bullets (make everyuthing black and white), might need to do different shapes on enemy vs player projectiles

also check out this:


good clean visual style

good variety of obstacles

like that there are multiple paths

music is a pop

using fan momentum to get high enough was cool but not sure if intentional

chaining fans is cool

timer is a nice touch


need coyote time please

checkpoints please

make it clearer how you die, maybe dont insta restart but have a death anim and a popup that says press 'r' to restart

sound effects would add a lot

fans are inconsistent in boosting

have a little free movement in the camera (check out how smb does it)

maybe implement timer in a set goal, like you get an A+ if you beat the level in under 30 seconds

variable jump would be nice (hold space to jump a little higher)

optionally have a little more color? color code spikes and enemies to make it clear what's dangerous



good tutorialization(except barrel)

movement feels good, dodging and jumping etc

weapon swings feel good

boss is cool

good enemy variation

funny that range enemies can kill each other

good sound design


in tutorial maybe make so you have to break the barrel to continue

Buff player if they kill monsters?

currently no reason to kill things

pressing dodge should dodge forward if not holding move key

spin attack on boss going backwards sometimes, hard to predict and avoid

boss randomly pulls out new attacks

rare boss attacks dont all telegraph well

maybe do 2 phases on boss? first half easy, second pulls out more advanced moves

spikes need blood or something to make them stand out

platforms look like part of background

put a wall after first platform you can fall through so it's clearer that you need to go down

more checkpoints

fixed it, I think

fixed it, I think

fixed it, I think

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yeah sure, do you have an email you want it sent to?

You can email me at with the email address you purchased it with and I can send it to you

yeah I can email you one if you want

I put it in the section it said to put it, but it's not showing up on the page :/

fixed the screenshake issue

no, I fixed it

I fixed it, I was doing += instead of = with the screenshake :/

ended up beating the last level after the stream was over, pretty cool. Could you do a playthrough? I feel like some of my solutions weren't the intended ones and I'd like to see how you're supposed to do it

I tried, wouldnt accept the cart

If it's to fix game breaking bugs yah

link your game here, or send it to me in a dm on twitter or discord

I'll provide you a late submission link

upload to github and link it, or zip your game project and upload directly to itch on your game page

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Honor system. But also if you actually need more than 48 hours you're almost certainly not gonna win. Most of the best entries in the video series were made significantly under the time limit. E.g. Stuffed Wombat's game was made in only 4 hours one afternoon and was probably the best one in that video.

yeah that's fine, just make sure it's playable for others


Wow thanks! Glad to hear it

Huh thats weird, just go to the level select menu and choose level 1