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Chamo - The little crawlerView game page

Sticky platformer where you will play as a hungry chameleon, eat every bug to beat the game!
Submitted by AlfonsoM (@Amestrmu7) — 2 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline
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Love the concept and art style - Chamo is so cute! :) Sadly the controls are quite buggy, but once that's addressed and the levels are filled with a bit more to do then uhm sticking around, I can see that turning into a very enjoyable game! The transition between screens is horribly slow though. Don't know if this is only the case for the web version, but I stopped me from going up on the second screen, as I somehow fell down during the transition and then had to restart, as Chamo was not in view anymore.


Thank you so much for your kind words!

Indeed we need to get the transitions faster, that would help to avoid issues with camera (also, pausing the time and letting the camera travel (Mario like) would be nice too!)

Regarding the controls, indeed we need to work a lot in them. Somebody below mentioned that the game should be focusing on that mechanic...and it’s buggy. That’s a statement and we want to iterate over it.

Thank you for your comments! 


Spider lizard!

Don't know if it was intentional, but i found a mechanic of cutting off the grappling mechanic midair so i would fall then hook to a new point. Made me remind of spiderman.

I got stuck after getting inside the pit though, sad.

Kinda got repetitive after catching 2 bugs though. There weren't any risk mechanics involved. Nor were there something to explore. So when i got stuck in the pit, i quit after.


Hahahahah yeah, someone sang the song in discord hahah

We thought that leaving this ‘pro’ movement to be find by the players would allow them to feel in control. Theres an answer referring to this element below (see NidoCreations post).

Thank you!!


Art looks great, find it difficult to move around though. Movement felt glitchy at times, kinda weird how you have to hold down the mouse, I would have found it a lot easier if you could just tap the mouse button. The movement is very original and unique. It's like Spiderman but without swinging. Getting your tongue longer is also a cool mechanic. This is sounding like one of those io games, where someone has to get the longest tongue. And you all fight to the death. That would be pretty cool. Overall the game is great, well done.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hello Plug!

The first thought we had when we read the theme was a BattleRoyale, but it was a crazy idea to do it on a weekend and also make it work in a local co-op would be super difficult too (not impossible). 

Definetly agree with you, the movement is the thing we should have aimed for. Regarding the press and hold, we thought about making Chamo more expressive (more states and more art involved) but we didn’t make it far enough. Also, it gave the player time to get ready to start the ‘pro’ movements in mid-air. We had a built using the tap to stick but it felt wrong..

Thank you so much for posting! 


There were sometimes where the charmeleon placed inside the walls , probably for the collisions. But after all I like the game (concept and artstyle) and use only the charmeleon's tongue to move was pretty fun . Great work!! :)


Thank you Juan3a!

There are a massive bug of collision detection with Chamo, sadly we didn’t have time to fix this essential behavior and that’s one of our objectives now (post game-jam). 

We are happy to hear your thoughts, really appreciate! Thank you!


I'm not sure if the resolution was not correct I tried playing on a 1080p monitor and i had my web browser maximized and It seemed the game wasn't showing me the whole screen so I couldn't even see any of the bugs sadly. The concept was cool but I couldn't make it very far


Sad to hear that barret, we really tried to make things work for 1920x1080 but we know there are still bugs with the UI, the window, etc. We will fix this in a couple of iterations after the jam 🙆🏻‍♂️.

Thank you for dropping a comment!


It's a good looking game (although the tongue could have been in the same aesthetic as the rest of the game) but it doesn't feel smooth to play.

For a game that deals only in sticking to surfaces I feel sticking to surfaces should have gotten more attention (for example the tongue doesn't stick out of Chamo's mouth but his belly instead). Collision problems are present most of the time.


Definetly agree with you, the main mechanic is not quite polished and it’s the most important feature. Thank you for posting your thoughts!


Hope to see your future work. For now I'll follow you, and if you make a shared account like our team I hope it will be noted on your itch page.


Cool game, very interesting, from the comments I've read you're planning on working on it further? Where can I follow you to keep up with it, I'm really interested :)


Hello Bromberry!
Yeah, we are talking with the other members in order to polish a few things of the game and they are really commited on keeping the work up! 
We are 4 students of a Master's degree in Game Development (Barcelona, Spain), you can find us on twitter at @dreauea @AlbertValVila @sondy99 @Amestrmu7 (that's me).
We are part of a group of 21 students in UPC school, you can find the project at @FractalPuppy.


Another interesting game, The concept was really cool, but made me wish there was some kind of other interaction along the way, perhaps the ability to swing from their tongue like the old Ninja Ropes in Worms or something. I did find myself getting stuck in the walls quite a lot and at one point I think i nearly fell out of the level, but managed to quickly catch myself in time. ha.. But all in all, a nice little game, Well done :D

If you've got a minute, would you mind checking out our entry?


Hello AEtharr!
We thought about using that swing mechanic but we wanted to stick (pun indeed) to due to time restriction we stuck to our original plan. 
The last hour of the jam we tried to push a fix for that bug, but we end up making him float everywhere ... and we rolled back to the current state.
Glad you had a good time...even with Chamo being bugged!
Definetly giving your game a try :D
Thank you for your words AEtharr!


Was a little confusing in the beginning, but once we got used to the movement, it was pretty fun.

Felt that it got too easy when the length of the tongue increased, though. Maybe you could try to set a fixed a length and increase the difficulty with some level design magic.

Also, it was a little hard to tell when the chameleon was fully attached to the walls, maybe its just that it takes too long; but we liked the possibility of releasing the tongue mid-air to achieve some pro maneuvers.

It is a nice and interesting concept and really liked the style.


Hello NidoCreations! 
Thank you for dropping your thoughts here, we definetly want to fix that weird positioning of Chamo when being stuck in some surfaces (also we need to fix the bug where you can go through some elements :') )
The first version of Chamo had a few levers to activate (they spawned some blocks to create new paths), then we thought about using a new bug that couldn't be eaten and could be used as a moving platform... but we had no time :(
Regarding the "tongue release" we wanted to add exactly that feeling, when we played Celeste we understood that giving those "advanced" tools to the player makes them feel really great with themselves.
Thank you again!!


I love the art and once you figure the game out it is pretty fun. It needs a little more direction and introduction, it was a bit confusing at first. Could be polished and turned into a nice little game!


Hello Krantos!
We considered adding a small introduction using text and an image of Chamo hungry, but we didn't make it in time... then we wanted to give the bugs some glow effect and natural movements to attract attention ... but we couldn't :').
Thank you so much for your kind words!


I love the pixel art! It has a potential to be a great game but the controls need to be modified to make it easier to move around.


Definetly agree, we thought about the mechanic but we barely made it playable, we want to do more dev-cycle and we sure want to stick (pun indeed) to our first plan :p. 
Thank you for your comment!


The idea was awesome, loved the graphics too! But the controls were a little too cranky, I got stuck lots of times and was a little hard to figure out what I needed to do! 

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hello Texugo! 
Andrea (our artist) really enjoyed doing pixel art, and we love the way she drew everything!
Sadly we didn’t have time to polish the movement :( but we will fix it this week! (post-jam development).
Thank you so much for your comment!!


I really like the idea, it reminds me of the commercial game Dandara (which I only played for a little bit, but it seemed really cool).  I like the Metroidvania type aspect of this with how you need upgrades to get more upgrades.  Controls and the collision are super janky though, and I did get stuck on the bottom screen and had to press F11 to make the screen fullscreen to get out.

Also, it seems more like a game from 2017's dual purpose design theme than an only one theme.  But overall, cool concept, great art.


Thank you very much for your comment! Since the Jam started we were wondering about a endless-runner (One button) or a platformer, and we end up doing this little guy (metroidvania inspiration). We had plans of making him change color (puzzles) with upgrades to be able to walk through "color doors" or stick to new zones like sand, water, etc.
We had a few problems on sunday regarding movement, but sadly, we didn't have time to fix the game-feel. 
Thank you again for posting! 


very cute but it keeps glitching out on me, i struggle to move

Developer (1 edit)

It was the first time doing pixel art for our artist (Andrea) and now she loves doing it! 
We learnt quite a lot doing this jam but sadly, "with great power comes great responsibility" and we had a few issues that affected the game feel (Interacting with the enviroment was the top priority).
Thank you for your comment!