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When you're about to open the game:
Right-click (or ctrl-click) and select "Open"

It might present the "This application can't be opened." 

If it does, then repeat the above instruction and the second time should present an option to allow you to "Open" the app anyway. It wont ask you again after that.

If that doesn't work, then the devs will need to apply a fix 🤷 Hope this helps.


Thank you very much. It was very much inspired my Ace Attorney and I'd highly recommend that you play that if you are able, it's great fun. :)

Very nicely done! As of yet, this is one of the most original ideas I've seen for this jam, and yet so simple and such an obvious idea that i'm almost angry that I didn't think of it myself! I also really liked the difficulty balancing, it seemed to step up just enough each time. Really really cool my dude!

Hey, thanks for playing, yeah we just didn't get around to building levels quickly enough. But I'm glad you liked it :) thanks a lot

Hi there, thanks for the feedback.  :)

Yeah we definitely wish we'd managed to get to a point where we could spend more time on the level design, and introduce the shoot through walls stuff in a bit more gradually.

Thanks Jupiter! As I said on twitter, it's a shame we didn't manage to make it more obvious that you can shoot through the internal walls. But thanks for giving it a go :)

A cute game that reminded me of games like Doodle Jump, etc.. I like that you managed to a gentle difficulty curve in there and the unlocks for other characters and whatnot. Great effort, great polish, well done!

Thank you very much :)

Hi so as promised, here's my quick review. All in all an interesting idea with great execution. You nailed the level progression, (though would switch the large level and the one after around.) I enjoyed how after the game teaches you about the various items, it then give the twist of forcing you to choose when and where to switch the items to be able to actually complete the level. As others have said, it could do with being a little quicker, but an interesting idea for sure :) Well done!

Haha youre definitely right there. But I could definitely see a more polished version of this on phones for sure.

Thank you very much my man for your words, and for playing! 

The art was all my wife's first attempt at pixel-art, It was a fun project for us. While I can sympathise, about the length of the initial guide laser, I intentionally made it short to give the player a bit more of a challenge, as just seeing the whole path made it trivial in my opinion.. However, I appreciate it's a delicate balance between making something challenging and making something accessible.

(I also agree about the slow motion effect, and would've liked to implement something like that, though sadly i'm not the fastest developer in the world haha)

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Haha, awesome :D thanks for playing!

Regarding the walls thing, we wanted to telegraph it to the player more for sure, but the whole level-design part didnt really come together until the last part of the jam, and while I was plugging away trying to code stuff, my wife was having her first-ever go at level designing xD.. But after the jam, who knows, maybe we'll pick this back up, and we'd definitely look at improving aspects such as that. 

Very tricky platformer. Simple idea with great execution. I thought the levels with the blocks directly above were particularly dastardly, but a cool idea nontheless!

Would you mind looking at our entry?

Another interesting game, The concept was really cool, but made me wish there was some kind of other interaction along the way, perhaps the ability to swing from their tongue like the old Ninja Ropes in Worms or something. I did find myself getting stuck in the walls quite a lot and at one point I think i nearly fell out of the level, but managed to quickly catch myself in time. ha.. But all in all, a nice little game, Well done :D

If you've got a minute, would you mind checking out our entry?

Interesting idea, I too felt that it wasnt obvious about the colours being sequential. I can see how you tried to show the player that fact with the rows of three boxes. Perhaps if the intro part only had one lane so you couldn't switch and force several premature changes, it would've been a little clearer. But I cant fault the idea and how polished it ended up being! Definitely interesting :)

If you'd be so kind, would you mind checking out our game?

Your game was simple, but cute and definitely had the entertainment factor haha. Hearing your rendition of the various songs gave me a good chuckle. :)
If you'd mind checking out our game, i'd be very grateful. :)

An interesting concept to be sure but holy heck it's tricky. Level progression was good too. Well done~

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Excellent little game, great fun and very challenging with nice level progression. It took me a fair while to get the hang of the pixel-perfect jumping but yeah, a great little game :) Well done!

I don't suppose you'd mind giving our game a quick go if you've got a minute?

Cool idea for sure, though I managed to soft-lock on Level 2.

This is pretty damn cool. The look is simple, but the effects sell it. I barely noticed at first, but the screen-shake really helped to sell the weight of the explosion.

Anyway, your level progression was awesome, I particularly enjoyed how you slowly added new elements and complexity as you went and liked the twist on some levels to make you change your way of thinking and the mechanic, while simple, was satisfying for sure.

Nice little game here. I quite enjoyed how the levels increased in complexity as it went along, giving you a slightly increased challenge each time. I tend to agree that it could do with some enemies or perhaps other movement to keep things from getting stale and spite things up a bit. Maybe something like slopes where you have to time your jump or something like that? :)

An interesting idea for sure and fun gameplay to boot. Well done :)

A nice concept! I definitely enjoyed the satisfaction of increasing your stats and gradually dealing more and more damage. I think the only thing that I wasn't a fan of was the spamming A and D to perform multiple hits.

With that said, I finished at 579 :)

Thanks. Yeah the actual level design element only really came together towards the end of the jam so we didn't have much in the way of consistency or a gentle difficulty curve.. But I'm glad you had fun for sure.

And yes, I totally hear you on the slower travel, Personally, I think some kind of animation would do the trick, because as it stands the bullet trail works with a Raycast, so everything happens instantaneously, haha.

Thanks for the rating! I'll be sure to check your game out when I get back from work!

The rule of thumb for the walls, is that the bullet will penetrate interior walls, but not exterior. So the lighter coloured walls are interior walls, and the screen border is made of exterior walls.

Hi guys, if you could take a look at ours, that'd be lovely:
We've liked to get in some more stuff, like some polish, and environmental effects. We were really hoping to get explosive barrels and shootable chandeliers and stuff, but barely managed to get the few levels that are in the game, in. 

Thanks a lot! We wanted to have enemies spot you, environmental elements and all sorts, but alas, timing. But even so, your game was great, and polished~ Just needed to ramp up with some challenge as it went on.. Like, after the final level, you could tease in movement and stuff. :)

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All in all a great little game. As stated by others, the whole slow-mo effect really sells the impact. It'd be interesting to see it with moving targets, and or the ability to move yourself into position.

My only complaints are: Showing the full extent of the ricochet before committing meant there was no challenge. Also, while that last level was was cute and cheeky, it's a bit of a troll without telegraphing beforehand that the character might do that.

(We also did a little one-shot ricochet puzzle game xD

A nice little game, well done. Nice use of filters and whatnot to give it that unique aesthetic, and the simple music works nicely too! My only criticism is that the bullets blend into the background, so it might've been nice to see a trail or something.

All in all, good stuff :)

We also made a game about ricocheting bullets to kill all enemies xD

Have you tried running the ForJam.exe?

I actually quite liked this, I could see this being a pretty nifty mobile game :)

Thank you~ We wanted to get some more stuff in there, like some nice intros and outros to each level, a visual timer when alerting the guards. Line of sight on the guards, verticality (ladders, etc), but bleh :P

Personally I quite liked the design of your game but found the sudden increase in difficulty a little too much for my tastes. All in all, interesting concept though :)

Cute little game, I really like the aesthetic of it and would like to have seen more.

Excellent little game, a good few minutes of fun. I particularly enjoyed the red-herring with the axe. I wonder what is through the door at the top...

But yeah, well done, attractive visuals and a clearly thought out little project. Nice one~

Not a bad concept though the sheer speed of the kite made it very difficult to control.

With a little more polish though, I can people playing something like this on mobile.

One other point was that for me, I felt that the height gain from collecting a star was too slight, especially when collecting a lightning bolt moments later.

Overall, not bad at all.

Haha, I probably should've put a sound warning around or something, sorry about that xD

Glad you liked it though, and Thank you!. I am definitely considering working some more on it to create a complete section at least~

Thanks for the great feedback :)

The crackly text is something that i'm definitely aware of, and it's due to the next sound cutting off the previous one mid-way through. The easy answer would be to either make the sound shorter or have them occur less often, I'll have to experiment with it.

The text issue is another one that can completely understand, However the trade off there is that with the current implementation, I can resize the text-box to anything I want and it'll generate paging automatically. Which would allow for a potential transition to mobile platforms with a different screen ratio.

Though I admit adding the actual dialog elements to the game was quite last minute. While I had written them up separately, I hadn't got too much time to structure them more carefully, but it's something I can definitely consider :)

And of course, i'd have loved to draw some backgrounds up, my only reservation there, is considering that I went for a 1-bit graphics approach (no greys) would a detailed background behind the character create such a complex image that it distracts too much? or becomes confusing?.. I suppose there can be colour cues, such as with the Testimony text, but it'll definitely need some thought.

Originally, I definitely did want to draw a couple of backgrounds, such as showing the murder scene and more characters, and even a backyard environment for the courtroom itself haha. I love the idea that these animals are just a bunch of pets, gathered in a meeting in someone's backyard~