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All in all a great little game. As stated by others, the whole slow-mo effect really sells the impact. It'd be interesting to see it with moving targets, and or the ability to move yourself into position.

My only complaints are: Showing the full extent of the ricochet before committing meant there was no challenge. Also, while that last level was was cute and cheeky, it's a bit of a troll without telegraphing beforehand that the character might do that.

(We also did a little one-shot ricochet puzzle game xD

great feedback, thanks!  I added that last level as a fun little idea right at the end.  I was shooting for the player to be initially confused, and then amused after giving the level a shot.  It was also why i tried to make it as easy and obvious as possible.   Thanks for playing!

Also gonna check yours out!  Ricochet was a common mechanic and so far all the ones i have played have been great.  Good luck!