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Richochet the Bullet!
Submitted by AEtharr (@aetharr) — 1 hour, 44 minutes before the deadline
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That was cool! It's sad that there are only 3 levels :'(

Good job!


Hey, thanks for playing, yeah we just didn't get around to building levels quickly enough. But I'm glad you liked it :) thanks a lot


I like the idea and retro art style, but I must admit some levels are pretty hard, especially until you figure out that bullet doesn't bounce from every wall, but a great game nonetheless!


Hi there, thanks for the feedback.  :)

Yeah we definitely wish we'd managed to get to a point where we could spend more time on the level design, and introduce the shoot through walls stuff in a bit more gradually.


Challenging game. I included it in my GMTK Game Jam 2019 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks Jupiter! As I said on twitter, it's a shame we didn't manage to make it more obvious that you can shoot through the internal walls. But thanks for giving it a go :)


Really great game! Reminded me to "Mr. Bullet", really cool mechanics and art!!
The only thing I would add to the game is to give the trail a longer path to make the player understand that the bullet can travel through some walls. (Adding a little slow-motion when killing a bad guy could definetly add a bit of "WOW!").
You can see the effort of the devs while playing this game, congratulations! Super cool!


Thank you very much my man for your words, and for playing! 

The art was all my wife's first attempt at pixel-art, It was a fun project for us. While I can sympathise, about the length of the initial guide laser, I intentionally made it short to give the player a bit more of a challenge, as just seeing the whole path made it trivial in my opinion.. However, I appreciate it's a delicate balance between making something challenging and making something accessible.

(I also agree about the slow motion effect, and would've liked to implement something like that, though sadly i'm not the fastest developer in the world haha)


Congratulations! A game-dev couple is the happiest couple! hahaha
Keep the work up! This could be an amazing post-jam game development, and your wife has a lot of skill! 
Nice work!!


I made the world a little safer :D nice graphics, kinda hard to understand that you can shoot trough walls.

Developer (2 edits)

Haha, awesome :D thanks for playing!

Regarding the walls thing, we wanted to telegraph it to the player more for sure, but the whole level-design part didnt really come together until the last part of the jam, and while I was plugging away trying to code stuff, my wife was having her first-ever go at level designing xD.. But after the jam, who knows, maybe we'll pick this back up, and we'd definitely look at improving aspects such as that. 


I like the style of this game. Very difficult! It would be nice if the bullet traveled slower and you showed the impacts of the bullet. Nonetheless, great game!


Thanks. Yeah the actual level design element only really came together towards the end of the jam so we didn't have much in the way of consistency or a gentle difficulty curve.. But I'm glad you had fun for sure.

And yes, I totally hear you on the slower travel, Personally, I think some kind of animation would do the trick, because as it stands the bullet trail works with a Raycast, so everything happens instantaneously, haha.


It's challenging, but fun. I don't get why sometimes the bullet passes through walls and sometimes not? 3rd level was especially hard!


Thanks for the rating! I'll be sure to check your game out when I get back from work!

The rule of thumb for the walls, is that the bullet will penetrate interior walls, but not exterior. So the lighter coloured walls are interior walls, and the screen border is made of exterior walls.


Oh I see! Thx!


so much more challenging with moving targets, but being able to change your position makes it much more interesting than what I did! great stuff!


Thanks a lot! We wanted to have enemies spot you, environmental elements and all sorts, but alas, timing. But even so, your game was great, and polished~ Just needed to ramp up with some challenge as it went on.. Like, after the final level, you could tease in movement and stuff. :)

It's a simple concept, but it works really well with the theme of "only one". I would love to see some music and sound effects added into the game--and potentially a slowing down of the ricochet to better understand the path the bullet takes.

That aside, I'd love to see this fleshed out and turned into a full game!


Thank you~ We wanted to get some more stuff in there, like some nice intros and outros to each level, a visual timer when alerting the guards. Line of sight on the guards, verticality (ladders, etc), but bleh :P