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Definitely great ideas! We really tried to push movable elements in the scope of the project but they ended up being bugged in some corner and players being tossed to the nether. The consumable items that you mentioned are already implemented as an extra health (you can use the boost button to speed up but the backfire is taking 1 point of damage). 

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Hello PropfPille! We wanted to add the "EXTRA: 3 Hands" to the game and we approached this term by making a 3 player game. It was really difficult to test, I was asking my girlfriend to play with my every 5 minutes...but it was worth!
We thought that making two players push each other into traps or blocking some paths could give some extra fun into the game. 

We wanted the runners just to focus on survival/bothering other homeless, we implemented a "boost" for each player to give them some tools to beat other players.

We tried to push into the game different abilities for every character (instead of the common dash) but we were running out of time :(
Do you have something in your mind regarding the "interactive elements"?

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Hello Tai! hahahah yeah, we definetly had some issues testing the game because evereyone worked from his home, I ended up playing with my girlfriend every 5 minutes (poor girl! ahah).
In the last hours of development we were focused on fixing every hazard in the game (we end up re-coding almost every asset in order to make the Highlight work as expected). We had a lot in mind, from rats to other homeless that were trying to slow you down! 
Definetly the controls required at least one more dev-cycle, we were willing to add some acceleration to them (We also thought about changing the direction of the movement with some "bad" objects :p)
Thank you for your kind words!

I literally spammed keys and eventually it switched levels :p

Simple style and definetly cool gameplay, I was supprised playing this kind of game in a jam! Really cool! I would have gone with some "pieces of meat" instead of Lb and Pounds (It might seem weird, but calculating it with google kinda pushes you out of the game perception).  Once you get the core mechanic of the game it turns quite simple, maybe adding some kind of variable like @andidebob said would help. Anwyay, this is a great approach to the gamejam theme :) Nice job sir!

The theme is quite awesome but the game per-se is really short! I expected a couple more of levels of security :p But the main level is quite curious! Good job!

Hahahah really funny theme! I missed something more during gameplay BUT the spirit of the game hits it! Really nicely done! In the mouth part, I stuck for almost a minute trying to figure how to go inside...then I understood that I can jump mid air. As a player I would like to know that information before starting because I had the mindset of a "Mario" instead of a "FlappyBird" :p.  Also I got stuck in the stomach beign hurt by the white liquid and a corner and needed to restart. Anyway, great job! You can see the effort while playing the game!

ahahahha Nice!!!

This is definetly a great game, short story big plays.... you have everything! Add a gamification part like a shop and money (souls or something) and it will have everything to be a smartphone "Most played". Really awesome! Nice job!

The first time I played this game it was a bit confusing because everyone in the train had a valid ticket...and I just thought that there was someone lying <:D (Cluedo style). Anyway, cool theme for a game! The generation of the passengers and the trip information is really interesting! 

Couldn't find Zoey! :'( BUT the theme is really original, tried to keep the guy happy but I always ends up in the main menu. Cool game & great Ui <:D

Really beautiful and polished game! Sometimes the poles are a bit confusing because it seems like you can stop the ship in two different zones...but just happened once in a few games. Anyway, really great work here! (Nice Patreon channel too!)

So after a few minutes I got bankrupted ... played a few times and nothing changed :'D BUT I was literally mindblown regarding the theme. Really nicely made, and the core mechanic is quite funny but I would like to do something more than just refusing or adding people from outside (maybe kick people inside to make room). Anyway, really great job! Congratulations

I managed to "beat" it (I didn't get any text, and when I delivered to the blue guy he just burst himself out of the game window hahaha *pic proof * ) ! I felt something like "I wanna be the guy" game but healthier hahaha, really nice game with low "budget". It's a bit buggy but that make it special, when I entered the mountain I felt like the old atari games :)

(The theme inspiration doesn't match the game I think :p)


Hello! I suppose that game is not finished yet, but the style is quite good. The theme is interesting, I would like to see it working!

Super cool way of narrating a story! The first time playing I literally died in 0,1s, I think a slower movement at the begining will help avoiding this (or maybe a "invulnerable" state for a couple of seconds to land on the mechanic). 
Every part of the development sticks with the others, you can feel the effort of the team while playing this. Really enjoyed playing this! Nice work everyone!

I laughed a lot when the character turns into a stone grave really fun! (The walking animation is super nice also). I agree with Pancake, the game deserves a dev-cycle of polishing stuff (you can move the grave being dead, the robot is almost imposible to beat (due to fire rate), it would be nice to have the ESC key to get to the menu or just to freee the game, etc). BUT, the game is a really nice game and  you can feel the effort of the dev while playing this. Great work! 

Hahaha this triggered my anxiety, but definetly a cool idea (inner Lemmings fan internal screaming). Give it a couple more of dev-cycles and this will be really nice to have in a smartphone. Nice work!

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At the begining I stuck on the tutorial ( the character walked outside the window and never came back :') ) but then I start the game and it felt really cool. Really a great GUI game (a bit sad at the end :'( poor GUIs). Really awesome!

The first time you pop you begin to understand how this game works, then it slowly begin to be a action-puzzle game with a very entertaining mechanic. Really nice work!

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Indeed we need to get the transitions faster, that would help to avoid issues with camera (also, pausing the time and letting the camera travel (Mario like) would be nice too!)

Regarding the controls, indeed we need to work a lot in them. Somebody below mentioned that the game should be focusing on that mechanic...and it’s buggy. That’s a statement and we want to iterate over it.

Thank you for your comments! 

Hahahahah yeah, someone sang the song in discord hahah

We thought that leaving this ‘pro’ movement to be find by the players would allow them to feel in control. Theres an answer referring to this element below (see NidoCreations post).

Thank you!!

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Hello Plug!

The first thought we had when we read the theme was a BattleRoyale, but it was a crazy idea to do it on a weekend and also make it work in a local co-op would be super difficult too (not impossible). 

Definetly agree with you, the movement is the thing we should have aimed for. Regarding the press and hold, we thought about making Chamo more expressive (more states and more art involved) but we didn’t make it far enough. Also, it gave the player time to get ready to start the ‘pro’ movements in mid-air. We had a built using the tap to stick but it felt wrong..

Thank you so much for posting! 

Thank you Juan3a!

There are a massive bug of collision detection with Chamo, sadly we didn’t have time to fix this essential behavior and that’s one of our objectives now (post game-jam). 

We are happy to hear your thoughts, really appreciate! Thank you!

Sad to hear that barret, we really tried to make things work for 1920x1080 but we know there are still bugs with the UI, the window, etc. We will fix this in a couple of iterations after the jam 🙆🏻‍♂️.

Thank you for dropping a comment!

Definetly agree with you, the main mechanic is not quite polished and it’s the most important feature. Thank you for posting your thoughts!

I will +1 with that ‘perspective’ thing. Maybe you could use a new dimension for the puzzles (rotate the players cube also)

Hahahahah, that’s great! You guys found the Way, nicely done and definetly fit the theme. Congrats!

Congratulations! A game-dev couple is the happiest couple! hahaha
Keep the work up! This could be an amazing post-jam game development, and your wife has a lot of skill! 
Nice work!!

Really cool looking puzzle game! Even with Only One shape, the puzzles are really interesting! Nicely done! 

Really fun game! Definetly fits the theme Only One.
The bounce ability is quite overpowerful when you learn the timming, really had fun reaching the top of the mountain.
A small suggestion, add a minimap (even a small image of the level) to allow the player to plan his pathing. This is often a common design tool that allows the developer connect to the player's intentions.

I could see the bar, but I do not understand how many HP had left, that gave me a weird feeling while playing .. like I needed to hurt myself in order to understand the health mechanic. BUT, the game is awesome! I just played it again and it's really funny :p
Thank you for the fast reply!

Hello Bromberry!
Yeah, we are talking with the other members in order to polish a few things of the game and they are really commited on keeping the work up! 
We are 4 students of a Master's degree in Game Development (Barcelona, Spain), you can find us on twitter at @dreauea @AlbertValVila @sondy99 @Amestrmu7 (that's me).
We are part of a group of 21 students in UPC school, you can find the project at @FractalPuppy.

Really great game! Reminded me to "Mr. Bullet", really cool mechanics and art!!
The only thing I would add to the game is to give the trail a longer path to make the player understand that the bullet can travel through some walls. (Adding a little slow-motion when killing a bad guy could definetly add a bit of "WOW!").
You can see the effort of the devs while playing this game, congratulations! Super cool!

Hello AEtharr!
We thought about using that swing mechanic but we wanted to stick (pun indeed) to due to time restriction we stuck to our original plan. 
The last hour of the jam we tried to push a fix for that bug, but we end up making him float everywhere ... and we rolled back to the current state.
Glad you had a good time...even with Chamo being bugged!
Definetly giving your game a try :D
Thank you for your words AEtharr!

Hello NidoCreations! 
Thank you for dropping your thoughts here, we definetly want to fix that weird positioning of Chamo when being stuck in some surfaces (also we need to fix the bug where you can go through some elements :') )
The first version of Chamo had a few levers to activate (they spawned some blocks to create new paths), then we thought about using a new bug that couldn't be eaten and could be used as a moving platform... but we had no time :(
Regarding the "tongue release" we wanted to add exactly that feeling, when we played Celeste we understood that giving those "advanced" tools to the player makes them feel really great with themselves.
Thank you again!!

Hello Krantos!
We considered adding a small introduction using text and an image of Chamo hungry, but we didn't make it in time... then we wanted to give the bugs some glow effect and natural movements to attract attention ... but we couldn't :').
Thank you so much for your kind words!

Definetly agree, we thought about the mechanic but we barely made it playable, we want to do more dev-cycle and we sure want to stick (pun indeed) to our first plan :p. 
Thank you for your comment!

This is a great game-style to tag along with the Only One theme, but I think you should simplify the controls. Sometimes it's quite frustrating, I might suggest adding a few references on the UI and changing the key binding to something more natural. 
Anyway, this games deserve a polished version, really nice to play!

I really enjoyed playing this game. Reeally great job!!! I might add a different kind of FX for a multiple kill to reward the players skill. And maye put some kind of counter for the life remaining, I needed to die in order to understand what amount of HP I had left.
Anyway, really great job!