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Thank you so much! Indeed the first part was a bit harder than we expected, still the progression felt good in the testing .... but ended up being too exponential hahaha

Thank you for playing!!

ahahah We definitely wanted to have a more clear impact of the shop but finally we didn't make the iteration over it.
Thank you for playing and writing that idea down!

The landing on the game is a supreme masterpiece of UI ahhaha I love it! The game is original but I felt to complex on understanding what they want, BUT I think it's a great idea and a great visual approach! Nice job!!

The game feels like you wanted to do something that is out of the scope. Too much mechanics to land at the same time .. doing that within 48 is to risky! Anyway we can feel what you wanted to express and make us feel  but .. just when you land on the gameplay it ends.
Anyway, it's a cool idea and even the work in the level is quite awesome .. the results for being 48h are great, congrats! 

Well polished and maybe a tad short but does provide quality fun, nice use of the theme!

Very polished and solid level design, I would have loved to have some sort of sprint or active skill on top but overall feels really good. Amazing entry for sure

To my dishonor I couldn't get past the hook that falls from the top. Very neat platformer, solid controls and quick respawn, nice entry!

Thank you! We planned even on different zombies and civilians but .. even having a big civilian with more HP didn't fit our roadmap :'( 

The second map was about to be twice as big but it didn't make it :'( 
Thank you for the comment!

Thank you!

We liked the upgrade idea and wanted to do something like this for a while, having a pillar and building around "Upgrade" it's really fun (but a balancing hell hahaha).
Thank you so much!


Yep! Indeed..  it requires an interation over balancing, the progression is too fast later on and feels too 'grindy' at the beggining. This could have been balanced if we managed to have two different levels with different amount of humans. Thank you for your comment!

Thank you so much! We tried to focus on the most valuable things and we think it worked! :D Thank you for playing!

As the post below, yeah maybe the zombies have a short time to be alive .. Also humans were calculated to hold 3 hits  .. but it was a bit unbalanced because at the end with a couple of upgrades you could easily beat the game. That was based on our roadmap with a couple of levels and a lot (A LOT) of humans to be cursed .. but we didn't managed on time. Thank you for playing  and for the comment!

We calculated a time window for the zombies to die, then we stablished the bonus for the health upgrades. We thought of  having a short time to make the game a little faster but .. yeah maybe that was too fast! hahaha 
Thank you for your comment!

Very fun puzzle game, good job! Pretty chill :)

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Very well rounded game, doesn't seem like a 2 days jam.  All the effects and details show how much effort and love you have put on this project, congrats! :)  I would have loved to see some reward for >3 match and it's a shame that the cursed theme was not fully embraced.

Incredible work nonetheless !!!

Hello Deleptual!
We had a clear roadmap at the beggining of the Jam and (as usual) we didn't quite got it as far as we wanted. We planned on progressing through different levels with different hazards (A.k.a different humans  .. even with weapons). But at the end we needed to focus on the MVP, If you could turn the camera up you could see that there is other level nearby :'( sadly it didn't make it!
We really appreciate the comments and the improvements, indeed it would be a better start for a new iteration over the game :)
Regarding the upgrades, we went for the basic ones but yeah, we could indeed had this "make your choice" upgrades so players are given a more meaningful choices.
Thank you for your words!!! 

Thank you JiRath! Yes, the game require a bit of balancing on the upgrades .. right now upgrading something to the max is too powerful...

Nice gameplay! Really fun, the early game is a bit slow and the rate of earning currency is quite balanced .. but at mid game everything is shooting (and dying!).
As a small improvement .. I would have added a "Send next wave" button so you can stack waves if you are way ahead. Also I would love to see a more "cursed" environment, the bundle where you took the assets contained a few other visual elements that would definitely help improving that. 
General this game is Awesome, really like the idea and would like to see an iteration on this!

Hahaha We are very happy to read that! We definitely wanted that feeling of progression to be a pillar of the development :) The idea of building outside the level was considered but we wanted to do the MVP. We even have another level built and almost ready to be played but we cut it out due timings .. :'(  
Thank you so much for the comment!

Thanks for your kind comment and understanding, glad you liked it ^^

We had some levels planned but had to cut short because of time constraints, we originially thought the jam lasted 72h :p

Thank you! I don´t know if we will iterate over it but it will definitely help us in the future when planning something similar :D

Thank you!! We wanted to make it random because if doing it linear (focusing only 1 person until one of them die) seemed unfair and too predictable. This way we added a layer of "luck", also we wanted to have a few upgrades regarding "pray weights" to let the zombies decide which of them are the most "yummie" hahah 

Yep, indeed the upgrade need a bit more of balancing and so but we wanted to give that feeling of progress in a brief period of time.
Thank you for your comment!

I like how the game progresses and the game feel of it (the toyish lightweigh), really enjoyed how the thing explode at the end even if you lose hahaha. It really needs an iteration over the gameplay and I think adding a couple of spooky assets of other bundles might help into adding the "cursed" theme into your game. Anyway its a great approach, congrats!

I managed to reach the 3rd level but It was hard to link the white potion with the ghost-wall. Anyway I think the fun on this game resides in the difficulty and the mastery of it (faster = fun.. Feels like  "I wanna be the guy" hahaha). Nice approach! The light also adds this scary layer to the game :D

Hello and thank you for your words! Yes! Indeed, the game was not finished, we were developing a few enviroment elements that gave a little bit of agency over the player. We modeled birds, bushes etc that reacted to the thief not doing an slow-walk and the grandma noticing. But the game jam were ending and sadly we cut a few parts off so we could deliver a full experience without introducing non finished elements.
Thank you so much again! <3

Hahahah we literally added a +1 in the victims pool .. so sorry! That's definitely a breaking experience  :( 
Thank you so much for your kind words! :DDD 

I love the different concept of controller in the game but I would love to have them in a way that they gave a little bit more feedback on the sprite/gameplay. Right now pressing the pause doesn't make you feel like you are 'freeze' in the air. 
On the other hand the approach to the Pause pillar in the game it's indeed a nice creative one :D Congrats! 

Nice colors and 2D art. 

Maybe as she is always front looking you coud make her cross the road from top to bottom instead. 

There are two game modes and some challenging moments, good job! 

Thank you!!! Indeed .. the UI part was redone in the last hours .. we literally went for having an smooth gameplay rather than a clear "Tutorial" and that sink a bit the landing. Indeed you are right!
Really appreciate the words <3

Thank you so much for your comment Alariann :) Indeed the Ctrl issue is a pain in the game .. Anyway thanks so much for the feedback over Art and Audio <3 Really appreciate it!

Very nice 2D art and colors, good job!
I was able to hide behind tuck wheels pressing down arrow, but there's not much more to do...just hide, wait for the soldiers watch, keep walking and hide again until you reach king. I feel the amount of time you have to be hidden is to much, maybe next levels are more challenging and you can work on more ideas!

As someone already said the landing on the game is a bit hard, as you expect from a 2D view is to manipulate through the WASD keys but then you land on the pause/mouse button and everything starts to stick together. For a 1 person jam that's indeed a LOT of work and you should be really proud of what you did. Congratulations on the entry! I would love to see a new iteration over this concept :3

I really like the different concept on this game, this is a really good Idle-managing game and a nice approach to the jam theme. Congratulations on your little baby, super cool! I would like to have like a metagame where you have any kind of milestones, once you reach certain point is just managing the bars and that's all. BUT, still a great game! Congrats!!!

Thank you so much for your reply! Indeed the controls need an improvement, thanks for the tip! We are happy you liked the mini-game :D