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Cursed CastleView game page

This game is probably too difficult for you.. or is it?
Submitted by David Byttow (@davidbyttow) — 31 minutes, 8 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Presentation (visuals)#114.1334.133
Cursed (theme)#213.5673.567
Concept (gameplay)#233.6673.667

Ranked from 60 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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So first of all, sorry for all the curses that i was throwing at you while playing.
Secondly.. yeah nice game, wasnt really in the mood for a rage game though :D
It was well executed, i think the controls could have been more precise though. For example it looks like u had an capsule collider as player? cause when i was at the edge of a plattform u keep sliding off.
but for a game like this i think precise movement is key.

good job overall!


I hate you, I hate your game! This game is really cursed.

Im not really like rage games, but in my opinion, this is a very polished game. Nice job! :D

One tip: Instead of reloading the scene evry time when the player die, you just instansiate a new player character, and make the blood particle visible for much more time


Yep, great idea. I was low on time so easier to just reload rather than have a mechanism for resetting everything. Also tricky if the blood particles are on a spike or some environment that needs to be reset. :)


Had so much fun playing it. Reminds me of Troll Mario. Also, visuals are good, smart use of assets


To my dishonor I couldn't get past the hook that falls from the top. Very neat platformer, solid controls and quick respawn, nice entry!


Very frustrating and fun game hahaha.


i love it hahha, very challenging and the ending tho 10/10 rage


Nice job. Good spin on the "frustration game angle." I laughed out loud like 4 times.


This game will test your patience. Haha.

Nice game and visuals on point.


Very fun frustrating game! I love it!

I think a death counter for each level would be a great addition.  It would add to the overall frustration.



Loved how punishing the game was! Presentation is nice, assets were perfectly integrated in the theme! Maybe missed having some basic animations for the main character (movement and jump) but the assets probably limited you on that front.  

Played it for a bit, the game kept me on my toes all the time... I thought I survived a level after dodging all the traps... And then the final trap hit and I laughed at my assumption that I was safe to leave the room, XDDDD.

By the way, what's with the changing name in-game? Does it mark in which level you are or is kind of a code? Really enjoyed it!


Hated every minute of it, 5 stars


Hated every minute of it, 5 stars


Lol nice.


Love the challenge of it keeps you hooked knowing you almost had it. Have different pieces of the environment surprising the player is great. Keeps you suspicious of everything. 


Note, I accidentally clicked "delete" but doesn't confirm this and I can no longer re-upload. To play, please view here:


Very fun and difficult game!  Definitely evokes a feeling of a cursed castle.


When I click play game, nothing seems to happen. The screen goes maybe a dark gray, but none of the keys work and tab moves my window down, nothing in game (thought of trying to restart). I'm running windows 10, chrome. Any suggestions?

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Great job! Punishing and devious. Addictive just-one-more-try play. The only suggestion I have is adding a sound effect for when you restart a level. Overall, incredible work! ETA: I forgot to mention, the sound design is great too! 


Very polished game! Reminded me of Cat Mario, I felt the same frustation xD.


Amazing game, 10/10 RAGE. One day I will definitely reach the end of the game.

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