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Thank you for playing!  Glad you enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun to make too.

I want one of these, but for Godot! :D

I'll be fixing that in the next release for sure!

I got a high score table working in my submission!  I had to enable SSL and CORS on the destination server, but it was overall pretty easy!

Aw I was excited to hopefully see another high score table in this jam!  But "does not work on" crushed my dreams

Otherwise this was pretty fun!

This was super fun! I really wanted to finish it but I got stuck with my very poor platforming skills.

Visuals on this are great!  If this came out in 80s arcades you would be rich!

Instant respawn is a nice touch!

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argh that ducking duck boss ducked me up good!!!  I had fun overall but gave up after 10 tries of the du
cking duck

Pretty solid platformer, good work!

Very interesting!  Now I'm checking out the boilerplate project :)

This was pretty fun!  Now I feel prepared to run from the police IRL

Voice acting is a lot of fun!

I got to level 27!  It was fun having that many balls to shoot.

This was pretty fun, and an interesting play on the theme!

Not bad at all!

One of the best platformers of the Jam!

you can tell the pirates are witches cuz they float!

Very nicely done!  Reminds me of some old PS1 games.  And now a bunch of furniture is in love with me???

Well done!  Now I regret not adding light to my cursor!

So far, this is the best jam entry I've seen!  Visually stunning and really feels like you've got some eldritch curse

Interesting!  Kind of got a creepy, Alone in the Dark vibe from this ...until I ragdolled into oblivion and the game slowed to 1FPS 🤩

Not bad!  Could be a little more cursed.  I got stuck on the spider level, is there any way past that?

Love to see a Pico8 submission!  I managed to escape but only got one diamond cuz I'm lazy.

Very well done!

very rude of that guy that to not help me as I died a million times in the spikes!!!

Couldn't find any kind of point to the game, but the title screen is nice!

Nice use of the assets to create a weird sad world!

not bad!  and the game definitely doesn't tell you any lies!

Almost didn't like it until I saw the shop! Then I got addicted for 3 minutes and beat it :)

nice use of those map assets!

that is some very fast and violent food delivery!

I was scared to download this mysterious submission, but was pleasantly surprised!  Nice work on the sail movement! Not really sure what getting cursed does or what to do in general, but I had fun sailing around for a bit!

any game where I can befriend a cat is a good game in my book!

Not bad!  I made it to the level with the farm.  Took a bit of trial and error but I eventually figured out what to do!

Very very difficult to survive.  I would recommend turning off antialiasing so your graphics are crisp and pixely!

Very well done! Could easily expand this into a full clicker/strategy game

Well done!  Nice polish on the menus too.

A+ fart sounds!

My great-grandma a saw me playing this game and fainted from shock at the obscenities!

Very well done!