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Cursed CactusView game page

Submitted by FancyHat — 14 minutes, 52 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Presentation (visuals)#293.7203.720
Cursed (theme)#423.0803.080
Concept (gameplay)#423.3203.320

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I loved this game, great story and game-play. I'm a sucker for strategy games and this was a nice and simple strategy game. Would have loved some music and sound effects 


Because of one single cactus, villagers have to deal with hundred of vengeful spirits.

Cool gameplay and it goes along very well with the story. :D It just feels empty because no BGM or SFX.

It crashed on the final(?) stage, though. I used Firefox browser in Ubuntu OS.

But, anyway, I enjoyed this game. :D Good job!

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks for  feedback! Will try to fix all the issues after the jam.


Very well done! Could easily expand this into a full clicker/strategy game


Quite liked this! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the games from the Kenney Jam, if you’d like to take a look. :)

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks as always! Doing a great service to GameJam community


That’s nice! The scroll down to read and play “chapters” of the game really got me going.

The gameplay itself was a little off, tho. RTS is a definitive challenge for short game jams.

Overall, congrats for this entry!


Nice entry! I was also a bit confused on the scrolling (I was trying to use the mouse wheel and it was painfully slow) but once I got it figured out, it made total sense. Very nifty way to do level progression and tell the story.

Good job!


It's a different spin to the cookie clicker genre. Fits the theme (you gotta be really unlucky to hit a cursed cactus though, XD) and the assets used don't clash with the gameplay, which is nice.

Kinda confused with the menu / missions scrolling, sometimes did the same map a couple of times because I forgot you had to scroll to get to the next level, xD.

All in all fun experience and it's fun to play!


that really interesting. Like the menus and all. gameplay wise was unique. well done

It's something - well done!


The first level is repeating over and over, but it's got a smooth UI and I love the font! Could use some sort of audio of course.


Yeah, you gotta drag/scroll menu down after you finish each level. Forgot to add any visual indicators for that. Anyhow thanks for playing and feedback!


I like it a lot, but unfortunately it crashed after a few minutes. Otherwise great game!

Submitted (1 edit)

+ great use of assets
+ fun mechanic
+ I enjoyed playing it

- needs to auto-scroll down after level complete, or at least hint to the player
- spelling mistakes
- game crashed in firefox during level 4 :(
- no sounds or music, would have added to the game


Thanks for feedback. Already working on some of those things. Interesting, so crash happens in Frefox as well. Txt for info.


Nice games! Unfortunately, I got an error when finishing the third level.


Yeah, looks like it's a common problem. Unfortunately I can't reproduce it. Did you use windows or WebGl?


WebGI in Chrome :)


Yeah, looks like it happens only on Chrome. Will add a warning and try to figure it out. Thanks for help and review!


Very cool use of the assets, and stands out from other games :)


Nice concept!! I really liked how you explored the theme! I will definitely come back to see if you guys continued the game!


I too got stuck on the first level until I read the comments. I really liked the idea, but the game crashed as I was finishing the level with the ghosts. Would have liked to see more! As someone else suggested, I would also like it if when you returned to the story, it auto-scrolled past or you had some feedback to let you know you could now scroll down. I think this is important, as otherwise it looks and feels the exact same as when you could NOT scroll down prior to the level.

I enjoyed it! Congrats on getting it finished and submitted!


Great game! I love how you used Kenney's assets and it was fun to play. The only thing that could be improved on a bit is the scrolling. The scrolling is very slow and was very tedious to get anywhere. If you could make the scrolling faster that would be awesome!


Thanks! Oh actually I now remembered that you can scroll by dragging mouse down like on a phone and that's what I mean by scrolling. I got used to developing for phones too much :D


This is a really cool concept! I think instead of scrolling, it'd be better just to load a new scene once you win a level. thought I was stuck on the first level until I read your comment.


I love the presentation and simple gameplay. The scrolling felt a little slow to me. I also crashed after killing the 2nd gravesite


good game, nice concept, without sound the game feels a little blunt