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... Now that you mention it, it's not really "idle clicker" when you gotta jump around to purchase upgrades. =))))

Btw, thank you for playing!

Thank you for your feedback!

Just now, I adjusted the Bzz max level point a bit. Hopefully it doesn't require too much time waiting (I know, it's probably still boring).

Whoa, whoa. :O

Maybe this is something I feel as a game dev that isn't too used to thinking simple gameplay for a game jam, but you did a great job there! It's a good balance of polishing, gameplay, and story. Five stars for Originality. (I'll add stars too for Polishing if there were)

Aww, thank you! XD

I will give as many thumbs up as I'm allowed for this game.

The story is captivating and the art is really good. And, holy sh1t, guys, you made this in 4 days??? That's really awesome!

Really loves the art style and the characters! Also, the way to "highlight" a certain scene with the circle in the middle of the screen is a good idea and consistent with the "oldies" comic/animation style.

Will definitely play the second game when it released. (good job with the teaser of what happened to Dr. Darley, Mr Homain)

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Here's mine.

Btw, do we still aim for 50k-75k target eventhough we're going to use Twine?

My Twitter account is @juunishi_master

My main Tumblr is juunishi-master (currently filled with either screenshots from RWBY: Grimm Eclipse or anything RWBY-related, but it's just because of the hype of season 3). The one more focused on game is junction12. Please ignore the previous posts unrelated to game thing. I haven't decided to dedicate that one for game things only at that time.

I'm not that active, but since I connect both accounts to my phone, I will notice if there's message or such.

I somehow manage to finish the rough playable prototype in the last hours.

And submitted it. The internet is still bad, but the game is uploaded.


Moral of the story so far; at least from my side:

  • I won't ever underestimate travel anymore. I always think like this: "Oh, I'm going to go to [some other city] at [date]. I can just bring my laptop and continue working there." NO. In my case, I should never think like that anymore. The place I stay has bad mobile phone signal and even when I use the best internet package available by my provider, it's not something I can rely on. Besides, it's just wrong to stay longer in the room than outside the room when in this occasion.
  • I slack off too much. There are 2-3 days I didn't touch the code. It doesn't mean I'm going to spend more hours writing codes and no play at all. I will still need a break now and then, but a little bit of work at the end of the day won't hurt. At least entering one or two sprite animation or do some programming notes.
  • Sometimes I think too much about parts that's not perfect, spending too much time in there and in the end making myself feel frustrated, which is not good.

Latest update:

- I currently stuck in a place where internet connection is bad. Yesterday, I got problem downloading the remaining asset from my email. orz Dunno what I should do if I can't upload the game.

- I miscalculate my time management, forgetting how language course (it started in halfway of the game jam, the 2nd week) would hindering the progress.

- Naga has finished 90% of the asset and sent it to me.

I'll take a nap for now. It's 12 midnight in my current place.

*lurking and waiting for more updates of this game*

Hi everyone. I'm really sorry for lack of updates lately.

  • A lot of assets: background, the commuters, and timer holder. :D
  • Put the animation in Unity.
  • Put the commuter script and the collider.
  • Change the timer font, but when I started the countdown, the numbers are misplaced as you can see on the screenshot above.
As for the animation, Yin did her best:

This is Kenny Canine. Your typical office worker.

Say hello to Ms Tammy Ippo!

And finally ...

Robert Battyson! He is a college student or so I think.

That's all updates until today. :D

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Today's updates are not really visual.

  • Add the cat animation and set-up the animation state for idle and walk
  • Fix the timer position
  • Did some math for the cat's movement
  • Start working on the commuter's script
  • Naga is working on background and I think Yin is working on the commuters' animation, we don't have much discussion on Line today

The not important updates:

  • The cat's name is Felix. I write his complete name as "Felix Feliciano" on my note, just to differ him from Felix the Cat.
  • The dog's name is Kenny.
  • The bat's name is Robert.
  • The hippo lady's name is Ms. Tammy. She is a teacher on an English course place. I came up with that background story after Naga called the hippo lady as "Ms. Tammy". I always relate "Ms." with English teacher, I don't know why.

Alright~ that's all for today.

FISHBOY! :))) Two thumbs up!

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Hi everyone.

Today's updates are ...

I'm doing the countdown, but since I'm too lazy to make it into gif animation, I just screencap the whole Unity Editor. :P

I still need to fix something with the UI text.

The main character animation!

I think that's all for now.

I begin to forget my own to do list after the latest depressing Sunless Sea playing session (out of fuel, out of supplies, accept help to bring the ship to dock and lose my ship, now have "a ship in a size of dining table", what option do I have now except set sail for the last time with that crappy ship). :v

I shouldn't play games on weekdays. :|

Especially during a game jam week!

AH! :v

I've just bought Last Word from the Winter Sale! :v :v :v Oh well.

Ooohh, yes, I know 10 Billion Wives (I saw my friend played it).

Now I'm really curious with your game. :))) I'll be waiting for the playable version. Keep up the spirit, guys! :D

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I played several clicker games (Cookie Clicker, Clicker Heroes, Time Clicker, Tap Titans, Bitcoin Billionaire) and your idea just sounds really interesting (and intriguing, since there's human meat involved =))) ).

And the characters are so damn cute! :v I like the art style!

I don't mean to distract you from your game idea, but maybe if you find yourself stuck, you can shift the gameplay a bit from pure clicker to "click and upgrade" like AdVenture Capitalist. But in your case, instead of harvesting money from various businesses, you get money from cooking various dishes.

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Cool, no jumpscares. I'll play your game for sure then. :))

Anyway, get well soon if you still feel sick by the time you read this reply.


Does anyone here developing in Unity and will implement multi-resolution for mobile devices? Especially Android devices?

I want to ask what approach do you use to handle the multi-resolution issue.

Thank you.

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I planned on trying some scripts I've made yesterday by putting Naga's sketch as placeholder.

And then my Unity editor just acted up. I couldn't open the Console window, even after I tried to close and reopen the editor.

As long as there's no jumpscare, I'll definitely play this game.

And, yes, the Caretaker's design is great! S/he looks scary but not that scary at the same time.

Hi all, I'm juunishi master, the programmer.

My updates will be less visual than naga's updates, but I'll try to put screenshots in later progress.

Until today (3rd January 2016, GMT+7), I breakdown the features need to be implemented in my notes so I could keep track with what should I work on first, what follows next, and what I have done/haven't done yet.

If you wondered about the game title (that is too long), it's actually my idea. LOL. We might change it to shorter one.


juunishi master (or if it's too long, just shorten it to "juu")


  • I mostly use Unity (2D; I'm not confident with 3D, not yet). Don't rely too much on me, I'm still a beginner. :v
  • I have experience with Corona and Gideros.
  • Have tried Twine and Inklewriter.
  • Know very little about RPGMaker.
  • I'm actually 60% game designer and 40% programmer. But in this game jam, my role is mainly as a programmer.
  • Likes writing stories, but it's in Indonesian; haven't finished any English ones.
Twitter/Skype/Steam juunishi_master
Gmail juunishi.master

This is my first time joining a game jam. At first, I went solo, but then I remember one of my friend that loves drawing, want to become a game artist, but have no experience (as far as I know) making game assets. So I go with her.

Basically, my goal:

  • Keeping my spirit up by finishing something
  • Sharpening my skill on Unity
  • Time management
  • Working with someone I've never worked with before
  • Train my sense of development scope vs time limit estimation
Really sorry if my English is confusing since it's not my native language and I need to train it more.

Happy New Year and Happy Game Jam. :D