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Recently, I felt stuck with my writing and today decided to try this solo-journaling game.

It feels whimsical and very refreshing. Thank you for making this. I might find someone to try the long-distance multiplayer variant.

Hello, there, I'm here to express my gratitude for making this toolkit.

I tried using it with Tiny Dungeon and it works really well. I will try using PbtA and other game system in the future too. Not just helpful for solo-roleplaying, it also helps brainstorming for ideas that can be used in oneshot or campaign.

So, thank you for creating this toolkit.

It's only with Mei, actually. Li only being mentioned a few times in the story.

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Hello there. I just want to say that this book is a very enjoyable read. The story is quite light, but the plot isn't "cheap". Two thumbs up for this. :D

I'll be waiting for the sequel.

Thank you very much for this pack! Hope you have a Merry Christmas! :D

It's so satisfying to touch and destroy those aliens. :D

I'm curious to see more updates from this game. It looks promising. :D

Please continue the development after the jam finished! Also, kudos for submitting.

May I order one curse to wipe off COVID-19 from Earth?

Since I always like cooking/mixing gameplay, I had fun playing this entry. :D

I agree with most of reviews here: good use of assets, well polished, though it gets a little bit of repetitive after around stage 4. Thumbs up for you guys!

Because of one single cactus, villagers have to deal with hundred of vengeful spirits.

Cool gameplay and it goes along very well with the story. :D It just feels empty because no BGM or SFX.

It crashed on the final(?) stage, though. I used Firefox browser in Ubuntu OS.

But, anyway, I enjoyed this game. :D Good job!

I think my only problem is on the last day when I don't have much time to create Curse(s). =))

I personally like the gameplay and the idea, so even though it's difficult (Momo will be very disappointed when he returns, yes) and need to be tweaked a little, I think it's a great work. :D

Ohhh, this is great! Good use of asset, simple control, but not easy to master. Not to mention, it fits the theme too. Also great BGM.

I agree with other reviews about the notification gets a little too repetitive after a while.

The good old typing of the dead gameplay mechanic! Really enjoy it.

Imho, the special power is a bit too long to type when I'm in a hurry. =))) 

Anyway, great job! :D

You know the best thing from this game? It's that I kept mumbling a curse to the idiot who run around following flying torch and get himself killed by the flame or the flying tombstone/tree. =))))

I tried several times before managed to clear one level. I think my highest score was 26.

Anyway, great work! :D

Those appear/disappear platforms make my hands sweating. lol I always get nervous of falling even in games.

Anyway, it's a nice, well polished platformer. Nothing new, but it's fun and enjoyable. :D Good job!

Cannot not laugh when I crashed into Farmer's Market. =)))))

I really enjoy this game. It's simple and fun. Well polished too.

Great job!

Cannot not laugh when I crashed into Farmer's Market. =)))))

I really enjoy this game. It's simple and fun. Well polished too.

Great job!

I had fun playing this game, really. :D The gameplay is easy to understand and the cursed part got me in a good way. :D

I really had fun playing this game. :)))

Maybe in another game jam I should plan an "upgrade game" like this one.

Anyway, great work! Two thumbs up! :D

I like this kind of game (simulation? rush? food?), so it's already a big plus from me. Good idea on the "cursed ingredients" too. Sailors do curse a lot, don't they? :))

I'm a bit overwhelmed when there are already more than 2 food on the stove. Sometimes I already made a burger, but then made a sushi, and it's difficult to grab the right one (between the sushi/burger).

Burger, sushi, and hotdog are easy enough to guess. But ... what's the ingredients for stew? =))) And kebabs???

Anyway, two thumbs up from me.

I turn my volume down, anticipating a jump scare or two. :))

The final confrontation at the end is really neat, btw, I like it so much.

Technical question, out of curiosity, why did you make right click instead of left click to continue with the dialogue?

I thought it's just another "do not cross the same tile twice" puzzle, but how wrong I was. I think this is the first time I played this kind of puzzle in which the "player" keep moving instead of waiting for next input.

(Maybe that's because I forgot what I've played, though)

I really liked the overall look and feel. The grass being cursed to return with revenge to the lawn mower is neat too! :D

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Actually ... the initial concept was more complex (figuring out which item is cursed and play a mini-game to dispell it), but then I slack off too much and didn't make it. orz

I'm thinking of going back to add things up after the voting period finished, though.

And, yeah, I personally like how the rotation turned up too! :D Thank you so much for trying this out.

Aaaaa, thank you! >A< Thank you so much for playing the demo and for the feedback!

It's been a while since I wrote something in English. I'll definitely ask for proofreader help after this.

Thank you again! :D

If you mean mouse left click, I think that's okay. Mouse gesture? Don't.

Yep, Off together is the bestest ending. :D Congrats!

Also, thank you very much for playing. ❤❤❤

Thank you very much for playing the game! *bow

Also thank you for noticing the typo. We'll fix them right away.

And, whew, really sorry the sound scared you. >_< We gotta add some sort of ambience so people at least realized there's sound in the game.

Again, thank you very much! :D

Woot, woot! This is awesome! I was getting anxious when going deeper than the 4-firecamp level.

I really like the gameplay, btw. Resource management/strategy is one of my favourite gameplay and this game takes it into a different level.

This is the first time I managed to play your game until the very end. =))))

Anyway, I like how you put the platformer/fighting(?) into the theme and limitation. Great job, man!

Confession: I actually a bit cheating by using the pseudo-double-jump and making use the "stuck on platform edge" to defeat the Burgerking.

I expect a Space Invader gameplay, I get snake-like gameplay instead. :))) Which is great! It's refreshing to have this kind of gameplay. :))

A lot of people have already mentioned in other comments about the difficulty to aim-shoot accurately, but, welp, difficult doesn't mean it bad, imho.

Thumbs up!


This is amazing. =))) Makes me really wonder why the hell I didn't think of Halloween when brainstorming for this game jam. And a rhythm game! It suits the limitation really well!

Two thumbs up for the dev for the game idea.

Fellow similar gameplay *slapped

I really like the idea of stacking burger in this game. The artwork looks good too. Congratulations for making me craving for a burger right now. =)))

Accessing the recipe is a bit awkward, because my brain is wired back/return with left direction. This is probably just my problem.

The timer went to negative before restarting, btw.

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Rather than making new topic/message board for every person who's looking for a team/team member, I make this one where everyone can post their skillset/contact/looking-for-team.

If you're looking for a team too, feel free to post here. 

I'll start with myself.


Username/Nickname: Juu/Juun

Skillset: mainly programmer (Unity, Godot, RenPy, and a bit Phaser 3), could help writing (not native English speaker), could help game design/testing

Contact: Discord (juunishi master#8539), Email (

Looking for: artist/writer (found a team)


Oooo, match 2 game with a twist! Cool idea!

I personally like how the cards slightly change their layout when player already matched a pair. I know it's probably not really "change layout", just kind of shifting and filling the gap, but imho it's good enough.

Imho, there are plenty of rooms to develop this game further (my first thought is some sort of multiplayer party game for mobile device).

It's an unlikely combination indeed, a car and a garden. =))))

I'm stuck after growing 2 plants (I accidentally accessed the underground stage where I can get oil and tire, though).

Even though the game is a bit far from complete, the concept is good and the visual feedback whenever player obtained an item is well presented. :D Great job!

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Whoa, mate, thank you very much for playing the game and for finding the bug/glitch too! Of course, the good graphic is thanks to Kenney.

Eh, I can fix and update the game, but I'm not sure about continuing it actually. :)) It's because I write the story in a whim and doesn't have any plan for longer story.

But maybe, I'll make something with similar gameplay mechanic in the future.

Thank you again! :D

Feeling good drifting the car all around the place. :))))

Btw, the way you put up the main menu is very interesting. Great job, man! :D

I deliberately skipped adding panel for clear readability because laziness. *slapped

Thank you for playing and thank you for your feedback too! :D

It was bold of me to think everyone knows Minesweeper. My bad.

First thing first, thank you very much for playing the game. :D

So, yeah, to answer your question (and everyone else that doesn't play Minesweeper) for now:

  • Every play session, several number of cultist hideouts is randomized
  • The objective is to destroy all of them using explosives
  • Two things player MUST NOT DO: inspect the hideout instead of bombing it and bombing innocent houses
  • To help player, they could make 3 mistakes without getting instant game over (this feature is last minute addition, I'm not sure it works well)
  • When you inspect the house and see a number, those numbers represent total hideouts in adjacent tiles

I'm currently thinking where should I add those explanations in the game, not just in the game page explanation. :-?

Anyway, thank you again for playing and spent some time to leave comment. :D I really appreaciate it!