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This is one good, complete game. Polished enough, if I say.

And I keep wondering up until now: is there bad ending for this game? Just a curious question. :)) Don't mind me.

I ... died starving. :v

Apparently this game proves that I'm really bad with self management, let alone time management. :)))

I really like the artwork and the whole game looks. And the gameplay, because I'm really bad at platformer and I've tried several platformer already today. :))

And may I guess that you're from SEA, since you mentioned "roti sisir"? :))

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Sheepgedon happened a few minute too early, I guess. :))))))))

Edited: And yes, when Sheep Boss appeared, the game freezes.

Being me: have no idea about the "where you look, there you teleport in time travel"

So, thank you for idchlife for making me understand and clear the game!

Also, this is a very good game! :D

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I have to stop before I break the space bar button. :))

You know what, the game mechanic is ... "steal-able" to be implemented in a game with bigger scope. Like, there's a lot of potential from this simple mechanic of pressing a button to speed up time. Great job for your first game jam!

Hello. :D First thing first, thank you for playing!

Just now, we've updated the game a little, resizing the hitboxes. And we think it's slightly better now.

Really sorry for the inconvenience. We've updated the game just now, resizing the hitboxes. Hopefully the gameplay feels better now.

Thank you for playing! :D

Yeah, the very first version has a huge hitbox, really sorry for the inconvenience. Just now, we've updated the game (add animation and resize the hitbox). Hopefully, the gameplay feels better now.

Thank you for playing! :D

Thank you for playing! :D

I kinda know someone would eventually mentioned no-internet-dino. =))

This is one stressingly fun game! I couldn't get through stage 3 (don't worry, not because of bugs, I'm just not persistent enough) but it's already a fun experience! Great job, man! :D

I really like the idea of combining the theme and the limitation into seasons, each of them representing by one color.

Cannot say much about the gameplay, though. Pressing "E" and it doesn't seem working. I totally understand about the bugs. "If something can go wrong, it will" so it said. But! It looks really promising, I'd say! Good luck on debugging if you decide to work on this further!

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Two thumbs up for awesome art plus fun and relaxing gameplay!

I noticed there was some sort of "squeaky" noise during the gameplay (not always, just often), like there's a glitch in the music. Is that supposed to happen or is it my speaker acting up?

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I would suggest for more royalty-free background music.

I really enjoy seeing them went at a bunch of slimes and start punching them. Both the SFX and the BGM are somehow relaxing. Really enjoy playing these.

Shove the wrong guy to the bottom, below the platform, I'd say. Push the right guy to get to the girl faster, while sometimes push the wrong guy away.

Now I see where the word "Pinder" come from. :))) Because those documents are pinned (on the wall?). Pin and tinder. Nice.

I thought at first all I gotta do is matching the color. I don't press Space to read further, yeah. Lol. But thet I realize I don't get any score and find more instruction. It's getting more fun after that.

Good work, btw! :D

Oooh, I like the gameplay combination: a platformer and word puzzle.

Some levels are a bit tricky for me, mainly because of two main reasons: I keep falling from the platforms (I'm not that good with platformer genre) or I stuck with the words (I'm not a native English speaker).

What surprised me most is the voice work. It's good and giving more to the game's atmosphere. Awesome work!

Aaa, thank you for playing!

Glad you like the story too. :D I actually worry about the writing because I did them around 10 hours before the deadline. I composed too much on paper and got overwhelmed when getting them into the code.

Spoiler: I put a randomizer for getting the herb, so there's a chance you don't get it at first try going to the forest while the traveler stay; try again if it happens

Btw, thank you for playing. :D

Yep, he's a werewolf. Thank you for playing too! :D

Thank you for try it out too! :D

Thank you very much! :D

Thank you for playing! :D And glad you like it!

We kinda mis-managed the time for content writing, that's why it ended up shorter than we planned.

Yeah, we definitely need to polish __ more and fix __ for a better playing experience.

(This is what happened when you tried to pull last minute stunts filling the content at around 5 something in the morning =)) )

Thank you for playing, ReadyMajor. :D

I write this comment while still playing the game, already purchased all the automated click. :))

Somehow the sfx when the resources get into the statistic sound ... satisfying, I ended up keep the game running while doing something else.

It's a good, short idle clicker game. :D

One of a good example for creating gloomy atmosphere with art and sound, imho. Good job!

I didn't realize each day is limited into 5 interactions until Day 4. :)))

And because there are statistic shown on the screen, I played this game while wondering what would those stats do to the story or the ending(s), which response/actions related to which stats. Imho, there's not enough feedback/notification to raise my awareness of those stats and how important are they.

I ... spent a long time staring at the puzzle.

I do like word puzzle like this and I personally think it's a good idea to combine puzzle with defense game, BUT on the other hand I don't like feeling stressed out for unable to find the words when I need them the most. :))

To be honest, the most annoying experience in this game is when I finally managed to summon a knight when there's no enemy and the knight just walk away leaving my fortress unguarded. What the heck, orc knight, you could just say directly if you want me to raise your pay! Don't be passive agressive like that. :v

Btw. I assume from the game title that player plays as an author/writer, which is a good interpretation for the limitation. Good work. :D

I tried to leave the hero and see what would happen, but I died first. :)))))

Anyway, it's awesome how you manage to do both art and programming by yourself!

The intro already give "RPG-ish" hint and I think because most RPG tend to be heavy on story, you're on the right track for the jam's theme. Filling game content needs quite some work, so it's understandable that you don't really have much time left to do so.

Thank you for trying this game out! We're glad you like it. :D

We're currently a bit slow in art. Kinda feel bad to release an update without art. But, yes, we're progressing in the writing.

We plan to roll an update around this week.

Thank you for your feedback! We'll look at the audio lag again and--hopefully--find a way to fix it.

Once again, thank you! :D

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Thank you! :D You too, good luck!

Hmm, maybe we should keep the metronome playing during the game? Will try tweaking on it again a bit later then.

We added ticking sound aid just now. And it does make it easier to get the first beat correctly! OwO!

(Game design is surely a complicated process of trials and errors ....)

Now I kinda understand why Patapon put the beat indicator around the screen instead one black dot in the corner. :-?

Ah, btw, just now we've rolled a little update, adding ticking sound as additional guide beside the blinking dot. And changed the placeholder song into the one we made.

Ah. So, that's why when I missed 1 shot during a "barrage shot", I immediately died because more missing shots followed. =))) Now I see.

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... I do feel that way too after I replace the beat indicator into smaller circle. I think I'll add the click sound back as audio aid later.

Thank you very much for playing the game and leaving feedback, btw. Really appreciate it. *bows

One thing I don't understand is the "O" at the bottom. Whenever it rolls, paddle won't move. What's actually happening there? That's not a bug, isn't it?

Umm, if I may suggest, I think you should check on the game page setting again for the game resolution. The viewport is way too small for your actual game screen size, resulting in the game appears with scrollbar around its viewport.

I assumed you use 2D physics, but not using add force for the jump? The jump feels awkward, to be honest. Or ... is that your intention? That the creature isn't jumping but kind of blinking/teleporting?

Really like the gameplay idea. I personally think it should be tweaked again (add snapping? character center point as main indicator?), but I don't have any suggestion what would make the gameplay better.

Sometimes I cannot move to left/right, like ... just stuck. I can still jump and jumping frees the character from that stuck, however.

The physics feel "heavy", like the friction to every surface is really big. Btw, is the "hold on the wall and jump" part of the planned feature or it was a happy incident?