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Woot, woot! This is awesome! I was getting anxious when going deeper than the 4-firecamp level.

I really like the gameplay, btw. Resource management/strategy is one of my favourite gameplay and this game takes it into a different level.

This is the first time I managed to play your game until the very end. =))))

Anyway, I like how you put the platformer/fighting(?) into the theme and limitation. Great job, man!

Confession: I actually a bit cheating by using the pseudo-double-jump and making use the "stuck on platform edge" to defeat the Burgerking.

I expect a Space Invader gameplay, I get snake-like gameplay instead. :))) Which is great! It's refreshing to have this kind of gameplay. :))

A lot of people have already mentioned in other comments about the difficulty to aim-shoot accurately, but, welp, difficult doesn't mean it bad, imho.

Thumbs up!


This is amazing. =))) Makes me really wonder why the hell I didn't think of Halloween when brainstorming for this game jam. And a rhythm game! It suits the limitation really well!

Two thumbs up for the dev for the game idea.

Fellow similar gameplay *slapped

I really like the idea of stacking burger in this game. The artwork looks good too. Congratulations for making me craving for a burger right now. =)))

Accessing the recipe is a bit awkward, because my brain is wired back/return with left direction. This is probably just my problem.

The timer went to negative before restarting, btw.

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Rather than making new topic/message board for every person who's looking for a team/team member, I make this one where everyone can post their skillset/contact/looking-for-team.

If you're looking for a team too, feel free to post here. 

I'll start with myself.


Username/Nickname: Juu/Juun

Skillset: mainly programmer (Unity, Godot, RenPy, and a bit Phaser 3), could help writing (not native English speaker), could help game design/testing

Contact: Discord (juunishi master#8539), Email (

Looking for: artist/writer (found a team)


Oooo, match 2 game with a twist! Cool idea!

I personally like how the cards slightly change their layout when player already matched a pair. I know it's probably not really "change layout", just kind of shifting and filling the gap, but imho it's good enough.

Imho, there are plenty of rooms to develop this game further (my first thought is some sort of multiplayer party game for mobile device).

It's an unlikely combination indeed, a car and a garden. =))))

I'm stuck after growing 2 plants (I accidentally accessed the underground stage where I can get oil and tire, though).

Even though the game is a bit far from complete, the concept is good and the visual feedback whenever player obtained an item is well presented. :D Great job!

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Whoa, mate, thank you very much for playing the game and for finding the bug/glitch too! Of course, the good graphic is thanks to Kenney.

Eh, I can fix and update the game, but I'm not sure about continuing it actually. :)) It's because I write the story in a whim and doesn't have any plan for longer story.

But maybe, I'll make something with similar gameplay mechanic in the future.

Thank you again! :D

Feeling good drifting the car all around the place. :))))

Btw, the way you put up the main menu is very interesting. Great job, man! :D

I deliberately skipped adding panel for clear readability because laziness. *slapped

Thank you for playing and thank you for your feedback too! :D

It was bold of me to think everyone knows Minesweeper. My bad.

First thing first, thank you very much for playing the game. :D

So, yeah, to answer your question (and everyone else that doesn't play Minesweeper) for now:

  • Every play session, several number of cultist hideouts is randomized
  • The objective is to destroy all of them using explosives
  • Two things player MUST NOT DO: inspect the hideout instead of bombing it and bombing innocent houses
  • To help player, they could make 3 mistakes without getting instant game over (this feature is last minute addition, I'm not sure it works well)
  • When you inspect the house and see a number, those numbers represent total hideouts in adjacent tiles

I'm currently thinking where should I add those explanations in the game, not just in the game page explanation. :-?

Anyway, thank you again for playing and spent some time to leave comment. :D I really appreaciate it!

Why??? Why you only eat one cookie???

Though I haven't played until the very last level, this is a challenging and addictive game. I have to stop for a moment to give you rating and comment. I'll be back playing it again. I'm still stuck on level 3 or 4. =)))

Great job making this game!

Hi, thank you very much for playing! :D I'm glad you enjoy the game. :D

Felt nostalgic when playing this game. :))

I agree with the comment about restarting only the current level you're in instead of restarting from level 1, but since it's only 5 levels, not a really urgent thing to fix, imho.

I personally would prefer to have the movement grid base for better, more accurate box pushing.

Well, anyway, this is a fun game! Great job! :D

Cute artwork and cool music!

I personally think the character movement is a bit ... hmm, I'm not really sure how to say it. Like, when I see the bats movement, I think the character would move with the same manner too, but when I actually move the character, it's tile-based-movement (? cmiiw), not as quickly as the bats, and there's something about its animation that I feel kinda "off". I'm not really sure what is it.

But, anyway, this game has a lot of potential and you guys did a really awesome work here from the artwork, music, and level design! Great job!

Cool music, a lot of explosions, good graphic, but ... I got myself blown away again and again. =)))))

I'm not sure what else to comment, actually. :)) Good job!

An interesting take for a familiar puzzle gameplay. One of my favorite puzzle too. :))

At first, because this kind of puzzle required the player to connect every single tile, I was a bit confused. After I understand, not all tiles need to be arranged to connect the TNT and the detonator, it gets easier, but still challenging.

Good job! :D

*dat bullet time slow motion *heavy breathing

A really juicy and fun explosive-xperience. Dang, I don't know what else should I say. This game is awesome, man! Not to mention the art is really good too!

I'm ... not sure about the objective/goal of the game. I thought I gotta reach the "door" at the bottom? But it restarted the level, so I thought I'm not supposed to touch it. But then what should I do?

Btw, fellow Phaser3 user! :D

There were times I couldn't seem to be able to take out the bomb when hold the mouse button, but I'm not really sure when it happened.

Cute character, great artwork, and fun gameplay! :D

Uhm ... this could be a very fun and enjoyable explosive game, if only I could master the control .... :(

Maybe I just haven't played games with similar control, but for me the control (especially the aiming) feels awkward. :( Sorry.

At first, I thought it was impossible land on the platform, but apparently it isn't impossible. :)))

A really interesting idea and fun gameplay, imho. :D Good job!

I have question regarding the end state of the game. What ends the game? Time counter (which I don't think I see one) or getting hit by the explosion "rubble" (which I probably don't realize that I got hit)?

The result screen is a bit cropped on its top too, I think.

But, anyway, I enjoy throwing bombs and see the explosion. :))) I don't know, it's just fun to watch them.

I think the only thing missing from this game is the audio. Everything else are superb and well polished! Great job! :D

Thank you for playing! :D

Thanks Kenney Assets for the UI. I really understand now why people calls Kenney as "Asset Jesus".

Aaa, thank you for playing!

And ... my bad, those "Route A/B/C" should've be "Route Azul/Brue/Cyan". I forgot to change them.

But, I think you've given me ideas for glitch varieties for future development.

Thank you again. :D

I've managed to go through 3 levels, I think, before I met infinite loading. :)) I played the web build, so maybe it's something unstable in that build.

Fun gameplay experience, imho. I accidentally figured out the "secret rooms" and enjoy trying to look them up, but at the same time I wonder if the game offer the same fun experience if player doesn't figure out the secret rooms. :-?

Whoa, dude.

I can't say anything much about this game ...

because it's super awesome and fun! And a creative way to incorporate the theme into the gameplay too!

Even without using the glitch, I kept trying several times, feeling that I can get through the challenge of killing the mobs with exactly one bullet without getting myself killed. No, this isn't because I play Dark Souls and Sekior, no.

*looking at the comment for Granny's wifi password (I've tried admin/admin and snuggle/snuggle btw)

There's one dialogue box that appear too low in level 3. I managed to click on the OK button after stretch the game window a bit further, though.

Fun and a really great interpretation of the theme! Awesome!.

Thank you for playing! :D

Aaaa, thank you very much for the video. *bows

Yeah. Really sorry. ><

I designed the game around a story but ended up spent most time dabbling with the UI etc and didn't finish with even one narration.

Thank you for playing it, btw. :D

I really think the car being unstable is part of the "glitch" theme. It isn't? =))

I ended up doing pretty much the same with Thoof. :))) Placing towers in every available space, though I haven't filled all of them.

I really like the game idea, btw. Beside technical designs, I think there's room for incorrporating story too in there. 

Thoof has explained the technical parts about music, sfx, etc. I'm not gonna repeat that.

Anyway, great job, man! :D

Thank you for playing! :D

Ooohhh, fun puzzle! I like the kind of puzzle which is easy to understand yet challenging. The difficulties for each levels feels good too. (Or how should I say it? "Good balance"?)

The thank you page is something else, imho. :)) Piling hats really, really high feels kinda fun.

Great job! :D

Easy to understand and a quite fun game. :D

If I may suggest, you might want to explore Unity UI further to support various screen resolution (or at least 16:9 ratio variations). I started your game using windowed mode in 1280x720 resolution and all those seeds, shovels, watering can are inaccessible, practically making the game not playable. Everything's okay with higher resolution and full screen, though.

I kept shouting at the tornado for destroying the shelter. lol

The control is simple and easy to understand, even without tutorial. I personally say the movement speed gives a really good feeling. Al dente movement speed(?)

Great job, guys! :D

Ooohhh, I really like how you put together basic tutorial and start the game.

It's a hectic game in a fun way! Great job!