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3 inputs

A topic by collin123 created 96 days ago Views: 290 Replies: 11
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Does it mean 3 input devices or 3 inputs like(w,a,s,d)


Give some examples


It means that you can only have three inputs, like W,A,and,D. No analog inputs, like mouse movement, analog sticks, or touch input, are allowed.


thats brutal

can you update the ultimate game jam with the theme plz

yeah sry


Does this mean when i would implement joypad input (left right jump) that i cannot use the analog stick for left and right for "alternative" movement ? (like normal platformers do) right ? Thats brutal but makeable (and ok i only focus on keyboard for example :D)

Can i support multilple input devices ? (keyboard, gamepad) or just one ?

Deleted 91 days ago

If you mean mouse left click, I think that's okay. Mouse gesture? Don't.

Hello everyone. Im Maximo, and you can play my games if you touch my icon. they're fantastic ;0

Can i combine inputs? Like 'Z' makes one stuff and  'Z+X' makes another stuff. 7 combinations-actions using only 3 inputs,  Z X C for example. Is this allowed?

Yep, thats allowed.


Gah booger.  I need to change my menus to arrow and space bar menus.