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This was amazing, the writing, the gameplay. All of it!

Those sounds are soo loud! Other then that, great game. I really like that you have limited ammo, not a lot of SHMUPS do that! The game is hard, but in a good way. I'm glad that you went with a shop instead of item pickups.

There is no way to download your game. Please add a download.

There is no way to download your game. Please add a download.

Really fun game! But there is a mass gathering of Hydrogen and Oxygen^2 in the form of an ocean.

Those fish sprites are gold. Oh yea the game was good too.

Interesting game mechanic.

This was super fun and challenging! It was slow at times, and I found myself yelling at ship because it was moving SOOO slow. I would either make ships move faster, or have some option to adjust game speed. Other then that, it was a solid fun experience! :D

High-five, cannot get past the first screen ++

Wow, this is a full game! I really enjoyed my time with this. It feels a lot like something from the  Metroid series.

It could use some music though. It does get very quiet at times.

Pretty simple game. Not much to do once you get close to the evil spirit.

Maybe add some reason, not to attack. For example, attacking would stop the player for a second. This would make the player think more carefully about when and where they attack.

This was really fun. The game has so much charm, and Its general concept is enough for me to play it. The dual wielding mechanic is amazing, I really felt like a cow boy spirit.

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Pretty solid entry. Although it has text, the game is still pretty good. I like the mechanic and everything, but it is very buggy. If you become a spirit, then quickly re-inhabit your body, and become a spirit again, the first spirit will not be removed. It looks something like this.

This was really good! There is a ton to like in this game.
It has great mechanics, a great difficulty spike, and on top of that, a great revenge plot. I really did feel like I grew as a player when I went up against the boss for the last time.

Overall, great game! :D

Now this was a fun game! I really loved the mechanic of killing yourself to posses other bodies. This is overall really good! :D

Pretty short, but good game for one of your first games! Good art, and music.

The controls  however, could use some more work. I feel like it takes way too long to accelerate and decelerate.

No, that counts as using text. Try to express emotions a different way.

Any kind of audio is allowed. So go nuts with audio.

Nice game! Very creepy :D

I am a pro gamer... The game crashed.

I played this 5 times, and I didn't clear a stage ONCE! ;-;

On a more serious note, yea this is very impressive! I really enjoyed my time with it. However, the clue system has given me duplicate clues on multiple occasions. So, fix that i guess.

10 atta 10 - Has voice acting.

Pretty fun! I did find that I couldn't move directly left and right though. Instead, I would get moved slightly down or up. I don't know if that was intentional

Great game. I love games with a sense of humor!

Simple, and very unique! Could use some sound.

Sooo hard lol.

Dang this is a long game! But its complete. This is my favorite entry so far.

Interesting interpretation of the theme and limitation. The ship's hit box is too big in my opinion.

Very well made game! I did complete it. But to be honest, I was mostly messing around with the collision, and trying to get out of bounds. :P

Pretty fun! I like how each ship is different. I kept on loosing though, so 1: I'm bad, or 2: the game is too difficult

Great mechanic idea! The level design is good and the use of the mouse is smart. One thing, your character moves way to slow. Maybe make RMB speed up time?

Very calming. I really liked exploring and finding new planets! The controls are just not the best though. I agree with Solroo on this.

Wow, this was very nice! Keep up the work!

Amazing! Great solid game, I love the art, music, and game play. My only real complaint is that you cant go to the menu when you win.

A lot of content. But not much direction. I ended up messing with the Teleport ship command. However exploring was very fun.

Pretty interesting game-play idea. The controls seem buggy though.

This was very fun to mess around in! It lacks any real goal though. I really like the control idea, and your use of the mouse if very good!

Pretty good! Could use more enemy variety.

0 out of 10. No voice acting.

In all seriousness though, it could use some better collision, and the physics with the clone seem very off. Could use some music as well. Other then that, pretty solid game!