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Glad you enjoyed it! There are some bugs with the timing, so maybe that is the problem. We are working on an update to fix that though.


Oh this is nice! Could use some more levels, but otherwise, the level is quite fun!

Could use a Win state/Lose state

Simple, would have liked to see the switches expanded upon.

Maybe you had to protect the notes from the monsters and move them from switch to switch. Idk...

One question, were's the voice acting?

Could use some work. But the graphics are nice :)

Oh this is fuuunnn!

Very interesting and unique mechanic. It seems everyone else is pointing out the control, so I'll point something else out.

I love the lil guys hat.

Very bizarre.

Very cute. I love this games art style.

I didn't get far though. When I left the room that teaches me how to sing, the screen went white, and stayed like that.

I think that that is your consequence for missing the shot.

Nice and simple. I like it.

I win.

This game has a ton of charm. I loved it. great story.

Pretty good! I feel that it is very unforgiving with the timing for the arrow keys. Otherwise, the graphics were nice, and the music was top notch!

I really liked this game. The controls and collisions were a bit off. And I some how glitched into the floor (I wish I took a screen shot). Other then that, yea quite good.

You mean the controls? Just press space when you touch the drum. You'll jump higher. Use this to avoid spike

Your submission to Mini Jam 20 has been removed.

Reason: The game was made last year.

Thanks for playing!

Mini Jam 17 is now live! The Limitation is...

Adapt to a new limitation each day.

This means that a new limitation to follow will be provided every 24 hours. All limitations need to be respected. 

Day one's limitation is: No mouse input

This means that the mouse and trackpad are off limits. No Scroll wheel, right click, left click, or any other mouse input

Umm, this doesn't work on a mac...

Aw rats, I have mac...

Beards. That would be nice. x)

Wow, this was quite fun! I am a bit biased though, as I use a mac and this is the only game I could play for this jam. The music could use some improvement. It was very annoying in my opinion. 

I loved the scenarios, very creative, and I love how you implemented frogs into them.

I did beat the game, and lost no cooks in the process! So yea, food wins!


Mini Jam 16th Edition has begun!

The limitation is...

Your game must contain a frog.

It means what you think it means. Go nuts

Oh thats smart!

Whenever Mini Jam 75th edition happens ;).

Guessing you meant Mini Jam 15 though. If you want Info on the streamers, you will want to join the Mini Jam discord server. Streamers announce when they will be streaming and what games will be streamed.

Mini Jam 15th edition - Technology has begun! 

The limitations are...

Use a set color palette

This means that you may only use the colors from the palette below. Transparency or Alpha channels are not allowed. Gradients and smooth transitions of colors are not allowed either. 

(Color Palette)

I like the concept, but there is no consequence for pressing the wrong button.

I found myself just mashing the A and D keys at the same time, and my score just skyrocketed.

Over all, quite interesting, but would be better if it had some consequence for pressing the wrong key.

Mini Jam 14th edition has now begun! 
The limitation is the following…

No Humans

This means the no human beings will be allowed to be shown in your game. You may reference the existence of the human race, but you may not show any signs of a person.

Good luck jammers!

I added a link to your sprites on the jam page. Thanks once again!

Hey thanks! I'll make sure that the jammers on the discord server know about this!

Join the discord server. The streamers announce when they stream there.

You might want to just make a game page on Itch, and link out to there. When you do, give me the link so I can help you submit your project late.

Mini Jam 13th edition has begun! The limitation of this jam is the following.

No hero figures

This means that your game cannot have a "Hero" character. Otherwise know as a person who does good, saves people, and or is admired or idealized for courage or outstanding achievements.
You will have to create conflict in your game using other methods. Remember the simple form of a story; Conflict, Rising action, Climax.

Good luck Jammers

Many buttons

Do you mind explaining your self?

Mini Jam 12th Edition has officially begun!

The limitations for this jam are the following...

Only use basic shapes. This means that all of the images in your game (not including text) can only be made out of basic geometric shapes. Think game such as Just Shapes and Beats, Geometry Dash, or Thomas Was Alone.