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How exactly do you plant crops?

I have 3 of the middle and last recourse


Wdym? In the menu screen it tells u to get 50 gray lads, and that playing cards in the blue area would trigger their effects

You win by getting 50 dudes, but u can take as long as you want to get there

Ghost is kinda unresponsive and you have to have a rlly good computor to handle the particles. Other than that its epik like usual

The biome where end cities are found is called the Tainted Biome. 

Tainted Dragon? Tainted golem? Creepy Golem?

add a mod that adds new resources to find, new items to make, new armor to equip, new swords to use, and more mobs to stab

The first update to the game, allowing players to shoot basic creatures, updates will be coming soon. 


The Greater Sandworm

Titan Rock

TerraCraft community · Created a new topic More content?

I feel the game is pretty good right now, but there just isn't really much to do once the game is completed, and by that I mean you have beaten the Snow Queen and Nether Destroyer. Please add more content soon!

What is the Skellet Generator and how do I find where "Build.txt" is

I keep getting the glitch, and its game breaking.

(Sry i have a few more)

1. What can you do after the Ice Queen and Nether Destroyer are defeated?

2. Is the End Biome located in the sky?

3. How can I get a nether star (if it drops from a boss, how do I summon said boss)

Great game, but i have a few questions:

1. Just how far down do you have to go to find diamonds?

2. How rare are diamonds?

3. Why are no terraria bosses in the game?

4. how do i find blazes?

5. Why no nether?

6. Why is obsidian indestructible? i Cant even target it without diamond.

I can, thanks for playing the game!

It bugged out idk why tho :(


I have fixed the download, you need to get the link in the description

yes it was


Ty for the help!

yeah, i suck at music :(

Some walls that is xD. Thanks for the feedback

This game was very difficult and on Lv 5, I didn't like the "Gear, Platform, gear" thing, and it killed me the first time. Other than that, Amazing game!

I have no idea what that means, can someone tell me

Thanks, I was thinking of making the bullets move to where you shot last, but I felt that might be a bit OP because the player wouldn't have to move and the Bullet-Hell feeling I was going for would be there


thank you



Read the description


the theme is The Grim Reaper, and the optonal one is Medical Issues

i know, something is wrong and i cant get it to work

yeah sry

thats brutal

sry about the error, didn't have time to add end screen.

I don't plan on adding any updates

take the URL and paste it into the top bar

Pls play my game, has 2 ratings, and one commen:\