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a fangame of minecraft and terraria · By skyblueyoshi

Mod Ideas and looking for modders

A topic by Cole4King created Jan 27, 2021 Views: 487 Replies: 19
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I figure if there's not anybody talking about it I might as well, i have some experience modding terraria and Minecraft, so if someone wants to help and if any one has any ideas i would like to hear them out.


add a mod that adds new resources to find, new items to make, new armor to equip, new swords to use, and more mobs to stab


Ideas for mobs


Tainted Dragon? Tainted golem? Creepy Golem?



lucky cow, skeleton with gun zombie with bow 


lucky cow?

iron golem, villagers, tradeable villagers,baby villagers, zomboss

aether, aether mobs,,,,

The biome where end cities are found is called the Tainted Biome. 



can you make.......... A PLANE!


I could, but I'm not going to


rainbow ore, rainbow items, aether, guns...


have 1 more idea thats can  good night vision set making with iron (3), redstone(2), and 1 red green yellow blue wire to make

night vision set helpu see all map u can make that?

For players, there is too little content in the game now. Players on our server have gone to retirement because of the pass. I think we can add some other worlds, more bosses and monsters, more props. Or make it a plot to the kind of.

I just wanna know how to Make a Custom Texture Pack and add it as a mod lol

Is it even possible and can anyone help me out? I got some really cool Ideas for texture packs.


the dev's never added any documentation that I am aware of, I don't think anyone knows how

Please make Industrial mod (like IndustrialCraft2 from Minecraft)