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Is it even possible and can anyone help me out? I got some really cool Ideas for texture packs.

I just wanna know how to Make a Custom Texture Pack and add it as a mod lol

Please don't tell me you gave up on this game!? It's so much fun. I just downloaded it the other day and I'm obsessed with it! :)

That's cool. And Yeah I agree I'll find some shading Tutorials. Shading has always been my weakness lol Thanks for responding I appreciate it my friend :) Ttyl

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Omg I absolutely Love This Tool I hope it's alright but I made a few Variants of the Hairs, Tops, and Headphones I also made a Child (Male) body Template I'll put that at the end of this comment so you can see. But I was wondering if there was a way to add my own Custom Assets to The Character Creator and Change the Color of the outfits and Everything else instead of just Skin Hair and Eyes... or if it's an option you could add. It would just make it a lot easier lol If not it's all good. Also here is a Picture with my Child (Male) Template and a couple Variants. Do you think I should continue making things and possibly post them on this website for other people or no...? Once Again thanks for this tool it's such a huge help! :)