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is not


maybe next version support linux.

Indev 1.0 can't run in linux with wine sure

Alpha can run.

I am the first run this game in linux.

you can also see it.

he is better.

(1 edit)

win + r



then you can see your ip address

if you are in linux

you can new a terminal

->ip addr

you can see

TerraCraft community · Created a new topic Terracraft Forum


I don't quite know what you mean, if you mean the community administrator, then he should be fine.

emmm,You need to check if the server is online and see if these fields are filled in correctly.

For players, there is too little content in the game now. Players on our server have gone to retirement because of the pass. I think we can add some other worlds, more bosses and monsters, more props. Or make it a plot to the kind of.

Normally, the main game file directory contains this dependency file. You can try to install lua manually

idk,Mods or updates like this may come out later, so look forward to it.

In this new version we have the mod api, which allows us to use our imagination in a better way.

You know, this game is creative. Its new version adds the mod api. We can create a better world with it.

                              --- a tc server  owner

bye!Good evening!I'm leaving, and I hope the world is a better place.

The solution is written below the introduction. If not, please reply me with your questions

It will probably be updated tomorrow

A new version



I have a new beta version, do you need him?

1. How to play for non-win users

You can run tc with wine, e.g. tkg, which is very well optimised. lutris is a very good platform.

2. What do I do if the system tells me I'm missing dx9?

Next, there is a solution for this on the official website.

3. Is there a discord or something similar?

4. Is there a good server to play on?

Sorry, at the moment there are only a lot of servers in China, but not in other countries yet. There are many server exchange groups on Tencent QQ.

5. How long does it take to update?

🕊️ Don't even think about it (it skipped today, not,the post was sent when it was announced that the new version would start testing in 30 minutes).

6. mods support?

Mods will be added in the next version.

7. How do I contact my friends?

You can create a server via tcserver. Then use frp etc to let your friends join.

8. How do I send a blade to blueyoshi?(prevent blueyoshi 🕊️)

Please send to Nanjing University.


You can use wine to run it

I tried it. It was great.

archlinux user

This is...... good

from A yuba

I can create a new world