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a fangame of minecraft and terraria · By skyblueyoshi


A topic by ImNotBkGaming created Sep 29, 2020 Views: 272 Replies: 3
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I was so excited to play this game when I saw it, but then I noticed it's windows only and all that happiness: gone. Could you please make a Linux or at least a Mac version? I mean, i'm pretty sure we can all agree: You should be able to play fun games no matter what device you use. Right?

Game came out on august give the creator time I'm sure he'll do it


You can use wine to run it

I tried it. It was great.

archlinux user

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I tried running the game with wine 5.0 in Ubuntu 20.04 and this heppened.

    • My Documents Path: C:\users\zephaniahnoah\My Documents
    • <ClientInfo>[15:16:11] Adapter count: 1. Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970.
    • <GameInfo>[15:16:12] Registering Mod: TerraCraft(tc)
    • <GameInfo>[15:16:12] Initializing Mod: TerraCraft(tc)
    • <GameError>[15:16:12] "tc" mod data registration failed: An error occurred while registering data:
    • Cannot get shader info from: devmods\terracraft\shaders\enchantment.fx

    Would also appreciate a native Linux build.