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I like it! Hopefully you can work on it more and make more levels, this game has some potential.

Windows only 馃槶was really excited to play this, Windows isn't the only operating system ya know

TerraCraft communityCreated a new topic Cross-Platform

I was so excited to play this game when I saw it, but then I noticed it's windows only and all that happiness: gone. Could you please make a Linux or at least a Mac version? I mean, i'm pretty sure we can all agree: You should be able to play fun games no matter what device you use. Right?

Quit whining, go use Wingware if you're gonna be crying about this so much geeze.

I know i麓m like 4 years late lol but this game is amazing, super hard though in my opinion.

Ok, make it a new project and link me to it, i'll accept it even though it's late :)

I was honestly a bit too lazy to make my game before rating this game. So, I changed the ratings to public so I don't have to submit before I rate it haha.

Great work dude, keep it up.

Use the hashtag #BkDevStuff

Just make sure to submit it here first btw.

                    Cheers, and good luck

Yes, since scratch doesn't have code, you can use it for the gamejam, you just need to make it an html file. And yes scratch legit game engine all around.

This story-game is pretty good. I like it. I'm gonna submit my game then rate it. Let's see if you win!

Gamers: NOOOOOO Dani you can't just copy flappy bird but make it a rocke-

Dani: Haha  Rocket go fart