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i love this game

n.p. bro i love your games im still there i have School thats why im cant talk Always <3

Baby America was here

Hi first Comment best game

uhm i mean Alot of fan made games are like 500 MB PC Version i know i saw 150 GB 50GB Games too 

First Good Game


Wtf 3 GB for a game?

and i dont care my English some low thats matter that no mean im immature u dont know Turkish im Saying You that?

u immature -_- bro u are Kids accept this you and pamcake frend so thats why u only Talking about he lol

im jhust saying kid. or "!" u saying stupid...

u dont know anything. accept this u like others klike pancake, mr. cheese they kid u too or u teenager we can see.

nope u just dont know. %90 and 90% is same kid.

all of u kid. Are u know? Only Teenagers Swearing u Teenager lol also u Cyber Bully

lmao go look he said an pc platyer delete game he no said im saying to andriod player, he said no lags but it can lag, he answered someone questioned; if i delete game can i get refund? he said; yeah but false. he answered lots comments on itsch io/amongus %90 of em false!

yeah lmao every among us game online. cuz same game but no same devices so u cant play on nintendo with ios player or ios player cant play with android. every of them different. also yeah online. airship map first out on nintendo switch

bro just help he Always giving wrong Info lmao

(1 edit)

bro pancake is just an kid and he giving wrong informations to everyone im fixing them u can help too just no fight u can look he spread wrong infos every where also he no know innersloth is an team lol he no know innerslots is original maker of among us too.

bro i know because he doing it on all comments someone he answer so i saw. 

Stop giving wrong Info kid

Nope it was can too laggy.


lmao innersloth is original Maker team of Among Us

He giving wrong infos dont çare about pancakehead

U Can Get Free On Android.

U cant download only u can open with Bluestack or others

U Can Look comments pancakehead Always giving wrong Info

He Always giving wrong Info

Stop giving wrong Info

He Always giving wrong infos and disliking All comments

We Can see. Disliking All İnfos When We Say Smthng, Always giving wrong Info ( no Talking about u Talking about pancakehead

Because he is an kid

Yeah Also he disliking when people answer truth

He need to Do Something Like Say To Them And Paypal Or What is his card.

No he need to write them kid pls stop Wrong Info

And Distract on That File He Created

But no forgot he need to Create folder called Among Us

He Always giving wrong Info

Lmao he no need download Unity player thats apps look like because Created on Unity Also He Can Download Another Game For Back Stop Giving Wrong Info