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a fangame of minecraft and terraria · By skyblueyoshi

Couple questions:

A topic by mrchickenthebest created Oct 07, 2020 Views: 122 Replies: 3
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Great game, but i have a few questions:

1. Just how far down do you have to go to find diamonds?

2. How rare are diamonds?

3. Why are no terraria bosses in the game?

4. how do i find blazes?

5. Why no nether?

6. Why is obsidian indestructible? i Cant even target it without diamond.

1. In the range of y = 1800 - 2500

2. Somewhat rare, but do exist.

3. Haven't been implemented.

4. Go to the nether.

5. Nether is located below y = 2500.

6. Obsidian is destructible with a diamond pickaxe.

(Sry i have a few more)

1. What can you do after the Ice Queen and Nether Destroyer are defeated?

2. Is the End Biome located in the sky?

3. How can I get a nether star (if it drops from a boss, how do I summon said boss)

1.I dont really know

2.Hasn't been implemented yet

3.Don't think has been implemented