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A topic by juunishi master created Sep 25, 2019 Views: 1,257 Replies: 8
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Rather than making new topic/message board for every person who's looking for a team/team member, I make this one where everyone can post their skillset/contact/looking-for-team.

If you're looking for a team too, feel free to post here. 

I'll start with myself.


Username/Nickname: Juu/Juun

Skillset: mainly programmer (Unity, Godot, RenPy, and a bit Phaser 3), could help writing (not native English speaker), could help game design/testing

Contact: Discord (juunishi master#8539), Email (

Looking for: artist/writer (found a team)


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New programmer looking a partner!  interested in making an RPG or Platform Game, more detais in private.

Skill: Studying Python e learning Godot, I've done some small projects.

Contact: Discord (Goes#9176)

Looking: Someone in the same situation who wants to make a nice game

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Hi! I made a short demo with a friend for Yuri Game Jam 2016 and had lots of fun with it. Would love to repeat the experience!

Nickname: Crescendo (Cre is fine)

Skillset: composer (portofolio @, can help programming (I work with Java daily and have some experience with Python and RenPy)

Contact: Discord (Crescendo#9993), Email (

Looking for: whoever's in need of audio! No restriction on the gameplay, but I'd rather work on something lighthearted an artist for Café Bouvardie; we need portraits for two characters, a few backgrounds and cgs

Hi! I would love to help some team with a project.

Niackname: Aka / limo

Skillset: Writer - Artist

Contact: Discord limo~#4471

Looking for: a team to join and help!

Username/Nickname: MetalGearHazumu/Hazumu/Debra

Skillset: For this jam, a character designer that would include briefs describing character traits and sketches, story writing, dialogue, using Dia to map out the story whether it's branching or not, black box and white box testing and I have used Ren'Py before but it's been so long

Contact: Telegram - Hazumu, Twitter - MetalGearHazumu, Email - (order of what I am most likely to see first)

Looking for: a team to join


Hey there! Would really like to help others on their projects.

I'm a junior programmer with some experience in game design and writing.

You can contact me on twitter: @LunariDevKinda or on Discord Lunari21#1416

hello! i'm kryouma!
i drabble in writing and artistry and i'm wlw as well so you know i'm super excited to do this!
examples of my work can be found on my tumblr and ao3 (both kryouma) and my instagram as well (kryouma.exe)! 

Username/Nickname: j/kryouma

Skillset: writing, character design, a little art

Contact: Discord (kryouma#6848), Email (

Looking for: aaa anyone who wants to work with me, really!


Username/Nickname: that_wannabe_cat

Skillset: Programming (lot of background in object oriented design, and learning unity/ren'py). Does some writing, but not 100% sure its good? People have liked it in the past though.

Contact: Discord (WannabeCat#4731).

Looking For: Gui Artist. Alright have a person to do character art with, but they may be busy (still want to include them because they are cool).

Username/Nickname: iridscnt

Skillset: character artist

Contact: email (

Looking for: team to join