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Thank you!


This was very cute! Love freeing a robogirlfriend from the shackles of corporate control.

Really enjoy how you played with the limitations and implemented a simple faux gui at the end.

Good game!

Wonderful. I am glad to see you returning to visual novels and writing.

Unfortunately not yet. Since Vivid and I don't really have any other projects ongoing hopefully this year though but I said that the last few years.

However, thank you for your kind words!

Art mirrors life... even when you're not intending it to (?).

I am bread.

Almost all of us do. I forgot I had included that detail so your comment was a good reminder I had wrote that bit.

That ending was something--wow. I'm going to have to think about this--thank you for making this.

Ah thank you! It is a very cute last line.

Ooh, another video? Thank you as well!

It took me a while before I got around to really gay up my room. Definitely took Maria's experience from my own.

Oooh a video! Thank you for sharing it.

And I am glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you! There is definitely a bit more to the two's past than whats talked about in the VN. 

On a lighter note, I do believe Renalda does find peace after the ending of this story, even if it isn't the peace she originally.

Thank you! And yeah the goal was for a straight out tragedy that neither of these characters wanted in their life.


I love, love, love the use of repeated text to get past the word count and enforce the theme of repetition. Extremely clever and a very sad read.

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What a nice fella--also good conversation! Is it weird that I mostly agree with the spliced together body horror monster.

Though one critique, music would help this a ton.

More of them! I fear for the day Alicia actually finds her ghosts, unless she already has?

This is very good. I like the clever end and just the whole of the discussion, writing, and presentation.

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Creepy! Good job.


That was super cute ty.

Thank you! Yeah this is short because it was for 02A2 jam which is make a

  • 1000 word vn
  • with 1 sprite
  • 1 background/scene
  • or 1 graphic in lieu of both the above
  • 1 music piece
  • All in 1 week.

There is a lot of other short vns submitted to the jam if you want to check it out.

Thank you!

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To extra clarify. "Yeah, it would" means a rain layer is allowed?

We're working on that still unfortunately.

And I hope you look forward to it.

Can I have some clarity on this rule?
> use layers to show a sliced up an image as a single background (no opaque parts of layers can overlap)
I know prior games like "Unicorn Shake" and "One Hell of a Coffee Shop" had characters appear to be behind layers and I know "Yesterday the World Ended" had animated bg with a part moving the background.

For me specifically, would a layer on top, such as shadows for clouds or rain, be allowed?

One final question i think, for the following gui rule
> use a combination of the sprite and background or the one CG as the main menu
Is it possible to use just the background.

First thanks for handling all the questions.

Second, is it allowed still to have a solid color image and a background both present in the game?

With the rules on CGs and silhouette how low/much detail are we talking?

Can it only be just outlines or are minor details allowed?

Thank you! And yeah that's the kind of example I was thinking of for this. But even then that's its own suicide idealization.

Thank you!
The possibility of Pale Water leaking out was something I considered but it feels beyond the scope of this game. I still can't believe I forgot about nuclear storage and other dumpings in water when I made this, but I swear it had to have been in the back of my mind.

As for returning to this world, I might consider it and will probably look into topics like Piney Point to draw from but would probably tie it more back to the pandemic. Still it is a possibility and negligence of danger and institutions caring nothing about a problem isn't limited solely to the pandemic.

Thank you!

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Also Shino, the character artist, makes her own games too with her own itch page.

Thank you! Unfortunately, as of right now I am not planning a part 2 for Dear Genny.

However there are other gay short stories/games on my itch page, and I don't plan to stop making gay games anytime soon!

Super happy to see this game in full. Its clear even playing the prologue that a lot of work went into it over the last two years with all the new art and effects.

Thank you! I hope so too for Thea.

Thank you!

Thank you!