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This was pretty cool!


Very relatable. Well done.

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Thank you! Good job on 'Just a Crush' too! IGNORE ME I AM A FOOL!

You made use of that one song, dang.


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This was cute! I enjoy being asked out on a date by a dorky monster in my closet.

I like the use of changing the main menu at the end. Really nice touch.


This was really cute!

Ah thank you!

This was good! Hope the Cashier has more arcades, and less Karen's in the future.

This was really weird entry, but in a good way.

Thank you!

Thanks Dragons but also is a rabbit!

This was downright excellent, thank you.

Thank you!


Aww, this was cute. Good luck with the sequel!

This was really really good and sweet! I think there is a lot I can relate to Perwinkle in someways about feelings and how hard they are to spit out!

And also I wasn't expecting that side of Pastille.

At all.

Just overall thanks for making it!

> Thank you to whoever made this, I hope you're okay and having a wonderful day.

I am for the most part! This day is pretty good.

Also thank you so much for leaving this comment.

Hi! I thought that this was a really creative use of twine to introduce people to a simple rpg!

I had fun and it was good to play dungeon world again.

RIP didn't realize there was a save feature.

Although I didn't read all the lore you wrote, was impressed by the amount put into for this small game. It was pretty cute and different from most yuri jam entries and I had fun playing it!

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Thank you! We kind of set out from the start to make kind of a goofy monster game. It was kind of tricky balancing that with grounded stuff like communicating in relationships and feeling like life has hit a dead end.

PS: Tangled is behind the Rozen Maiden ref. Can't claim that one.

I was not expecting a meta discussion on fiction and self esteem issue simulator in my yuri jam, but my god it was so good.

Just cause it was chock full of references, the ones I caught were Madoka, Nanohana, Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure, Cardcaptor, Love Live, Idolmaster, Utena, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, EA, and Symphogear.

Hi! I played through the game and enjoyed what I've seen so far!

I enjoy the little nods and twists on fairy tales shown, and am curious in what direction the game goes!

I'm glad you liked it!

Sorry not sorry :D. We wanted to end it on a good hook.

Don't worry, there will be more and thank you!

Oh since you mentioned the art. The art director, along with sprites+characters were handled by Vivid Grim.

Background art by Carlotta Bönig.

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Personally I'm glad you enjoyed the ending.

Gay, Gayer, Gayest.

Thanks for reading it twice!

Thank you Tangled T.T!

It's good. Simple but strong.

Oh yeah, I phrased it poorly. I can't bring myself to continue gatekeeping is all. Which I interpret positively cause  like it gets the emotional response I think you were going for.

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I can't go beyond the first and second day. Which is a compliment about the game, because this hits home.

Glad to see the updated version!

This is soo good. And good work on the 3D environment.

Just a slight issue where the menu commands disappear if I go to settings/about. But this is sooo good. I love it.


... Wenke is good and I really enjoyed this and I need to get the other endings!

These games are surprisingly bittersweet, but in a good way.

Hey, I've been enjoying laid back lesbian idol game so far! I really like the idea that of a world where you know your true love (or is it????)!

Have run into an issue with the game crashing when I try to open preferences due to a font issue. Seems like the font is missing.

> Ahhh that ending killed me gah, you harsh game makers


Glad you liked it! Thistle and Siggy definitely have a long road ahead.