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Finally done it

Hey there! Would really like to help others on their projects.

I'm a junior programmer with some experience in game design and writing.

You can contact me on twitter: @LunariDevKinda or on Discord Lunari21#1416

Cool thing! How shall I contact you?

Whatever that is said up there.

I don’t have much experience with programming or game design and also I’m not particularly very active during these times. I have experience with Unity and C# and also a bit of skill in C++ and other languages/game design.

I have worked on other projects before like this one:

Feel free to contact me on discord: Lunari21#1416

This is definitely an amazing game. The art is absolutely phenomenal and the design of the game is amazing! Would love to see a full version of the game!

I also suggest a way to skip through all of the tutorial. The game is really hard to replay if you're forced to read around a minute of this.

Great and clever idea! Though I wouldn't add stuff like timed events in game but nonetheless, an amazingly produced game!

Definitely start with a question asking if you're dyslexic or not in a dyslexic friendly font

Amazing game! Would really love it if the font can change into ones fitting for people with dyslexia.

Great, nush. Already followed ya. Also, I'm at South East Asia so I'm only active around that timezone

Hi, I'm Lunari21 and I'm an inexperienced gamedev looking for someone to work with.

- I have little experience with Unity and C#

- First time joining a game jam

- have minor experience with drawing sprite art

I'm looking forward to finding a team with some experience. Discord: Lunari#1416