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just to clarify,,i meant a protag that's NOT SEEN on the screen so the CGs would just be of the romance-able character! i think it also gives you the feeling of actually being there bc it's like a 'complete the scene' kinda thing,,yanno? also,,in terms of work that might be harder bc you'd like to put a lot more detail into just that one character -- but i think its better than two fullbodies (bc those kill me)! just a suggestion -- making it a little more LGBT+ suportive (like choosing pronouns, female/non-bianary/genderfluid love interests as well) would help the game reach larger audiences! also can't wait for the next game -- lmao wish i had enough money rn to support,,but def ask me if ya need any help with beta-ing, ideas for CGs or story-line revision! as always,,love ur work,,and thanks for giving ppl like me a chance to feel loved!! 

this was,,,bRILLIANT!!
+i rlly love the names,,that small touch of making them seem indian,,<3
((also did u mean 'raksa' instead of 'reksa' bc raksha means protection,,or am i just pronouncing it wrong?? idk but Rama is Best Boi

there was a quirky storyline and it was nice to see it not fall into any stereotypical dating sim tropes and just wOW on the character sprites and backgrounds!! (i could never have that much patience to draw anything lolmao)

also -- it's rlly rare to see dark-skinned love interests (in my experience) and i loved that! and though i love the design of the protag,, i think not having a set design for them would be best bc it gives the player an opportunity to imagine themselves there -- but still amazing anyway!! great plotline, cute characters, coolio music, and overall just brilliant to play and replay!! keep up the good work!!

((also,,may I please have a steam key?? my email is

i can't wait to see more of ur work!!