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thank you so much for enjoying our game !! the idea of the mirror was super fun for us as well !! 

thank you so much for enjoying the game !! i'm so glad you liked it <3

i'm glad you liked it !! funnily enough, i was scrambling to throw together an aesthetic like 5 minutes before the jam ended :,))

OH NO :(( so sorry about that... i've added scroll bars and the option to fullscreen !! thank you for playing <3

i reach over and take a bite

extremely common catsket win... i am SO excited to play this i am LITERALLY stimming. tysm for blessing the world once more with your amazing work !!!!!!

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OH MY GOD I AM SHAKING YOU LIKE A SODA CAN (POSITIVE) !! JESUS CHRIST THIS GAME SHOOK ME TO MY VERY CORE... DID I CRY ?? YES. DID I SOB ?? YES. DO I NEED TO GRAB RENDRA AND KAI AND GIVE THEM A BIG AS HUG? YES, YES, YES. !!!! this is genuinely one of the most beautiful little games i've ever played and the attention to detail is absolutely stunning. i am in love with the characters, i am in love with the story, the message is making me sniffle and sob at my screen as i write this. 

(ps. i had no idea where to put this so i'm shoving it in the middle. HOLYSHIT THE WAY THE ART AND WRITING HAVE IMPROVED SOOOO MUCH ?? AND I ALREADY LOVED SWEETEST VALENTINE SO I WAS JUST BLOWN AWAY by the visuals of this . and the writing... aughhfuifjshgdudfufhghfgmmmdnfnhgh... let's just say i have shed so many tears over this.)

i absolutely love the twist of sorts and i genuinely really appreciate the way that everyone in rendra's life is so, so supportive when it comes down to it-- that kind of beautiful support structure...well, it's not something you see a lot, and so i really appreciate that. 

the portrayal of all the characters were absolutely fascinating-- i really understand rendra's blind fury but also kai's despondent frustrations...i love them to bits and back. i am sobbing and crying and throwing up (positive), this game is so much to me. i love the little details that are put in place and that make you go 'ohhhh so that's what that was for' and i love love love love LOVE this game. rendra, kai, and amerta own a special place in my heart now. thank you for making this <3

HEY... NEW SYLLPHANA GAME JUST DROPPED... !! (ok well, not JUST dropped...but i've been slaving through exams so we're gonna play this now!) i already LOVE rendra i looked at him and went 'oh he just like me fr'. i'm attached now. i will cry at this game, i know it. this has a BEAUTIFUL synopsis and i am already so hyped to play this. ohohoho...i am READY to hurt my feelings!

(quick q. is rendra indian/of indian origin. he looks like my little desi boy. please i need to know he seriously just like me fr then...)

NO BECAUSE I'M GOING TO UGLY CRY???? i can't wait to download this and play it, but at the same time, i don't think i'm emotionally ready for this to end... cove (my beloved) and this game is honestly such a huge comfort for me, and i cannot tell you the sheer number of times i've played and replayed it, because it's really way too much to count. and yet, every single playthrough still made me smile and tear up and even laugh out loud. it's absolutely insane just how every game you guys create ends up being one of my top favourites, but none more than this one. it's just the right amount of everything, from big things pronouns and understanding your identity as you grow, to the tiniest details like even the option to add acne to your character, it's just...insane. in short: i love this game and i love you, everyone who's worked on it. thank you for giving me some of the funnest moments of my life.

hello ! my name is jan/kryouma and i'm a writer and character designer looking for a team ! i have quite a few ideas, but i would like a team to build them with. i have a few published books, and i like to write slice-of-life and romance !

you can contact me on discord (kryouma#6848) !!

i’m open to a friend request, please do feel free to send one along! 

hi, i'm jan/kryouma, and i'm a writer and a character designer. i'm looking for a coder, composer, assistant writer and artist to help me bring an idea i've had for a while to life! i'm aiming for it to be primarily a visual novel, but other ideas are welcome too!

essentially, it's set in a world where the zombie apocalypse has taken place and the remaining living citizens of a country must struggle to survive. now, i wanna make this a more light-hearted, humourous, comedy-type visual novel that captures more of the daily life element than the survival horror. so if slice-of-life is your thing (or if you're a fan of gakkou gurashi!) then you might enjoy what i have in store!

my discord is kryouma#6848 and my twitter is @artbykryouma, feel free to shoot me a dm :D !! i'm looking forward to working with you!

i came back to play this game again, and honestly? i love it even more -- and i wasn't sure that was even possible. being represented, not only as an lesbian, but also as a tamil person? oh my god that felt fabulous. i am so attatched to this vn, i love it so much. 

i've sent you a friend request on discord! great to hear!!

hey! i'm a writer, and here are some examples of how i write! i primarily write prose/poetry, but I love working with characters and dialogue, plus I've loved greek mythology since I was a kid! my discord is kryouma#6848, just in case!

heya! art is always a hugely beautiful thing to look at! i'd work with you, if you'll have me!

that's incredibly nice of you! thank you so so much for reading and enjoying my work! it means a lot!

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awwwww man, you're too sweet! here's a super duper intense virtual hug from me! once again, thank you for reading my work, i really appreciate it!


i have no idea how to truly express how i felt while reading this, but i just know i felt something and i felt it strong. this was just...incredible to read, i loved it so much. your writing is so powerful, i cried twice. thank you thank you thank you for writing this magnificient piece of art.

aaaaaa thanks for telling me! i forgot to write a stylesheet fot the game before posting it, so it stuck to the default colours, and boy are they ugly. i wrote one, and tried to fix the contrast issue (please tell me if it's better!). i also added a replay button to each ending! i hope that's better now!

thank you for playing and helping me make this game better!

there are 4 endings! two good, one neutral, and one bad! and hell yeah!! let's go lesbians!!!! thank you for playing!

hello! i'm kryouma!
i drabble in writing and artistry and i'm wlw as well so you know i'm super excited to do this!
examples of my work can be found on my tumblr and ao3 (both kryouma) and my instagram as well (kryouma.exe)! 

Username/Nickname: j/kryouma

Skillset: writing, character design, a little art

Contact: Discord (kryouma#6848), Email (

Looking for: aaa anyone who wants to work with me, really!

thank you so much :))

this is the most wholesome thing i have ever read.

in summary: i love it and ghostie is babey


just to clarify,,i meant a protag that's NOT SEEN on the screen so the CGs would just be of the romance-able character! i think it also gives you the feeling of actually being there bc it's like a 'complete the scene' kinda thing,,yanno? also,,in terms of work that might be harder bc you'd like to put a lot more detail into just that one character -- but i think its better than two fullbodies (bc those kill me)! just a suggestion -- making it a little more LGBT+ suportive (like choosing pronouns, female/non-bianary/genderfluid love interests as well) would help the game reach larger audiences! also can't wait for the next game -- lmao wish i had enough money rn to support,,but def ask me if ya need any help with beta-ing, ideas for CGs or story-line revision! as always,,love ur work,,and thanks for giving ppl like me a chance to feel loved!! 

this was,,,bRILLIANT!!
+i rlly love the names,,that small touch of making them seem indian,,<3
((also did u mean 'raksa' instead of 'reksa' bc raksha means protection,,or am i just pronouncing it wrong?? idk but Rama is Best Boi

there was a quirky storyline and it was nice to see it not fall into any stereotypical dating sim tropes and just wOW on the character sprites and backgrounds!! (i could never have that much patience to draw anything lolmao)

also -- it's rlly rare to see dark-skinned love interests (in my experience) and i loved that! and though i love the design of the protag,, i think not having a set design for them would be best bc it gives the player an opportunity to imagine themselves there -- but still amazing anyway!! great plotline, cute characters, coolio music, and overall just brilliant to play and replay!! keep up the good work!!

((also,,may I please have a steam key?? my email is

i can't wait to see more of ur work!!