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hey! Kind of stuck, actually. The script is complete, the portraits are too and so is the GUI, we're missing all cgs and backgrounds, the music needs revamping (and completing) and some basic programming to put it all together. Most of the game is ready but we've had lots on our plates lately and it's just been hard :< sorry for being unable to give an ETA, we would still love to release this (for free, as we always intended)

Grazie mille! <3

This is great! I see you've received a lot of feedback already on the boss battle, so I'll be short with that: it might be a bit too hard for being the first boss, and the stun mechanic isn't really clear (I think I might've taken advantage of it at random). Other than that, the scanline effect works really well when exploring but made the bullet hell sections very hard to follow. I would offer an option to tone it down on the settings, at least during fights.

The story seems intriguing, and I'm really loving the artstyle and general atmosphere! I'm stuck on the end of the boss' second phase so I guess I couldn't see a big part of the demo, but I'm excited to see how this project unfolds :)

Nope, sorry! That's still the 2016 demo. Thank you for being patient!

Nice game! The bunny didn't attract the dog much in my game, but the pits were a nice challenge :)

It took me a while to listen, but thank you so much for your kind words! On the topic of the art, I did it all myself (title screen included). I consider myself "ok at drawing for being someone who doesn't draw a lot" but certainly not good, and I used this jam to not stress too much about my skills. It felt good. Would recommend.

If you're looking for a topic for another episode, by the way, there will be a "I Can't Write" jam soon! That might give you some nice games to play :)

P.S. I wanted to comment on libsyn but I don't have a FB account...

Thank you!!

Thank you for playing and also for the bug report! Will fix it ASAP :)

Thank YOU for playing it :]

Thank you! You're so kind!

Thank you! I'm glad you found it touching :3

So cute!! I like how the simple animations breathe life into the art style.  Good work!

Yes! Also couldn't always figure the right timing for the double jump. Looking forward to future improvements!

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This game was so cute! I LOVED how the music progressed, the little messages left around, the art style too.

When I picked up the hook I accidentally interacted with the fisherman instead of just dropping it next to him and the item disappeared... but when I came back he already had caught the fish. I also had a bit of trouble dropping the water boiler in the right spot. Overall, nothing that hindered that much my enjoyment of the game :)

I LOVE the style of this game! My only issues are with the jump controls which sometimes didn't react as I expected and new mechanics appearing a bit too abruptly for me. But this one has style!

thanks FRIEND

Thank you man! ♥

Thank you! Oddly placed words might be either because I'm not native or because I had to cut lines to a minimum; I wanted each textbox to work standalone and two lines are shorter than I expected, haha.

This was such a cute idea! Loved the transitions between modes :) Nice work!

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I'm Italian! I've made a few other games (most with artists more competent than me), you can find them all on my profile!

Thank you! We've been working on some major redesigns and we're almost done with the writing; hopefully it will be out before the end of the year :)

You'll be happy to know we've just hit the 50% mark!

Augustus and Caesar's routes are about a third through! We're actually reworking the visual style so we can do some rebranding and post some nice artwork next to actual news :) But since that's out of my hands (programmer/writer/musician here) I'm focusing on the script myself

Thank you for enjoying it! :)

This was so interesting, I've just finished playing and I'm so sad it's over! Great job!

Loved this one! The art style is so cohesive I've been immersed since pressing Start. I guess the good and true endings are related to points gotten from picking the right card, but is the first choice relevant too?

Anyway, I think I got all endings. It would be nice to have a counter somewhere in case one or more get missed! I'm also a bit sad there was no music throughout the game, despite there being sound effects. It would help the already stellar atmosphere.
Thank you so much for your game!

The artstyle is adorable and the story was something I didn't expect to get so involved. The post-ending gallery was a really nice touch! I'll definitely look forward to more of your games (and try out your previous ones!)

This is sooo cute! Thank you!

Thank you so much! Looking forward to reading your summary!

It is! I forgot to switch it to completed, thanks for letting me know. We're planning on releasing some sort of update eventually, without the time constraints of the jam

can't believe you managed to make something this pretty with just 560 characters! Great job!

haha thank you!

no worries! Could you share your steps and/or the error message you get, if you get one?

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Hi! I made a short demo with a friend for Yuri Game Jam 2016 and had lots of fun with it. Would love to repeat the experience!

Nickname: Crescendo (Cre is fine)

Skillset: composer (portofolio @, can help programming (I work with Java daily and have some experience with Python and RenPy)

Contact: Discord (Crescendo#9993), Email (

Looking for: whoever's in need of audio! No restriction on the gameplay, but I'd rather work on something lighthearted an artist for Café Bouvardie; we need portraits for two characters, a few backgrounds and cgs

Hi, same situation as here; thank you for enjoying the demo! Since a third of the game is already done and finished script-wise I'd really like to at least finalize that by the end of the year. Unfortunately, there have been some issues IRL for both of us and working on the game has been hard. I hope you'll be able to enjoy the full version once it comes out

sorry for the INCREDIBLY late reply; we've been busy with a variety of things and haven't worked on the game much after finishing Nero's route. The project is far from being dropped and I'd love to release the game before the end of the year (or at least finish the script!), but we can't give much info about it yet, sorry. Thank you for you support, we both really appreciate it! I hope we'll be able to bring you some good news soon.