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Save your restaurant from going under by utilizing "exotic" ingredients.
Submitted by Azebu — 56 minutes, 14 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Presentation (visuals)#213.8823.882
Cursed (theme)#243.5293.529
Concept (gameplay)#243.5883.588

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Love simulation games, this was very fun to play, amazing concept and great execution


Neat idea! if you wanted to take this project further i think theres somethings that could be really improved upon. 

Maybe have pans on-top of the stove to separate 4 diffrent cooking areas. Or maybe you could upgrade over time to add more pans. Its a bit weird being able to cook multiple things at once but having all the objects being placed in the center. 

And maybe being able to push a Key that has a cooking menu to pop up to show you which food combos make the food people want to eat.  

Super fun tho! also what did the green mean? i was a bit confused on that part.


Great twist on the concept, I really enjoyed this.


+ I like the spin on the theme
+ Added 3D well (though it would also work in 2D I'm sure)

- No sounds or music
- Bit repetitive


Thanks for the feedback! Sound design is definitely my weak point that I need to work on.


Kenney has lots of sounds (I used a few in my game), but for other things just a cheap mic and Audacity works well. My "ow" and "zombie" noises are just me, ran through a few filters to adjust pitch and reduce noise etc. Music-wise, I find free music to work fine. I had already bought a music pack in a Humble Bundle, so the sound "design" in my game took no more than half an hour!


I like this kind of game (simulation? rush? food?), so it's already a big plus from me. Good idea on the "cursed ingredients" too. Sailors do curse a lot, don't they? :))

I'm a bit overwhelmed when there are already more than 2 food on the stove. Sometimes I already made a burger, but then made a sushi, and it's difficult to grab the right one (between the sushi/burger).

Burger, sushi, and hotdog are easy enough to guess. But ... what's the ingredients for stew? =))) And kebabs???

Anyway, two thumbs up from me.


Haha, I totally missed the fact one could start making another dish before serving the previous. 

Some recipes were a bit of a stretch, but in case you missed it, I included a list in the game's description.

Thank you for playing!


Pretty fun! Cooking games are one of my favorites, and managing a restaurant like this is pretty great. Putting food together is also fun!

I have to admit though that for the first 30 seconds I had no idea what to do lol. I know you put the instructions in the description, but maybe next time an tooltip could be placed in-game? So we can check it out anytime


Thank you! 

I found it so easy to remember the recipes after spending countless hours testing the game, that I had no doubt players would have no trouble smashing things together with at most five minutes of experience! Well, I'll keep that in mind for next time.


This was great! I loved it! Great idea and great execution!


Thank you!


Really well done, it perfectly uses the theme to put an original twist on an old genre, and it looks good too. I think the money don't really feel important to the gameplay, so there's nothing that pushes players to get more of them, but it kept me engaged anyway because I didn't want customers to leave


Thanks! I did wish to do something with the money, but the only idea for upgrades was a Swear Jar to gain that extra money from clients, thus it stayed as simply a way to track score, and I also ramp up the difficulty based on it.