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I mashed the dodge button quite a bit and eventually went out of bounds. Checkpoints would be nice. Keep up the good work though!

Literally perfect. Add Steam Trading Cards and it's ready to be shipped.

I like the dungeon style on the deckbuilding game, difficulty ramps up pretty significantly on level 3 though (or I just got unlucky).

Only suggestion I have would be to add a big glowing tutorial, or arrows, because I spent 5 minutes before I figured out to click on top to choose a dungeon room.

So, few bugs I noticed.

Characters still can get stuck and lose turns forever. Had it happen to an enemy as well.

Starting from second map, Uhie had Ice Bolt listed twice in the attack selection. On the other hand, Fire Bolt didn't show up in the Enter menu for her.

Noe's bolts can go above the enemy's sprite. Consider having a "height" value(s).

Zushi's attack is pretty hard to hit, especially if it's in the first 25% of the charge bar.  If it only showed up at right half, it should be much easier to react.

In third map, right at the start Noe was first on the priority list, but I was moving as Zushi instead, and Noe got moved to the end of queue after ending the turn (while Zushi stayed where she was).

Also my game crashed when the worm was attacking Zushi.

And I felt like music was more compressed compared to last demo?

And I didn't like my cursor being locked when the game was still loading.

I like a lot of the new stuff though. Unlimited move and follow out of combat (had characters get stuck on walls though), new UI, seeing enemies you can attack, and probably forgot some more stuff.

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Thanks! I greatly appreciate the suggestions, especially the one about jumping after walking off the edge. At the end you mention a 3-hit combo with a pause, which is exactly what I have right now, with third hit dealing more damage, but I guess it's hard to see with the current "animation".

Tried beating the game without firing once, was pretty easy.

The cones could be a bit bigger, it's really easy to sneak past enemies right now, and rotating them won't be enough to fix that I believe.

Like the concept though, hope to see more next demo day.

The intro credits take really long to play.

I dislike how jumping up a wall while walking into it gets you stuck right away, could you make sliding activate after hitting apex of the jump?

The game logo is a bit too low.

Other than that, very nice game. Music is a bit repetitive but everything else was enjoyable to walk through.

The sounds are loud as fuck. 

The hit detection on enemy was pretty weird, the only way I could hit is by mashing the attack button. The enemy could stand still, I'd slash right through him multiple times, and nothing would happen until he did some animation.

I opened weapon selection menu and couldn't quit out of it.

Has potential though, looking forward to this on the next demo day.

Liking this a lot, definitely feels better on controller.

One thing to complain is that you can't get past the dummy enemy which can *block your path*. Would be nice if dash could dash through them.

Very cool and climatic. I got stuck in SYSTEM GES menu as well. Managed to bring up SIREN DATA and LEXEMICS but can't seem to get further than that. I really like these glitchy, sense overload, SADWORLD style things.

I think not knowing what was a bug and what wasn't makes for a really cool experience. One thing I remembered was the third ball jumping stage, my ball was stuck in float position, if that wasn't intended I was spamming jump in previous stage near the end, that might've caused it.

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I clipped through the hill. Falling off the edge doesn't seem to work either.

My text didn't auto-advance at first (only first leter would show up). I restarded the game and after that it was going nicely, but I noticed a bunch of typos in the text.

I've had Zuhra get injured but then the burial cutscene played and she was gone from my squad, replaced by a second (You). I then walked around the town and noticed some more bugs, like speech bubbles being shown only partially, like "I'm f", and I got (You) to -100% hunger but he didn't die. I eventually found the starting town, and when I entered it the cutscene played again, and I had 2 Katyas, and after beating this scenario the Zuhra death cutscene played again (even though she didn't die this time).

I also had one NPC freak out at the end of the stage you meet up with Katya and Zuhra, his legs were still, but the torso would rotate around trying to target the group members.

It'd be nice if there was a hotkey to focus camera on a party member (maybe pressing the number twice, or when they're selected already it'll ).

It's very nice you can escape before picking up your companions, but dialogue doesn't reflect that and still uses plural.

Aside from this issues, and demo being pretty short, I really liked it. Good job.

Absolutely disappointed.

The tutorial did a horrible job at explaining contols, I couldn't get the fishing part to work correctly.

The rhythm game had some minor issues like arrows not registering (good thing I'm a pro at button mashing thanks to fighting games), and UI with score and whether you hit the notes at right times being rendered off-screen.

You brought shame onto AGDG demo day with this piece of sh*t unpolished game. Please go back to reddit or something...

Now I'll leave it running for 24 hours and give you a 1 star review if nothing happens by then.

Music is open source (or whatever the correct term is for music) by this guy.

I'm not sure if cat theme is something I want to keep as an overall theme for the game, as it'd be hard to have multiple levels with the same kind of enemy, but recently I've been thinking of just keeping this a relatively small game,and my original vision being turned into a new project (with nice code written from scratch) once I'm done with this. We'll see.

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Really nice game overall, very comfy to play.

I rebound the cursor to right stick, but I couldn't use it at all outside of menu. Being able to use it to point the watering can in a direction would've been nice.

Speaking of which, I think watering could use a bit more leeway. It feels really unrealistic how tight the limit is right now. Real life strawberries will do fine if they get a nice big dose of water every few days, even during hot days. The water cap should go up by another 50%, or even 100% imo. Because of this, right now the spread watercan is pretty dangerous to use if your plants aren't equally watered, and I just gave up on my 7x7 strawberry patch because of this. Maybe the water could drop by bigger amount, the more water you have, something like if the water level dropped by 30% if it was at 50% at the end of the day, and by 50% if it's at 90%? Something like that would equalize the hydration levels over time and make for a more pleasant experience. Oh and maybe being able to see hydration level without pressing button, like the water bar showing up if you have a crop "selected" with watering can in hand.

Also how the plants grow at the same rate feels unrealistic too, if they had small deviations so the crops would mature at different times would feel great, for example if corn took between 8 to 10 days to harvest.

Fun mindless carnage.

I clipped into one of the falling platforms, to about wheel height, but it didn't impact the speed and I slid right out.

hELP i'M stuck at tutorial and can't progress, the console says 59. 

Pretty nice from what I've tested solo using a controller. The movement feels pretty slow when compared to reach of the weapons.

Stances didn't seem to work, but it's good to see they'll be in. I think parrying should be more visible to the opponent.

Nice and juicy, I like how it looks right now. Got the hang of the combat pretty quickly, although the enemy health bar is a bit too long for a demo. I also agree that the ogre is too powerful, at least for someone picking this game up for the first time.

Yeah, I think the fights are pretty easy once player gains few levels. I even cut base Strength in half before releasing and it still wasn't enough.

The element that's supposed to make them harder are Trials. You get a randomly generated task at the start of battle, like "don't take any damage", which will award bonus exp (and more in the future) at the end of the fight. You can view the details of them by holding Tab, and since last version you can also hover over the icon (on the webm you linked it's the heart). So basically you could just ignore them, or you could try a bit harder to complete them in order to cut down grinding time.

For next demo I'll try to get more variety on top of this by adding Slash/Pierce/Crush damage and defense, as well as more skills for each class to encourage more strategy in fights.

Thanks for playing and for the report. I'm trying to think of some ways to deal with random combat which is the norm in these games, for now there's a glowing crystal in the UI which indicates how soon a new fight will happen. And yes, the battle difficulty is very rough at the moment. Can you tell me if you found it too hard or too easy?

As for the crash, it seems that the End Turn button could be pressed at times I didn't want it to be.  It's fixed now in the new version, thank you again.

Jesus Fucking Christ what were you thinking.

I beat levels 2 and 4 with one coin each, I feel like the others require some tricks and techniques I couldn't nail consistently like walljumping.

I noticed that under some circumstances the fading blocks would start to glow again immediately after coming back, I think if it happens around the same time player is respawning?

Fun and simple.

I was going to say that Development Build increases file size by quite a bit, but I got some errors and console helped with it. Here is a screenshot.

The controls took a bit to get the hang of, some of the platforms are slightly too far away from each other requiring pretty precise jumps, which might've been the reason. The targeting was somewhat unreliable as well, most notably breaking on Dashing.

Outside of that, it's a pretty fun demo.

Looks great, feels great. I noticed slight distortions on the walls (seemingly straight lines are bent), is it caused by texture or a shader?

Simple but enjoyable game.  It's fun for a couple of minutes, could work pretty well as a mobile game to play on the train.

I can't consistently get the timing on volleyball serve right, maybe it could use a small tweak?

Thanks for playing! 

I'm going to add WASD in combat real quick and finish the version with few other bugfixes I spotted, but mouse control will be added later on (hopefully by the next DD).

Really like the level design (although I could see squares of grass in some places). 

Gameplay feels nice, although I couldn't pull off the rocket jumping. I'm not sure if that's intended, but money balance didn't reset if you die. The tutorial was in Spanish too.

Controls could use a bit of tuning, but it plays fine other than that.

I was seriously disappointed when I first fired the bow, and the arrow stopped after hitting one enemy. It should be piercing! I ended up using AK-47 for most of the game as well. 

The game gets pretty snowbally once you max out Damage though. I only died to the boss who hooks you (maybe his hook should break if you run far enough from him).

If you're taking suggestions, I think it could be nice if zombos left behind a pool of blood. And maybe a graphics mode where everything (excluding blood pools) is black and white.

The music was very nice by the way.

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If you enter mech while double-jumping, animation freaks out.

Not much to say about it right now, but definitely has potential.

Long cooldown on the raise dead ability causes you to sit for 1 minute at spawn slowly making your army.

Other than that it had trumpets so it's a good game.

Very cute Fortnite clone.

Control scheme is very weird, but managed to get the hang of it by mashing the keyboard (I think it's pretty important to explain you need to press S to close menus). Block placing and terraforming could use a bit more freedom. Also an option to drop stuff is needed, as I had 2 stacks of useless sticks clogging up my inventory, although I'm sure it's in the works.

Combat was fun though and made it worth grinding for the sword. It seemed like one of the four attacks (bound to H) was not working though?

Very nice StS clone. I'm actually digging the aesthetic. At first I was skeptical about crits, but they aren't that disruptive, especially since enemies can't do them.

The cards could be a little more snappy (the hitboxes of enemies are smaller compared to StS, which made me end a turn without playing a card few times). The healing beam deals a lot of damage and single-handedly won me the game. It also seems that there's a lot of multi-hit cards, to the point I didn't see another viable build outside of those + Focus gain. I haven't stumbled upon any bugs either. 

You should also make the enemies follow a specific pattern. Right now it seems they're completely random, making stuff like giving you Frail few times in a row. In StS they have a set rotation, like Attack Attack Defend, and they can start 1-2 steps ahead.

World needs more good single-player card games, so keep up the good work.

Good improvement since the last demo. Only gripe I had was the word that appears above your head during boss fights. I tried typing it in twice expecting to block the upcoming attack, but nothing happened. I assume it's supposed to do nothing and it just represents the boss typing it in?

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I can see the improvements from the last build, nice job. I especially love music smoothly changing into "Ablaze" version during combat.

Bugs I found: Uhie couldn't act at all in the second map (worked just fine during NG+ though). I also crashed when I pressed Enter trying to advance dialogue when changing zones. When using Fire Tome it still said Ice Tome in combat, also it uses more action points than advertised, and it can't handle spinning too fast. It also didn't appear under the Enter menu.

Now for some bullying: It takes too long between animations finishing and damage going out, especially on enemy attacks. Being able to attack multiple times in a turn is pretty strong (it's okay for a demo version, but maybe make the damage reduced for consecutive attacks). Zushi's QTE could use a bit more clarity.

Really looking forward to future demos, keep up the great work.

I softlocked. After going right, forward, and left, as soon as I left the cart I tried to switch magic to Ice, but then I was unable to close the selection screen and had to restart.

Also, few times the character would continue going right after D was released, haven't noticed it happening with any other buttons.

Other than that, it's pretty nice. Gameplay wise, there were some things I wasn't sure about. The bats don't come back so I don't know if I'd need to go back into that zone and snipe them to finish this quest. 

Very nice visuals though, I love them. Looking forward to future updates.

Yeah, F key is a bit weird for an attack. At first I didn't read the controls list and winged it, so I couldn't figure out there's an attack and was stuck on the boss enemy. I think Z and X are more commonly used for actions nowadays, consider those.

Pretty cool concept, some things are a bit unclear like what the yellow and blue cards do. Branching map looks nice, and the combat looks promising. Needs some polish and depth beyond mashing Space though.

Also my game softlocked twice after red player died, and it was his turn to move.