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Submitted by SSTRANDBERG (@sfdstrandberg) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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I haven't played any of your other demos, and I'm not a fan of card games really so I expected not to like this very much. But I like it a lot! At first I didn't know what was going on, which i can probably just chalk up to personal ignorance. The shop mechanic is great and I really like the combat, but as others have said it can be really easy to corner yourself and run out of attack based cards. 

I can't wait until this is even more polished! u got my money fam

keep it up!


Managed to defeat the dragon, but the three slimes which beat me into 4 HP of my life are still out there, so can we really sleep in peace?

I like the addition of picking the dungeon cards a lot, I think the ability to run away through sheer luck adds a comeback possibility, which works towards mitigating the no-win-situation issue Jasozz pointed out. Picking cards also makes me feel like I'm in control of my destiny, so that's nice as well.
I disagree with the previous comment that you should wait until all enemies are cleared before picking the next dungeon card. That's where most of the difficulty and a level of unpredictability come from. I agree that it can stack up pretty fast, but with small dungeon levels aiming to run away always remains a legit option.

I agree the dragon got nerfed too hard in this version. I think the DD24 one had 30 HP, that felt more adequate. At that point in the game, glove and broadsword are too common for 20. I don't have any deep comments about the UI, but I recorded my gameplay and cursor if you want to see a somewhat-beginner click around:

I still like the direction you're taking with it. Looking forward to the DD26 version where the dragon has 80HP and I can shake my fist yelling "TOO MUCH! TOO MUCH!".


-The font is hard to read, color contrast doesn't help 

-"You start out..." could be replaced with the cards shown laid out, plenty of space for that 
-If you can't play a card, indicate that somehow (shake on click, show a tooltip etc.) 
-On long hover tooltips for actions could potentially be useful -UNDO on atleast targetable actions pls 
-Don't let me "Play actions" if I have no actions left 
-enlarged dungeon cards go 10% offscreen at 1280x720 windowed 
-the rat attack anim feels more like it getting hit 
-put the "Stop buying cards" in the store window (mb?) 
-consider: should you force opening new dungeon cards if there's enemies present? 
-it wasn't obvious that clicking the stairs while making actions would redeal the dungeon cards -there's no incentive to reveal cards in any specific order -- consider tieing the mechanics of the game around the positioning of the dungeon cards (e.g. "on reveal also reveal/close/destroy neighbouring cards" or have actions interact with the dungeon state too) 
-I don't think I like the descending into the dungeon to clear all the mobs (though this would be more obvious with longer plays, so could be wrong) 
-consider: revealing a dungeon card automatically on-descent (=entering a hall) -- I need shit to make sense thematically for atmosphere points 
-had the boss at 4/20 from the first turn just buying backpacks (+sleeping bags when run out) and gloves with occasional best weapon and two best xp gems -- it's too easy and I didn't put any reasoning into the building
-Unity somehow broke my NP++ when tabbing, thanks

10/10 Needs deeper mechanical links. 


I wasn't able to play it except once out of 6 tries to open it.  It would "open" and run in the task manager, but it there would be no window.  The one time it did open, I couldn't click on any cards (I could hover over them just fine).  Computer specs in case it's relevant:  Windows 8.1, Nvidia 960M, i7-4720HQ

I like the dungeon style on the deckbuilding game, difficulty ramps up pretty significantly on level 3 though (or I just got unlucky).

Only suggestion I have would be to add a big glowing tutorial, or arrows, because I spent 5 minutes before I figured out to click on top to choose a dungeon room.


Hey! Played your game on stream, just wanted to recap some of my feedback -

I'm admittedly not into card-based games, but I thought this gameplay loop was really interesting. It seems like it's really easy to get into no-win situations, such as where you get stuck with like 5 enemies and only one dagger card to fend them off. Admittedly I probably wasn't utilizing the store/cards to their best potential, it just seemed like things could snowball out of control in a hurry!

Someone on the stream commented that it might be nice, when you have the help window up, to have tooltips pointing to the different icons and what they all are (all of the ? icons with numbers under them, for example)

Seems like a cool premise - hope to see it expanded on!