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Managed to defeat the dragon, but the three slimes which beat me into 4 HP of my life are still out there, so can we really sleep in peace?

I like the addition of picking the dungeon cards a lot, I think the ability to run away through sheer luck adds a comeback possibility, which works towards mitigating the no-win-situation issue Jasozz pointed out. Picking cards also makes me feel like I'm in control of my destiny, so that's nice as well.
I disagree with the previous comment that you should wait until all enemies are cleared before picking the next dungeon card. That's where most of the difficulty and a level of unpredictability come from. I agree that it can stack up pretty fast, but with small dungeon levels aiming to run away always remains a legit option.

I agree the dragon got nerfed too hard in this version. I think the DD24 one had 30 HP, that felt more adequate. At that point in the game, glove and broadsword are too common for 20. I don't have any deep comments about the UI, but I recorded my gameplay and cursor if you want to see a somewhat-beginner click around:

I still like the direction you're taking with it. Looking forward to the DD26 version where the dragon has 80HP and I can shake my fist yelling "TOO MUCH! TOO MUCH!".