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Big dick neo geo shmup energy. I made two waves  on arcade and one-and-a-half on Storm Vulcan difficulty, but I'm also not really that good at shmups in general, so I feel difficulty is balanced pretty well.

I also tried starting level 2, it didn't crash for me but it also didn't start, so I assumed it was just a placeholder, or was it supposed to start?

Like mentioned below, the visuals are great, backgrounds, enemy designs and of course the WARNING KILLER MACHINE IS COMING text (the most essential part). I also liked how "readable" everything was, like I never felt I lost sight of the bullets or anything cheap like bullets being too similar to the background/ships etc. Like I feel that's often the detriment of bad shmups, the unreadable clutter, but that wasn't the case here, so great job on the design!


I feel that story and the character at the end would indeed make for a neat game, I remember seeing him a couple of times as a villain or a boss in, but there's not really that many games about him by itself, I feel that's untapped potential.

The level editor feels really good, especially the spline placing, that felt pretty natural. Only mention I would have would be that sometimes switching between rotation and moving didn't seem to immediately switch on click, not sure if you can reproduce that.

But what a fun addition, I played all the online levels from the others, I hope you add high score lists to them too for flexing rights, those would be awesome, I want to flex my Skirrt the Irrt highscore.

Also just noticed the garage customization, FINALLY I can be momma bear as pooh with kaneda's bike JUST as the developers intended, thank you.

Beat up some fuzzies, fished a bit, met the townsfolk, what more could you want?

Bug-wise the things I would notice it that I couldn't actually talk to the townsfolk, I only got to see the speech bubble. I was also not able to finish fishing, I just kept the fishing rod out until I closed the game.

But yeah, the art works pretty well, I thought everything had a cool unique look to it. The gameplay was still very alpha-ish, I can see a couple of places it could go. The teleported-to-arena thing reminds me of Final Fantasy Type 0, not sure why, it had that circle battlefield too. Either way, good luck going forward!

Truly a fun creative spin on two classics.

I thought the difficulty progression was pretty neat in this version, every room felt more difficult than the last, but with a nice learning curve feel to it.  No chance for me to beat the 8-X levels though, I have accepted my human limitations.

There were multiple times I found myself admiring how well put together the puzzles were, considering every way to sneak around the puzzle's solution, I want to praise that, like very often it felt like there were just enough pellets that you felt you could just make it, but in reality, it was like one pellet too much. Very well-thought-out.

Super fun gameplay! I loved how the different enemy types interacted with each other, tricking cannon boats into shooting the suicide rafts following me, top strat. Also yeah, adding drifting for high speeds is cool.

The time management aspect of it was fun too, like weighing advancing time against taking time for repairs, I thought that went well with the setting.

I saved skib, the city is starting its upwards trend with all yellow mohawks and eccentric ties safe.

Also got some crashes, pasting them here with the error messages would have been too long, so I made an unlisted pastebin real quick:

I like the fight system a lot, it took some time getting used to, but once I got the hang of it, with blocking, pushing enemy actions back etc, I really wanted to do more fights. Got a cool thing going there, hope you keep at it!

Finally someone who understands that the people jumping out of the way in Crazy Taxi was its biggest detriment.
So yeah, overall very fun. My highest was $4840 in 60s, was never able to squeeze out more than that (got a lucky close delivery at the end of that). I think a mode where the time increases every time you make a delivery instead of bonus time at the end would be super fun, kinda how the original Crazy Taxi did it, rewarding you doing well with being able to kill more bunnies.

I got filtered at level 4, the spike on the three-tile platform was insurmountable for me.

The game feel is pretty nice, and I think the gameplay really offers itself well for platforming puzzles. Art is cute too, I think, you caught that gameboy vibe well.

Made it through the demo, I couldn't find any plotholes or glitches or anything, but I also must say I have no idea who the killer could be at this point.

Yeah the monologues were pretty well done, and the environment descriptions too, I think. Will be interesting to see with the final art.

Also loved the title screen effect with the snow, I thought that set the mood well. Very cool!

I annihilated the annihilation machine! 

It really has a very good Megaman Zero feel to it, looks and plays beautifully! Can see this going places if you decide to continue with this.

Making my way up and slowly seeing the birds replaced by more and more planes and rockets, soon I will reach the great beach ball star constellation.

Yeah, it's very fun engaging gameplay. Even when falling down very far, I always wanted to try again immediately, I feel the placement of V planks on the left and right every once in a while made for nice organic checkpoints too. Like you pointed out, just needs some sweet juicy SFX. Great job!

The action tree is a really cool battle system! My favorite aspect of it was the bullet time when selecting stuff, that feeling when you just narrowly avoided a bullet for example, that felt great!

I think it worked in well with the overall gameplay loop here, with how you acquire more and more of an arsenal, which works against different enemies. Like the bow works really well against skulls with it's fast reload time and reach but not really against the blobs. Super cool idea!

Levitation is the most important sigil, that is the truth and do not let anybody tell you otherwise.

But yeah, this factual statement aside, I had a lot of fun with this game. Dodging the guard towers, trashing some Dwarf factories, all good stuff. The procgen part of it felt very cohesive, like if I hadn't seen the Island is loading screen and you had told me these were pre-designed levels I would have believed it, great job on the generation algorithm there! I thought the terrain worked pretty well into the gameplay as well, e.g. finding space for sigils in mountaineous regions and making your way towards dwarf factories was a good challenge I think.

Graphics worked well with the 64x64 limitation, making it feel like a large island worked out pretty well, I would say. Music worked well too with the ruins and mysticism angle the game was going for. All in all fun game!

I got BOTH data prisms in 1 minute 47 seconds (I think my attempts that resulted in death didn't count into the time), the green brothers stood no chance.

So yeah, I liked the puzzle aspect of figuring out where to use which jump, I think the second data prism best exemplified that where you had to actually come up with a viable strategy to get to the prism using jumps and even camera rotation. I had a lot of fun figuring that out.

Like people said, a bit more air control would have been nice, but other than that, with that, I feel like there's a solid movement scheme in here.

And I also want to comment on Ferrum Man's cute scarf, it's what makes Ferrum Man Ferrum Man, really. Very nice job!

I played the single player mode to explore the depths and indulge in some sweet Pelican poetry.

My main strat was to use the #1 Boss mug to get that sweet healing field upgrade, which then led to the #1 betrayal in Hadal calm history when the slightly larger fish boss coopted it and killed me without big fanfare. In that moment I truly felt Hadal Fear™ like that one track title.

But I think that's the most fun aspect of your game, trying out the different weapons and seeing what works for you and what doesn't. I had a good time exploring the options. Looking forward to testing the multiplayer again too on stream.

Still very fun gameplay, and the addition of the single player with its maze exploration is a good fit for that I think. Great work!


Made it to the space cat at end of the demo. I quite like the base gameplay and how much agency it gives you over how well you're doing in fights. Like I didn't feel I had to grind levels to progress. My greatest feat was defeating the skeleton wizard it was I think, the one that casts darkness and has a custom warning to not attempt him before level 20, but I got him done in at level 15 with shield tactics. That sort of thing is very fun, and makes me think that the whole shields/shieldbreaking/judgement mechanic setup is a good base to build on.

I'm also a huge fan of first-person maze navigation games since playing Phantasy Star, I feel it's a very underrated and underused visual style, especially since it really lends itself to maze exploration like here while also aiding to keep a sense of direction thanks to its 90 degree rotations (if it makes sense what I mean here). I thought the 2D sprites in the 3D environment worked well too, I liked the little touch of them stopping to bop up and down when they were near death. All in all what looks like it will be a fun RPG!

I did it, I reached level 10! The final boss for me was the dude in the water, took me a while to find the tool to beat him, but it was a very satisfying final boss, I even felt like he had the longest explosion (fitting of the great feat of beating him).

Gameplay-wise it's all very crisp, I always felt completely in control, and when the enemy got a hit in it never felt unfair, it was just me misreading the pattern. I played with a controller and I have no problems there. I think the only thing I'd mention is that during the tutorial, it wasn't clear to me which button in the UI image was supposed to be the lock-on button (pressing the right analog stick if I'm not suffering from turboalzheimer).

The one thing I'd like to see more of is the status effect system, I saw that both I and the unfortunate enemy I pushed into the water against his will were dripping wet, but what exactly did that cause? Or did I miss a sign that explained that? I think I got what bleeding did though.

Either way, this is shaping up to be a super fun exploration game!

Got very close to beating the puzzles, but the final puzzle, sector 5 mechanic test 3 finally beat me,  I kneel, gravity-change-button.

But wow, what an engaging puzzle game, great design! The freeform line drawing also leads to a great feeling of freedom when solving puzzles. That feeling that you're kinda finding a solution that might not have been 100% intended is always wonderful. Probably not really that common with traditional puzzle games, I think that is a great strength of your game.

Only two bugs I encountered was one: the menu sometimes seems to keep returning to the first sector (even though at that time I had already beat it), and two: the music playing twice (not sure how I managed that, I think it was frantic clicking while having the first bug).

Music was very nice. I found it calming and relaxing while solving the puzzles. All in all a very good game you have going here.

My cute little space pikmin army reached 500, there was nothing more that could stand in our way.

Like the others said, I would have loved more unlockable space bases. The base gameplay is very fun, I spent like an hour collecting parts and more minions without even noticing. If that's not the hallmark of a good game, what is.

Mama bear mode was peak, we have officially hit the peak for bears on dirt bikes (until Space ship part 2).

That aside, I had a lot of fun with this game. Very charming presentation, a good difficulty progression, and what I liked most is how you kept the gameplay fresh by introducing new elements every level. The base gameplay with the speed buildup via combos and flips and wheelies was great as well, to me everything felt smooth and intuitive. The rocket was a great gimmick addition, I can see a lot of potential in mixing that with other stuff like the gravity fields in the space ship level. Wonderful game!

Made it to the end, I think I killed the final boss in two hits, not sure if that was a bug, or as intended as I was becoming pretty powerful (it was more tigerlike magic than catlike magic at that point, really), but I'll take it. Lost often enough to her before.

Loved the sense of progression in this, the different ways you could choose to upgrade. The five-way scatter shot upgrade was the best one, I think that was the game maker for my victory.

Absolutely loved the music in this, every track is a banger. Could listen to the battle tracks forever, they are the best. Real amazing stuff.

Autofire and bullet hell is a great gameplay combination. Thinking about it, most of those "grounded" movement type bullet dodge games have you still aim at the enemies at all times, auto-aim and just switching enemies makes it a nicer experience and lets you add more aggressive patterns. That was a great idea.

Hmm, I get the idea, I remember I liked playing similar browser games where you crafted stuff over multiple hours and waited for things to be done.

I feel if it's something that's not in the browser and rather running in the background it needs some sort of audio or notification cue that it's done. I often forgot there was stuff running for me. Or maybe I'm just an Idle MMO casual, that could be it too. Still think there's a demand here, idle game renaissance soon.

tfw I missed that it just goes on infinitely and thought I could really reach that person in the north.

Nice and polished presentation, I quite like the art and the effect when the camera turns.

Took a while to get used to the starvation system, but in the end I feel I got a good hang of it. The scavenging went well with the post-apocalyptic them, I feel. After that, I then usually died of enemies ganging up on me. I think I got the furthest with the agent, my habit of getting totally surrounded could be offset with the pills transporting me just out of there. That is the biggest strength of this game, these situations dynamically arising. Very good base building blocks for a roguelike game, it all flows together quite nicely.

Made it to the demo end wall.  So close to engineering yet so far.

I liked the open level design, I felt like there were always multiple ways to get to my objective. Exploring always felt rewarding too. Got stuck for a little while going into security, I saw the vent connecting into the security room, but I didn't realize the vent entry was above me (inside the vent). The final boss fight was a cool touch too, getting to test out the taser ability and everything.

Only bug I encountered was that I think I managed to push the hammer through the wall on my first playthrough. Either that or I managed to make it disappear otherwise without it appearing in my inventory. Other than that, everything worked fine for me.

So yeah, cool stuff, can definitely see how you can make some fun stuff with the systems you have in place right now, some cool upgrades for example.

693 until the time ran out for me, I WILL consider myself the Polyfusion champion until proven otherwise.

It's a fun simple concept, the pieces sometimes moving so your fuse intersects itself can be surprisingly tricky, especially with the smaller pieces.

I got through all the levels! The third one was the hardest, getting the dash controls down and keeping the momentum after the wall jump, but I really like how you have a sense of getting better as you play more. I don't think I got any of the time trial medals (except bronze on the second level), but I love how you can feel a sense of progressively getting faster as you play the levels more. For me that culminated in level 5, which I played through without stopping even once on my final go. VERY good feeling.

I think that is the strongest suit of your game, that exciting sense of speed. Levels 2 and 5 were my favorites because they felt they got that across the strongest.

The only other thing I would comment on is that I would also prefer some sense of control rebinding, Q didn't work all that well for me, or maybe I just have a twitchy ring finger.

All in all great job, looking forward to see where you take this!

I was hooked from start to finish, I think this might be your strongest work yet, an absolute banger

MC Godot best boy

Man, I like this a lot. I got to 138, and I think the maximum amount of balls I juggled was 8 or so (the green paddle is great, with how it basically takes care of some of the balls). On the other hand I found the red one often made all the balls come down at the same time, that one often killed me.

Once again, super fun, great gameplay loop and visuals and everything!

Very beautiful, atmospheric game. My favorite part was the final wind ramp and the tunnel leading out of the underground setting, those were fun. Had the thing where I thought I could fly through stuff too, but it didn't really bother me that much, since the checkpoints were pretty generous. 

Okay, I won against the singleplayer bot! I tried all the characters, but for me the strongest was still default, that power shot with the large hitbox was very powerful, especially at the edges. Although I guess against real players it might not be as easy, but we'll see.

Gameplay-wise everything felt good, the effect, the bonks, the slashes, if there was one feedback I'd give it would be to decrease the windup to the slash move, that seems pretty long. I see why it is in, because otherwise it would be too similar to the standard bounce, but I think it would feel better if there was a more immediate response to that move. Or maybe not, I dunno. One thing I'd like to praise is the variation in the designs of the characters and their special moves, I could see different people finding different characters useful, the ninja was my second favorite, he had that cool lunge special move (and some others that should come in handy against human opponents), or the wizard with his walls (although I felt the AI avoided them pretty handily).

So yeah, very fun, can't wait to test the multiplayer and become the one true rollback pong champion.

Huh, I think the fight against the dragon glitched out for me, I can't damage him at all, and every hit of his does 1HP damage to me. Roulette and distract didn't work either. A shame, I leveled up so much, I really felt I had a fighting chance this time (it was still 250HP vs 1000HP but still!)

I liked the leveling aspect of it a lot, it does become easier once you have the thunder sword, after that the enemies get cut into butter (except big Greg, still have a lot of respect for that top dog). And now that I think about it, it's true that the second time around felt a lot easier compared to the first one, I didn't even make the connection, just thought I knew more about how the game works.

Now that I think about it, overall what it reminded me a lot of are those old RPG browser games, where you hit enemies and make those numbers go up, these types of games are always fun. I mentioned it before but I especially want to praise the enemy variety here, they were all very fun with their flavor text and sounds. So yeah, all in all good game, just that one bug that prevented Alcaria from getting saved.

The tier list is completely 100% scientifically accurate, maybe even 200% into the future.

But really, this is great, thanks for the deep analysis of the OC characters! I totally agree with the assessment, I'd even downgrade Stickler to D because I really dislike his normals, they're all extremely short. Can't even stunlock properly, like normal characters.

I did semi-forget that Kat's fireball basically turns everything in front of him into the death zone. I guess the original idea was to make it feel like a shmup character, so I suppose when you play against him you feel like a shmup enemy getting volleyed by a lot of bullets, the number one wish fulfillment fantasy.

Adrian is ok, I really appreciate that her AI tries to spawn hundreds of bombxes  and eventually tanks the frame rate so much I had to hardcode limit her to 30 (10 on the Dreamcast), the little behind the scenes drama adds to her character, gives her depth.

Thanks a lot again for the in-depth testing and analysis, it was interesting to hear how they play!

>The game starts off in 2041, twelve years prior to the main part of the game, in "post-cyberpocalyptic Neo New York". Charles Barkley performs a powerful "Chaos Dunk" at a basketball game, inadvertently killing most of the people in attendance. As a result, basketball is outlawed and many basketball players are hunted down and killed.

I hadn't heard of it before but BSUJG sounds awesome

Yeah, the weak punches completely overwhelm the regular AI. Some of the cheaper AI characters have ways to overcome that, by means of being completely frustratingly broken, but I usually take out their hard AI beforehand (mostly because they frustrate me too).

Thanks for testing and the feedback!

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Thanks for testing/feedback! I'm glad the controls and/or the stick man worked for you!

I'll comment on the new stuff, everything is still as great as I remember it from two months ago, so I won't repeat that:

The DEEP LORE book intro is new (I think), I liked that. With the full name Aozora reveal (which hints towards the Mr. Sol = Ao's father theory, which is commonly accepted as true in the Soporo fandom (Soporodom for short)).

The new final boss UI is cool, especially with the draining shield/life bar, it really gives a better feel for how long the fight is (although I feel it is shorter now than before, or maybe my Soporo skills have just increased that much). No wait, I figured it out, it's the new Ao controls, it just feels better to control now. Good job on that!

Human form is cute too, I'm looking forward to what it can do, maybe human things like working  a day job or make indie games or something.

And of course my favorite addition, the chat (fr.: cat) log, which makes it possible to read the story without destroying the S-rank run. Very clever solution for that, putting it in the pause menu!

Still super fun, looking forward to the shop keeper and/or world 2!

>Par Time: 02:10

>Clear Time: 11:20

Wew, still room for improvement on my part.

This game was AWESOME all around! The graphics, the gameplay and the atmosphere of it all was super fun. I see some comments mentioned it before, but yeah, the first thing that came to my mind too was strider, if strider had nunchucks. My suggestions are very minor in nature: One thing that felt a bit off to me was that the character moves forward when attacking. That's not a big issue, except during the final boss, where there is a good chance you bump into him and take damage while wailing on him when he is done. Another minor thing would be that I would love if you could throw shurikens while sticking to a wall, I tried that on one of the spheres and it didn't seem to work, would be neat if that was a thing, attacking while on the wall is always cool.

I don't really have anything else negative, the wall jumps felt tight and very controllable, the wall runs, once you have them figured out, where also very intuitive and fun to use, and I felt the levels were designed in a very fair way, that even if you mess up, you don't immediately end with an insta-kill. I think I also have to slightly disagree that you should signal more clearly how to deal with enemies, I think solving "how to deal with a type of enemy" is one of the most fun parts of this type of game. At least I was pretty hyped when I figured out I can slide below the dogs and the ball turret shots. Any game that can make me feel smart and cool doing stunts like that is top-cool in my book. So yeah, superb game, and, once again, really awesome!

I defeated the big bug, grabbed the iron key and started my venture into the white void.

Had a lot of good fun with it, especially the fight with the final boss of the demo was very hype, keeping track of the environment while dodging it and swinging at it just. I was about to say the swinging animation could be faster, but I am not familiar with King's field, and judging from the other comments, that appears to be as intended. It does provide a nice contrast with faster slash and slash games, and I also think that gives it a nice strategic feel. 
Also design-wise, I want to praise the funky slimes with their rainbow glitter going on, I liked the way they looked a lot. The overall "feel" of the world was perfect as well, with the fog, the dead trees and the fortress in the mountain.
All in all very promising prototype with a top atmosphere, hope you keep doing cool stuff with it!