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Yeah, I checked again more carefully. Left/right works and B closes the game. I tried the new version 4 up right now.

I'm not sure what the best button layout is, I guess three of the four ABXY buttons on the controller would be the closest translation of the keyboard layout.

The combo system is neat, I'd like to see where you go with that.

As far as problems go, it took me a while to figure out I can slash in different directions during the second level. Also, playing with a 360 controller crashes (or closes?) the game when pressing a button. Physics felt a little stiff since it seems to use a fixed velocity when jumping in a direction and it's hard to change directions.

Yeah, that should be the way to go. Did you try it with the Windows version? Maybe the Dreamcast version ran out of memory. Other than that, unlike the original Mugen, the Dreamcast version is picky with upper/lower case filenames. So if the original character creator didn't pay attention to that in the .def file, the character might crash.

If it also crashes in the Windows version, that's some error in the interpreter. On that note, I'm sorry about the lack of error output (e.g. infos  about what went wrong, etc.), I'll add that in the next version. If you don't mind, could you tell me which character crashed so I can take a look too? 

Thanks for testing! We all know enginedevving means something as simple as "the game runs"  should never be taken for granted.

The Dreamcast version should work, though I always have a bad feeling about European scart cables, I never test for those and they can cause some interesting 50Hz/60Hz hijinks.

The story mode is actually a new addition. It shares the fight state controller stuff, along with a custom set of "story variables" which can be set in a character's state machine, so elaborate scenarios with multiple pathways like in Guilty Gear X2 are possible. Set a flag if the character won with more than a third of its health, etc., that whole stuff. I always thought that was neat and was kinda expecting they'd bring that back with Xrd. Instead I got the world's longest cutscene. Not that this great, great Touhou tribute had any pathways, with this I just wanted something quick Liq can skaddiddle through during his stream, 10 minutes tops.

Testament was in the game for some time, but I couldn't make >him work. Not even the almighty crouching jab frametrap stood a chance against whatever the hell the Testament "AI" was doing. Thus Komachi (Testament) joined the rejection pit along with fortune teller (Dr. Baldhead) and Cirno (Sub-Zero).

But hey, if nothing else, I think this version fixed the bug that made rich monitor owners suffer in direct relation to their wealth. It's now locking the web version to 60 FPS. In previous versions this caused a dramatic slowdown, but the current version, almost a year later, is fine with it. So yeah, thanks for playing despite being busy with the super secret mystery.

Yeah, that's Enter, I've updated the description.

>me in charge of posting the controls

That was a good catch, the floor really is scrolling in a wrong way. The original has "parallax textures", the top of those textures moves with a different speed than the bottom part. I couldn't implement that in time for this demo, so I had to make do with what worked.

The reflection is using additive alpha blending. Mugen in general is using a lot of interesting blending effects I hadn't seen before, so I'm learning a lot from working on this.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the kind words and for testing it!

I managed to escape the compound, though I had to abandon my sled for the final uphill slope.

One thing I noticed is that walking isn't animated when  using a controller, though thinking about it again, I guess it wasn't really meant for controller control anyway, given that the mouse controls the camera. Just thought I'd let you know.

Anyway, I think your toon shader works well with the setting, especially with the outside area.  

I ♂ went ♂ deep ♂ into ♂ the ♂ cavern ♂ and ♂ found ♂ two ♂ balls ♂ Aniki ♂ would ♂ be ♂ proud

Anyway, you listed most of the stuff that was kinda problematic already, the only other thing I noticed is that sometimes when moving forward, the character keeps moving forward in a way that feels a little unnatural. Like it doesn't stop immediately but keeps going for a short amount of time at a fixed velocity then abruptly stops. Not sure if I explained that well.

Well, you already said it's pretty early in development, so you're probably still working  on that stuff. It's already a really pretty cavern though.

I googled the Amanita and was surprised to find out that it was - indeed - the meme mushroom.

Also, I think I ran into a bug with the dialog system. After finishing  the dialog of a person (fulfilling their quest), they only ever show their first piece of dialog afterwards, no matter how hard I mash X.

>Select on the controller exits the game


Did make it inside the tower though, which I think is the final area. I thought the jazz music felt more fitting for the sci-fi theme, but maybe I just became accustomed to it. Switching to target mode felt a little weird on the left  button instead of the left bumper, that was the only issue I had with the gameplay. Still as fun as last time, seriously-regretted-pressing-select/10.

Official pro-tier indefensible ranking as generally accepted by everyone as signed in the Sega home console treaty of '68:

Dreamcast > Mega Drive > Saturn = Master System > CD > 32X > SG1000 though it may be good, but how will we ever find out.

The CD thing reminds me that I wanted to add SD card support later down the line, so you only need to burn the disc once and then read characters and all that dynamic stuff from the SD card. Though I guess technically, you could just start the game from the SD adapter then and do away with CD-Rs altogether.

So I guess the web version ignores my plea for 60 frames per second. Proper handling of variable fps is something I'll have to tackle in the future anyway, for the five TVs left in the world who only run in 50Hz.  The other games had 50Hz support, but since Mugen relies so much on integer frame values, I've removed it from this one. Of course only until it's all properly sorted out

For me the jam pages still have comments: https://itch.io/jam/agdg-demo-day-19/rate/220871. Does it not show the comment stuff for you? Either way, thanks for risking life and limb outside of the safety of the jam page to share your experience with the demo!

I considered remaking Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat in Mugen, but I think at some point games/memes just have to die. Of course I'll never stop bothering Max with random unfunny @s on twitter, but I'm sure he appreciates those on some existential level.

The Mugen port is still broken in every way imaginable. My current plan of action is first fixing the RAM/runtime issues (since those are the most embarrassing) and then pilfering some of the I.K.E.M.E.N. stuff for making it better. Another masterplan of mine is to start lurking /fgg/ to absorb all that sweet fighter knowledge, but at this point I still don't really understand a word anybody is saying.

I wish I could say anything about Eye of the Medusa's deep-seated desire to run at 999FPS. I'll have it run on some more VMs, but until now I've been unable to replicate it.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback, I must sound like a broken record by now, but the thing I hate most is when my games don't run properly.

Rotating Robert is an acquired taste.

Little did you know, there's a global ranking list, it's an official document attached to my fridge with official magnets. And yes, of course I'm proud, most people would have given up during the title screen. You can go to work next week knowing you're the 1%.

Thanks for playing though, I hope the damage heals.


I never really understood how wall jumping with the orange switcheroo worked either. I liked how you mixed it up with more types along the way, though I sometimes felt the level design relied too much on straightforward precision jumps and still didn't explore the switch mechanic enough. A great level for example was the one you used for your title image where you had to switch from blue to green to white. Levels like these really showed how cool the game mechanic really was. You said you were going to add more, so I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with those additional types. Keep it up!

Ayy, those positive reinforcement slugs.

I didn't really have any big troubles with the controls, the only thing I felt needed a bit more polish is walljumping, since that sometimes seemed to get stuck a bit above the wall.

Thought the art was great as well. The contrast between the bright vaporware-y main character and the world was cool.

>tfw you realize after 15 minutes that dddd goes to 18 because it's demo day 18

I felt the sort of revelation usually reserved for few selected minds. I'm still not sure what the additional two d's stand for, but I'll just make up my own headcanon.

Got to 115 on my best run. Not the beaniest booper around but I'm still proud.

I haven't played the original, so I can't really comment on how well you recreated it. It felt a lot like an arcade game though.

Two things I noticed: First, sometimes enemies would get stuck on one of the lowering rectangles and get pushed out of the screen in helpless despair. Second, I died a couple times because enemies spawned into me, or immediately next to me so I had no chance to react. Other than that, I didn't really find anything wrong. I had fun with it.

Made it past Masterhand's pistol-y friends once again and here's my thoughts:

I think you touched up on some of the sound effects, those sounded better. You might still want to autospawn the player at the beginning, the screen layout made me think I was supposed to click the buttons.

I liked the new enemy designs, the first stage final boss felt a little confusing at first because I didn't realize it was in the background. Also, touching its machine gun seemed to hurt me even when it was shooting in the background .

One thing that was a little different than last time was that enemies didn't stay staggered once I had emptied their blue bars. Even when I tried to juggle them, they immediately refilled their blue bar. I liked the previous staggering period better.

Gameplay is still as fun as ever, looking forward to what other bosses you come up with.

I made it through on my first try this time! Or at least I think so, the Thanks for playing screen is the end, right? The text doesn't mean I'm supposed to do some meta stuff to unlock the next levels?

Was the rewind a new thing or did I simply not notice it last time? Either way, being able to quickly undo stuff when you are stuck feels so much better than restarting the whole level every time. There were a lot of small things I noticed, like the level restart animation being skippable, I enjoyed these little things, it felt really polished.

Honestly, I would have loved to play the previous levels with this version. Then again I do think that the new levels had a better flow than last time.

I noticed your update post hinted at some sort of story, I'd like to see that in-game, though I don't know if that would go against the design you are going for.

Really looking forward to the full and/or next version.

D- did you just beat Fists of Justice? The game that took me myself three months to finally beat? I also noticed I forgot to fix the hitboxes, kind of a crass oversight on my part. Just to explain the German comment on the video, I was so amazed that I shared the video with the german general I also post my games in (The comment basically calls my games weird.)

One thing I noticed during the Bombx gameplay you sometimes won by exploding along with the final Bombx, that wasn't really supposed to happen. Glad you liked that one, I think it was one of the better concepts, though still pretty flawed due to the lack of saving, boring levels later down the road and an unsatisfying ending.

So yeah, lots of thanks for the video, I noticed a lot of stuff that needs fixing!

I think my Unreal Engine is broken, I can't find the "Export to Dreamcast" button anywhere.

DreamVR version when

Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm always worried those small poorly-crafted games are seen as some sort of spamming, so that kinda comment means a lot to me.

The absolute state of my controller input code.

Anyway, I also have a PS3 controller lying around, so I should be able to fix it somewhat reliably. Thank you very much for trying it with a controller and finding the bug!

Also, I'm really sorry it crashed for you. I never got any random crashes, but I wouldn't be surprised, since everything is barely held together by chewing gum and dreams.

Awww yeah, I love RPGs like this and you captured the feel perfectly. A love letter indeed. The writing's really good as well, I enjoyed talking to all the characters. I also appreciate the prompts, though I really wanted to take the little boy with me into battle.

I wouldn't say it's too difficult. Obviously, I haven't gotten that far yet, but I feel if it's a love letter to classic RPGs it has to pack a certain punch. Maybe not quite Phantasy Star 2 level punches where you spend years level grinding for dungeons, but you know what I mean.

Didn't notice what the camera sway was about, but maybe I already played an updated build.

It's already been said that the music is super good, but I have to say it again. The battle theme was nailed in particular. I hope once you insert non-placeholder music it will still be that great.

All in all, pretty amazing dude.

>me in charge of implementing anything

Thankfully I have a 360 controller as well, so I should be able to reproduce the issue. Thank you very much for the feedback! It  would have been quite a while until I had noticed something like that.

I think the navigation is great the way it is, other than not being able to spin around the cube like crazy. I'll admit I was never good at Sudoku, so I appreciate the Beginner mode to ease players in. Nonetheless, I found it a little weird that Normal mode was locked from the start since you'd expect that to be the "normal playing experience".

Couldn't find any bugs and it was running really smooth. Hope your release goes well, it seems like a game that could get popular. Are you only releasing for Steam or also mobile later on? The GUI controls seem like they would transfer well.

C R I S P aesthetics, I like those.

I tried the Windows version, because I don't have an Android, though I'd agree that it looks like it would be a really nice mobile game. Though you'd need to find a way to overcome the strength of the shot in the corner being limited by how far you can swish and/or move the mouse. And though I saw the option that adjusts the base speed and that you've already adjusted the speed from the last feedback, I feel like the default shot should still be a tad faster, because right now it feels like it lacks a little oomph.

The level editor was my favorite feature, I thought that was really cool.

The easiest way to start Dreamcast development is probably still KallistiOS (https://github.com/ljsebald/KallistiOS). There's also the Titan IDE coming out in December which tries to be something like Game Maker, though I don't know how that's gonna turn out.

You'd still need either a Coder's cable, a BBA or a LAN adapter to connect your DC to the PC. I would personally recommend the LAN adapter since  it's not slow like the Coder's cable and doesn't cost an arm and a leg like the BBA. Alternatively, you could dev with an emulator like NullDC, though from my experience it tends to struggle with homebrew. Some Dreamcast devs actually use CD-Rs and always burn a new session for testing, but that's pretty much like having a compile time of 5 minutes. Maybe it's possible to dev with an SD card adapter too, but I don't have one so I can't say.

Anyway, thanks for playing and the feedback! I'll have to look into the web version again.

First off, kudos for having an executable-only version, that's comfy.

I also couldn't defeat the three-orb space magician, though I feel that's probably a good thing because it means the game isn't too easy.  The first boss felt really well-balanced and is especially suitable as a first boss to learn the dodge mechanics. You might need to make the special attack gauge fill slower during boss fights, that seemed to nerf the boss a bit.

All in all, I liked it, great visuals and presentation.

I got the web version black screen under Firefox, so I had to use the windows version.

It's very polished, the only thing that felt a little off was the long hit stun. I think the 2D sprite + special shader style is perfect the way it is, though I sometimes feel it makes it a little hard to judge distances.

Also, I broke the lock with no survivors before seeing the text, though this may not be critical in this demo, it may be something to keep an eye out for in a full game, in case hotheads play your game.

It slides around a little too much for my taste, that makes it feel like I'm battling the controls rather than the emojis. 

Other than that, it does what it's set out to do.  Good luck with your LG endeavours.

I agree on the wall run speed being too slow. You still cannot run up walls infinitely, but like in the previous version, this is easily circumvented by mashing shift all the time, so right now the limit is kinda pointless. Another thing I noticed is that grappling from a standing position doesn't seem to work that well.

Movement feels a lot less loose than the previous version, I like that. I also like the new level design, even though I'd have hoped for another tutorial.

It's a pretty good improvement overall. 

Whoa, thanks for the video, it's really cool! Especially with that keyboard layout, I think that's a nice touch. You must be the first person this demo day to have made it to the final boss! I'm incredibly sorry the design of the final boss pattern was so poorly done. I just couldn't figure out a way to properly communicate what the player was supposed to do. Seeing this made me realize the whole plug-your-controller-in-port-2-to-win thing was a bad idea to begin with, because it doesn't really fit thematically. I'll remove it in a future version and just make the final boss tire out after dodging a thousand bullets or so. Once again, I'm sorry you had to go through that frustration, I'll try and learn from that video, I promise ;_;

There seem to be some V-Sync issues going around with this game.  I tried testing a little harder with VMs for this demo day, but it still wasn't enough. Anyway, thanks for playing and especially the large amount of feedback!

Ahh, I get it, that's the mecha jam date, I'm dumb.

Nah, I'm not making proper gameplay videos this time, I'm sick and my voice is dead. We can only pray PHI's PC came back to life, though if I remember correctly it literally went up in flames last Demo Day

(Edited 1 time)

Wew, that was my final try, glad something happened. It wasn't the exact same as before though. Before, he fell through the floor, but as you can see, I couldn't reproduce that no matter what I did. But hey, maybe it's still the same bug.

If you get hit while having your jump charged, the being charged sound effect stays active even as Chip. Other than that, I had the teleport-one-room-below bug, when I was two rooms above the starting room.

I like the bomber, although I feel like it was probably a recent addition because it was only used in one, possibly two instances and didn't really feel fleshed out yet. Glad you managed to come up with a good way to encourage switching between Cannister und Chip though.  Pretty good additions, looking forward to the date.

Joke's on you, you expected me, the player to fall through the floor, but it was actually the first boss! Didn't record it, but it was after a rather lengthy air juggle using strategical C presses.

It's obviously still in kind of an early stage, as the floating rectangle guns of doom make me believe, but I think the game feel is already pretty spot on. I'd maybe wish for some more air variety, since that seems to be where most of the enemies come from. All in all, I'm looking forward to the next version, it's pretty R A D I C A L.