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I was hooked from start to finish, I think this might be your strongest work yet, an absolute banger

MC Godot best boy

Man, I like this a lot. I got to 138, and I think the maximum amount of balls I juggled was 8 or so (the green paddle is great, with how it basically takes care of some of the balls). On the other hand I found the red one often made all the balls come down at the same time, that one often killed me.

Once again, super fun, great gameplay loop and visuals and everything!

Very beautiful, atmospheric game. My favorite part was the final wind ramp and the tunnel leading out of the underground setting, those were fun. Had the thing where I thought I could fly through stuff too, but it didn't really bother me that much, since the checkpoints were pretty generous. 

Okay, I won against the singleplayer bot! I tried all the characters, but for me the strongest was still default, that power shot with the large hitbox was very powerful, especially at the edges. Although I guess against real players it might not be as easy, but we'll see.

Gameplay-wise everything felt good, the effect, the bonks, the slashes, if there was one feedback I'd give it would be to decrease the windup to the slash move, that seems pretty long. I see why it is in, because otherwise it would be too similar to the standard bounce, but I think it would feel better if there was a more immediate response to that move. Or maybe not, I dunno. One thing I'd like to praise is the variation in the designs of the characters and their special moves, I could see different people finding different characters useful, the ninja was my second favorite, he had that cool lunge special move (and some others that should come in handy against human opponents), or the wizard with his walls (although I felt the AI avoided them pretty handily).

So yeah, very fun, can't wait to test the multiplayer and become the one true rollback pong champion.

Huh, I think the fight against the dragon glitched out for me, I can't damage him at all, and every hit of his does 1HP damage to me. Roulette and distract didn't work either. A shame, I leveled up so much, I really felt I had a fighting chance this time (it was still 250HP vs 1000HP but still!)

I liked the leveling aspect of it a lot, it does become easier once you have the thunder sword, after that the enemies get cut into butter (except big Greg, still have a lot of respect for that top dog). And now that I think about it, it's true that the second time around felt a lot easier compared to the first one, I didn't even make the connection, just thought I knew more about how the game works.

Now that I think about it, overall what it reminded me a lot of are those old RPG browser games, where you hit enemies and make those numbers go up, these types of games are always fun. I mentioned it before but I especially want to praise the enemy variety here, they were all very fun with their flavor text and sounds. So yeah, all in all good game, just that one bug that prevented Alcaria from getting saved.

The tier list is completely 100% scientifically accurate, maybe even 200% into the future.

But really, this is great, thanks for the deep analysis of the OC characters! I totally agree with the assessment, I'd even downgrade Stickler to D because I really dislike his normals, they're all extremely short. Can't even stunlock properly, like normal characters.

I did semi-forget that Kat's fireball basically turns everything in front of him into the death zone. I guess the original idea was to make it feel like a shmup character, so I suppose when you play against him you feel like a shmup enemy getting volleyed by a lot of bullets, the number one wish fulfillment fantasy.

Adrian is ok, I really appreciate that her AI tries to spawn hundreds of bombxes  and eventually tanks the frame rate so much I had to hardcode limit her to 30 (10 on the Dreamcast), the little behind the scenes drama adds to her character, gives her depth.

Thanks a lot again for the in-depth testing and analysis, it was interesting to hear how they play!

>The game starts off in 2041, twelve years prior to the main part of the game, in "post-cyberpocalyptic Neo New York". Charles Barkley performs a powerful "Chaos Dunk" at a basketball game, inadvertently killing most of the people in attendance. As a result, basketball is outlawed and many basketball players are hunted down and killed.

I hadn't heard of it before but BSUJG sounds awesome

Yeah, the weak punches completely overwhelm the regular AI. Some of the cheaper AI characters have ways to overcome that, by means of being completely frustratingly broken, but I usually take out their hard AI beforehand (mostly because they frustrate me too).

Thanks for testing and the feedback!

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Thanks for testing/feedback! I'm glad the controls and/or the stick man worked for you!

I'll comment on the new stuff, everything is still as great as I remember it from two months ago, so I won't repeat that:

The DEEP LORE book intro is new (I think), I liked that. With the full name Aozora reveal (which hints towards the Mr. Sol = Ao's father theory, which is commonly accepted as true in the Soporo fandom (Soporodom for short)).

The new final boss UI is cool, especially with the draining shield/life bar, it really gives a better feel for how long the fight is (although I feel it is shorter now than before, or maybe my Soporo skills have just increased that much). No wait, I figured it out, it's the new Ao controls, it just feels better to control now. Good job on that!

Human form is cute too, I'm looking forward to what it can do, maybe human things like working  a day job or make indie games or something.

And of course my favorite addition, the chat (fr.: cat) log, which makes it possible to read the story without destroying the S-rank run. Very clever solution for that, putting it in the pause menu!

Still super fun, looking forward to the shop keeper and/or world 2!

>Par Time: 02:10

>Clear Time: 11:20

Wew, still room for improvement on my part.

This game was AWESOME all around! The graphics, the gameplay and the atmosphere of it all was super fun. I see some comments mentioned it before, but yeah, the first thing that came to my mind too was strider, if strider had nunchucks. My suggestions are very minor in nature: One thing that felt a bit off to me was that the character moves forward when attacking. That's not a big issue, except during the final boss, where there is a good chance you bump into him and take damage while wailing on him when he is done. Another minor thing would be that I would love if you could throw shurikens while sticking to a wall, I tried that on one of the spheres and it didn't seem to work, would be neat if that was a thing, attacking while on the wall is always cool.

I don't really have anything else negative, the wall jumps felt tight and very controllable, the wall runs, once you have them figured out, where also very intuitive and fun to use, and I felt the levels were designed in a very fair way, that even if you mess up, you don't immediately end with an insta-kill. I think I also have to slightly disagree that you should signal more clearly how to deal with enemies, I think solving "how to deal with a type of enemy" is one of the most fun parts of this type of game. At least I was pretty hyped when I figured out I can slide below the dogs and the ball turret shots. Any game that can make me feel smart and cool doing stunts like that is top-cool in my book. So yeah, superb game, and, once again, really awesome!

I defeated the big bug, grabbed the iron key and started my venture into the white void.

Had a lot of good fun with it, especially the fight with the final boss of the demo was very hype, keeping track of the environment while dodging it and swinging at it just. I was about to say the swinging animation could be faster, but I am not familiar with King's field, and judging from the other comments, that appears to be as intended. It does provide a nice contrast with faster slash and slash games, and I also think that gives it a nice strategic feel. 
Also design-wise, I want to praise the funky slimes with their rainbow glitter going on, I liked the way they looked a lot. The overall "feel" of the world was perfect as well, with the fog, the dead trees and the fortress in the mountain.
All in all very promising prototype with a top atmosphere, hope you keep doing cool stuff with it!

I never got the chicken dinner, the intellicell dinner, but I like to think the patient still made it, as their cells violently killed each other via web-developer-powered network battling.

So yeah, very fun game! I especially liked the blast mechanic, I felt like waiting for the right moment where balls come from every direction and blasting them all away was the best part. The infection meter made for some hype moments too, especially near the end. Another cool thing was the fact that it keeps track of kills (and shows them in the final ranking).  As far as bugs go, the only thing I encountered was that it froze during my first session after a T cell got past me(?), but I wasn't able to replicate it and it never froze again, so it may have just been some web shenanigans. Anyway, great game all around, keep it up!

I liked the dialogue a lot too. The chemistry between Ao and Peperi, and of course the true protagonist Mr. Sol, really has some interesting places to go.

My feelings are pretty much the same as the other comments. It's a really fun demo with a neat base idea that lends itself to puzzles. I also liked how you threw in the liquid physics and the ball pit. Those were actually some of my favorite and most memorable parts, so despite their "danger" mentioned below, I'd probably argue in their favor.

There's just one thing I wanted to bring up since I haven't seen it mentioned before: From what I see, ranks are distributed based on completion time right now. However, when I stop to let the dialogue play out, the time also appears to keep running. Just moving on didn't feel right either, since I'd have to worry that the next event might override the current dialogue. 

Bug-wise, I didn't really find anything. When doing a coin collecting run and collecting the final coin with Peperi, I can still make sounds when pressing the jump button, that's all I really managed to find.

So yeah, all in all, very good demo. A lot of love put into details, like the underwater bgm effect and the parallax when doing the big jump with Ao. Good stuff, I had a lot of fun!

Thanks for the feedback! The AI is something of an eternal issue, some characters have it built-in (and are often too hard for casual story-driven fighting), but I kinda want the standard AI to stand a fighting chance too (although it usually doesn't).

I should tweak guarding towards being more effective when the enemy attack has fewer frames though, that should at least protect against the death by a thousand jabs.

It might be a bug in the engine or the state machine. I'd assume the engine, some of the hit transitions are a bit wonky in there.

The Dio character was made by shio, it comes with a Japanese readme, so the best you can try is to read the moves from the command file. A more popular Dio was made by warusaki3 (which I couldn't use due to Dreamcast memory issues). That Dio has a wiki entry with moves. Both Dio versions are a conversion of the Heritage for the Future character, so the commands should be pretty similar:

Please note that things like Time Freeze are still broken in this version.

For completeness' sake, here is the source for the Dio used here:

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Great, it deleted most of my images. Will fix real quick.

Edit: Done fixing the images, I never knew how terrible the itch commenting stuff could be. Will probably change this comment section to forum-style with the next demo.

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10. The final step is starting the burning process. Make sure you have inserted a blank CD-R in your drive and press the Start button. It is greyed out in the image because I don't have a blank CD-R right now, but in your case it should be clickable:

It is generally a good idea to set the writing speed as slow as possible to avoid disc errors.

11. Wait until the burning has finished and put the CD-R in your Dreamcast. If everything works out, you should see a little message on the licensed by Sega screen and the game will start afterwards.

That was pretty much as in-detail as I could make it, I hope it helps!

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9. (continued): After selecting the CDI you created earlier, it should look something like this:

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9. Click on the source button to select the CDI you want to burn.

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7. After clicking away the various messages, click the New symbol in the upper left corner:

8. Select Burn disc image from the list that comes up:


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5. (continued): This will also create a CdiName.cdi in the dreamcastkit folder, this is what it looks like in the example:

6. The final step is burning the CDI to a disc. This works like with all other Dreamcast cdi images if you have experience with that. For burning those, you generally use Padus Discjuggler. The trial version is available here: . It supports everything you need to burn CDs, so that can be used. The Padus site seems to be timing out right now, so I'd like to mention that an alternative to Discjuggler is ImgBurn ( which also supports CDI files. I can't give an in-depth tutorial for that since I have never used it though, so the tutorial will continue with Discjuggler.

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5. (continued)

This will start the cdi creation process, which will look something like this:

(Will be continued, itch really doesn't like large images)

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5. This is where the command I mentioned before comes in. If you now type make_cdi.bat CD_NAME CdiName, a CDI will be created based on the files in the assets folder. Modifying the assets works analogously to how it works in Mugen, here is a good tutorial on that: . There are things to remember when making games for the Dreamcast, most importantly the memory limits. The Dreamcast has very limited memory compared to modern computers, so make sure to pick characters that fit. From my experience, characters with a 5MB sprite file represent the very upper limit of what you should put in. I'd probably go with 4MB as an upper limit to be sure, since there are also other factors, like the size of the statemachine playing in. Finally, you have to make sure your CD_NAME is not too long. If that is too long, the creation of the CDI will fail. That being said, the command should look something like this (replace CD_NAME and CdiName with the name you want your CD to have and the name you want the output cdi to have respectively):

Once again, I had to split it up, the next steps are in the next comment.

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I'll try to go into more detail:

  1. Download the Dolmexica Infinite Make-your-own-game kit for Dreamcast
  2. Extract it to a folder. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will assume the kit is under C:\dolmexica\dreamcastkit
  3. Open the command prompt. Tthe command prompt is opened like any other program. Under windows 10, you would hit the windows key, enter command prompt and then select the program. The only issue here could be that the command prompt is called differently in different languages, for example, the German version is called Eingabeaufforderung. If all else fails, you can press the windows key + R and then enter cmd in the window that pops up.


4.  Next, you change the directory to the place where the dreamcastkit is by entering cd C:\dolmexica\dreamcastkit (this should be the folder where your make_cdi.bat is, if you have it somewhere else). If there are spaces in your path, you have to add "" around your path, like cd "C:\dolmexica\dreamcastkit"

The tutorial was too long, so I have to split it into multiple parts, it will continue below.

Directional inputs are always valid, button inputs are only valid in accordance with the beat. There are also freestyle sections (which replace the spinners from the original Osu), during which all input is valid.

The general documentation can be found here:

Not by myself, but there is a Reimu_RP_Readme.txt included with the character that lists most moves, including the most important ones. I've made a pastebin of it:

Pressing weak punch (Q under the default layout) and medium punch (W under the default layout) at the same time will recover.

This can be done by adding Reimu to the chars folder, then adjusting the select.def. This works analogously to how it is done in Mugen, here is a good tutorial on that:

For reference, the Reimu character can be downloaded here, it's a very good character:
In general, if it is only about playing as Reimu, I would probably recommend Mugen over Dolmexica. Dolmexica is just a Mugen interpreter for Dreamcast/Web basically, so if it is about Windows, Mugen is still the most accurate and will usually work the best.

This has been implemented in newer versions of Dolmexica. Dream Fight 17 A.D. was Demo 6. Demo 7 introduced key remapping, and Demo 14 finally introduced exporting the mapped keys and loading them from config (Windows) or a save (Dreamcast). Remapping is possible in web, but the remapping cannot be saved there.

I'm sorry Reimu froze the game for you. This is an older demo of Dolmexica Infinite, so this issue should be fixed in a newer demo:

It would be interesting to know which version you encountered the freeze in. In the Dreamcast version, Reimu has some memory problems, because she is a rather large character, memory-wise. So there is a good chance the game will run into memory issues during loading. For reference, the Reimu vs King fights in story mode were pretty much at the upper limit as far as memory usage is concerned.

Of course memory issues shouldn't be a thing under web/windows, so if it crashes there, it was something else. Once again sorry you encountered that freeze.

Reimu can be selected for Arcade, Survival, Training and Watch mode. In Story Mode, she is part of Team Anime and has a fight in there.

Reimu has regular and special attacks. The special attacks are listed below. For simplicity, I'll use some abbreviations in the special descriptions: QCF refers to a down, down-forward, forward motion on the analog stick or dpad. UPPER refers to a Forward, Down, Down-Forward motion. a b c refer to weak kick (A key on the keyboard), medium kick (S key) and strong kick (D key) respectively. x y z refer to weak punch (Q key), medium punch (W key) and strong punch (E key) respectively.

Reimu Hakurei:

  1. Spellcards Lvl 3 - QCF, QCF + x or y or z or c or x+y+z
  2. Fantasy Seal - QCF, QCF + x or y or z
  3. Demon Binding Circle - Down-Back, Down-Forward, Down-Back, Up + x or y
  4. Guard Cancel Counter - Back, Down-Back, Down + x or y or z
  5. Ascension Kick- Hold Down, Up + x or y or z
  6. Hakurei Amulet - Hold Back, Forward + x or y or z
  7. Rain Dance - UPPER + x or y or z
  8. Dimensional Rift - Back, Down, Down-Back + x or y or z
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I think I understand what the issue is here: The make_cdi.bat is supposed to be used with the command line, if you just click it, it will flash then immediately close itself. It is supposed to use with its parameters like this:

There will be a version with a proper GUI in either Demo 15 or 16, but I still haven't started work on that yet, so I can't tell when that will be included. Sorry that the README was unclear on that, I have added the fact that it needs to be started from the command line to the Demo 15 version.

Now in Portuguese with Google Translate (probably pretty wrong, but I hope the general meanings come through, I'm not actually sure if it is even Portuguese in the original question, looks like it could be Spanish too, I'm sorry, please blame Google Translate autodetect):

Acho que entendi qual é o problema: O make_cdi.bat deve ser usado com a linha de comando; se você clicar nele, ele piscará e imediatamente se fechará. É suposto usar com seus parâmetros como este:

Haverá uma versão com uma GUI adequada na Demo 15 ou 16, mas ainda não comecei a trabalhar nisso ainda, portanto não sei dizer quando isso será incluído. Lamentamos que o README não tenha sido esclarecido, mas acrescentei que ele precisa ser iniciado na linha de comando para a versão Demo 15.

Ok, I'll list the character's specials. As far as strategy goes, the characters in this demo are especially weak against crouching kick attacks, that is something that could help. Later demos also have F1 as a debug key that immediately wins the round, though that is disabled for Dream Fight 17 A.D.

For simplicity, I'll use some abbreviations in the special descriptions: QCF refers to a down, down-forward, forward motion on the analog stick or dpad. QCB refers to a down, down-back, back motion. HCF refers to a back, down-back, down, down-forward, forward motion. HCB refers to a forward, down-forward, down, down-back, back motion. UPPER refers to a Forward, Down, Down-Forward motion. a b c refer to weak kick (A key on the keyboard), medium kick (S key) and strong kick (D key) respectively. x y z refer to weak punch (Q key), medium punch (W key) and strong punch (E key) respectively. Due to this being an earlier demo, holding commands do not respect their holding duration. If the command says "Hold back for half a second" just tapping back will also work. This changes in later demos.

  1. Baiken:
    1. Tatami Gaeshi - QCF + a
    2. Youzansen - UPPER + y
  2.  Chipp
    1.  Power Charger - UPPER + c
    2. Hyper Combo - QCF, QCF + a
    3. Meisai - QCB + a
    4. Ten'i - QCF + y
    5. Beta Blade - UPPER + x
    6. Alpha Blade - QCF + x
    7. Gamma Blade - HCF + b
  3.  Cop Justice
    1. Hyper - QCF, QCF + a or b
    2. Super - QCF +a or b
  4. Courage
    1. Unnecessary Roughness - QCB, QCF + x or y or z
    2. Power Check - QCF, QCF +x
    3. Two-Point Conversion - QCF, QCF + y
    4. Helmet Spear - UPPER + a or b or c
    5. Drill Spear - QCB, QCB + a or b or c
    6. Air Tackle - UPPER + x or y or z
    7. Shoulder Tackle - QCF + x or y
    8. Stiff Arm- QCB + x
  5. Axel Stone
    1. Super Missiles - QCF, QCF + x or y or z
    2. Super Golpes - QCF, QCF + a or b or c
    3. Missiles - QCF + x or y or z
  6. Geese Howard
    1. Deadky Rave - Forward, Down, Back, Forward + a or b
    2. Raging Storm - QCF, QCF + x or y or z
    3. Rashoumon - QCF, QCF + a or b or c
    4. Hishou Nichirin Zan - UPPER + x or y
    5. Reppuken '96 - QCF + x
    6. Double Reppuken '96 - QCF + y
    7. Shin Reppuken - Hold back for half a second, Forward + x
    8. Shin Double Reppuken - Hold back for half a second, Forward + y
    9. Jaenken - HCB + x or y
    10. Reversal - HCF + a or b
  7. Gilius Thunderhead
    1. Upper - UPPER + a
    2. Special 1 - QCB + a
    3. Special 2 - QCF + a
    4. Special 3 - QCF + c
    5. Special 4 - QCB + c
    6. Summon lightning - c
    7. Summon Dagon - z
  8. Haohmaru
    1. Tenha - Down, Back, Forward + y
    2. Seiouzan - Down, Back, Forward + a
    3. Comet - QCB + a
    4. Crecent Slash - UPPER + x or y or a
    5. Rage - z + c
    6. Half Crecent - Back, Down, Down-Back + b
    7. Quake - Back, Down, Down-Back + x or y or a
    8. Cyclon Slash - QCF + x or y or a
    9. Sake Hit - Down, Back + x
  9. Johnny Cage
    1. Turn into Sabrewulf - Down, Back, Down, Down + x or y
    2. Green Projectile - Back, Forward + x
    3. Shadow Punch - Back, Foward + y
    4. Shadow Bk - Forward, Back + y
    5. Shadow Kick - Back, Forward + a
    6. Ball Breaker - x + c
  10. Kung Fu Man
    1. Smash Kung Fu Upper - QCB, QCB + x or y
    2. Triple Kung Fu Palm - QCF, QCF + x or y
    3. Kung Fu Knee - Forward, Forward + a or b
    4. Kung Fu Palm - QCF + x or y
    5. Kung Fu Upper - UPPER + x or y
    6. Kung Fu Blow - QCB + x or y
  11. King
    1. Rose "Dragooneer" - QCF, Down, Back + a + b + x + y
    2. Illusion Dance - QCF, Down, Back + a or b
    3. Silent Flash - QCB, QCB + a or b
    4. Surprise Rose - Back, QCB + a or b
    5. Benom Strike - QCF + a
    6. Double Strike - QCF + b
    7. Tornado Kick '95 - HCB + a or b
    8. Surprise Rose - UPPER + x or y
    9. Mirage Kick - HCB +  x or y
    10. Trap Shot - UPPER + a or b
    11. Mirage Dance - HCF + x or y
  12. Mai
    1. Mizudori no Mai - QCF, QCF + x or y
    2. Houou no Mai - QCB, QCB + x or y
    3. Chou Hissatsu Shinobibachi - QCB, Down, Forward + a or b
    4. Hanaarashi - QCB, Down, Forward + x or y
    5. Kachousen - QCF + x or y
    6. Ryuenbu - QCB + x or y
    7. Sayo Chidori - QCB + a or b
    8. Hissatsu Shinobibachi - HCF + a or b
    9. Wall Jump - Hold down for a little more than half a second, Hold up + x or y
    10. Toki Tsubute - QCF + a or b
    11. Hishou Ryuenjin - UPPER + a or b
    12. Hakuro no Mai - UPPER + x or y
  13.  Mima
    1. Spellcards Lvl 3 - QCF, QCF + x or y or z or c or x+y+z
    2. Escape velocity - QCF, QCF + x or y or z
    3. Orreries Sun - QCB, QCB + x or y or z
    4. Meteor Strike - UPPER + x or y or z
    5. Sweep Away - Back, Down, Down-Back + x or y or z
    6. Green Spread - QCF + x or y or z
    7. Stellar Missile - QCB + x or y or z
    8. Flight mode - c
  14. One-armed man
    1. Shoot gun  - QCF + a or b or c
  15. Reimu Hakurei
    1. Spellcards Lvl 3 - QCF, QCF + x or y or z or c or x+y+z
    2. Fantasy Seal - QCF, QCF + x or y or z
    3. Demon Binding Circle - Down-Back, Down-Forward, Down-Back, Up + x or y
    4. Guard Cancel Counter - Back, Down-Back, Down + x or y or z
    5. Ascension Kick- Hold Down, Up + x or y or z
    6. Hakurei Amulet - Hold Back, Forward + x or y or z
    7. Rain Dance - UPPER + x or y or z
    8. Dimensional Rift - Back, Down, Down-Back + x or y or z
  16. Rock Howard
    1. Deadly Rave - QCF - a + b
    2. Power Geysir - QCB, Forward +b or y
    3. Raging Storm - QCF, QCF + y or b
    4. Shine Knuckle - QCF, QCF + x or a
    5. Super Energy Ball - QCB, QCB + x or a
    6. Shinkuu Nage - UPPER + a
    7. Rising Tackle - UPPER + b or y
    8. Rage Run "Dunk" - QCB + x
    9. Rage Run "Swift" - QCB + a
    10. Hard Edge - QCB + y
    11. Double Hard Edge - QCB + b
    12. Reppuken - QCF + y
    13. Double Reppuken - QCF + b
  17. Ryu
    1. Shin Shoryuken - QCF, QCF + a or b or c
    2. Shun Goku Satsu - x, x Forward, a, z
    3. Shinkuu Hadoken - QCF, QCF + x or y or z
    4. Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku - QCB, QCB + a or b or c
    5. Shoryuken - UPPER + x or y or z
    6. Shakunetsu Hadoken - HCF + x or y or z
    7. Hadoken - QCF + x or y or z
    8. Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku - QCB + a or b or c
  18. Sagat
    1. Fatal Tiger - x, x, Forward, a, z
    2. Tiger Wave - Forward, Back, Down-Back, QCF + x or y or z
    3. TigerR - QCB, QCB + a or b or c
    4. TigerG - QCF, QCF + a or b or c
    5. Super Shot - QCF, QCF + x or y or z
    6. Super G Shot - QCB, QCB + x or y or z
    7. Tiger Uppercut - UPPER + x or y or z
    8. Tiger Knee - UPPER + a or b or c
    9. Tiger Shot - QCF + x or y o r z or a or b or c
  19. Scorpion
    1. Aggressor - HCF - Start (Enter)
    2. Fire - Down, Forward + a
    3. Ducking Spear - Forward, Forward + a
    4. Spear - Back, Back + a
    5. Teleport - Down, Back + x
    6. Forward Teleport - Down, Forward + x
    7. Super Sweep - Down, Back + b
  20. Sol Badguy
    1. DM_Fire - HCB, HCB + b
    2. Super Mode - QCB, QCB + y
    3. Uppercut - UPPER + y or b
    4. Fire Ball - QCF + y or b
    5. Twin Kick - QCF + a
    6. Dragon Teeth - QCB + a
  21. Sonic
    1. Sonic Acrobatic Rush Super - QCF, QCF + z
    2. Sonic Acrobatic Rush - QCF + z
    3. Spin Down Rush Super - QCB, QCB + z
    4. Spin Down Rush - QCB + z
    5. Sonic Spin Blade - UPPER + x or a
    6. Ring Throw - QCF + b or y
    7. Backflip Wave - QCB + b or y
    8. Sonic Roll Attack - QCF + x or a
    9. Sonic Slash - Forward, Down-Forward, Down + a or x
  22. Sub-Zero
    1. Aggressor - HCF + Start (Enter)
    2. Ice - Down, Forward + a
    3. Vertical Ice - Down, Back + x
    4. Shower - Down, Forward + x
    5. Ice Clone - Down, Back + a
    6. Floor Ice - Down, Back + b
    7. Slide - a + b + c
    8. Ice Blast - Down, Forward + y
    9. Ice Counter - Down, Back + y
  23. Chun-Li
    1. Kikoken - QCF + x or y or z
    2. Spinning Bird Kick - Hold back for a little more than half a second, Forward + a or b or c
    3. Hyakuretsukyaku - a, a, a or b, b, b or c, c, c

This ought to cover most of them. Most special attacks revolve around quarter-circle movements so those are always a good starting point to explore.

Suave Dude, the character included with the current demo, has a few special input attacks (using the default keys to indicate weak kick/strong kick):

  • High Kick: Forward, Down, Down-Forward, then A or S or A+S
  • Dude Kick: Down, Down-Forward, Forward, then A or S or A+S
  • Air straight kick (while in Air): Down, Down-Back, Back, then A or S or A+S
  • Triple Dude Kick (Power bar must be at least 1): Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, then A or S
  • Smash Dude Slash (Power bar must be at least 1): Down, Down-Back, Back, Down, Down-Back, Back, then A or S

Every character has their own special moves with different inputs, they are not all listed, because listing them all would lead to quite the long control list.

The original Mugen way would be to go into the character files and look into the command file. Though I can see that that would be difficult with the web version. As far as I know the original Mugen did not have any way to look at the commands in-game, might be worth adding something like that to Dolmexica especially for something like the web version.

In a more practical way, a lot of characters have moves that are based on quarter-circle motions of the analog stick/dpad/arrow keys, you can get most of the characters to use special moves with that.

Ok, I think I recorgnize the errors:

For the Dreamcast error, it looks like the disc title is too long. If your command is something like "make_cdi.bat GameTitle DISC_TITLE", it's the DISC_TITLE causing the issues, try using a shorter one, that should do the trick. I'm not sure if it's a CD limitation or of the program making the cd image, but I also ran into this issue before.

For the web version, it looks like you are trying to open the index.html in your folder locally, without uploading it to itch or a similar site first. Browsers don't like loading local files (due to security reasons) and want all files to have either a http:// or https:// path. The easiest way to emulate that is to create a test project on itch and upload the zip there (you can make a project without publishing it and test there). It also seems to work locally with the Edge browser because it does not have the security check against loading local files I mentioned before.

Both Make-Your-Own-Game-Kits come with a README.txt, that is all the documentation there is right now. I'll add it to the regular Dolmexica documentation for next time and add a note about the two issues you encountered. I hope the rest of it works as expected now, once again sorry about the errors.

Oh, sorry it didn't work for you and thanks for reporting it!

Hmm, it should work with the Make-your-own-game kit for Dreamcast and Make-your-own-game kit for Web respectively. They should include everything that is needed for making custom games.

The Dreamcast version comes with a filesystem folder, where you put the assets like you would with regular M.U.G.E.N (though I would recommend testing it with the Windows version first, to make sure there are no errors with the characters themselves or something). After that you have to run "make_cdi.bat GameTitle DISC_TITLE", that should output a GameTitle.cdi. That is the default format for Dreamcast releases and should be burnt with Padus Discjuggler. A trial version which works fine for burning everything can be found here. (I also just noticed the Discjuggler link in the description is broken, I'll fix that now). The reason this format is preferred is historically due to its better treatment of multi-session disc data, which is how the Dreamcast loads CD-R games.

The web version works with the Make-your-own-game kit for Web in a similar fashion: It includes an assets folder where you put the M.U.G.E.N files you want to use (once again, I recommend testing with the Windows version first). After that you run "make_web.bat GameName", that creates the build folder, in which the raw .js files and index.html are located in case you want to change things in them before uploading, and a zipped you can use to upload to sites like itch or newgrounds. There can be problems with bigger games for web versions, the web conversion sometimes struggles with those. Additionally testing the web version locally can be tricky. You either have to use emrun by emscripten, if you have that installed, or test with Microsoft Edge, which works even with local web version builds because unlike Chrome and Firefox it loads local file references (normal browsers disable those due to security reasons, which is great against malware but not so great when you want to test your games locally without running a server).

I also used those kits to make the current Dolmexica versions so they run on my machine at least. Where exactly does the process fail for you? Is there a problem with creating the .cdi/.zip? Is there a failure during burning or loading the game? Does it crash during the game? Does it work with the Windows version or is it maybe just some error in Dolmexica in general? Those would be my first questions, maybe they can help figure out what went wrong. Once again, sorry you ran into issues when trying to make Dreamcast/Web builds.

Thanks for the feedback!

A lot of development went into very unnoticeable things this time: Parallax stages, palette effects, documentation, etc. Basically this time around I did the kinda stuff that needs to be done but you never want to do. This trend of invisible changes will probably continue with the next demo, since that will be focused on making the Dreamcast version run better again.