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Captain Dreamcast

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Ohh, even in video form, thanks for taking the time!

Really cool style of mixing 3D and 2D to make puzzles! The writing was also superb, reminded me of games like Phoenix Wright and Hotel Dusk. That plushie conversation line had me in tears. Really amazing, please make more.

Small bug: after looking at the two tables, I was stuck on the tile in front of the tables. After mashing the buttons, it opened the tablet screen. I though "When in Rome" and entered the correct number, which the character dismissed as false. After that everything worked again, and it accepted the number. Not sure what happened there.



Interesting concept. So the focus is on multiplayer, right? J... just outta curiosity, what happens to people who don't have friends to play with?

Either way, looking forward to see this develop!

Glad to see that the gameplay feels just as good as in the webms. Loved the little story elements you threw in there, too. It's a very well-connected package. The music, story framework, gameplay all perfectly flow together. Seriously awesome.

Only thing worth mentioning I found was a small graphics glitch during screenshake, although you probably know about that already.

Sorry to hear it froze on you, the web version seems to be a bit of a mess, except the bit part (so it's not your laptop). The main issue seems to be the memory: The C++/SDL to HTML5 compiler I used doesn't really handle dynamic memory all that well, so I went with the more performant name-your-upper-memory-limit-at-compile-time option. I felt nothing could go wrong as long as I set the memory limit high enough. By now, I have already replaced it with a dynamic memory allocation version,  which runs even more laggy, but should no longer freeze. Once again, really sorry ;_;

The input stuff is weird, because it only happens on itch. I'll probably have to fix this at some later time since I really have no clue what's going on there.

Glad you managed to have a little fun with it though and thanks for the feedback!

Yeah it works on Dreamcast, though you need both a light gun and a CRT monitor, which kills about 99.99999% of humanity's population as my player base.

Curses, I was really looking forward to just putting walls around the checkpoints, but my plans were thwarted.

Procedurally generated tower defense is an interesting idea. The one thing I disliked in the demo was that towers were limited, otherwise I would have had a hard time to stop luring crabs into death traps.

Those are some gorgeous models and beautiful animations. You really capture that dark fantasy feeling.

The combat flows well, though I kinda want hits to feel a bit meatier.  Then again, the enemies ARE spooky ghosts, so I dunno. Also, I wonder if you could add another indication that you've run out of stamina. I may just be a turbopleb right now, but looking away from the skirmish to look at the health bars kinda breaks the immersion.

It's a cool system, although I may be a scrub, because I only played in God mode. 4 HP for enemies with machine guns was a little hard ;_;

I wonder if you could streamline the item stuff a little bit. Managing your weapons feels a little clunky right now. Shooting guns feels juicy though, I really like that.

The get-sucked-into-space-after-breaking-the window mechanic was easily the coolest part of the game. I hope you add more stuff like this.

It's a really well-made puzzle game. Not sure how you did it, but the way the gameplay mechanics grow onto you is really cool. It becomes pretty natural once you get used to it, which really reminds me of the "Now you're thinking with portals" thing. Except, blue squares, I guess. Your biggest hurdle will probably be to make players understand how the mechanics work. I think once they're "in the flow", they'll like it.

Definitely a demo I'll keep on my desktop for a while, at the very least until I've cleared all the levels.

Only technical issue I found is that the game crashed when I tried to exit with escape during the game.

I won a round, I feel so proud. The tutorial was cool and  useful.

My only technical problem with the game are the bars that appear when you hit a unit. They look so much like health bars, but they're obviously not, because units keep dying even when their bars are still filled.

Feels smooth and polished. The sound really fits the game. Only real problem is the edge of the screen. 

Also that tactical pile of rocks that limits the level made me chuckle.

The Dreamcast version has less Mirklings but runs smoother than the web version. At least except with the three levels where the background keeps changing. They take more VRAM than the Dreamcast development library I use is willing to give up, so the game ends up moving large textures between RAM and VRAM constantly, resulting in choppy gameplay. It was a design oversight on my part. B- but hey, at least no slowdowns!

Originally, I wanted to make a really juicy game, that's why I made the explosions just big enough that you couldn't protect all the houses with it. Balance is really  hard, so I'm sorry if the overall game was too easy ;_;

I hear about that DLL error every once in a while  and I can't really figure it out. I asked about it on /agdg/ before but nobody could give me a good answer. It's a windows runtime library (Google taught me that much), so my best guess is that maybe it's an incompatible Windows version. Sorry it didn't work.

Yeah, I noticed that too about the browser version. An alternative fix is clicking the white part of the embedded html page next to the buttons or the buttons themselves. It was my first web port, so things are a bit messy, I'm sorry.

Oh, the dark level. You know that feeling when you play your game a lot and lose all feeling of what is acceptable difficulty and what's not? That's probably what happened here. I'll remove it, it's already too hard with a mouse, and with a light gun, you have no mouse pointer to show where you're shooting. It would just kill the Dreamcast version.

I'm really surprised you made it through all the way to the end. You can't be THAT evil. Thanks, man.

Sorry that it crashed, and doubly sorry that it crashed mid-game! Mirklings was my first web port and I'm still trying to figure things out.

My best guess is that the game ran out of memory. Since emscripten is not that hot at handling dynamic memory alloc, I decided to go with the name-an-upper-memory-limit-at-compile-time strategy. I'll reupload it with a larger memory pool. Once again, really sorry!

Very stylish, especially together with the music. You really captured that sci-fi feel with the models. The intro screen was also pretty funny.

Would've loved to see more enemies, but it sounds like you're working on that. Also, would be cool if you added something for the type of people who collect all the coins / do the valve thing (although I guess it may be overkill for an alpha demo).

Didn't notice any noteworthy bugs or quality issues, it got a little frame-droppy on the outside platform when basically the whole level was visible, but I guess that's to be expected.


Ah man, there's even a tutorial mode, that was a nice touch!

I don't think the game was too hard, at least I had no problem winning. Mr. Graybox was a bit of a problem but the WARNING mitigated that.

All in all, pretty fun demo, looking forward to where you'll go with it.

What genre are you aiming for (except the slash-stuff-and-throw-rocks genre)? I liked the attack effect, it looks cool.

It's a solid concept. I bet there's loads of interesting levels you could make out of this. I especially liked how you mixed things up with the shield guys.

I really like the style and the feel.

Just to make sure I'm not missing anything, is there anything in this demo I can do with the other girl? Or is it more of a tech demo?