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Feels a lot better since last time! I love rapidfire mode, I feel it does make it a lot more rapid, but it's nice that you also provide the option to charge your shots! I see some people complained about controls, but that seemed mostly keyboard-centric. With a controller, I didn't really have much issue with anything. Plus there was the helpful overview in the game itself.
The questing system was also a nice addition, I think it wasn't there in this form last time. Added some more character to the npcs around. Still no mercy for the walrus from me though.

Only things I found were that you could get out of buying/d-pad up menus by pressing escape on the keyboard and then moving, which in turn broke the level-up menu. 

Additionally, I got stuck in a room with earth tiles, I thought I could dash out of it, but I ran  out of sodas and had to /unstuck out of there. Roughly top right of the map somewhere, I think.

All in all, I think it's a lot of great improvements from last time! Keep it up!

Thanks a lot! And thanks for letting me know about the resolution issue with the web version, I forgot to set the correct embed size.

Hi! I dunno, I never tested this with Reicast, I remember testing it with NullDC (another DC emulator) and it didn't work with that.
It works on real hardware, so depending on how far Dreamcast emulation has come since then, it might work.

Made it to the mysterious knightess and got my reward, the sprite going down was a nice touch.

Other than that, I also rode the dragon to the second area with the tunes, overall I only encountered one small additional bug other than the loading screen one you already mentioned on the game page: If you have an interact prompt (in my case right now, the talk to mysterious knightess), the escape pause menu seems to no longer be responsive. Works again when you move away so the prompt is no longer active.

Love the overall feel of this, it had me hooked to explore everything there was to it.

Very fun roguelike, I enjoy the aesthetics of the Flesh a lot, I think it's a cool setting for a shooter. Aesthetics of the opening cutscene were super cool as well.

Luckily, I already had the version with the nerfed lava, it still killed me most, followed by the goblins that shoot in a half-circle starting with danger level 8.
When you get the right upgrades it's amazing how powerful you start to feel, by far the most powerful one is the one that adds attack power right now. Would be cool if the other abilities could be further improved to also give that same feeling of superpoweredness, I think. Or I suppose since this one is already released, it might help with your next project of a similar type. Either way, great job!

I may not be the most efficient prison keeper AI, I roughly halve my prisoners every day. But it's not my fault shocking them is so much fun.

Love the art style here. The intros were super stylish with the ASCII effects and the ship looks great.

I think I managed to encounter one bug: The mop doesn't seem to work for me when I click on it, I couldn't remove the yellow streak someone left near the showers.

Would be cool to have a time fast-forward button, I think 30 days is a bit long with the current hour speed, especially when there's some down time, like when the prisoners are in bed.

This has a lot of potential, I think with a more few quality-of-life additions this will be pretty good! Looking forward to prisoner mode too!

Super funny, I love the writing in this game! I always checked out every nook and cranny to see if I could find another flavor text. My favorite is the chemistry between Cecel and Spot. Their banter while walking back to the police station is my favorite.

Same for the monsters, really, I love the distinct personalities each of them has. Almost makes me sad to fuse them, really, but a man has to do what he has to do to combat overpopulation.

I did it, I filled out the ledger correctly! I cheesed it a bit using the mechanic that once you have half of the answers correct it locks in, but it's a game mechanic, so it still counts as my win! My tripups were beardly and cunt, my immediate association with beard was homeless so I wrongly picked Bill and for cunt I apparently picked the wrong Myers. Managed to deduce the rest from the clues.

So yeah, gameplay-wise it reminds me most of Obra Dinn, with filling out the who and what. At first I thought "wow, that's a lot of characters", but I think it's appropriate for this time of gameplay. It can be kind of hard when you're stuck on the last few to fill out. To make it easier I would suggest locking in the correct answers more often (I think Obra Dinn did "every three correct answers") or something like that. Then again, that does make it easier to cheese, so I dunno.

Would be nice if there was an easier way to look at clues while filling out the ledger. Moving back and forth between the scene view and the clue view felt a bit cumbersome.

But I had fun playing this, it's fun figuring out the clues and when you have that moment when it all comes together. I think it's a cool groundwork for a detective game!

Sweet, I feel the controls are a lot tighter now. Last time I occasionally had some issues with wall jumps being a bit finicky and not being able to get diagonal spirit working, didn't encounter those issues this time, ascending felt super smooth. Same with the parry kick, I feel there have been some tweaks there since I tried the last demo, works super reliably for me now. Not sure if the level design was adjusted too, it felt easier this time (or maybe I've just got all that Age of Brass supreme skill now).

I hope there's a level that includes some downward or more side movement (even though I suppose the theming is meant to be about ascending), would be super sick to have a level built around using spirit form. Either way, super fun mechanics, feels great when you build up all the momentum and zoom through the enemies while blowing them up. 

Still really like this. Not sure if I already wrote this during one of the previous DDs but I love how it shows slight context for the answer when you hover over it on the diorama. Like when you select [spoiler] the footprints in the first case for "where did the culprit walk" and it says on the footprints. The most frustrating thing with Phoenix Wright games and other games of that genre is when you click on something thinking "it's this clue because of X" and the game tells you, "you selected this clue because of Y? Well that's wrong". I think giving this small context on why the part of the diorama was selected adds a lot to remove that frustration, that's pretty neat.

Art looks super good as well, I think, both models and character sprites. Shaping up to be a great comfy detective game.

Woah, this is super cool! Firing the chain gun feels very satisfying. I think you really nailed that dakka dakka dakka feeling. Also my favorite feature, the missile parry kick. That stuff is great, I loved doing that on the final boss especially, that was awesome. The brass platforms slowly rising was fun, felt like an assurance that you can always progress even if platforming fails.

Aesthetically everything fits together well I think. The art, the effects, it all gave that intense high-action shooter vibe. Maybe it could be a bit faster overall? But then again maybe I'm just bad at games and you can move faster when you play better. Yeah, thinking about it again, it might be that, for example I also never really managed to get the sideways spirit form going by building momentum, that looks super fun from the screenshots, just blazing through enemies.

But these are minor things, you really have a super fun game here!

I did it, I defeated the Totem King! That was a very satisfying victory when the ice cube (and subsequently the top of the totem) were destroyed. I think I managed to do everything on the map, I assume the vinegirl that follows you around that was above the final boss is the princess that you can rescue. I also rescued the walrus, but my greed knew no bounds so I later killed him to turn him into coins for fast food (fast food truly kills as the machine said). Also explored the bouncy place, bouncing was fun.

Gameplay-wise, I had my breakthrough moment when I realized there is also a crouch attack. The idea of mixing up jump attacks and crouch attacks does a nice job of keeping you moving, just think it would be nicer if the crouch attack recharged faster to keep that high speed combat going. Leveling system worked well too, I made the strength build of my dreams, felling enemies all over.

What I really love about your game is the art. I love the designs of everything, the feel of the map and the expressions of the enemies, I thought those were cool. I think you really managed to evoke the type of mood that makes you get immersed in a game with your design. Will be even greater when there's some music or ambience to go along with it. I noticed some whale sounds which came out during night time, which certainly got me worried something giant was about to attack, those were cool too (they were also right before my decisive battle with the Totem King, so they really upped the tension).

I think this is a great foundation to expand on in future demos and the eventual release, very well done!

FINALLY someone using physics engines for what they were built to do! 

But even huge bouncing bozongos aside, I found the fighting gameplay in this game to be very juicy, mowing down enemies like a berserker with punches while running, finishing them off with dropkicks and the occasional kick-combo that sends enemies flying feel super fun and satisfying to use. I also felt the balancing was very nice, I usually played against five enemies at once and I never felt like I was overpowered or underpowered, it felt both fair and challenging at all times.

Sound effects are juicy too, I like the death sound effect and how it sounds when they flop down.

There is a lot of fun in here already, I think this is a good base to build more gameplay or more modes on! (Also just found out you can turn off the black boxes while reading these comments, good stuff man!)

I played it through! The last time I played this game was when it ended right when the world was nuked, was cool to see that the story is going interesting places. Please take my feedback and suggestions with a grain of salt, since my only experience with SRPGs is cheesing some Advance Wars games and Shining Force 2.

A couple of the improvement suggestions I wanted to mention seem to have already been addressed in your comment below, but I'll still rattle them off:

  • Fullscreen option in the settings (I only saw your comment about F4 after beating the game, but those settings are where I searched for it, so I think if that's possible it would be a neat addition there).
  • I didn't get a confirm-to-quit prompt when I accidentally pressed Escape on the save menu, seems to not be there?
  • There didn't seem to be an option to save before the first social event selection after mission 1, but there was before the social events for mission 2. I think savescummers like me would love to have that for all the social event selections (even if the consequences wouldn't stick if we reset)
  • When Kraven took the Yeti's keycard, Urassik says he needs to have the keycard on himself, I took that to mean that you need to use the trade function with Kraven, but that was not the case since the keycard seems to have already been on Urassik.
  • You keep key items during New Game+, e.g. the bomb key and the yeti keycard (I mean not really a big deal for a demo but I guess I'd bring it up)
  • Opening chests is done by wait, other actions are done by info, could that be unified? Standing on the bomb also seemed unnatural to me while playing, I missed that you could stand on it the first try and wasted a round (although looking back I think I could have also undone the move).
  • If you have fast mode on for enemy movement, it will autoscroll through the final text on the prologue mission if your allies kill the final enemy.

I really love the mythology of your game, I feel it is a very  strong part of what hooked me. The Diyu, Lord Yama, underworld lore is super interesting and I am glad that the game took that direction after the HIVE nukes. I also greatly enjoy the new unit characters you can spend free time with. I played through the game three times in a row to get all the social events, I liked them so much. My favorite is Smith, the most American man alive.  In the same vein, I think the talk feature is a great addition for alternate gameplay routes, like talking to the Yeti to disarm the situation, I enjoyed doing that on my first run (much to Lei's dismay). Although I also tried to talk the dummy terrorist into please disabling the bomb, which he most pleasedly refused. I think you get a lot of interesting choices and gameplay experiences out of that feature, you also can't just use it blindly, that's why I like a lot how it was used in this game.

At first I felt Kraven and Urassik were the main pullers due to their movement range, but on my New Game+ playthroughs I only realized how useful the sniper is. I like how all the characters have their strengths and weaknesses and I can see how you could design more missions to take advantage of each one. Those are really good. Their personalities were wonderful too, the aforementioned most American man Smith, the sniper getting philosophical over movies, the scientist and the soulful machine talking about the science behind it all, I enjoyed spending time with them a lot.

All the branching definitely adds to the replayability factor, just on this base demo with two main missions, I got what felt like three different routes on my three playthroughs, with social events and other choices.

Also music-wise I want to note that the combat training BGM is a bop.

So yeah, all in all I had a lot of fun with this demo of the game as well, I love the story/mythology/characters and I love where you took it from the last demo! Keep it up!

Thanks for the playtest and the feedback!

You're right, I forgot to add something to cancel the talking-to prompt, should have added escape or something for that. 
I had that camera thing too during development and thought that was fixed, for some reason it only ever seems to happen in the web version. Thanks for letting me know it's still happening!

Cool stuff! Also tried out everything, begged a bit, bought all the wood from the store, got some jobs.

I think some feedback when something is not possible would be helpful, like for example I think you can only get jobs when you actually have enough wood, that dependency wasn't clear to me in the beginning. Other thing I found is that I managed to reach -1 energy at some point, I think by coming home when I barely had any energy left.

Was about to say, "I can't seem to find the scarecrows" but wew, I think just found them. 10/10 creepy models/animation especially with that blizzard and clock atmosphere, genuinely spooked me. I can't seem to hurt them (or they me), that would probably be the next big thing. 

Those things moving slowly and chasing you would be super scary, at first I thought they were already doing that.

So yeah, gameplay is still a bit barebones but I think you've got a good mood going.

Nice, getting the timing right on that last puzzle felt really good.

I liked  all the puzzles, the fourth one was my favorite. I had that OF COURSE moment when I figured it out after trying for a bit. Great puzzle game moment when it makes you feel like a genius.

Only bugs I saw was on the fourth one you could actually block the laser with the head of one of the characters without the character getting killed, and I managed to die by jumping on a hint once.

I think it's a good framework for adding puzzles. I guess introducing mechanics like the laser and the turret and then designing puzzles around them would be a good way to come up with more levels? 

I think I got filtered by the red shadow(?) wall, in the room where the magic turret keeps shooting at you. Isn't that where you are meant to press Q and use the radiant crystal? Or is there something else? Banging the magic turret didn't seem to do anything.

Combat didn't really work for me, having to move the mouse while doing an attack is very hectic in close quarters combat. I like the exploration part of it very much though, the cool map with the markers, the way you can collect trinkets, memories and texts, that all looks and plays super fun. 

Me turning into a Touhou extra stage boss with the 7 key.

I found no bugs in the demo, and I think shooting the slimes and throwing stuff at them felt pretty good. Only thing that felt a little floaty was throwing potions, the position adjustment for that, I think it's the way the camera slowly keeps moving until the throw position is in the center. 

Also your UI looks really good, I like the style of it.

I think the hitbox should be more in the center, I'm unsure where it is right now. And maybe a bit smaller? Other than that, maybe the laser shot needs some balancing, it really rips through everything very fast it feels.

I liked the look of the second stage a lot, the tall grass and the parallax made it look especially nice.

Boss-wise I liked the stage 1 boss the best, that final pattern was really cool! Bomb has a cool feel to it too, the shield plus dropping glaciers combo feels very powerful.

I played local multiplayer against myself keyboard vs controller, I tried to put up a valiant fight against man's strongest opponent (himself). 

Only bug I noticed is that I managed to throw my stone outside the ring and was unable to return it.

Aesthetics-wise it reminds me a lot of Blobby Volley, the undisputed champ of local co-op games, which I think works well. Sound effect have a nice comic quality too.

Cool setup, I liked the opening of flying over to the town, getting started slow. I like the idea of sneaking past the first batch of enemies too to raise tension and introduce different map objectives. Maybe an intro fight for the fight mechanics would be cool after that. Either way, gonna be interesting where the story will go, if it will be apocalyptic or something like that. 

Get well soon!

After destroying Maynard, the guard and finally Patti, I started getting spammed with "security wants to grab zapper but cannot find it" messages and the game started slowing down to a crawl.

Also for some reason I can't seem to figure out how to climb ladders yet, might just be me being retarded here though.

Ok, now I think I got it, you grab left and right and left and right AND hold jump at the same time.

Hmm, now I seem to be stuck on the floor and my center of looking around seems to be off. Happened after security was trying to take me to the brig, could it be related to that? Either way, seems like I'm softlocked now.

On this try I got the rat! Maynard was in the screwdriver room so I asked him to come to the terminal, used that to get into the screwdriver room, got the screwdriver, threw it around so Maynard comes back from the terminal, use that to get out, unscrew the vent behind the boxes, and climb up the ladder to get to the rat.

Grabbing, using tools etc really lends itself to puzzles like this well. Feels like there is a lot of stuff to do in here and I like that.

I managed to get stuck, I can't go anywhere from here. This was in the web version. No clue how I got it to be like that in the first place, I just walked in there.

Only other thing I noticed going unexpected is if you try to select new game or load game with enter on the menu after the title screen, it will play the title screen fadeout again.

Other than that, I didn't really find anything negative, I think animations and music are top-notch and I liked the writing of the main character(s). Ana being best girl of course (natural fact).

Loved the atmosphere of this! Very clear controls, I think the only time I tripped up was with the dash, for some reason I couldn't get that it activates on spacebar release and you charge it by holding spacebar (but that was more me being a brainlet, really). 

Story worked well with the game I thought, the christmas theming and the tree ending gave it that wholesome quality that was already mentioned in another comment. I think this type of story probably lends itself better to an underwater exploration game than something less comfy, I dunno.

Ah, this is about Dolmexica Infinite, right? I think you could get it working without the assets.js (in the simplest case just copying the assets.js content into the game.js since both are embedded at the same place in the index.html), then the files you still have would be:

  • game.js, the javascript to run the game
  • game.wasm, the web assembly
  • the assets used by the game

I'm not sure if you can reduce it further. The web build uses Emscripten ( which is a sort of compiler-to-web. I know there is a way to do non-web-assembly builds with Emscripten as described here ( but the last time I tried those to debug something, they didn't work with Dolmexica. It would be done by adding -sWASM=0 to the linker when compiling the game. That's not possible with the make-your-own-game kit since that one already has the linked version.

The current linking command used by all my games (even Inside that's embedded on this page) is in my web/dreamcast cross-development engine here: , the command itself starts on line 9, you would add the -sWASM=0 to that. But like I said, since it changes so much in the compilation and is more of a legacy option at this point, it will most likely just result in a black screen and probably some startup javascript exception unfortunately.

I'm not sure if you could get rid of the .data file either, from what I see here on the documentation about packaging (, it seems to be a necessary component.

Very charming writing and presentation. I especially like that you added little notes in the bottom of the screen what you are hovering over during the mystery solving stage. Iirc that was always missing in the Phoenix Wright games, having them here really removes some of that "Am I hovering over what the dev wants me to hover" ambiguity. 

Super fun, would love to see more puzzles in that style!

Local man goes to extreme lengths to enter his favorite sports bar.

What really stood out to me was that the monster designs were super cool in this. I thought they were very intriguing and hooked me to what was going on in the game's world. The camera/input changes stood out to me a little too, but sometimes I feel that's just how it is with fixed camera angle games, how to handle the input transitions between changes is always a bit of a challenge there.

This is a pretty solid foundation for a silent-hill esque horror game, good job on that, hope you keep it up!

Yeah, this is super fun, immediately had to jump back in after finishing the course, it's really addictive. My best score was 75175 with the tried and true "diagonal spin trick until I get the blue lines on every jump" strat.

One thing I'd say is maybe switching between movement and rotation with the left thumb on a gamepad felt a bit unintuitive during jumps. But I see there are also different opinions on that in the comments below, so I dunno.

But once again, super fun game, this will go places!

This has some pretty cool ideas. It feels great to play with all hits feeling meaty and the camera effects, which certainly look like the ones from Guilty Gear. The leveling system is intriguing, I thought that was cool, though right now there's no way  to raise it outside of the debug system, would be interesting to see how this could be integrated in a full game. One thing that I would also hope to see in future demos would be defensive stuff, blocking, maybe burst etc.

But yeah, really cool prototype!I think you really got the feel down pretty good already, looking forward to see where this goes.

I think this game shines best when it treats the different subweapons as pieces to solve a puzzle. I enjoyed the rooms styled around the laser or the axe and figuring out the safest way to progress through the different spawns with the least danger.

I would actually second your idea you had below to completely cut the gravity, I kinda thought the same while playing, I feel you could have a lot more dense bullet patterns and precise dodging if you don't have any drag or gravity, etc. Although that would change the genre almost, but I could see some bullet hell/castlevania crossup working. Either way, this had a lot of cool moments and a good feel to it, good job!

I'iwi is very cute, compliments to the I.M. Stranded guy who wrote the survival guide. But cuteness aside, the explanation of the status effects is very handy, I learned a couple of things there. Nice addition!

Hmm, I wanted to test the new spaceship levels but I seem to get stuck on moon base act 2, it just won't let me progress past the goal flag. I can't find where the logs are stored, maybe I can send you those to help figure out what's happening?

Ah, but I got to see the tubes in the grizzly grandpa online level, nice, yeah they feel pretty good. Also I like the rocket feel, I'm not sure if the feathering explanation instructions are new, or if it only took me until this demo to get it, but with feathering I think it's pretty precise (while still trick to control).

Beautiful visual style, I love the 3D effect when you wiggle the book, that was great. In general the book style worked incredibly well, this was probably my favorite choose-your-own-adventure-novel in video game form. Stuff like pasting missing pages or removing cards from the book, that was very fun and creative!

I couldn't make it to the end though, I kept getting sent to chapter -2 (I think I used the arrow keys where I wasn't supposed to, mostly around chapter 2, maybe you can reproduce that) and I have run out of bookmarks, so I can't start a new game. I got as far as the brain scrambler guy, and lost a couple of times against him (not sure if I could beat him, he really kept beating me hard).

Here's a screenshot how it looks for me right now

I tried normal and phew, this certainly was hype: I was followed by a conga-line of minotaurs to the throne with 6hp left and no cure herbs. Thankfully you heal between maps, so I actually managed to beat the general. 

 I'm not 100% familiar with this genre either, except literally 10 minutes of Shining Force 2 and the occasional aborted Final Fantasy Tactics playthrough. I think my first angle of going further here would be to add more units to control for the player, and not just an ally (unless that was the whole idea, one player character and the rest is all npc allies, I think that could work too with some tweaks and more focus on abilities maybe). Also, I think you already mentioned it below, but I think a tutorial could help as well, for example I didn't realized there were chests that could be opened (I went to one but must have missed how to open it somehow).

I liked the music a lot in this, the tracks were all great. And like I mentioned, it was very hype for me, it had me hooked, great job there!

Got through them all, plus the bonus level(!). Love how the fairies look now, especially the blue one, that one is just incredibly charming, just the pure joy of poking personified. All those great little animation details. And those cool-looking level select graphics look amazing too, just setting the mood for the different tilesets. The speedup behavior at the flag is a nice tweak, I like that it's no longer holding it.

I disagree about what was being said below about that changing fairies should always be automatic, I like how it pauses everything and the manual selection, I prefer using it (maybe because I'm a scrub but still).

All around great job on this, it's really a super fun puzzle game, I always look forward to the improvements you make each demo day.

Ah man, I'm easily frightened, but still, you sure got me good. Luckily I missed a fishing spot near the start, so I managed to back it back to canal safety rather easily after getting the seventh fish, but phew, if I had been near that final dead end albatross spot, that would have been the end of me.

Definitely a 10/10 in the mood department. Was constantly expecting something to jump at me during the fishing part. The lighting (loved the lighting effects on the rocks in the water) and the music did a great job of making you feel "claustrophobic" even though it was a large body of water. The final chase was the cherry on top. Really great job on a fishing horror game.  Will now watch cute fish videos so I can go near water again.