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Ah yes, Tobias Jofer. Glad to see this masterpainter appreciated aboard the starlight express.

I liked the new batch of characters in this game (for what I could see of them) and the dialogue was still good. Only bug I found was the ask a question interface, which I could not exit. I never found out how to either submit or exit that one. Oh, and some doors go to the same place (there's two doors leading to the starting room for example), but that's probably just because it's such an early demo. Either way, good luck with this one!

Thanks for testing it!

You're right, the AI is too easy. I haven't finished the options menu yet, so I've locked it at super easy difficulty. There are some characters with built-in AI, but off the top of my head, I can only think of one (Mima) which is hard to beat. The giant Johnny Cage thing is because I haven't included the global scale parameter yet, it's a lot of fiddling, since it worms its way through everything. Maybe with the next demo. Either way, thanks again for the feedback!

Very cute dialogue, made me smile multiple times.

A bug I encountered: When trying to talk to the other mannequin from the side after going through the dialogue the first time, its "interact" text disappears and no dialogue starts. I'm not 100% sure if the talking from the side thing is causing it, but it happened multiple times so I dunno. Either way, looking forward to the turn based combat demo, good luck with that!

I slayed the beast! 

There's certainly a sense of progression, during my first few runs, I couldn't get past the skeletor spam period, after that my first reaction to the onis' damage output was "Are you kidding me", with the final boss getting me to admit defeat in my hearts of hearts the first time I saw its HP. But the learning curve works very well, I got farther with each try, slowly learning how I should balance my deck (though I'm not really experienced with deckbuilding games, so I dunno how people with more experience in the genre would fare). I had fun, it got very hype at the end when you just play 20 cards a turn. Thank you for finally letting me experience that feeling of being a pro Yugioh player.

Thanks for testing it!

The browser version is still pretty problematic modding-wise. I'm currently trying to figure out how to make an easily distributable tool for packaging something that can be uploaded and embedded. Right now it only works by compiling the entire source, which is a bit cumbersome.

That ending hit me like a bag of bricks, but in a good way

I think UE4 only supported importing wav files directly and that's why I went the lazy route. I *think* UE4 compresses audio to something less massive while packaging it, but I have to say I never looked into it enough to say for sure. 

I feel like I learned a lot about myself during that final choice I had to do twice and about the fact that a plane does not scale based on its y scale component but a negative value inverts the plane.

We are all sons of the patriots now (Thanks for toughing it out until the end).

Thanks for trying it!

Yeah, I forgot to add proper two-step game exiting, so I threw in that Escape thing at the last second, sorry about that one.

Similarly, rotating was added to lessen the blow of the QWAS stuff. Skeletal movement was an experiment that - while 100% necessary - will enter the history books as a case study of both ambitions gone awry and ambitions completely failing to understand physics engines. Alas, there's always next Halloween.

I can't into music compression.

Like, I will literally die if I compress all that 240p music I download from Youtube and my laptop mic voice overs. *cough* cough*, see that's what the .pak compressor alone did to me.

It depends, I guess forcing the player back into adult mode makes it more strategic (like the tutorial said, it opens up the whole when-do-I-change-back-to-adult line of thought), while the current version is more action-oriented. From my gut feeling, I'd say keep it as it is, since I think the action focus is more important and it is already difficult for a scrub like me, don't take away my baby time.

I encountered these problems:

  • Had this lighting glitch in the beginning of tutorial: 
  • I opened a debug menu and couldn't figure out how to close it.
  • Spamming bouncing bullet makes the sound glitch uncomfortably when all the sounds are played at the same time.
  • Maybe more of a demo thing, but going back to the title after winning/losing the wave makes it seem like the game is completely over, even though cash/weapons/etc. carries over.
  • The baby mode bar reloaded even when shooting people in baby mode, which - the way I understood it from the tutorial - should only happen when shooting people as an adult. I made a video of it too, so you know what I mean:

It has a very cool and unique aesthetic with the baby theme, it contrasts well with the murderous rampage through hundreds of kidnappers. My favorite is still the music and audio design in general, I'd say you have a good thing going there. Since the tutorial is new, I'd also like to note that I managed to win my first wave after it, so I'd say it did a good job (especially with that focus on ABUSE THE BABY MODE, which really DID come in handy).  All in all, a very fun game.

Now this only leaves me with one question: if babies are so powerful how did they get caught in the first place?

Thanks a lot for testing it!

Controls are still kind of a problem. On Windows, Escape returns to the title screen, but on Dreamcast, I've run out of controller buttons (since Start is mapped to taunt). I'll have to come up with something in the future, maybe something like holding start to bring up the pause menu, though that's obviously not perfect either.

Characters are floaty in every sense, they don't seem to be all that attached to the whole walking-on-the-floor thing. Thanks for recording the bugs, I'll try to figure out what caused them. I guess falling to hell during the victory pose is related to what is causing that, too.

Went through your changelog to test all the new cool stuff.

  • Keybinding worked with both my QWERTZ keyboard and my Xbox360 controller. I tried both remapping in the menu and during the game, both worked as intended.
  • Tried breaking the slopes, with no success. Even used the old mash-every-button trick. but everything just worked.
  • Selecting difficulty seems to work as well since I finally defeated [Elemental Earth]  (on normal before any rumors start here).
  • My keyboard settings were recovered after restarting the game, so that worked too.
  • Couldn't test the Linux build, so I can't say anything about that one. Didn't notice any graphical glitches from the internal resolution change under Windows though.
  • The menu help text is hilarious, though the self-deprecation kinda clashes with the fact that it's a really fun game.

So yeah, all in all, it werks, what more could you want, right?

Thanks for trying it! I'm glad the story was enough to keep you playing.

Made the coolest juice and a girl talked to me as a reward, what more could I want.

As far as feedback goes, sometimes I couldn't pick up stuff with E. Once, I picked up a flower, had the flower in my inventory, but the flower was still on the ground. Everything else worked, no matter how much I tried to bully the moving cube, I couldn't cause any sorts of glitches or anything, so that's solid. I also tried playing around with the graphics settings, but didn't notice much change, then again, I'm not entirely sure what a vignette is anyway.

It's really come a long way in these two months, with the options, the dialogue system and the crafting system, I'm impressed by your fast progress.

Managed to make it through the demo after the game decided I am a hopeless case and granted me invincibility. Not sure what happened, maybe I hit the debug key. I noticed it happened after I activated hell time and I could no longer activate hell time after that, so if it's not a debug key, it may be related to that.

Other than that, I never figured out how to change forms with the mouse wheel. The browser version doesn't capture the mouse wheel scroll, so I tried the win64 version, but still to no avail. Clicking the mouse wheel button doesn't do anything either.

It's fun learning the patterns, I expected it to be more like a beat em up for whatever reason, so I was pleasantly surprised by the shmupishness of dodging bullets most of the time. And of course the game oozes with style, and I feel cooler just playing it. I hope you can get a musicbro that can make music like the placeholder music you used in the demo, that was amazing how well it fit. That boss form transition man, just perfect.

I wholeheartedly agree with the music thing, I once played it "vanilla" and once with playing in the background and the difference was immense.

The only part of the demo I didn't like was the fight against the two flying eyeballs, these enemies felt a little overpowered for random enemies, being able to kill you near-instantly if they both attack at the same time. Though I guess they were this demo's bosses, so it makes sense in context.

Can't say I have much else to note, everything ran smoothly during gameplay. Once during loading Window's "This application has stopped responding" popped up for a second then disappeared when loading finished, though that may just be on my laptop. My favorite weapon is the vinyl launcher, I think bouncing discs of the walls and hitting enemies with that is pretty fun.

I never found out where the yellow key goes, maybe I used it without noticing it. I like it that way though, I prefer automatic item use over manually selecting key selection in action-type games. Looking forward to the next demo!

Managed to clear all levels, but without any of the collectibles, so there goes my 100% MLG pro run. At times the physics still seem a bit off. My go-to example would be level 3: When you're trying to build momentum to get through the hole, you never seem to be able to  go beyond a certain point of speed.

As far as controls are concerned, I had a little trouble with shift and control, you know when you're moving with the WASD and your pinky finger has to manage both keys at the same time it can be a little slippery. Though I'm more of a controller guy anyway, so take my PC control advice with a shovel of salt.

I feel swinging mechanics always lend themselves to large levels, so I'd like to see some larger levels, maybe with checkpoints thrown in, so you can keep the difficulty as challenging as in this demo. I think the difficulty was what I really enjoyed, levels were challenging and it felt rewarding when you finally find out the approach to beat them (1 and 3 more than 2 and 4, 3 in particular required some pixel-perfect maneuvering). Then again, I'm not sure if you're going to keep working on Grapplr, it seems more like a side project anyway, right? I mean there's a distinct lack of moth girls flying and rolling around. Either way, fun demo, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for playing/testing!

Yeah, the AI is still a huge issue, right now it's just mashing random inputs and hopes for the best. I'm glad you thought the dialogue was funny, I was worried about that, because for a couple of spots, I just couldn't come up with good scenarios.

Thanks. Sadly, I don't have anything to record Dreamcast footage with, so I can't make a video of the Dreamcast version. It's something that's come up in the past already, so I should really look into getting one, I'm sorry.

I did it, I'm a diamond! Now, as the ancient ritual of the Juslikes dictates, I will give my feetbag:

The only soft game-breaking bug I encountered was that on the blue planet with the museum. Occasionally, Rebut would spawn in a wrong location on the space ship screen and get stuck. Other than that, the characters' and objects' click hitbox sometimes felt a bit small. I couldn't talk to the council member with the kid and only accidentally found out there was a kid at all. Movement worked best when using the pathfinding and clicking, though sometimes the upper option row would block the ability to walk out of a screen on top (another thing I noticed was that the fake ID/Snake waker screen has no wall on the top of the screen and you can walk off the screen). The manual walking felt a little unpolished, it didn't work when holding the button. I also got no music, so I missed out on the track as well.

Well, so much for that stuff, I had lots of fun playing this game. At first the freedom of visiting the large amount of planets seemed overwhelming, but once you have visited all planets and connect all the dots, it's very rewarding. I'm in awe of how well you managed to make each planet distinct and have such an interesting non-linear story. Everything felt very connected, and all the puzzles felt fair, I never had that point-and-click moment where you think "Whoa, that didn't make any sense". I guess the closes would be the teddy bear part from above, but I'm considering that a bug because I couldn't talk to the person on the screen. Very wholesome ending, some memorable story moments, like the resolution of the Git storyline, there were some typos, but overall the story was set up pretty well. I think it's the kind of game where you feel the person making it had lots of fun and that makes it fun to play as well.

So yeah, great job, looking forward to the shocking conclusion of the Ghostman trilogy.

Just tried and didn't encounter the bug again, even with the same settings. 

I built the greatest level, then accidentally hit quit, which immediately closed everything, please press F to pay respects.

I also had the camera movement bug, until I played my first level, I couldn't move the camera. Otherwise I think it's a neat gameplay concept. I think it might need a bit of a "hook" to motivate people to keep playing, else it might run into the trap a lot of games banking on the player's creativity fall in and get boring fast after the initial burst of creativity runs out. Though I guess it's alpha, so I'm sure you still have a lot of things planned already.

Seconding the menu of doom, it got me as well. Should have read the comments, but I didn't want to get spoiled.

The atmosphere works pretty well for me, the only section I found a bit uninteresting as it is was the funrunner ball minigame, because it builds up this tension that something is going to happen in the last of the three levels, but never really does anything special, except the level number/name glitch in the beginning.

The visual presentation is 10/10, those are some fine visual effects. Like the "invisible" platform, that's the kinda thing that makes you go "how cool" when you finally see it and figure it out (took me a couple minutes). And of course the glitches. I'd like to see where you're going to take this too, I thought the idea of a corrupted game system is cool.

It sometimes lags a little on Dreamcast (especially the SNK Dan vs Rock Howard fight), but yes, it works. That's the nice thing about (retro) consoledev, if it works on one console, you can be sure that it works on all of them, that's kinda comfy to know. Only thing I can't say is if it works on Dreamcast emulators, I haven't tested with those.

Either way, thanks for testing/playing!

I played around with the engine a little, the only bug I noticed was glitching through edges at corners. Additionally, controller input on an Xbox 360 controller for Windows had its y-axis inverted.

Enginedev is always a bit of an adventure, but your engine is stable and runs really fluid. Is this fluidity part of monogame, or did you use some vsync magic for that? And the real question, how do I get out of the cave and into the tinyrpgtown thing in the TEMP folder?

I think the powerful message is the most important part of the game, you're absolutely right. Either that or the unrelated pop culture references.

Thanks, jank may be less one day, but dumb is eternal.

Oh no, I know exactly what caused the gotta go fast bug, I stopped manually limiting the engine to 60fps on Windows and left synchronization to opengl. To quote the Street Fighter 3 announcer, yeah that makes sense.

I know it may seem like it's not really going anywhere (demo 2 and demo 3 are pretty comparable gameplay-wise), but at least on the technical side, everything is still getting more stable. Even when Sagat starts walking on air, or Ridley flies away to never be seen again.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I still haven't given up on a jank-free future yet. I WANT TO BELIEVE.

Yeah, I checked again more carefully. Left/right works and B closes the game. I tried the new version 4 up right now.

I'm not sure what the best button layout is, I guess three of the four ABXY buttons on the controller would be the closest translation of the keyboard layout.

The combo system is neat, I'd like to see where you go with that.

As far as problems go, it took me a while to figure out I can slash in different directions during the second level. Also, playing with a 360 controller crashes (or closes?) the game when pressing a button. Physics felt a little stiff since it seems to use a fixed velocity when jumping in a direction and it's hard to change directions.

Yeah, that should be the way to go. Did you try it with the Windows version? Maybe the Dreamcast version ran out of memory. Other than that, unlike the original Mugen, the Dreamcast version is picky with upper/lower case filenames. So if the original character creator didn't pay attention to that in the .def file, the character might crash.

If it also crashes in the Windows version, that's some error in the interpreter. On that note, I'm sorry about the lack of error output (e.g. infos  about what went wrong, etc.), I'll add that in the next version. If you don't mind, could you tell me which character crashed so I can take a look too? 

Thanks for testing! We all know enginedevving means something as simple as "the game runs"  should never be taken for granted.

The Dreamcast version should work, though I always have a bad feeling about European scart cables, I never test for those and they can cause some interesting 50Hz/60Hz hijinks.

The story mode is actually a new addition. It shares the fight state controller stuff, along with a custom set of "story variables" which can be set in a character's state machine, so elaborate scenarios with multiple pathways like in Guilty Gear X2 are possible. Set a flag if the character won with more than a third of its health, etc., that whole stuff. I always thought that was neat and was kinda expecting they'd bring that back with Xrd. Instead I got the world's longest cutscene. Not that this great, great Touhou tribute had any pathways, with this I just wanted something quick Liq can skaddiddle through during his stream, 10 minutes tops.

Testament was in the game for some time, but I couldn't make >him work. Not even the almighty crouching jab frametrap stood a chance against whatever the hell the Testament "AI" was doing. Thus Komachi (Testament) joined the rejection pit along with fortune teller (Dr. Baldhead) and Cirno (Sub-Zero).

But hey, if nothing else, I think this version fixed the bug that made rich monitor owners suffer in direct relation to their wealth. It's now locking the web version to 60 FPS. In previous versions this caused a dramatic slowdown, but the current version, almost a year later, is fine with it. So yeah, thanks for playing despite being busy with the super secret mystery.

Yeah, that's Enter, I've updated the description.

>me in charge of posting the controls

That was a good catch, the floor really is scrolling in a wrong way. The original has "parallax textures", the top of those textures moves with a different speed than the bottom part. I couldn't implement that in time for this demo, so I had to make do with what worked.

The reflection is using additive alpha blending. Mugen in general is using a lot of interesting blending effects I hadn't seen before, so I'm learning a lot from working on this.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the kind words and for testing it!

I managed to escape the compound, though I had to abandon my sled for the final uphill slope.

One thing I noticed is that walking isn't animated when  using a controller, though thinking about it again, I guess it wasn't really meant for controller control anyway, given that the mouse controls the camera. Just thought I'd let you know.

Anyway, I think your toon shader works well with the setting, especially with the outside area.  

I ♂ went ♂ deep ♂ into ♂ the ♂ cavern ♂ and ♂ found ♂ two ♂ balls ♂ Aniki ♂ would ♂ be ♂ proud

Anyway, you listed most of the stuff that was kinda problematic already, the only other thing I noticed is that sometimes when moving forward, the character keeps moving forward in a way that feels a little unnatural. Like it doesn't stop immediately but keeps going for a short amount of time at a fixed velocity then abruptly stops. Not sure if I explained that well.

Well, you already said it's pretty early in development, so you're probably still working  on that stuff. It's already a really pretty cavern though.