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Long Etyliv DEMOView game page

Submitted by Rokas (@rokasvo) — 2 days, 13 hours before the deadline


Long Etyliv DEMO's page

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Pretty clever combat system. Like fruitdev said, it's hard to get a feel of the game as a whole from just this, but as always the aesthetic and sound design is fuckin great. I love everything about it except the gameplay itself, which just isn't my thing. my brain not big enough for this

Great work though. keep it up rokas


"gameplay" is not specific enough, specify exactly when you started feeling frustrated, when did you quit and all that pls, 
Can't improve from "I don't like it/it's not for me".



i didn't enjoy the way it controlled, as I fumbled around pressing the wrong direction a lot. And I also felt like the timer on the side made me wait just to wait. I played for like 15 minutes and died multiple times on the second encounter because the enemy would just hold the heart and stick and then wait for my health to run out.


That's a new one, thanks. You can counter heart holding, but now I know the tutorial is even worse than I thought.

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For a game with such a minimalist and alien gameplay, I'd say the mechanics need to be better explained right off the bat. Typically not a fan of tutorials, but I'd rather the game spelled out clearly what the fuck is going on. 

One battle ended up being me just cycling through and repeating the same thing over and over once I realized that exact move would have me win out over the skelleman with 1 health left. The demo is too short to get any sort of accurate feel of what the game will be like, and fully grasping the combat up until that point seemed really hard. Died probably 20+ times in the what, 2-3 encounters?

Otherwise, I kinda like what the game is doing with the artstyle and atmosphere.

Also the "continue prompt" could be more towards the center of the  screen, hard to notice such a small thing in the bottom right corner of a 4k screen.

Anyway, I'm interested to see where this goes, keep it up!


To be honest, I didnt really like this game, but its a cool idea. Some of the mechanics are a little weird to grasp and I couldnt figure out how to damage the opponent if I didnt have a sword or stick in my "inventory". I found some of the mechanics questionable like the 4 action lock and the timer that would auto damage me when filled up. The small dungeon part before you fight the skeleton dude was nice, I enjoyed that bit. Overall though I wasnt too big on the gameplay, but the visuals and effects are really damn nice and charming! My only suggestion is maybe adding more tells to the combat? I dont think I fully grasped the gameplay.