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Thanks for the feedback!  Most of the issues mentioned are planned to be fixed or are fixed like the background issue and the loud sound effects.  23:30 (where you were launched across the screen) was hilarious and not by design.

I definitely need to tighten up the dash, control is very import to me.  I think I just need to force the player to stay in a dashing state for a few milliseconds instead of relying purely on buttonUp events.  I also don't think you can change the sensitivity setting for a trigger button on a controller, it's just a button down event.

I wanted to give the player free special attacks in place of charge attacks, but you made a good point in that the player won't be able to expect what's coming next.  I think to compensate that, I'll change the sword charge attack a bit more.  I'll keep the short projectile, but lose the grounding.  I'll need to change the animation as well.  The idea of the projectile part of the charged shot being "weak" is that normal lemonshots do 1 damage, charged projectile does 2, and the sword itself does 8 (but only 2 to bosses).

Enemy placements have changed as well.  Anywhere you see a "player energy/weapon energy" location next to each other, that's where an upgrade will be.

This is not a feature/bug present in the game.  Perhaps you have a keyboard or gamepad that can only take two inputs at a time?  Some older keyboards or specific models can't press more than a certain number of certain keys at a time

I loved the player's animation and the fireball attack variations.  The enemy seemed a bit tough due to its range and the amount of time you stand still when doing a ground attack.  It took me a while to try wall climbing because I didn't know it was a feature.  Maybe tutorialize it by forcing the player to go over a wall that's in the only way forward.

This is a neat idea, also lol @ rains in africa

The tetrisphere or whatever it's called is frustrating to keep on the button and the instruction on screen are very abrupt and take you out of the flow of the game, but I'll chalk that up to being a prototype.  I like the concept

I'm impressed. Only complaint I have is that the enemies need to drop hp and mp restoration items so you can keep going.  Great graphics and style choice with the filter.  I'd definitely pay for a full game like this using this as the battle system.  Keep it up!

Thanks for the error report with message details.  This is very helpful!

Thanks for playing!  Just an fyi, there's a newer version of the game than the one you recorded what has dashing, wall climbing, and bug fixes.

Thanks for the update!  Yeah, it's just a prototype/game to learn godot and making platformers.  I'll be making a follow up game that's closer to X in features.  Thanks for the input!

Well, I have a new build up that removes some unnecessary files.  Let me know if it still crashes

At what point does it crash?

Thanks, leafo!  Much obliged!

When It Hits the Fan is an action arcade twin-stick shooter for PC and arcade that you can play with a friend that was inspired by many classic  arcade and SNES/Sega Genesis era games.

It features four apocalyptic zones including:
  • Zombie infested City
  • Robot controlled Laboratory
  • Demons in Hell
  • Mothership filled with Aliens

Don't be jealous, your style has its own merits was well like better explosions due to the nature of particle effects.
I'm not entirely sure what I mean by sticks to the ground.
Score is mostly for the arcade anyways.  I'm honestly lost when it comes to score balance.
Yes, it ends on a bonus stage due to it being a demo.

It is basically complete!  It goes on sale Sept 19th, but yeah I'm aware of the color issues.  Unfortunately I've been without an artist for quite a while.  The next best thing I could do is darken every tile that is a ground tile and see how that comes out.

As for the mines, I did improve them more than they were originally, but maybe they need to blink faster to show their threat level?

Easy mode currently only slightly reduces enemy walking speed, reduces enemy spawn rate from spawners, and makes some boss patterns slightly easier.  Any suggestions on additional things I could do?

Pretty great contra / robocop clone.  Might want to add continues, but it's pretty solid!

Super cute artstyle!  The controls for the menu were a little uncomfortable.  I feel it would be better if you could switch items without having to pause somehow.  Scrolling wheel felt fine for that, but then you'd have to sacrifice your camera control.

As for the gameplay, I felt that after knocking out a wolf, it should stay knocked out if you try to run by it, or at least stay dazed longer so you can walk by it in enough time.  Also a dizzy icon above the wolf would help a bit too.  Great demo!

Looks and plays fairly nice.  Some of the fights feel like you should be hitting the enemies, but you pass right through them and get wrecked.  Perhaps make the player attack hitboxes bigger.  I think the default speed is a bit slow despite the run button.

The menu is pretty great coming in the sides.  I think this game has some great potential with some sound effects and perhaps better player control/attack hitboxes.

Very cute and fluid animations for the MC.  The snakes, centipedes, and water spouts should probably cause some screenshake.  I wasn't able to remap my controls in the remap screen (arrow keys would've felt better imo for movement).  I wasn't able to use an xbox360 controller to do anything but exit the game when next to the exit door.  Overall a great start!

Thanks for the review. I recieved the crash log and have now fixed the bug and uploaded a new build. I'll work on the holding a direction after a continue as I fixed something similar recently. Fullscreen mode is currently just "windowed maximized mode" and not true fullscreen. I can add that option sometime.

Thanks for the reply. I haven't used my PS4 controller to test it yet so I'll get on that and try to correct it when I have the time. As for the fullscreen issue, it should be fullscreen in borderless windowed mode. What OS do you have? I'll see if libgdx has any particularities with Windows color settings in different versions.

>the gameplay loop of serious sam + smash tv - level/enemy design just isn't fun
Tons of people disagree and that's okay. This is entirely subjective. It's already a compliment to be compared to Sam and Smash Tv

>technical problems
This part is useful to me, thanks! What controller are you using exactly? I've only ever tested with an Xbox360 controller. I've never experienced the "player 2 - reversed controller" bug that you describe. And the game closes with the escape button + Q, or start then back on 360. It's always been that way.

>to be frank...
I'm in the process of finishing it up. If some people don't like it, that's fine. If most don't, I'll try harder on my next one.

For this update I drastically changed the tiles in the Lab and I added the first Hell area. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for the comments!

On the cons: I've only seen or heard of that big white square happening during recording or streaming, but that's still an issue I'll have to look out for. The slowdowns are similar. Only ever during streaming/recording, especially with OBS.

You may have had trouble with the difficulty because you started with the lab, which is the 4th stage in the game (zone 2). Thanks again for playing!

Pretty neat and very difficult. Maybe have a slower introduction, but it's not necessary if you want it to only be a hard game (since it's so short). I disagree with armo on the PC version not needing to hold down. Pausing by letting go was a fine feature even for PC. If you want to please both, you could have a toggle option somewhere.

You know about these two issues, but chronicled here in case you want a permanent log: Error on loading with Firefox; lag first time you drag on Chrome.

Great short game. Go publish it on the android store or something!

* Definitely needs an easy mode
* The QWER letters seem really off beat so it's not much of a rythmn game
* Controls will definitely need remapping
Good first showing! Improve!

Surprised this much is possible in libgdx! Very fun (especially compared to last demo day). If there's a way to press the button at the end it should be more obvious (I tried all I could think of, especially the default 'E' for FPS's). I did get it to press, but I'm not sure which button it was.

Really cute! I think the gameplay really slow unless you're running, but that turns it into a frustrating runner-style game. A few more checkpoints could be nice too.

The right joystick should also be omni-directional. I'll PM you about what controller you were using, etc... Thanks, both of you for the input!

I think the controls can be simplified by a lot. It would feel a lot more comfortable with the directional arrows and X as jump, C as pick up, V as turn on/off, and box pushing just be the default action of running into boxes. Too many controls will turn people off.

Fun simple little game. Might consider starting slowly and speeding up to the current speed of dropping the balls.

As soon as I went down the slope in the beginning I couldn't see anything. After flailing around a bit I found myself in a lighted area and killed a few enemies. Fell through the ground a few times too.

Very fun game! I stopped after getting frustrated with the turtle section. Might pick it up later. Good job

Very beautiful environments (for the level of completion of the demo) and potential for more fun with the combat when it's more fleshed out.

Pretty difficult to tell what's going on with the controlls, how to tell when you can use skills (felt like I couldn't use any of them when there were enemies nearby, but I could when nothing else was in sight), and moving 5 characters was a bit frustrating especially outside the dungeon looking area. This thing has potential and it looks charming, but please increase user friendliness!

Things to improve:

* with the exception of controller controlls, there shouldn't be 2 dodging buttons for each direction. It should probably be one button dashing in the last direction you moved or are facing (whichever feels better). I would be fine on controller on the trigger buttons though.

* respawns shouldn't happen for a while until after you've killed a mob, at least until you leave the screen. You can't utilize the dodge back at all if the mob is just going to be back where you started your last fight.

Pretty fun, but definitely less hard than the last demo I played of this where the character was slower.

Though frustrating at some points (third stage) it was pretty fun and cute. I would recommend having save points always be in the same room you die in for less frustration with the exception of multiple room puzzles.

For what it is it didn't really have any flaws (besides clipping into the floor of the catface tiled roof falling into the castle below). I really liked how flawless the platforming felt. I never felt that I'd misjump or misstep anywhere. Shows a lot of promise