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Sorry, no!  Even though the MC is fairly "self-inserty" at first, he does develop as a character later and from a Catholic perspective it's important that he remains male to fit this role.

Thanks!  I'll be working towards full release of course with loads more content.  Already have Act I rough drafts done for 2 of the girls and almost done with a third all while the artists keep up with my schedule!

Glad to hear!  Trying to pay special attention to the balance between every day life and religious themes

Thanks for the kind words!  Absolutely gunning for full release, even if it will be after some time!

Thanks!  Itch really seems to like VNs so I'm rolling with it!

Thanks for the further update!  Yeah, the Catholic view heavily affirms moral objectivity because without objectivity ideals will ultimately conflict and truths can become untruths.  You're not wrong that sympathy for others is good, hence why the ultimate rules preached by Jesus were "Love God and Love others" including your enemies.  Keep me up to date if you continue!

That's all fair.  Yeah, Gabe in the demo is mostly about his spiritual journey, but in each route later he'll develop a skill that will help him support the girl whose route he's on to uplift her and support one another.

Speaking of a main trailer theme:

I think as I get closer to an actual release and have more content to show off in a more full trailer, I can get a more full main theme going based on the already present le motifs going on between tracks.  The music in game is only 1/3rd of what's planned anyways so hopefully later more complete sections of the games will inspire emotion and connection to the game

Thanks for the honest review!  As for not agreeing with stuff, that's okay as long as you still like the rest!  I read plenty of VNs whose philosophies I may not agree with, but get what it's going for.  So long as it doesn't seem like I'm trying to push it down anyone's throat!

Gabe does seem to come across as a blank slate, but that's part of the intention.  He's a weak Catholic, but that might not be apparent to most people at first glance.  I also need him to be somewhere in the middle to able to relate to the wide variety of interests such as gaming to basketball and martial arts, etc.  I'm sure there's room for me to do better at least.

It's a shame you don't like the music.  That's one of my favorite things to direct musicians on.  It could be that it's too safe, but I made sure to put in examples similar to other works that I enjoyed to make sure to fit the themes for different directions of the game.  Maybe once I get unique character themes in, it'll have more personality?

I'd highly recommend Earthsea as LeGuin has been a great fantasy author.  I'm sure I would like Ender series and perhaps Atwood.

Hope to hear more opinions when you and your friend finish!

The turns felt a bit wide, but it just means I had to focus on using the spacebar boost more to go straight once I found a direction to go.

The controls were a bit wonky, but after a few plays I (mostly) got the hang of it.  Still didn't get very far, but I probably would have preferred non-interverted vertical controls.  Still, cute blood sucking sim and models!

>If there is one thing I would like every player to understand, it’s that in this game there is no time pressure.

If that's the case, then I think the issue is play impatience rather than the players thinking they'll run out of time.  Have something else increase the speed at which you can generate new members of your army instead of waiting around.  Or at least something along those lines

Put me in the camp of "I have no idea what's going on."  I assumed that I should put characters in a lane and do something to attack and... move up off the screen?  I didn't know if there was a way to move lanes, the stats and status of the characters and enemies seemed arbitrary (because nothing dies), and yeah, I was just lost.  Needs an instruction manual or tutorial.  The screenshots make it look like it'll be interesting eventually though.

Thanks for the fanart!  I won't ever encourage unwholesome art of the game because I'm genuinely against it for the same reasons I'm making the game wholesome in the first place.  My policy is "if it's posted here or anywhere I have control over, I'm taking it down, but don't have control elsewhere so I'll let it be because I know pursuing it won't do any good."

Either way, I'll check out your game later as thanks!

Played once through for a bit and didn't see what the ultimate goal was until the end when it mentioned taking down the enemy castle.  I'm not sure of the exact strategy I was supposed to use except wait until I have enough of the weak little guys to bum rush bigger targets and use them as meat shields for the witch king?  Since the witch king couldn't heal (from what I could see) I didn't want to risk him too much or wait too long so I just went around killing random things.

The second time through I tried creating an envoy which didn't seem worth it because they can't attack and it sacrifices 1/5th of your hp.  Might not be my kind of game unless it has a slower learning curve with less waiting for units, but I certainly see where it can go in the future with this base system!

Cute sonic inspired game.  The first level felt a bit uninspired and slow with some frustrating jumps (since the controls were new), but stage 2 and 3 had more memorable jumps and obstacles, even if some jumps were scary (spikes and enemies).  Almost gave up looking for the third circle collectable due to the odd jumping requirement and having to know "just" where to look during the loop that if you fail, you have to complete a whole section just to try again.

I didn't know until I read the other comment that the speed boost could be used as slow mo so I played with that and additionally found out that you could control the direction of the boost in 8 directions while immensely helped out in stage 4!

Stage 5 was too scary to explore in due to the turrets, but it was really fun outpacing them.

Loved the character and the victory animation.  They were cute!

Thanks for reading!

Hey, thanks for the honest review!

I've had comments on both the work out routine before and calling the church a Cathedral, but both of these things are based on things I did in real life.  As for the Cathedral, we have a local middle and high school attached to the local Cathedral (not chapel in this case), but since it keeps coming up and I don't plan to show a bishop, I may as well just replace the name to avoid the pedantry.  For the workout routine, I still kind of want to keep it because he needs to be at a "certain" level of fitness to be able to keep up with Sera and Wren on their routes or fall into laziness during the other three's routes.

Good point for the protag being less perfect.  I've even had a suggestion that Gabe should read how to confess properly as a lukewarm Catholic rather than just know to drive home the point that this is his main flaw.

Some "normal" people do show up in the extended routes, but so far it's very incidental since each character sprite costs me more funding.

I assure you that all of the interactions with be non-erotic, but minor sins (as is normal in every day life) will occur.  Nothing lewd though and nothing that would drive faithful Catholic/non-Catholic Christians away.

I'll check back over those instances of text mistakes.  Thanks for reading!

Downloaded the windows version.  It runs fine the first time you open the game.  The second time (tried on two machines) it gives you the following error:

Fun idea.  Here are a few things that need to be fixed:

* The shop keeper says "I can trade my good here" on inspect instead of "goods"
* Need a prompt for hopping out of VR with Esc instead of insta hopping out
* If you hit continue while speaking, it should finish the current dialogue first instead of moving to the next part of dialogue.  Once it's at the end of the current dialogue (through hitting continue or naturally) then continue should go to the next text
* The required rent goes up too fast to catch up with, should be much more gradual, or even just go up every time you pay it maybe
* The detection radius for interaction goes away if you do an action and level up so you have to move away and come back.  It should never technically go away, just hide the action box if you're currently doing an action.
* The detection radius for interaction can be walked through and missed sometimes like with doors if you try to walk in a shop.  Either show the interaction as a shape on the ground, or make sure that you can't accidentally walk through/past it

Ironically, the source of the music is under the game window itself.  It's form Recettear

Very cute!  Controls well and didn't find any issues with it in the short demo.  Adorable outfits.

Good suika clone.  Didn't find any issues during my one playthrough.  Got to the 2nd highest emoji at least once, maybe twice.  Died with a >2k score.  For some reason I recognize the tune.

Glad to see you found it again!  It also has a Steam page if you're in the habit of following via wishlist.  If not, I'll still be updating here just as often!

First time playing it and only did the tutorial for now.  Might try more (SFW ver) later.  Can't complain about much since the tutorial did a good job of explaining things, though there are a LOT of controls to remember.  The crouch jump wasn't obvious at first.  I thought I had to time the "up" crouch and jump at the same time like in Half Life, but figured it out eventually.  Good demo

Relevant image of me being trapped for a visual

My run was short lived, but here is what I ran into when I played:

  • numpad isn't very intuitive even if you intend on using shift for orientation. I'd reccomend dir keys or WASD
  • The movement was too fast.  I would have expected to move one square at a time, but I was going about 3-4 at a time on average, even when I tapped the key lightly.  Made it hard to go through doors or corridors or line up with stairs.
  • When I went up one set of stairs, the room I entered was completely enclosed around my position so I couldn't move in any direction including back down stairs

Thanks for playing!  I'll check out some of your demos soon and leave some comments as well if relevant

It's all good!  Nodevs can seeth.  Thanks for the playthrough!  I'll check out Goblin resort when I can and leave a detailed review for you

Understandable!  Aria, one of the characters has certain views about the history of the Church as well.  Consider going down her route once it's out if you want to see how I resolve that issue.  Otherwise, feel free to petition me for questions or accusations against the Church and I'll do my best to answer them honestly!

Damien is indeed a good monster boy!  Males are often "best girl" in some VNs.  Kyousuke from Little Busters for instance lol

It has quite a bit of choices for a VN demo... Are you sure you're talking about my game?  It might be a bit lengthy if you're not used to VN demos, but once you get towards the end of day one, you'll start getting a few that change your route a bit.

I'm glad you're intrigued!  Just a clarification though, Eva is a succubus and not a demon in the true (or original succubus lore) sense.  Demons theologically cannot be reformed so these monster people had to come from somewhere else...  Guess you'll have to discover that in the full version when it's done :)

Neat puzzle gameplay.  Couldn't tell if it was randomly generated or not so I stopped after about 8-10 levels.  Might be nice to have a level/score marker to see how far you've gone.

>too soon to be focusing
fair, I'll have to consider padding out interactions in the full version

>minimize religion
I feel that would defeat the purpose of the VN.  Saying little things like "I'll pray for you" is both ineffective and still annoying to people who don't want anything to do with religion.  This could all be balanced with more slice of life moments however.

>MC Mary Sue
Yeah, I'm trying to find a good balance for him.  It want him to at least be balanced and open to enough things that he can related to any of the girls, but if having a bare minimum work out in the morning and only doing morning prayers still feels to much to some people, I'm not sure what level will satisfy people beside just making him literally an empty slob who does nothing ever.  Popular with the ladies is a trope for sure, but a demo doesn't have a lot of time to build up relationship.  Aria's route at least has her emotionally distant until the MC actually shows interest in her stuff.  Clover couldn't care less about the MC unless he shows interest in games.  Eva seems to have a bit of a crush by default.  Sera is just friendly to everyone.  And Wren is just going based on an interesting story she heard.

(1 edit)

>Music lover Aria should differentiate between genres

She was being asked what genres she plays and lists them as four different genres.  I'm not sure what you're getting at

>at every Opportunity the Author just goes "This Flower is very Beautiful. Like the Face of God, which changed my Life by the Way. If you open your Heart to them, you too could see the Light." And then continues on a page long Love letter instead of talking about the Flower in Question.

I feel that this is very disingenuous.  The only time that Christianity is outright praised is in the religious literature class or inside of the books that are literally quoting Christian authors.  Outside of that, it's just the MC trying to be a good Christian.  You'll have to quote me anything more specific that comes across this blatantly sickeningly sweet and flowery

>the amount of it is overbearing

Even so, I'll still keep it in mind and lump it into consideration with what everyone else says.  If enough people feel that it's too in your face and not enough people feel it's just right or too little, then I'll make accommodations for it to be less in your face, or at least space them out a lot more with more slice of life character interactions, but I already removed some "perfect Christian MC moments" that I'm thinking of reserving for another character anyways.  The MC already feels like a lukewarm Christian to me who doesn't do a lot, but he IS self-conscious about that not that he's at a Catholic school.  That's how I'm intending it to come off as anyways.  It might also be because so much of our life is secular that having a thought a day about religion can seem like a lot when even in the past 150 years every thought might have been guided by religion.

>apologizing for criticism

Don't worry about it.  I wouldn't be in AGDG if I couldn't handle criticism so criticize away! 

Pretty neat little perspective for an action game

Basically every attack could use some variation or juice or sound effects, even placeholders

The shield could be limited a bit with a timer for how long it could be up, otherwise obviously it would be overpowered

The stun gun seemed to have too long of a cooldown imo for what it does

Changing the roll to Shift instead of ctrl would be easier to reach until you get customizable keyboard controls

I fell off the map in the obstacle course room.  Having it put the player back into the arena if it falls below a certain y level should be standard even for demos

Once you start polishing, it could have some potential depending on where you take it since it is just a little tech demo.

Using the teleporter while in the spirit world teleported me into a wall or something so I had to exit the demo again

Having the teleporter as an item also can lead to the player accidentally using it instead of another intended item like a grenade, which sure, it's the player's fault, but it shouldn't really be an option especially if there's only one slot for secondary weapons and a teleport item can just take you out of action AND the middle of a dungeon

(1 edit)

First off I'll clarify that the AI backgrounds are temporary and it's stated so in the opening.  I'm paying an actual artist for BG assets, it just takes time to produce it.  I just wanted a build for demo day for criticism on the text mostly.

>describing the girls in detail
I mean, it's a visual novel.  The MC usually describes the things he sees giving insight on how the MC is thinking.  Antennae talk is for a reason related to her backstory which is going to be in the full version.

>Advertisement of Christianity
About 65% of the people reading this so far haven't been Christian and they didn't have a problem with the level of Christianity in a Christian visual novel.  Could you be more specific about the things you didn't like?  I won't stop shilling Christianity in it, but if you think it's proselytizing or something, that could be a different problem.

>name saves
This is just the renpy system

>background inconsistencies
all temporary placeholders

>no breakfast
It's part of the story that the MC is lazy.  Going down the tomboy dragon girl's route will lead to a self-improvement route

>harpy on the basketball team
No, she's a cheerleader.  They play basketball in gym class, but she never flies

>class has more Christian advertising
It's literally a Catholic school.  These are the kinds of things they teach and I got the books from an official Catholic school's book list

>Gabriel is good at things
He's a self insert like most MCs and he's average at basically everything.  Literally jack of all trades, master of none.  Self inserts aren't particularly deep characters usually.

>Gym in America and mixed
Yeah, lots of times gym in America is lazy except sometimes when the gym teacher feels like making everyone do track or dodge ball or something.  Combined girls and boys is rare, sure, but this is a vn.  It also has monster girls in it.

>Book choices are religious
It was an assignment, no my fault if you didn't pay attention to that part.  If you follow Eva's route in the library instead of Clovers she'll offer some non-religious books too

>Mc has various interests
Yeah, you're not lying when YOU as the player want to focus on one to talk about.  The MC has a history of trying a lot of things but not having a favorite.  In VNs, you decide what the MC cares about most during the route you're playing in order to go down the routes of the girls you like.

>MC is perfect buy you have a problem if he has a bad diet
Yeah, even if it's minor, nothing about him is perfect, just average

>MC lies, this is not okay
I thought you had a problem with perfect MCs?  I'm confused now.  YOU assumed he was a perfect Christian after all

>Rock, Punk, Emo and Goth is evil
Again, your assumption.  I like darker music too.  She'll literally a goth vampire girl

>Advertising Christianity in the dorms
Not my fault you're ignoring the assigned homework, but it's also your choice to skip the Christianity in a Christian VN

>Eva is shy
Unfortunately, that's just the only sprite I have.  She will be written to be more of a bratty tsundere, and the dere part is shy.

>Aria doesn't like dances
Goths usually don't like school functions.  Could you imagine a school hosting a goth band?  Neither can she

>Christian shilling
Yeah, again though that's going to be a thing because it's one of the only pro-Christian VNs around.  The only problem I'd have with it is if it's actively proselytizing rather than evangelizing.  If it's browbeating "atheist bad, Christian good" that could be a problem, but if it's saying "Christianity is a good alternative to the nihilism that everyone else is pedaling right now" then it's not a problem to me.  I do have most of the girls in various religious states:  Protestant, "spiritual but not religious or even Christian", atheist, devout Catholic, and pagan.  Of course Christianity wins out in the end because that is what this is, just like 95% of anime/vns are just "might is right" or "my beliefs as the hero are right over the bad guy's beliefs because power of friendship" or something empty like that.

If anything here I've said is misrepresenting what you meant, please clarify.  I want to take any good advice I see and have already implemented some advice to make it better, including being more inclusive to other viewpoints, so long as it doesn't completely contradict the main point of the VN.  Thanks for taking the time to read and review!

  • Impressed by the simplicity of cutscenes working so well
  • A skip/speed read button would be nice for 2nd playthroughs or even first for people who would rather play the action parts
  • If someone is mashing forward, give a decent amount of time before the same button will make a choice for them or don't let it be selected by default until the player hovers over a choice or pressed up/down to highlight one
  • Combat was really bare bones and not interesting.  You would have to try really hard to lose
  • Enemy AI was bare bones dumb, but at least the pathfinding was okay

Overall could do well if the combat becomes more fun and the game doesn't rely TOO heavily on parody for jokes.  I also hope choosing to go down a pure route won't screw the player over by not giving more than was "lost" or at least offer different options/benefits down the road even if it ends up being a fully coomer game rather than light ecchi.

> Movement isn't nearly precise
Technically not my words as I was quoting someone else.  The movement was fluid, but it was hard to dodge things for me.  Could be a skill issue, or my other suggestion with the dodge boosters could help me.
>difficulty didn't seem to reset
I don't know 100%, but I survived a LOT long the first time I played that the subsequent ones.  I could've gotten lucky the first time, but honestly I thought I was running into the enemies without damage the first time too so I don't know exactly why it was harder the 2nd+ play-throughs.  Sorry if that is more frustrating than helpful.  Non-concrete answers suck