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Save the world from the berserker virus released by the Red Bombers as Alpha!
Submitted by Yomic (@Trueyomic) — 2 days, 18 hours before the deadline
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Nice to see you're still working on this. The new levels, bosses and the skills you get from them all feel pretty good. Noticed some new enemies in the old stages too. Some thoughts I had while playing:

  • I think the archer enemy could use a bit of fine-tuning, like the wave the projectiles do could be slightly longer or something, it's really hard to judge where the safe spots are right now.
  • The special weapon energy mechanic seems pretty irrelevant. I couldn't
    come up with a reason to use them without charging at any point in the game.
  • Walljumps feel kind of bad, especially when jumping from one wall to another. The input buffer idea that someone else already described could be good.
  • I managed to get some holy water vials stuck inside walls and not exploding when throwing them right next to a wall a couple of times.

Also, after reading some of the comments below I tried disabling vsync to uncap the framerate, and sure enough at around 1000FPS the bosses become almost completely incapable of jumping, so you definitely have some issues with deltas somewhere.


Thanks for the reports!

  • I'll play with the archer projectile a bit
  • At the moment, you're right.  The energy mechanic is mostly a convenience as it's currently implemented.  I might have to do something different with it
  • Walljumps are currently better in the development build.  If you are merely next to a wall by 1px, you will be able to jump against it even if you aren't pushing towards this.  MMX had the mechanic this way so I emulated that.  It's still not 1 to 1 with X because X has an animation delay and Alphaman currently does not so I'll get some more opinions after this tweak.
  • I'll check out the holy water stuff, thanks
  • I believe I have fixed the delta issue in the dev build, I'll get some others to test it and test it without vsync.

Here you go: 

Some notes:
  • Audio needs some polish of course, especially the shoot sound. I feel like it should be more like a laser gun or a click. Also the sound for landing on the ground is kind of loud.
  • I encountered one bug near the secret area in Fire Bot's level, but the rest was bug-free.
  • Maybe the walljump pushes you a bit too far from the wall, but I can't decide.
  • Also, I'm not sure if this is common practice, but you can look into creating an input buffer for walljumps — for example, if you press left (away from the wall) on frame 1, and then jump on frame 2, you can count that as wall jump. I know that fighting games do this, but not sure about Mega Man.

Overall, this is great. It's Mega Man, so you don't really have to change much from the base games. But it's a good clone with a qt operator.


Hey, thanks for the playthrough and review.

I'm getting music done for the game right now and audio rework is coming up next.

The input buffer for walljumps sounds like something I'll have to do.  I recently had people tell me that the wall jump didn't make you go out enough so I increased the time the player doesn't have control from 0.15s to 0.20s.

I also noticed during the maidbot and chefbot fights that they didn't jump nearly as high as they do on my computer.  Mind if I get your computer specs?  And were you using OBS or another recorder?  I'm wondering if delta calculation had anything to do with it.


I was using OBS. My GPU is new (1080ti) and CPU is disproportionately old (i7 930). I didn't really monitor the FPS or my CPU usage once I started playing.

And yeah, the wall jump distance is pretty subjective. It's within the realm of reason anyway.


Add some kind of object in the background to denote where checkpoints are. I had died in the optional area in the Usher Bot stage and got sent back a lot further than I thought I would (had to go through that long climb and roof segment again). The boss itself was really challenging. I wasn't able to beat it. I'm not very good at these games though. Maybe reduce the amount of time the holy water is active?

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. The dialogue at the start of the level is funny and campy.

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

I'm really bad at megaman games. I wish I could give useful feedback but I can't make it very far. The main menu felt unresponsive. I'm sure your game's audience will like it! Good job!


Really good. Broom OP.


Very fun! I loved how it was a nice mix of Classic Megaman and Megaman X, dashing proved handy and overall the game felt as nice to play as Megaman generally does. My only gripe is that the enemy AI is a bit on the simple side and doesnt reflect what the player can do, making most encounters very easy. I found the bosses a very nice challenge. As for the level design, I feel like some parts could have more flair to it and more enemy variety. 

Overall, its pretty nice!