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Scarlet String Studios

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Okay cool. Will switch back to the built-in rendering pipeline for now because some other assets aren't working as well. Would be great to see this happen though, because I think Unity is moving away from the old system.

Any plans to get these shaders working with Unity's Scriptable Rendering Pipeline? I just switched to LWRP because I wanted to try out Shader Graph, but I'm getting pink boxes on my STM components.

Oh right, you can try deleting your save file if you haven't already. If the game crashes while loading, it just shows a black screen. On Windows it's in AppData\LocalLow\Scarlet String Studios

Sorry about that. Where is this black screen? Is it after you select New Game, or just immediately after the Unity splash? The current build works on my computer (Win 7) so I'm not sure what the issue is.

Sounds great. And for point #3, I think it was the settings menu where escape didn't work, not the in-game pause menu. If I'm mis-remembering then don't worry about it.

Fantastic work in terms of polish, UI, etc. Just a few nitpicks:

  • The pause menu UI confused me initially. For some reason I thought the brighter button was highlighted instead of the darker one. Maybe it's just me — but you can fix it without changing the design if you stop the cursor from looping around at the top and bottom. The only options are Main Menu and Continue anyway, so the looping isn't really useful.
  • It seems you can't map enter as the Delete All button? I feel like that would be the perfect button because it doesn't seem to do anything else in-game, and it's easy to reach. I also couldn't map \ even though I doubt that key comes up within words.
  • There should be a back button for the menus (escape?)

Those are just nitpicks anyway.  Dunno what you're doing for the dictionary, but I love the word choice. It's a lot more interesting than your average typing game. I made it to the second boss, but it seems like you have to tank a few hits no matter what?

Hmm, this crashes on Win7 when I press alt+enter to full screen. I tried turning off Aero and reverting to the basic desktop theme and all that:

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH
  Application Name:    Game.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp:    4e8d3142
  Fault Module Name:    StackHash_0a9e
  Fault Module Version:
  Fault Module Timestamp:    00000000
  Exception Code:    c0000005
  Exception Offset:    00000000
  OS Version:    6.1.7601.
  Locale ID:    1033
  Additional Information 1:    0a9e
  Additional Information 2:    0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
  Additional Information 3:    0a9e
  Additional Information 4:    0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the wall sliding bothered me a bit too; maybe I'll change it so that you can only enter wall slide state if you weren't already touching that wall while you were grounded. Not being able to slide until the apex might be confusing in its own way if you're trying to move quickly.

But yes, thanks for playing — this demo was kind of slow-paced, but there should be actual platforming in the near future.

Ah yes, the black bars. I found some bugs in the settings menu so I changed things up a bit (also created a splash screen for when you initially boot the game, so you can fix your display settings before the cutscene begins). However, I can't reproduce the 16:10 issue because I don't have a monitor to test it on.

Can you give 1.3 a try to see if it's still happening? If so, I'll have to dig around some more to find a way to test it.

Okay, pushed a quick fox for those issues. I couldn't actually reproduce the 3rd bug, but I tested it last so it may have gotten fixed with the others. I'll work on that in-game quest update tool to make it easier to skip over scenes that are buggy.

Well then, sorry about that. Sounds like quest continuity is a recurring problem so I'll have to organize things a bit. It might help if I just make the quest tracker editable to playtesters so you can un-bug the game if you get stuck (or skip segments you've already seen, because that will get annoying eventually). Will push an update later this week.

Actually, I have that same issue with the SCP driver for my DS3. Windows thinks I have a joystick plugged in at all times. Probably makes more sense to check which input method was last used and treat that as the default.

Feels great! I know you can remap, but I would add d-pad to the default map along with analog. The game seems to read the movement input as digital anyway, and dpad always feels faster to me in these games. Also add more contrast between foreground and background, for gameplay reasons.

The platforming and combat feel pretty cool, and I like how you can slash the bullets to break them. Heads up, I got stuck in a pit after falling in the area where bullets are shooting upward from below the screen. No game over or anything so I'm guessing it was a glitch.

Looks good so far!

I guess you're aware, but this is a bug 

Baits you into pressing alt+enter too. Sneaky.

But! I love the art/UI, and even the movement physics are pretty nice for a non-action game. The shift button was unintuitive though — spent a while swimming around without realizing I could climb.

Not much to say yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Played around for a bit; game seems to work on a technical level, and the art is cute.

The hitbox for the axe is a bit big, but in general I think you've got something going here. Just focus on sorting out the input mapper and UI (e.g. labeling each button as an action rather than Button 3, Button 7, etc). My gamepad worked, but I was kinda fumbling between gamepad and keyboard figuring out what to press. Easiest option is probably to include a default gamepad map.

Oh, and unless I missed it: add a run button!

Oh, found it. Left a collider on by accident. Current ver (DD21 1.1) fixes that plus some other issues I didn't QA properly over the weekend.

Hmm. The black bars appear for the cutscene, the other girl runs across the screen, and it just gets stuck there? If so, I can imagine what's causing that, although I tested just now and couldn't reproduce. 


>am I supposed to be able to jump and dash upward infinitely?

You mean while climbing a wall? Wall jumps are infinite, but you should only have two air dashes, unless there's a bug. 

What resolution were you playing at? And did you happen to notice where most of the load was coming from (CPU, GPU, RAM)? I haven't tried to optimize for performance yet but it would be good to know where the problem lies.

Thank you! This is a great help. Will look into the bugs and whatnot. I usually play on a DS3 so I completely forgot about analog input. Playing a whole platformer on an Xbox dpad would not be fun...

Update on this: the Mask is working, and I set up the ScrollRect as per this thread, after some confusion. It's working with the Unity Text component but not with STM. The sizeDelta.y of both the Content wrapper object and its Text child remain at 0, even as the STM bounding box grows bigger. I can work around this by manually setting the Content's sizeDelta to match the bounding box, but I'm guessing this isn't expected behavior.

Cool! I've never seen a dash mechanic like that in a shmup, but I like it. Only feedback is to tweak the energy bar's full/empty colors (maybe invert?). It could have just been me, but at first I read the lighter color as full and the darker color as empty.

Yep that's the one. My current saving solution isn't very scalable, so I'll have to work on this anyway.

Thanks for playing! Any thoughts on what made the double jump and wall slide feel awkward? Like what was the expected behavior in your opinion?

Sure, give me the save file and I'll take a look

Thanks for the feedback! I'll fiddle with the platforming physics. I suspect it'll take some iteration to get it right. Also noted on the save file problem.

For the resolution, how did you set it to 16:10? The game is supposed to add black bars to crop the aspect ratio to 16:9 whenever the window changes size. If your monitor is 16:10, maybe there's an issue with cropping the aspect ratio in fullscreen... I'll check.

This is great! My only nitpick is that it's kind of hard to left click on characters. Seems like you have to click pretty high up on their bodies, like above the knees.

I like the walljumps. The velocity makes her a bit hard to control though... maybe drop the player's velocity to 0 upon landing so that you don't immediately run off the platform if you're still holding a direction. Likewise, I'd make it take a few frames to hit full velocity after pressing forward. I haven't figured out all the subtleties of platforming physics myself so it's hard to explain in detail; right now it just feels fast and twitchy (which doesn't go well with the limited air control).

Definitely needs some UX improvements. At first I thought the in-game instructions were telling me to right click instead of double click. There should also be some indicator for when you don't have enough green bar to attack even though you're in range - grayed out could mean anything.

The game seems promising though. Hopefully there's lots of banter. I really like the battle system, but I wonder if WASD should be represented as up, down, left, right in the game. You don't really think in terms of letter names when moving with WASD, so the QTEs are kind of unintuitive.

Heads up, I'm getting inverted X whether or not I click the checkbox.

Thanks, got it working. Took a while because I made the mistake of updating to Unity 2018 in the process.

(Edited 1 time)

Ok so we can put Unity's Mask component aside for now. Just looking at UIMasked, the Stencil section says...

Ref 0 (the value to look for in the stencil buffer)

Comp Less (if the stencil buffer's value is less than 0, then draw this pixel)

Is my understanding correct? So... does this mean the parent has to write -1 to the stencil buffer for any pixels to be drawn? Sorry if this is basic stuff; just trying to understand what's happening here so I can troubleshoot.

EDIT: I kinda got this working? I just copied the stencil segment from a sprite mask shader that I was using elsewhere. Right now it's:

- Ref 1

- Comp equal

- Pass keep

And this appears to work with Unity's UI Mask component. I think the Mask writes 1s across the whole rect, and this shader keeps whatever pixels were written as 1 (anything within the parent rect). Dunno if this is how it's supposed to work, but at a glance it's working!

Interesting. I've read a bit about the stencil buffer but I never fully understood it. What's the correct setup for UIMasked exactly? How should the parent be set, how should the child be set? Maybe some setting is off.

Okay, good to know how this is supposed to work at any rate. I can try to find a solution with ContentSizeFitter.

Can you double check that the UIMasked shader is still working in this update? I created a new game object in my canvas, gave it a Mask component, then created a child and gave it a SuperTextMesh with the UIMasked material. The text doesn't appear at all, whether it's inside or outside the mask. I can only see it if I change the material to Default or UIDefault.

I just updated to STM 1.7.1 and Unity 2018, and I'm running into an issue with bounding box sizes. It might have something to do with the new VerticalLimitMode.

I have a text mesh that's used as the Content for a ScrollRect. I want the mesh to grow as more text is added to it, until it's eventually cropped off by a Mask component in the parent ScrollRect. Then, the player can scroll through the oversized text via the ScrollRect. Because of the ScrollRect, I can't attach a ContentSizeFitter to the text mesh — I think they conflict somehow, because Unity throws a warning and the scroll no longer works.

In the past, I think the STM bounding box automatically grew as text was appended, so all I had to do was manually resize the RectTransform to match it (via rawTopLeftBounds and rawBottomRightBounds). But no matter which VerticalLimitMode option I choose, the bounding box doesn't exceed the RectTransform's size — which means its rect can't become bigger than its parent's rect, and so it can't be scrolled through.

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I liked this! Found a couple of bugs:

  • Sometimes the item shop doesn't show the full list of available items unless I purchase a consumable. Then it resets back to normal. my.mixtape.moe/dhxecu.jpg
  • Also this happened for some reason: my.mixtape.moe/gbuxyi.jpg

Design-wise, I really liked the eye monsters and the overall creepiness. I feel like the Metroids should do more than just float there. I tried leading one up to the surface but nothing happened. I also couldn't find the 001 item or the third !@#$. I assume some features aren't implemented yet.

I'd suggest finding some way to encourage the player to explore horizontally. It's so much safer to just dig a hole straight down. Being able to fly means you don't have to cleverly spelunk to the bottom like in Terraria, so once you get the hang of the game, it's a very simple loop of dig -> come up for air -> repeat.

Oh whoops. It should be multi-platform according to Unity, so I'll have to figure out why it's not working.

Played for a bit. Some thoughts:

  • I'm a 3D brainlet, but the way you clip through this light beam is odd. It's just a hollow cylinder? Probably better off using an actual volumetric light unless performance is a concern.
  • This shadow is also odd. It moves as the camera moves, even if the player is standing still.
  • The textures are all extremely shiny. You need some less specular materials for the rocks (especially compared to the crystals).
  • Jump doesn't work sometimes when you're walking
  • You should disable the system cursor. I was seeing both the Windows arrow and the in-game cursor

Nice art. Some notes:

  • Sometimes attacking seems to stop the character from moving, and sometimes it doesn't? Same with holding the attack button
  • Should probably either decrease witch-chan's rate of fire or remove invincibility frames for enemies when they get hit, because you can unload a clip into them and most fireballs just bounce off
  • My controller worked in-game but not in the menu

I feel like this would need a lot of features to make for interesting puzzle design. At least the polish and core gameplay is there.

Gameplay feels great so far. I'm getting Smash vibes from the neutral air attack. Dash -> jump seems like it's built for speedrunning.

I don't know how to >Godot, but please add fullscreen support! I found the increase screen size option, but I usually just alt+enter everything.