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Oh that's a very weird bug.. I'll look into that. Usually everything SHOULD reset when you get to the main menu.

Oh shoot.. I must have broke it somehow when adding stuff. Sorry about that, releasing a new build to fix that along with other additions in a bit!

Love this game, been playing it for a while, good job on it!

I like it so far!

I like it!

Amateur Girls Developers Group

Got a suggestion/idea for Blade of Blood? Post it here and I'll read it, and possibly add it in if it objectively makes the game better.

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Going to post the changelogs here as I work on Blade of Blood.

Build #4 (March 23rd 2017):

  • Crouch attacks are now faster
  • Improved the animation for the first attack
  • Added a "Go To Last Checkpoint" button in the Config menu if you get stuck or can't complete the stage due to bugs
  • Lives now reset back to 2 after a game over
  • Alt Tabbing out will no longer lose focus in menus
  • Added a Stage Select Screen that shows up between stages, you can also purchase more lives with currency here
  • Added a prototype version of Stage 1-2 with stage hazards (no enemies or boss present yet)
  • You can now exit a stage, this will bring you to the Stage Select Screen
  • Added an additional checkpoint to Stage 1-1- Improved death animation for Temple Zombie enemy
  • Improved Pillar Dragon enemy now has a proper death (breaking into pieces), and shoots one fireball instead of a weird stream of them
  • Added effects and particles while charging
  • Changed animation of the Charge Attack
  • Removed the ability to move while charging after a jump
  • Score will now pay out as Currency at the end of stages, which for now can only be used to purchase more lives
  • Fireballs and stage hazards now effect breakables
  • Game Overs now half your currency in the Stage Select screen
  • Difficulties now explain what the differences are, in the Difficulty Select screen
  • Tons of minor misc fixes

Build #3 (March 11th 2017):

  • Both checkpoints now work
  • Enemies will no longer act while game is paused
  • Fixed all the stairs in Stage 1-1
  • Removed movement during attacks
  • Removed "air time" when attacking or casting a spell in the air
  • Fixed a misspelling on the main menu
  • Fixed the ability to store specific attacks in a combo and your charge meter while paused
  • Changed Quality levels down to 3 more focused levels
  • Added options for vsync and anti aliasing in the Config menu
  • Small Pause Menu adjustments

Check back for more!

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Awesome, thanks a ton for the feedback, I'm jotting all this down and will fix all this immediately.

Glad you enjoyed it. I'll see what I can to improve the controls, also I'm currently working on getting gamepads to work. Can't wait for the video, thanks a ton!

Oh man, I come home to this! Thanks a ton for the video, I really really appreciate it! Fun LP to watch, too! Thanks man! \o

Pretty fun Collectathon! Can't wait for more.

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