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Sorry Level 3 doesnt exist yet! Im glad you like the game, I wanna continue it someday.

Pretty fun, I loved how it felt like wario ware down to the timing and music, my favorite minigame is the pokemon fighting one. Good job!

got to about 110 score lol I liked it, nice sprite flipping

Feel free to animate things and edit the models, animating in-engine is fine too!

Incase anyone's interested, I quickly made a discord server for the jam, feel free to come in!

Hey all, we've got about 14 hours left till the jam starts! As soon as the time is up, I'll be setting up Download packs on the main page and you can all get the assets that way, then you'll be good to go ahead and start.

PLEASE send me your asset(s) before the 14 hours are up, I wont be accepting any more after that.

I hope you all have fun with this jam!

They work, I just imported them to a unity project to check, you're all good


You can use unity's standard assets, scripts, and build things out of primitives (cubes, spheres, etc) if needed, feel free.

Apologies if the rules seem "loose", its meant to be a relaxing jam. My only rule is that you use atleast 5 of the assets from the mystery box as well as handing in one of your own before the jam starts. But yeah, feel free to use the standard stuff Unity comes it

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Hey all, Thanks a ton for the interest in the jam, it's happening in a few weeks and to get things moving I'd like everyone to send me their asset(s).

Please note that in order to participate in the jam I'll need atleast 1 asset from you before the jam begins.
You can pass me the asset via Discord (Renoki#0782), or email me at, whichever you prefer.

Make sure the asset in question is either made by you 100% or free to use (please tell me where you got it from)

Also, If anyone would like to stream all the submissions feel free to do so, and post your channel in the thread

Again, thanks for joining the jam, hope you have fun!

Seems to be fixed on my end now, maybe their servers are restarting? 

Hey there, my screenshots are all broken and I cant seem to edit the thumbnail, it loads indefinitely 

thanks a ton for playing im glad you liked it. Next demo may not be for a while, got a tooooooon of stuff to fix/improve

Thanks a ton for playing~

I really wish dodging without a direction would make you backstep.

The backstep is an amazing idea, gonna toss that in next demo.

When switching the current weapon on the one on the ground my dum dum brain got confused everytime, I wanted the mainhand stats to be on the right and the offhand on the left,  instead of one on top of the other.

Yeah Im rearranging the the Equip UI a bit so its less confusing, sorry about that.

Oh and I guess maybe later on controls will be more configurable, but wouldn't it make more sense to have R1 and L1 be the equip for each hand and R2 and L2 the attack for each hand? 

Not a bad idea, next demo should have control mapping

Thanks for videogames.

You're very welcome, thanks for playing!

Im glad you had fun!

-Fastest time from launch to retarded screenshaking award goes to you! Congratulations!
-Selecting the name text and clicking somewhere else produces the explosion too, no idea why

In the options there's a way to turn off screenshake.

-Let me press [Escape] to go back in menus

Will be in next update

-Vertically center short menus, such as "Profile"

There will be more info on this page next update

-Not a fan of [A][D] for strafing, would prefer [Q][E] as defaults and [A][D] either move to the sides or disabled
-Where's the fuggin key rebinding, what is this shit

key rebinding will be in next update

-It's not obvious where I'm taking damage from, died what felt like arbitrarily 

there will be an arrow pointing at the enemy that damaged you next update

-Game is smooth and feels good, but my laptop GPU is in the constant state of about to catch on fire

Glad you liked how everything felt. Optimization is still being worked on, but in the meantime, did the game run better at low settings?

-No idea what my goal is 

In first line in the description it states that it's a Survival Arena Shooter, you basically move really fast around a randomly generated arena and kill as many Angels as possible for the best score.

-I'm never not pressing both mouse buttons, add a toggle shoot for each gun optionally if not by default

In the options there's a way to enable One Button Shooting that fires both guns with one click

-My name wasn't saved on relaunch

Will be saved in next update

Thanks a ton for taking the time to play the game, I really appreciate the feedback! Makes me happy~

shooting was fun, the player controlled a bit weirdly though, but tearing things apart was mega fun

I liked it, not much to do so far but I loved what was there, the red little 3 wheeler was fun to drive, and I think I killed all the turkeys with the machinegun bbgun

good job~

Pretty fun so far, I enjoyed toying around with all the objects and AI. Sorry for my useless feedback, but I hope you continue with it!

Thanks a ton for trying it! I really appreciate it~


Oh man thanks a ton for playing it, im glad you loved it. Theres a ton of issues but a lot of them are fixed in the current build (which I'll push out in a few weeks) 

your comment made me happy btw thanks!

Thank you for the interest! it makes me happy when people are in love with the project. Just released a new demo with NPC convos in if you'd like to try it

oh, I dont know what you're talking about lol, not trying to be coy or anything

sorry what was the question?

Thanks! Glad you liked it

Later on (possibly next update) there will be upgrades for faster movement and some movement abilities, also upgrades that increase attack speeds and reduce the simplicity a bit

Im really glad you loved it~

The junk you collect is mostly a means to buy upgrades with after they get broken down into Minerals. The camera I may adjust a bit, thanks for pointing that out

Later on there will be upgrades for faster movement and some movement abilities, also upgrades that increase attack speeds

I think?

Thanks a ton for the interest, I really appreciate that a lot. I'll submit the game within a month when I get more fixes and content in!

This was pretty amazing, I loved all the parts you can use to upgrade your own cute little organism. There were parts where I got a bit stuck but it wasnt too hard to find a whirlpool to the next level. Boss battles are fun and I liked that you can use the environment to your advantage (hiding behind spiked balls or behind plants) also you gain a new part from defeating bosses, opening up more build variants. Great game!

My only suggestion is more detailed stats for each part such as how much speed it increases as well as turn speed stats or how much damage the part deals per hit or something

Oh I just saw those now, you're right lol. My bad man sorry

Oh man I loved this, the design and polish was very nice. A lot of people already said what I'd say so I'll keep it short, nice job! Cant wait to see it done!

Hey bud, this jam is for AGDG, I literally never seen you post in the threads or discord.

Saku, you really outdid yourself. I told you could could easily make a nice tetris game and by golly, you did it! And not only did you do it, but you did it with flying colors, my friend! Just need to add an online BR mode and you're set!

Very fun! I loved how it was a nice mix of Classic Megaman and Megaman X, dashing proved handy and overall the game felt as nice to play as Megaman generally does. My only gripe is that the enemy AI is a bit on the simple side and doesnt reflect what the player can do, making most encounters very easy. I found the bosses a very nice challenge. As for the level design, I feel like some parts could have more flair to it and more enemy variety. 

Overall, its pretty nice!

To be honest, I didnt really like this game, but its a cool idea. Some of the mechanics are a little weird to grasp and I couldnt figure out how to damage the opponent if I didnt have a sword or stick in my "inventory". I found some of the mechanics questionable like the 4 action lock and the timer that would auto damage me when filled up. The small dungeon part before you fight the skeleton dude was nice, I enjoyed that bit. Overall though I wasnt too big on the gameplay, but the visuals and effects are really damn nice and charming! My only suggestion is maybe adding more tells to the combat? I dont think I fully grasped the gameplay.

I have a few questions. Can I assign multiple materials to the levels? And does lighting effect the levels also? 

Also I cant find a working link to the Documentations


This is pretty dang cool!

I loved it, it's fun to tongue around. My only issue was how far the checkpoints were, and the fact that the ball had a hard time staying on the switches sometimes.

Can't wait to play the COMPLETED version