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I have a few questions. Can I assign multiple materials to the levels? And does lighting effect the levels also? 

Also I cant find a working link to the Documentations


This is pretty dang cool!

I loved it, it's fun to tongue around. My only issue was how far the checkpoints were, and the fact that the ball had a hard time staying on the switches sometimes.

Can't wait to play the COMPLETED version 

This game is absolute shit. In every conceivable level. Its so bad I wouldn't even wipe my ass with it.


Loved it! Feels great to play and it looks really nice visually, love the death screen. Cant wait to see it with its intended content

Sorry about that! Switched it over to a .zip

Hope you can play it now!

Alright, all of these are now fixed besides the magnet ability. 

If anyone else has some issues, please post em here!

Thanks for the bug reports!

  • While under some obstacle if wait too long and Slime Girl stands up, she gets stuck there. 

Fixed, you now can't unpuddle while something is above you. Additionally, if you run out of EP while underneath something you'll lose 1 HP per second.

  • Some doors have green light on them but won't open, no text indicator.

Fixed, all doors are now enterable.

  • After being destroyed sometimes one piece of Turret enemy's stuck on top of their broken foundation and it's really hard to collect then.

Gonna test this some more, I haven't really tested the turrets much

  • Is glowing ability a spot light? Shape of it looks a bit -not I would expect- when close to walls.

Yeah I guess I used the wrong light lol, I'll switch that to a point light.

  • It would be so nice to have a magnet ability, definitely!

Gonna add this in the demo after the one coming up, thanks for the idea~

New demo coming in a few days, Im aiming before christmas, thanks again for the report 

Oh that's a very weird bug.. I'll look into that. Usually everything SHOULD reset when you get to the main menu.

Oh shoot.. I must have broke it somehow when adding stuff. Sorry about that, releasing a new build to fix that along with other additions in a bit!

Love this game, been playing it for a while, good job on it!

I like it so far!

I like it!

Amateur Girls Developers Group

Pretty fun Collectathon! Can't wait for more.