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Action Platforming Clean-Em-Up featuring a Slimegirl
Submitted by Renoki — 2 days, 17 hours before the deadline

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There's something about being a slime that makes the game really satisfying to play.  

Theres a room in the 2nd level with a computer that I got stuck in when i jumped on the computer. The wall was in front of the camera so this is all i saw.

The game was really fun to play, but I do think its a bit easy when almost all enemies recover your health fully. The hardest part for me was platforming, since it felt a bit, slippery


-window resizing is nice, thanks
-if you hold down, the menu selection cycles so fast, both buttons get selected, ignore holding, which also means that pressing once is hard
-Please let me use my keyboard to enter my name, you are using kb controls after all too, even though I'm on a controller
-if the window ratio goes above widescreen, your game doesn't know how to handle it:

-the transition between the game and the barber shop is jarring, make it smooth
-stop people from talking to me if I can't see them (in barber shopt purple girl keeps talking to me 
-precalculate UI text
-I don't like the absorbing shluck sound effect
-It's not obvious you can go under the doors, but annoying that only under some doors 
-once I managed to find the rooms with stuff it became a really smooth experience, with polished combat and platforming, which is great

It seems like you have a solid, polished children's game (saying it as a good thing). It's not something I'd play, but I can appreciate the detail and smoothness of it. Managed to get to the end screen even. Hope the KS goes well -- I probably would start with some gameplay before the upgrade screen.


This demo was great! I have compiled a list of thoughts about the game.

  • The artstyle is a bit unremarkable. It's not great, I like it more than I dislike it, definitely. I wish you used more colours to have some variety. I don't know if it gets more varied after the levels in the demo though.
  • Music is great! I enjoyed listening to it while playing.
  • The game is heavily skewed in the players favour. After completing the second level I had every single upgrade.
  • I like the risk vs. reward thing you're doing with the checkpoints (like Shovel Knight!), however the reward easily outweighs the risk at this point. I didn't even get close to dying once throughout the entire demo. I quickly realised I could destroy every checkpoint and reap the rewards without really giving it much thought at all, even more so once I had all the upgrades.
  • This is likely planned in the future (I hope), but you should probably expand the options menu a bit. Things like volume options would be great.

Very cute! Adorable interaction with the sister, I fell in love when I bounced off of her and she said "oh you're so bouncy!". 

Although there are a lot of bugs that I could report, for example when you enter the elevator using the up direction the cursor gets stuck outside the panel, and when you use the upgrade the charcter disappears, forcing a reset, but why stay on those? The aesthetic is cute, the bouncing is very fun, and the controls feel natural.

Personally, I felt the learning curve was a bit steep with all of the things to do before any action happens. There is this big room of exciting gadgets, and a sister that explains all of the details, and before you know it you've spent ten minutes and haven't done a bit of the core game loop. Perhaps that would be an area of improvement?

It looks great! I wish you luck on your kickstarter this month (May)!


I didn't get around to playing this last DD cus I'm a lazy piece of shit but wow I really missed out! everything just bleeds soul. I actually laughed out loud when my lil slime hand slapped the button on the elevator.  It's kind of hard to see enemies behind junk/railings, and I tended to get hit while attacking them because I anticipated them moving back further than they were. That's probably on me, though.

You can hit enemies through glass, not sure if that's intended or not.

I love the destruction of checkpoints thing for more points. I know it's not an original concept really but great execution. Please never tell the player that way it always happens naturally like that.

There's a couple spots with the metal box trees where the trees are very close together and you can get caught between the boxes, requiring you to go flat to get out.

My main complaint is that it's painfully easy, but it might get more difficult and I just haven't gotten there yet.

There's just too much content to play all at once, so I'll come back if I find anything else.

Absolutely fantastic work! I love it and I've never donated to a kickstarter but I'd be willing to give u a couple bucks, keep it up!


Oh man thanks a ton for playing it, im glad you loved it. Theres a ton of issues but a lot of them are fixed in the current build (which I'll push out in a few weeks) 

your comment made me happy btw thanks!


The nerdy sis was cute.