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This demo was great! I have compiled a list of thoughts about the game.

  • The artstyle is a bit unremarkable. It's not great, I like it more than I dislike it, definitely. I wish you used more colours to have some variety. I don't know if it gets more varied after the levels in the demo though.
  • Music is great! I enjoyed listening to it while playing.
  • The game is heavily skewed in the players favour. After completing the second level I had every single upgrade.
  • I like the risk vs. reward thing you're doing with the checkpoints (like Shovel Knight!), however the reward easily outweighs the risk at this point. I didn't even get close to dying once throughout the entire demo. I quickly realised I could destroy every checkpoint and reap the rewards without really giving it much thought at all, even more so once I had all the upgrades.
  • This is likely planned in the future (I hope), but you should probably expand the options menu a bit. Things like volume options would be great.